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New Imperial Federation Menu


The upper command lounge has a rich selection for every taste in the galaxy. Anything for the discriminating officer off duty or the casual visitor. We like to believe that we offer one of the most extensive selections in the known galaxy.
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This protein drink is consumed by spacers to keep their bodies healthy during long runs. It is served hot.

Alcoari milk
This fruit milk is native to the planet Kashyyyk. It is used by Wookies for drinking and cooking.

Aquilie Water
This was a bottled spring water favored by the Empire during the height of the New Order.

Belaria Juice
This fruit beverage is favored by the Iotran race.

Blue Milk
This nutrient-rich beverage is served on worlds where natural resources are scarse. Planets such as Tatooine consume blue milk to supplement the water-poor diets of its inhabitants. Blue milk is also rumored to have medicinal value.

This stimulating beverage, favored on Core Worlds like Stassia, was best served hot.

Chandrilan Herb Tea
Brewed from leaves grown on the planet Chandrila, this tea is known for its soothing properties.

Served hot or cold.

A strong, hot, stimulating beverage.

C Tea
A nickname given to a Calamarian tea brewed from ocean plants.

Doxxen Tea
A steeped brew favored by the Shashay.

Endrolian Ground-apple Juice
This beverage is supposedly non-alcoholic, but it can be quickly fermented into a fine spirit.

A particularly dark, rich variety of coffeine. It is usually consumed in small quantities.

Fruit Fizz
A non-alcoholic drink favored by many of the New Republic's starfighter pilots.

Ganno Juice
This thick, black, syrupy juice was favored by the Jawas, but its bitter taste was hated by most other races.

Grumph egg juice
Tastes not unlike battery acid.

Jeru Tea
A syrupy, sweet tea that has a calming effect when imbibed.

From large hooved mammals. Served hot or cold.

Kopi Tea
This steeped tea was brewed on the planet Frego. When properly brewed, Kopi tea is a deep orange color.

Muja Juice
This juice was created from the berries of the muja tree.

Naris-bud Tea
A stimulating beverage.

R'alla mineral water
Sweet, clear, bottled spring water. Comes from springs in the underground caverns of the mountain town of R'alla. It is very expensive, due to its purity and taste, and was often smuggled off-planet for sale at cutthroat prices. Known for its purity and medical benefits. Also a main ingredient in certain bootleg intoxicants. After the rise of the New Republic, the water was made more plentiful by an increase in trade with R'alla.

Ruby Bliel
This non-alcoholic drink is a favorite of young children.

This beverage can be served cold or boiled, depending on the drinker's tastes.

This is a strong form of caf, brewed to provide an instat burst of energy.

Ti'il Tea
This is a hot beverage brewed from the t'iil plant's leaves. It is assumed this is another spelling of t'iil.

Veronian Berry Wine
A non-alcoholic drink.

Beans grown in the jungle domes of Belsavis. It is also known as vine-coffeine.

Sparkling crystal clear, with or without ice.

Zoochberry juice
This is a small fruit used to make juice, pies, and a creamy drink.


Angerian Fishak Surprise 2.10
This mixed, alcoholic drink was a favorite at the Binary Bar on Venaari.

Antakarian Fire Dancer
Potent alcoholic drink.

Bantha Blaster
A green and pink alcoholic drink that fizzes and pops as it goes down your throat.

Bantha-blood Fizz
An alcoholic drink made from clarified bantha blood.

Calamari Xinphar
A drink native to and popular on Calamari.

A drink with a euphoric taste. Usually served hot.

This rich, tasty beverage is fermented from terrberries, spicy nuts, and stored in Parein Sweetgreen fruit shells. At first, the drink is highly refreshing. However, the alcohol content hits you hard about an half-hour later. It originated on Parein II 4.

Desert Bloom
This mixed, alcoholic drink was popular at the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna.

Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud
A mixed drink often served with a fizzy head formed by ionized gas. Some establishments used microshocks to illuminate the gas, making it look like a thundercloud. This particular beverage is highly inebriating.

This is a popular mixed alcoholic drink.

A drink Han Solo liked to partake of every so often. If mixed properly, it could burn the tongue while freezing the throat.

A drink favored by the Mon Calamari.

Actually an alien creature whose soft flesh is pulverized to form a drinkable substance favored by Shistavenen Wolfmen.

This is a drink given to Wookiee children. It is fermented from alcoari milk and vineberry extract, and is very sweet to the taste.

Jawa Juice
This mixed, alcoholic drink was popular at the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna.

Jedi Mind Juice
This was the name given to the viscous, greenish fluid secreted by the cochlera of the planet Genarius. It was named for the fact that, when harvested and immediately vacuum-sealed, it could be imbibed to give the drinker limited protection against The Force. This property was not widely documented, as no scientific investigation was done.

A red drink favored by the Ssi-ruuvi, its contents are secret.

This orange-flavored cinnamon drink was favored by the natives of Meirm City, on the Copper Coast of Sriluur.

This is an alcoholic beverage brewed on Aduba-3.

A drink brewed from the paricha root, usually served spiced. It is described as having a soft flavor.

Pawei Juice
A tart drink.

A strong drink. Often imbibed by Lando Calrissian.

Rhuvian Fizz
A alcoholic drink.

Rummy Tonic
An alcoholic beverage.

Savareen Brandy Stinger
An alcoholic drink favored by Tribune Challer, Ysanne Isard's agent put a lethal dose of poison in one for him. Challer was killed almost instantly by the poison.

this frozen concoction must be carefully consumed, for it is served at intensely cold temperatures. If spilled, it can cause serious damage to unprotected skin.

Sith Scorcher
this was one of the more popular mixed drinks served at The Glow Dome, on Adarlon, and was set afire before being served.

an alcoholic drink made from equal parts of ethanol and Lyme's rose juice.

Tarine Tea
a drink brewed on Kuan, it has been made for many generations. Custom dictates that the leaves be first scraped, then arranged in a certain pattern in the pot before boiling water is added and the leaves steeped.

< Tarkenian Nightflower
An alcoholic drink.

Tatooine Sunburn
A thick, bitter-tasting alcoholic beverage, the Tatooine Sunburn was created by placing two Starshine Surprises in one glass, and was named for the twin stars Tatoo I and Tatoo II.

This drink, created in the bars of Il Avali on Druckenwell, has a weird, chartreuse color.

A drink popular in the Corporate Sector.

A drink made from Corellian brandy and fruit extract.

This brand of utoz was popular in the Elrood Sector, and was brewed in great quantities on Merisee. The natives of Elrood Sector considered Utozz to be something of a delicacy, but many visitors to the sector found it barely drinkable.

This drink is served warm.

A fermented drink favored by the Quarren, it is made from the seaweed native to the Calamarian seas. It has a barely palatable taste, but it really packs a wallop.

Juri Juice
An inebriating concoction favored by Kabe.

This warm beverage was favored by the Witches of Dathomir, during the last decades of the Old Republic.


A wine best served at 50 degrees, in a 40-degree glass.

Andoan Wine
This distinctive wine was produced on Ando, and was aged in heavy casks.

Cambrian Wine
This was a fine wine produced during the height of the New Order.

Chimbak Wine
This vintage was produced on the planet Alderaan during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Corellian wine, red and white
We offer both a 3 year old and a 7 year old vintage.

Deltron Spice Wine
This is a strong, spicy wine which is favored in some of the galaxy's seedier cantinas.

Derellium Wine
A native Lianna vintage of wine.

Doan Wine
This good spirit induces a state of shock when imbibed in great quantities.

Drilbian Wine
A tasty fermentation enjoyed by Siene Symm.

Endorian Port
This full-bodied, sweet wine was vinted on the Forest Moon of Endor during the second decade of the New Republic.

Glastroan Wine
This wine is produced by the Bimms who lived in the city of Glastro.

Gorimn Wine
This fermented Wookiee beverage is considered mild, although it packs a wallop to humans.

This wine is fermented from the fabled fruit fields of the planet Nepoy. Also known as Nepoy Juice.

Polanis Wine
A full-bodied red wine.

Renan Wine
A fine, fermented vintage.

Zeltronian Spiced Wine
Dengar had drunk too much of this the night before Jabba died, and so he missed the trip to the Pit of Carkoon.


Adumari Beer
A brew from the planet Adumar.

Agaric Ale
This foul brew was favored by the Neimoidians.

Altorian Milk-ale
a strange beverage fermented on Altor 14.

Alderaanian Ale
This fermented, alcoholic beverage was brewed from the fragrant grains once native to Alderaan.

Andoan Ale
A green, alcoholic beverage.

Anoat Malted
This is a rich, sweet beverage with a deep, smoky flavor.

Corellian Spiced Ale
One of Han's favorite beverages.

Dresselian Beer
A foul-smelling, cheap beer.

Ebla Beer
An alcoholic brew favored by Captain Huba.

Elba Beer
A potent brew made on elba grain from Bonadan. Favoured by Chewbacca.

Fox Beer
A malted beverage created in the Outer Rim.

An inebriating Outer Rim beer favored by Rars Lefken.

Gravdinian Ale
This was considered one of the galaxy's most "dangerous" beers. A sweet beer once it has fully fermented, Gravdinian Ale gave off a strong vapor as it fermented. In concentrated amounts, this vapor could be lethal.

Jawa Beer
A cheap, quickly-brewed concoction created by the Jawas.

Potwa Beer
An alcoholic brew created by the Gamorreans.

Rydan Beer
An alcoholic brew.

Ryll Beer
This fine lager is created with a touch of ryll spice.

Venaarian Cringe-Ale
This bitter, yellow-colored beer was produced on the planet Venaari.

Vinta Harvest Ale
This microbrewed beer is produced by Tradium. It was specially brewed for serving during the height of the podracing season on the planet Malastare, at the running of the Vinta Harvest Classic. The marketing campaign revolved around the following description: "When the races get tough, the tough reach for Vinta!"

Wroonian Ale
This was a fermented malt beverage brewed on the planet Wroona.


Abrax Cognac
A pale blue, alcoholic distilled spirit. It was favored by New Republic General Salm.

this is a potent Wookiee liquor.

Alderaan Ruge
A very rare and expensive liqueur.

Breath of Heaven
An expensive, nearly pure grade of alcoholic drink.

This is a strong alcohol produced by the Wookiees.

This is an alcoholic spirit consumed on Redcap.

Dentarian Ripple
A deceivingly strong alcoholic drink.

Dorian Quill
An alcoholic beverage aged 12 years or more.

Cassandran Brandy
One of the finest brandies created in the galaxy. It is created with arcane procedures, and is well-worth the effort and expense.

Cassandran Choholl
Another of the renowned Cassandran spirits, it is better even than Cassandran Brandy.

Chadian Rum
This version of rum was distilled on the planet Chad.

Churban Brandy
A wonderful fermented spirit from the Churba System.

Corellian Brandy
An interstellar spirit, used as the main ingredient in a Twistler.

Corellian Double-brandy
A twice-fermented version of the basic Corellian brandy.

Corellian Rum
An interstellar spirit.

Corvani Rum
This was Suroc's favorite liquor.

Dornean Brandy
A fine, distilled liquor created on Dornea.

Doth Brandy
This well-aged alcoholic spirit is considered a delicacy by the rich and powerful. It compliments the taste of tranna nougat, and is often consumed with the sweet candy.

Dun Brandy
An aged alcohol favored by the Krish.

Endrolian Ground-apple Spirit
This fine spirit is fermented version of the non-alcoholic juice.

Ergesh Rum
This highly-priced spirit is fermented on Ergesh.

Gralinyn Juice
This fermented Wookiee beverage is considered mild enough for humans to drink.

Gruvian Tovash
This is an alcoholic spirit produced on the planet Gruvia. It was favored by Koth Melan and many other Bothans. It was discovered that Gruvian Tovash, when mixed with ryll spice, reacted with incendiary force. Many criminals made bombs by smuggling ryll into an event and the mixing it with the liquor pruchased from the bar. Ryll addicts often drank a shot of Tovash after consuming ryll, burping up puffs of blue smoke as a way to impress their friends.

Jargridian Brandy
An inexpensive alcohol, Jargridian Brandy was the favorite of Brooser.

A kind of moonshine made by Han Solo and Chewbacca during their early smuggling days.

Johrian Whiskey
This is a blue-green grain alcohol.

Kareas Brandy
This distillation was favored by General Hestiv.

This was a distinctive, blue-green alcohol distilled from the nectar of the blossoms of the t'iil plant. Because each t'iil blossom only produces a single droplet of nectar, and because they must be picked by hand, hundreds of thousands of blossoms must be harvested each year to produce a small vintage of l'lahsh. This forced the price of l'lahsh to a high level, especially offplanet. L'lahsh is also the name of a form of food.

A powerfully intoxicating beverage favored in the Corellian System but found throughout the galaxy.

Luranian Brandy
A fine fermentation of fruit, often served in a deep, wide-bottomed snifter.

Mad Mrelf
This is a strong, Corellian liqour. Many a spacer would go on drinking binges and consume more Mad Mrelf than they could hold, and they ended up in Imperial labor camps for their conduct.

This Mandalorian alcohol is famous in the Outer Rim Territories.

Noonian Fixer
This alcoholic concoction is guaranteed to make you forget your troubles.

Norvanian Grog
An old, expensive intoxicating beverage. A 400-year-old bottle is exquisite. It is produced on the island of N'van in the northern hemisphere on the planet Ban-Satir II.

Red Dwarf
A potent drink.

Remote Terminator
A strong beverage whose contents vary. The partaker can have the drink served in a preprogrammed fashion, or they can the ingredients randomized.

Renan Irongut
This strong, alcoholic concoction is named for what you need to have in order to drink one.

Savareen Brandy
This brandy is created with arcane procedures, and is well worth the time and expense.

Savareen Brandy Stinger
An alcoholic drink favored by Tribune Challer, Ysanne Isard's agent put a lethal dose of poison in one for him. Challer was killed almost instantly by the poison.

Skannbult Likker
This alcoholic drink is made from surplus dust-corn and dry gene wheat on the planet Skann. It has been described as the galaxy's most volatile form of fire-water.

Starshine Surprise
A mixed, alcoholic beverage. It is named for the first you notice after drinking one: the starfield whirling in front of your eyes as you hit the ground.

Thikkiian Brandy
This potent alcoholic beverages is created by Wookiees.

This intense, Twi'leki liquor is bottled in a sculpted decanter. Thaddeus Ross often drank a bottle of this liquor whenever he felt that his life couldn't get any worse. Some beings worried that the taste of the liqour would be awful, but it is actually the aftertaste that floors most drinkers.

Vasarian Brandy
An intoxicating beverage favored by Trackan Sal-Solo.

Whyren's Reserve
Alcoholic beverage used in ryshcate. Has a woody bite. One of the best brands of Corellian whiskey.

An alcoholic beverage made with Sullustan gin and stirred, not shaken.

Zadarian Brandy
A smooth, fermented alcohol.


This is a form of chanpagne enjoyed by the citizens of the New Republic.

Garwillian Champagne
The most common champagne in the galaxy.

Green Champagne
A green-colored, sparkling wine.

A sparkling alcoholic drink similar to champagne, served chilled for best flavor.

Main and side dishes

A spicy food featured in many cafes on Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic.

Bantha Burger
Popular with rebel pilots during the civil war.

A genetically-grown food created in Bith hydroponics tanks. Bepp is grown into a 6-centimeter pink cube, and is nutritious but tasteless.

Bivoli Tempari
This very expensive culinary creation is one of the house specialties of the Imperial restaurant, on board the Kuari Princess.

Blood Chowder
A meal favored by Princess Nampi.

Thick soup. One of the staples of the ancient Sith armies.

This chewable food acts as a stimulant.

Jellied foodstuff, highly priced. Often smuggled around the Outer Rim.

A thick, liquid foodstuff filled with sugars and carbohydrates.

Dasobo's Finest Gornt Cutlets
produced by Dasobo Meats during the years leading up the Clone Wars, this preprocessed cut of meat was allegedly stolen from the Salliche Agricultural Corporation. Nanoscopic analysis of a cutlet revealed genetic branding which was oened by Salliche Ag. Dasobo was forced to stop production or face even more serious charges of corporate espionage.

Dianoga pie
Disgusting meat pie made from dianoga flesh.

Spicy dish favored by the Yagai.

Grilled food from Tatooine. Often served with nausage as a breakfast meal.

Exo-protein wafers
Military rations. Produced during the early years of the New Republic.

Nutritional food. Hated by many young children for its lack of taste.

Grumph egg
Tastes like battery acid.

Gukked Eggs
A form of breakfast food.

Processed food. Used in survival packs, produced by SoroSuub. Usually comes in block form, from which pieces can be broken off and consumed. Contains large amounts of essential nutrients in a small, easily transported form.

This meat was popular on Vorzyd 4. Often served cold with patot panak.

Hearty stew from Druckenwell.

Alderaanian food. Also the name of an expensive blue-green alcohol.

Stew from Agamar. Made from bark, roots, and meat.

Grilled food, favored on Tatooine. Often served with dustcrepes as a breakfast meal.

Nerf sausages
Greasy Corellian foodstuff.

Meat from Corellia, usually served spicy and smoked.

Meat pie made with salted nerf meat.

Noodles, honeyed
Sticky and sweet.

Bland but healthy, liquid food supplement. Developed for pregnant women during the early years of the New Republic.

This tasty dish was served at many tapcafes, often with a glockaw sauce.

Teltiar Noodles
This form of noodles could be slightly undercooked, for a crunchy texture, or cooked through for a softer feel in the mouth.

Thread worm
These thin, rope-like creatures are covered with fine blue hair. Served en masse.

Vegetable mush. Served in a grain and choya shell in many restaurants on Lianna.

This starchy vegetable is grown on the planet Lianna, and is often combined with grains to form a thick battle that can be fried or baked into a shell. Any sort of meal can then be served in the shell. Choya can also be dried and used as flour to make bread.

Drutash Grub
This small creature was consumed as a Sullustan delicacy, often served with omaton sauce.

Paricha root
Often brewed into a liquor.

Velossian Caramachi Shell-back
These small, shelled creatures were often served as a side dish, accompanying many gourmet dishes.

Spices and sauces

Bassel Sea Salt
This is a strong form of salt-like spice.

Boonta Spice
A heavy spice used in Giju stew.

Frill syrup
Very sweet syrup. Used to cover breads.

Glockaw Sauce
This culinary accompaniment was often served with scrimpi.

Omaton Sauce
This Sullustan sauce was used as an accompaniment to drutash grubs.

Rakririan Burnout sauce
Especially hot food sauce. It was highly recommended that it be used in trace quantities, to prevent servere burns of the mouth and throat.

Seebo sauce
This was a favored food sauce of Corpo the Hutt.

Serrian Salt
A strong spice.

Suvoli cream
Creamy, white sauce. Often served with steamed Velossian caramachi shell-backs.

Desserts and snacks

Air cake
A form of dessert from Corellia.

Banja Cake
This was a form of finger food favored by many celebrities, during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Bofa Treat
A sweet, dried, fruit-like snackfood.

A foodstuff often served with carbosyrup.

Popular snack food from Kelada.

This was considered a delicacy by the Toydarians.

< Mist-pudding
This light but flavorful dessert was created on the planet Barnaba, for the enjoyment of the nobles in House Barnaba.

Ryshcate, Rycate
Dark brown sweetcake from Corellia, reserved for birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations of momentous occasions. Contains vweliu nuts and Whyren's Reserve whiskey (can be substituted).

This was the name of Bisquit Baron's largest fast-food meal, available for purchase at any location during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

This was the name of Bisquit Baron's smaller fast-food meal, available for purchase at any location during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

Zoochberry pie
Made from the small Zoochberry fruit.

Fruits and berries

A fruit which contains a milk favoured by Wookies.

A fruit often used for juice.

Fuzzy berry. Can be fermented; reportedly has life-giving properties.

Kiwik-Clusjo Swirl
Unusual mixture of fruits. Served at Gart's Frozen Fruit Snacks, on Cloud City, Bespin.

Luranian fruit
Often fermented into brandy.

Muja berries
Often used for juice.

Namana fruit
Served as nectar or candy.

Small fruit. Used to make juice, pies, and a creamy drink.


Form of bread. Favored by Herglics.

Almond-Kwevvu Crisp-Munchies
Small pastry favored by Squibs.

Choya bread
Dried, starchy vegetable from Lianna used as flour to make bread.

Gourmet toast. Favored by many Imperial nobles and dignitaries.

Baked delicacy. Favored by the Hutts.

Form of sweet bread, made even sweeter by basting the crust in honey during baking.

This was a pre-made bread dough which was popular with home chefs during the last years of the Old Republic.

Patot panak
Flatbread from Vorzyd 4. Often served with Kibi.

Baked, sweet bread from Garos IV.


Algae sugar
Sweetener, created from the dried extracts of certain forms of algae. Often dissolved in water and fermented, then consumed as a alcoholic beverage.

Blob candy
Sweet treat from Umgul.

Cardellian Mints
A flavorful, aromatic candy.

Cavaellin Creams
Spiced candies. Basis for many gourmet desserts, during the height of the New Order.

Gum-like substance. Chewed for a quick jolt of energy. Contains a mild, adrenaline-like stimulant that helps heighten alertness.

This was a small, sweet type of candy favored by children during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

Tranna nougat
Sweet candy. Considered a delicacy by the rich and powerful. Often consumed with doth brandy.

Vweliu nut
Corellian nut, used in ryshcate. Melts in the mouth.

Free to use assessories

Absorbmat drink coasters

Duraplast straws
Curled or straight, available in many colours, can survive most mistreatment.

Beryllius plate
Eating plate made by silvery antique-looking metalware. Popular among naval officers

A specially-formed glass used to drink Adumari beer.

Cooling Station
An automated drink dispenser, used in many bars and cantinas across the galaxy. These machines are loaded with a variety of alcoholic beverages and mixers, and are programmed to create an infinite variety of concoctions. No tips are necessary when using the cooling station.

Micro Re-Grav Plate
This plate has a miniaturized gravity projection device to suspend food in midair. Not commonly used.

Plastene Drinking Cups
Very durable.

Plastene Plates
Mostly used by troopers and pilots.

Suitable for the more inebriated customer, transglass is an incredibly strong, transparent form of glass that is used to make the faceplates of many survival suits, as well as armored helmets.

Vors-glass Wine glasses
This is a delicate, glass-like material used to create intricate vases and sculptures. It makes up the beautiful wine containers aboard the Nemesis, each one a piece of art.

House Specialities - available only on the Nemesis.

Export Bepps
Bepps flavoured in many variants for offworld export.

Dantooine Downer
A bitter, firey brew. Should not be taken without medical clearance.

Skinny Pirate
A complicated mix, and probably the most potent drink along the rim systems.

Blue Wave
A strong drink that gives the appearence of shifting water. It uses a varied mixture of many drinks from across the galaxy, shaken together into a solution of many shifting shades of blue. The dark blue portions are sweet while the lighter blue you get the more tart the flavor. (So far, the only person who can actually mix this drink properly is Tavish McFini)

NOTE: Any new recipies given to the lounge will be awarded with free drinks for a period of one standard day, if accepted. Commissions may be awarded.