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Imperial Department of Military Research

For instructions on entering a project in the Imperial Department of Military Research, click here.

Designation: What your completed design will be called. This is not necessarily your project name. (for example, Project "Twin Ion Engine" may produce a design with the designation "TIE Fighter")

Purpose: State the purpose of what you are designing, why it should be designed, why you are designing it.

Application: State how your design is used.

Schedule: In Star Wars time, how long it will take to design. You may create the finished project the next minute in real life, however it may take longer to actually design it. The average schedule is from 1 week to 2 months. If you wish, you can reply to this message with a description of your progress on different days/weeks (based on your schedule) leading up to your prototype completion. When you are ready, reply again with all of the information on the prototype. This should be posted as a reply to the original message, and contain the following information:

Visual Description: Simply describe what the prototype looks like. A picture is appreciated but not required (except for vehicles, fighters and capital ships).

Technical Specifications: State all of the properties of your design, for example, if it is a fighter you should include its speed (MGLT), hull rating (RU), shield rating (SBD), weapons, etc. Also, if at all possible, indicate the Star Wars technology used in the prototype and for what purpose.

Weaknesses: Realistically, every design should have some.

Projected Upgrades: Self-explanatory. You have to ability to reply to this topic as many times as you wish to upgrade your design. Always reply, only one topic per project.
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