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Crystala Endivain
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Grand Inquisitor
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Crystala Endivain

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2008-11-07 21:54

Crystala Endivian - ISIS Director-General / Dark Jedi Archon

Rank: Dark Jedi Archon / Grand Inquisitor
Gender: Female

Physical Description:
(see above)
Hair Color: Blue/Purple
Eye Color: Varies, normally turquoise (refer to bio)
Height: 5' 11"
Distinguishable marks/features: Athletic and fit form, but most notably, the color changing eyes and blue hair. Deep scar across torso from sparing session with Ace Roscoe.

Primary Role: Dark Jedi member of the Omega Order (Classified).
Secondary Role: Imperial Secret Service Agent / Ubiqtorate (Classified) / Director-General of Imperial Security and Intelligence Service (ISIS)

Weapon of Choice: Anything with a blade. Lightsabre, swords (prefers katanas).
Lightsabres: 2 lightsabres. One red blade, one yellow blade.
Other Possessions of Note: Light Sith armour acquired from Korriban. 2 Throwing needles coated in the blood of Ace Roscoe. 1 Minor Shield Talisman.

Primary Aspect: Control.
Secondary Aspect: Release. Special.
Notable Achievements/Abilities: Trained Kyp Baker in the ways of the Force. Has traveled Beyond Shadows. Has been possessed by a Force spirit of an ancient Sith.

Force Powers/Sensitivities: With her primary aspect being control, Crystala has quickly picked up the relatied ablities such as telekinesis, control / inflict pain and even telekinetic kill. She also focused her efforts on things that will enhance her abilities as the Director-General of the ISIS such as Eye of Edor, stealth and cloak.

In combat, Crystala prefers to rely on her lightsaber or weapons she creates through the Force. She's also starting to take a slightly different approach to combat now, combining her swordsmanship with the subtle use of Force powers to give her the edge.
Precognition, Force channel, Sense Force, Telepathy, Control / Inflict Pain, The Harrowing, Feed on Dark Side.
Telekinesis, Life Sense, Stealth, Hibernation Trance, Combat Sense, Illusion, Force Sight, Reduce Injury.
Stun, Force Web, Curse of the Deceased, Detoxify Poison, Farseeing (limited), Doppelganger, Lightsaber Combat.
Air Pressure, Scrambling Electric, Dark Ball, Blinding the Minds Eye, Block Lightsabre, Eye of Edor.
Mask Of Mirrors, Affect Mind, Injure/Kill, Enhanced Coordination, Hallucinations, Alter Environment, The Dark Voice, Help other (learning).
Mind Wipe, Force Suppression, Contort/Escape, Phase.
Force Wind, Major Illusion, Force Lightning.
Sense the Sin, Telekinetic Kill, Psychic Parallel, Forcewind, Control Mind (learning).
Block Force Ability (learning), Force Cloak (learning), Insanity (learning), Life Bond (leraning), Neural Storm (learning), Battle Mind (learning).

Location: Echo-class Cruiser Observer, Task Force Omniscient, First Fleet. Will often travel aboard personal shuttle as necessary (does not yet own personal vessel, see below).

Svelte-class Shuttle - Note: This shuttle is the property of the ISIS and the NIF.
Name/Type: Svelte-class Shuttle
Designer/Manufacturer: Silviut Corp.
Combat Role: Long-range Transport
Crew: 2 + 4 gunners
Length: 17 Meters
Speed: 60 MGLT, 800 Kph
Acceleration: 15 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 90 DPF
Hyperdrive: x1 (backup x5)
Shield Rating: 100 SBD
Hull Rating: 53 RU
Weapons: 2 Double Blaster Cannons (Class 2), 2 Double Laser Cannons (Class 5).
Passengers: 15
Special: Sensor shroud, stealth armour, ion baffles.
Cargo Space: 50 Metric Tons.
Consumables: 2 Months.

Bio: Crystala past is mostly a mystery to her. As far as she can tell she was born on Chandrilla but orphaned at a very young age. She lived on the streets and stole, lied and cheated her way through life. She made a few friends who were lucky enough to go to school and so they taught her what they learned there.

During her teenhood years, Crystala demonstrated skills which were equal, if not better then, a professional gymnast and track star. One ill-fated day, when her friends were supposed to meet her after school she stumbled upon their dead bodies. Seeking revenge, she talked to everyone she knew in the area, made some quick friends and eventually found the murder. However, he got off Chandrilla before she could do anything.

Having no where to go now, she decided the best course of action in her life was to enlist somewhere and she ended up enlisting with the NIF because they looked most promising.

Crystala has one very strange trait, her ever changing eye color. Her eye color will change to suit the mood she is in. Most of the time at rest they are turquoise, which everyone is lead to believe, is it's natural color, mostly representing an aloof state, or a state of contentment. She suspects her eyes do have one benefit to what she views as a flaw- as it can be difficult for her to keep a poker face- in that her eyes can peer into the infrared and ultravilot specturms just past the visible light spectrum on either side.

Her life had taken many interesting turns along the way up until a trip to the planet Korriban where she was briefly possessed by a Sith spirit. The trip left lasting images in her mind but also opened up her previously closed mind and allowed her to rediscover what her past was like and find a long lost sister, Luciana.

Slowly things started to be pieced back together as she was becoming more and more able to recollect her life. A trip to Chandrilla revealed a lot about her past, about an orphangage she had been sent to and spent a few years in where she had a penpal. The penpal was really her only escape from the rest of the world who seemed to shun her for her unique eyes, thinking her as some kind of monster or freak who didn't deserve to live.

One night in that orphanage, she finally had enough and she did the one thing she could, try and kill the chief tormenter, the main cause of all her grief. In her efforts however, she managed to burn down the entire orphanage, killing all those inside in her rage. Even as a child, she didn't feel any grief or guilt for her actions and the only fear she had was that of being caught. She ran off into the nearby woods to escape and soon found herself in another town where she spent a great deal of time living until recruited by the NIF.

Upon being recruited, Crystala was trained to become an agent of the Imperal Intel Service. Despite being a Dark Jedi, she never forsaw herself as the Director General of the ISIS and now must contend with the responsibilities it entails while keeping up with her Force training.

During an attack against the Federation from a group known as "the Directive", Crystala was forced to reexperience her past at the orphanage, once again unlocking more fragments of her lost memories. The experience also took her to a strange realm known as "Beyond Shadows", a dimension that was unlike anything Crystala had ever seen. Though the help and guidance of the Sith that had once possessed her, Crystala managed to overcome the perils and find her way back to the real world, albeit drained and disoriented.

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address: See OOC Info here.
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Crystala Endivain
Grand Inquisitor
Grand Inquisitor
Posts: 475
Joined: 2008-04-20 16:59
Custom Title: Director-General & Dark Jedi Archon
Organizational Unit: ISIS (in its entirety)
Location: Echo-class cruiser, Observer


Post by Crystala Endivain » 2008-12-03 18:26

Last Update: 11/11/09 (C1M29: At wit's End)
Rank: Grand Inquisitor
Dark Jedi Rank: Dark Jedi Archon
Director-General of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service (ISIS)

Imperial Silver Star
Imperial Bronze Star (x2)

Medal of Victory (x4)
Medal of Guile (x6)
Medal Of Liberty
Medal Of Futility
Medal Of Horror (x2)
Medal Of Progress (x4)
Medal Of Dignity
Medal of Redemption (x5)

Mission Gold Star (x12)
Mission Silver Star (x3)

Single Battle Performance Ribbon (x9)
Excellent Battle Performance Ribbon (x8)
Good Battle Performance Ribbon (x8)
Fair Battle Performance Ribbon (x2)
Battle Efficiency Award

Gold Ribbon (x2)
Silver Ribbon (x2)

4th Letter Of Introduction
3rd Letter Of Introduction
2nd Letter Of Introduction
1st Letter Of Introduction
"Dagger of the ISIS? No, I am the hand that wields it!" - Director-General Endivain
"The quickest way to find the needle, burn the haystack!"

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