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Nelson York

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In-Character Information:
Name: Nelson York
Rank: Lt.
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Athletic but relatively boyish build. He is of average height. Tends to have longer hair than normal for an officer, helps with boyish looks. Eyes are a very intense green.
Primary Position: Bridge Officer
Weapon/Technology of Choice:
Born on Corellia within a year of the end of the Clone Wars. His childhood was known for his fascination with naval history both ancient and present. He spent many hours at first studying the battles and the men that fought them. As he grew older he moved on to developing a simulation program to help him experiment with 'what if' scenarios. When he finished his primary and secondary education he moved on university. Specifically, he applied and was accepted on scholarship to the Imperial Naval Academy.

He remained at the Academy for the next four years. He graduated from the Imperial Naval Academy a month before the Battle of Endor. He luckily was home on post-graduation leave a the time. He soon found himself dissatisfied with the New Republic. Instead he saw a glimmer of hope within the leadership of the New Imperial Federation. He booked public transport to NIF space. Once there he signed up with the NIF navy and produced his INA diploma. He was promoted to Lieutenant following his involvement in the Arkania Affair will commanding a corvette in support of ground operations.

He was then assigned to local anti-piracy detail for the next year. During, his deployment as part of the anti-piracy task force, he distinguished himself. During that time he served on the bridge of the task force Victory Class Mark II. After finishing that tour of duty he was reassigned to the DP-20 Frigate in the 3rd Fleet Atabeg 1

Out of Character Information: (Reposting of a character from a few years ago. That I had not used much)
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Contact Info: Kurge, Manfred
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