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Mirandrax Valentius
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Mirandrax Valentius

Post by Mirandrax Valentius » 2011-04-13 13:56

In-Character Information:
Name: Mirandrax Valentius
Rank: Sub-Lieutenant
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Black hair, blue eyes, 176 cm tall, 55 kgs
Primary Position: Captain Thunder Maul
Weapon/Technology of Choice: Turbolaser battery, heels
Location: Thunder Maul, Third Fleet.

Standard: Mirandrax has had service with the NIF of approximately 3 months at the naval academy.

Eyes only: Mirandrax was the first of the clone batch transferred to the direct command of Dravius Stari. She was enrolled in naval training, passed with flying colours and was awarded command of the Monte Cassino. After that ship was reassigned, she then took command of the Thunder Maul and transferred successfully to Third Fleet.

Out of Character Information: It's Drav

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