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Tavish McFini
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Grand Admiral
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Tavish McFini

Post by Tavish McFini » 2008-10-31 21:43

In-Character Information

Name: Tavish McFini
Rank: Grand Admiral
Gender: Male

Physical Description:
Height: 6’1”
Age: 27
Eye color: navy blue
Hair color: brown with red streaks.
Always appears to be thinking of something, which he usually is most of the time. Kind hearted and an excelent bartender, he spends most of his spare time behind the counter fixing up drinks.

Primary Position: Captain and Fleet Commander of NIF Third Fleet, former Captain of the ESD Intimidator
Secondary Position: Self-Proclaimed Bartender. See incident reports and security footage.

Weapon/Technology of Choice: BlasTeech DL-18 Blaster Pistol (trusty sidearm that mostly collects dust!), Personal Custom Made Corkscrew and AT-PB (All-Terrain-Porta-Bar, basicly like a mini AT-AT)
Location: ESD Intimidator.
When the Intimidator is in the repair yards (an all too frequent occurrence I might add): Allegiance-class Star Destroyer Thoth


Stuff happened in the past (like a Womprat being shot at from a T-16 Skyhopper by some then-unimportant farmboy on Tatooine) that altered the course of history.

Lead a partatily good life. Middle-class parents meant a good education but Tavish McFini was bullied in school because of his lack of physical strength. When he graduated he decided to join the Empire to someday achieve his dreams of commanding an Allegiance-Class Star Destroyer and to prove to others that physical strength isn't everything. Very bright and a good tactician and not afraid to back off if it means surviving to fight another day, but not the strongest person in terms of physical strength in the least.

Through out his NIF career, he has prospered and slowly climbed the ranks. By C1M16, he gained the rank of Lieutenant and the position of XO in the newly formed forth fleet. He had gotten to know many people, Mai, Esben, Jacen, Aren, Eri, Kane and Crystala just to name a few.

McFini has time and time again shown off his bartending skills and drink making/mixing skills, his most popular drink seems to be the "Blue Wave", a strong mix of various drinks which form a blue liquid of varying shades that appear to shift and warp as if they were real waves.

Over the course of time, the situation between the NIF and the NR had gotten to the breaking point. It was only during a visit to the NR homeworld did chaos finally break out and the NR launched a surprise attack on the NIF. With all the high ranked officer on the surface, McFini, being the only one in space at the time, rallied command of the NIF fleets and fought back, buying time and efforts for the those trapped on the ground an opportunity to escape.

With success and minimal losses, McFini's brief shot at being SCO payed off as everyone made it out. However, McFini's ship at the time, the infamous Gorgon sustained heavy hyperdrive damage. As he fled with the rest of the NIF fleet, the drive broke down.

Forced to fend for himself in the middle of NR territory, he uncounted an NR General intent on having his head for what happened, Athos. Outwitting the man, he fled but only to appear in the middle of a warzone with the NIF launching their attack against the Yevitha before concentrating on the NR.

He managed to get through the battle, though, not without sustaining further damage to his ship and himself. After that battle, he was given command of the Intimidator.

Captain Aren Danid, his best friend and CO of forth fleet, was captured during a mission as well. McFini, now with a new ESD and command of Forth Fleet, has sworn to get the Captain back at any cost, and he has no shortage of help he could always turn to...

After the loss of the Nemesis, McFini knew that the NIF was no longer as stable as it once appeared to be. He knew actions had to be taken so he launched a mission to begin an empire of his own. He sold the rights to his AT-PB for a tidy sum (though still kept the original for himself) and began searching for half decent starting locations for the foundation of his empire.

As time went on, another person went missing, a good and dear friend, Desente Blissex. The loss was a great blow to the now Rear-Admiral and one that he would never truely recover from until the man was found. However, another idea came to mind in the form of a company where he managed to convince Jake and Mai to work for a design company.

Pretty soon, McFini was drawn into a tightly woven web that spun around the truth behind the Nemesis, a truth that also involved the traitor Thrawn's Hand, someone McFini never fully trusted but respected.


Luck played it's hand again some time after in the form of a beautiful woman, Tavia Demarco. He was first introduced to her during a routine transfer meeting but during what was supposed to be a fight in which she was stabbed, McFini only realized he had feelings for her, feelings which would soon lead him to not only buy a wedding ring but propose to her, a proposal which she accepted.

The two of them eloped to Zeltros, having a quiet and more private setting, away from the NIF. They returned to the Federation and back to the rigors of fleet life a happy and married couple who's love for each other knew no bounds.

Fast-forward a bit and McFini has reached a position of power as a Fleet Admiral and Commanding Officer of the New Imperial Federation's Third Fleet. Despite his new position within the Federation, McFini remains the same, upbeat, personable person that he has always been. Seldom is there a bar without McFini behind it, when not on his Admiral duties of course!

However, with the Federation under Emperorship, it has given him pause as of late. The times have changed and, while the ideals of the NIF have remained, some question how long it will take before it reaches the point mirroring the Empire of old. No evidence of this decline has yet been made apparent so, for now, the fear is nothing but a passing thought.

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address: mcfini at gmail dot com (Spyk is on to something with this, I swear ;))
Contact Info: PM me first, then try e-mailing me. If all else fails, hunt me down with a sharpened stick!
How did you find out about us?: I believe I had once put down that I was looking up ASDs when I stumbled across the IRM and the ASD information there before checking out the actual Role-Playing forum link. Yeah, those were the days... I'd like to think I've come a long way since then.
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- Admiral McFini and Ensign Hales discovered why Executor-class Star Destroyers seldom ram anything.

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Tavish McFini
Grand Admiral
Grand Admiral
Posts: 1505
Joined: 2008-03-30 17:36
Custom Title: Fleet Commander, Self-Proclaimed Bartender, Baron
Organizational Unit: Third Fleet, Task Force Conquest, ESD Intimidator
Location: ESD Intimdator

Awards and Stuff! (Gotta Love Stuff!!!)

Post by Tavish McFini » 2008-12-03 17:57

Last Update: 11/11/09 (C1M29: At wit's End)
Rank: Grand Admiral
Fleet Commander for the NIF Third Fleet
Former Fleet Commander of the New Imperial Federation's Fourth Fleet.
Captain of the ESD Intimidator

Imperial Cross
Imperial Navy Cross (x2)
Imperial Silver Star
Imperial Bronze Star (x2)
Naval Achievement Award (x2)

Medal Of Victory (x7)
Medal Of Progress (x3)
Medal Of Redemption (x2)
Medal Of Dignity (x2)
Medal Of Horror (x3)
Medal Of Liberty
Medal Of Futility (x3)
Medal Of Guile

Mission Gold Star (x6)
Mission Silver Star (x2)
Single Battle Performance Ribbon (x5)
Excellent Battle Performance Ribbon (x8)
Good Battle Performance Ribbon (x4)
Fair Battle Performance Ribbon
Adequate Battle Performance Ribbon (x2)
Battle Efficiency Award (x3)

Good Conduct Award
4th Letter of Introduction
3rd Letter of Introduction
2nd Letter of Introduction
First Letter of Introduction

Plaque of Achievement

Silver Ribbon
Nickel Ribbon

One time holder of the Bar of Demerit (Yes, I'm proud of the fact that I had one!)
- Admiral McFini and Ensign Hales discovered why Executor-class Star Destroyers seldom ram anything.

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