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Diri Tiberia

Post by Diri Tiberia » 2008-12-05 20:07

In-Character Information:

Name: Dirianna Tiberia
Gender: Female
Species: Zeltron

Physical Description:
  • Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
  • Weight: 127 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Red, kept long.
  • Skin: Pink
  • Distinguishing Features: Usually wears outlandish colours (bright colours, lots of colours at once, both!) so combine that with the pink skin, you can't miss her, except with a blaster, in which case, you need to work on your aim!
Occupation: Freelancer (whatever brings in the credits!)

Weapon of Choice:

Striker Carbine
Attachments: Selector Switch, Laser sight, Folding Stock, Grenade Tube (Detachable), Scope

Epel'jaken "Razor" series MX Heavy Blaster Pistol

One R3 astromech unit "Squeaks"

Credits: 42,750 (on person/in ship), 100,000 (stashed away somewhere for a rainy day)

Debt to Lorga the Hutt: 270,000 credits

Vehicles of Choice:

Name/Type: YT-2400-class Transport
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Role: Light Transport
Crew: 1 + 2 gunners (or one R3 droid)
Length: 21 Meters
Speed: 95 MGLT, 810 Kph
Acceleration: 12 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 75 DPF
Hyperdrive: x1 (x12 backup)
Shield Rating: 248 SBD
Hull Rating: 105 RU
Weapons: 2 Turreted Double Heavy Laser Cannons.
Passengers: 5
Cargo Space: 70 Metric Tons.
Countermeasures: None (yet).
Extras: None (yet).

Location: Lives on the Megaera traveling in search of fun, excitement, credits and, most importantly, adventure!

Bio: True to the life of most Zeltrons, Diri is a traveler, going from spaceport to spaceport, planet to planet, system to system to satisfy her thirst for excitement and adventure. She was born on one of the many spacestations in orbit around the planet Kuat and raised by her mother who was a traveler, merc, bounty hunter and all host of other things, taking up various odd jobs wherever she could for credits or transport to whatever she needed to go or be at the time. When no work presented itself, she would give into the temptations of gambling and try her luck, often with little success.

Diri's father, as she would later be told in life at the age of ten, was an Imperial officer on Kuat on shore leave. A Lieutenant, or some such rank, he served under Captain Gilad Pellaeon at the time, before the destruction of the second death star. Because of the promiscuous Zeltron nature, his memory faded as she flirted from person to person, each of them captivating in their own way. As for Diri, he only existed as some sort of phantom in her mind, a character in a story who braved though many battles and exploits in life that sounded all too real, with some added bits as if the story was passed down by word of mouth over the generations.

Of course, the truth would be anything but as Diri's real father was actually another Zeltron who had somehow become disillusioned with the carefree life they all lived, sinking into a self-destructive spiral of depression and abusive behavior. Because any such emotions and thoughts were as deadly to a Zeltron as a blaster- if not worse for a life of sorrow and darkness was like leaving a wounded animal to die a slow agonizing death- Diri's mother partially made up the story about the Imperial Lieutenant as he was the closest person at the time to maintain a consistent story. Thankfully, Diri never really questioned any of the specific details, displaying that near lack of dedicated attention all to common to their species.

She grew up as a mercenary, being taught by many individuals the many skills needed to survive and make a living in a galaxy at war with itself. One day she found herself working for the then Rebel Alliance, helping destroy an Imperial stronghold on some planet that seemed so peaceful, that didn't deserve to see the horrors of war. The next day, she would be traveling alongside a bunch of Stormtroopers, helping wipe out resistance from a small rebel faction that somehow managed to survive. It gave a unique perspective on things as, to a freelancer, the questions of Empire versus Republic, military might versus diplomatic overtures, were insignificant as the only thing that mattered in the end was the pay and being able to use that pay.

When not firing blasters, treating wounds or doing other work related issues, Diri would occasionally gamble some of her savings, along with her Mom. They weren't ever looking to make more than they had but rather just to relax and have fun, the Zeltron way. She never took to drinking until she was sixteen, when she and her mom earned enough credits to buy themselves a ship. However this came at a cost to the two of them.

A Hutt crimelord, Lorga, hired them to assist some of his men to help steal a valuable cache of gems valued at millions of credits. Something went wrong and the whole mission failed and while the two of them escaped, Lorga was far from pleased, expecting them to have died trying and not run off with his credits, all 350,000 worth. Unfortunately that 350,000 was spent on a ship, a YT-2400, and modifications, as well as other odds and ends, including repairing a recovered R3 droid they named "Squeaks" because of the noise it would always make. A live bounty was put on the two of them so fled to Zeltros, the only place in the galaxy that would hide them with open arms and protective care.

The two of them spent a few years on Zeltros however Diri longed to leave and continue doing what she and her mother had so far done in life, however leaving Zeltros was all but impossible since assassins and bounty hunters were waiting for them to leave the relative safety and security of the planet (all attempts to retrieve the two of them had failed as each one would succumb to the power of the pheromones and the uplifting atmosphere of Zeltros. Droid hunters were easily destroyed and disposed of. Nothing short of an army could flush the two of them out.) Still, the call of the stars was a strong pull and Diri wanted to continue living and experiencing life, visiting new places, meeting new faces and, most importantly, making a boat load of credits in the process. Zeltros was nice, but she wanted to return with enough to open her own strip club and not necessarily work for several decades beneath some boss to earn enough.

Taking the risk, Diri left her family and homeworld, promising she would somehow raise the credits to pay back the Hutt, if not kill him and then return to announce her success. Changing the signature of the ship, Diri managed to escape and run past the bounty hunter/assassin blockade and enter hyperspace to get away from the one planet she could safely call home. She only had what little she could manage and 5000 credits, a far cry from the 350,000 she needed.

For a year she took various odd jobs but they only just managed to pay the fuel and maintenance costs on the ship, as well as her shopping, drinking and gambling habits. It seemed the assassins had managed to kill most of those Diri came to know over the years in their efforts to capture her or her Mom. It soon became apparent she would have to turn to a major military organization for work and credits, however joining them was the last thing she wanted to do, especially since military life was very... restricting, or so she had come to understand. The idea of finding her (alleged) father came to mind as he might be able to give her a job, but how would she prove she was his actual daughter? The pink skin and obvious alien nature about her would probably get her arrested and tossed into the brig aboard one of their Star Destroyers. The bounty boards in NIF space would hold some high paying jobs, of that she was sure. Regardless, she would earn the credits one day.

Then, out of nowhere, luck comes by in the form of a one-eyed woman who's other real eye changed colour. Attempting to play a card game, she was quickly shot down when she folded the instant she got her hand. Diri wasn't happy but someone else by the name of Trinity came and offered that woman work. Dejected, she left, deciding to spend the night in her beloved ship. A group of bounty hunters jumped her but, to her surprise, the one-eyed woman, Luciana, aided her. Later that same night, she ran into Trinity in the most bizarre of circumstances and soon she found herself aboard the NIF Fourth Fleet flagship Intimidator with the job of having to crate a diversion...

The debt to Lorga slowly got brought down as Diri managed to force herself to wire the Hutt some credits. It didn't end the bounty on her or her Mom's respective heads and it probably just reaffirmed the fact she was alive and able to be taken in. Still, it did lower the debt a little, enough, in fact, that, when she did get confronted by a bounty hunter at last- the bastard wore a mask to prevent being affected from her advances and pheromones- he was instructed to have her return to the Federation fleet to pick up a piece of cargo.

That cargo, it turned out, was fired out of the hanger of a massive warship and that cargo was a coffin where they were ceremoniously sending away one of their deceased to rest in the core of a star. Diri laid in wait, picking up the coffin before it reached the star, the solar radiation helping obscure her vessel from view. The Feds weren't going to miss a body that they intended to let burn up now were they? And if it meant Diri would be allowed to live that much longer, all the better right?

Returning to Nar Shaddaa, Diri was brought before Lorga the Hutt along with the retrieved body. The Hutt expressed his willingness to let Diri remain free and not have her stripped bare body frozen in carbonite to hang in his "art gallery". In return, all she had to do was jump whenever he commanded her to. A small price to pay it would seem. Free to go, Diri didn't bother asking why he was so interested in the body of an NIF officer and returned to her carefree life of freelancing and adventure.

Out of Character Information:
Contact Info: PM works best, usually to McFini's PM-box.
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