Sentalos Kazzel (WIP)

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Sentalos Kazzel
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Sentalos Kazzel (WIP)

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Name: Sentalos Kazzel

Race: Neimoidan

Physical Description:
Neimoidian, red eyes, thin lips, no nose, greenish-gray skin. 1,93 meters tall, 95kg, 34 standard years of age.
Sentalos is a tyical neimoidian in his looks, not very athletic but tall and with a good and straight posture. Sentalos like other neimoidians is very attentive when it comes to the issue of clothing. He always dresses in traditional neimoidian clothes, elegant but not too extravagant.

Homeworld: Neimoidia


Current Occupation:
Federations aide


Sentalos was born on the planet of Neimoidia, and was one of the grub formed Neimoidians that surrvived his infancy in the harsh hive.
Sentalos spent his first years on Neimoidia, but was sent away when he turned 8 years, as was the coustum of the neimoidian society. Althought it had become less frequent as the Galactic Empire limited the possibilies. Sentalos was sent to the cityplanet of Coruscant, where he recived education in many areas such as; language, economy, customs and several others.

Sentalos was a very ambisious child because it was a increasingly lesser amount of Neimoidians that got this chans, because of the disolution of the Trade federation and the increasing power of the Galactic Empire who had no interest in taking on young Neimoidians. This made Sentalos realize that he had to work hard to get anywhere, and so he did.

When he had finished his studies at the age of 19 he begun looking for jobs. He became acquainted with a Muun, Learo Gyrr, who recognized Senatlos as a intelligent person with ambisions


Known Acquaintances in the Federation:


Mission Record:
None as of yet

Played by: Edwinus

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