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Zekk Constantine

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In-Character Information:

Name: Zekk Constantine

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Physical Description: Zekk is a tall man he levels out a 6'-0", 200 pounds, brown hair, and dark eyes. His body is hard and chiseled from constant work outs.

Political Rank: Vice-Ambassador

Weapon of Choice: Merr-Sonn M-434 DeathHammer

Vehicles of Choice: Lambda-class Shuttle

Location: Bilbringi

Bio: Zekk Constantine was born on the planet of Bilbringi during the height of the Empire. His father Roger Constantine was a prominent businessman involved with supplying resources to the Bilbringi Shipyards. His mother Athena Constantine worked with his father as the organizer of the company’s affairs in the family business, Constantine Shipyard Supplies Incorporated. Over time the family had accumulated a large amount of money and began to expand their business.

During his youth he showed a high ability to influence others to follow his will and beliefs. He did not have many friends early on in his life because he was considered nerdy, his head always in the books. Another reason that he was he was picked on constantly due to the fact that he was a very small boy at the time. The torture left a mental scar on him it found its way to his core and it festered their. This only served to intensify his already very powerful temper.

Then one day he had had enough of the torture and went to talk to his father. At the age of seven he was involved in a fight with the school bully and everything changed for him. He finally had his chance for revenge the fight was short; Zekk had been trained by his father’s personal trainer to defend himself, the bully who had started the fight ended up in a bacta tank from his injuries. During the fight the spectators could have sworn that Zekk had predicted the bully’s moves and acted accordingly. Zekk got away Scott free because of some holo footage proved that the bully had started the fight.

By his tenth year he was class President throughout the rest of his time in school, by subverting his opponents and telling people what the wanted to hear. Also in a less open manner he used fear to get the votes. At one point, an opponent of his tried, quite cleverly according to Zekk, to drive the votes away from him by calling Zekk Constantine a Tyrannical psycho. That boy was run out of the school by some of Zekk’s “close friends” and supporters. In school he also earned a good amount of notoriety in the Sabacc circles. He rarely lost and never cheated. He was known as the “Cheat-Buster” by all those played with him, he could just tell who was using a Skiffer (A Cheating Device).

By the time Zekk was ten he had immersed himself in the world of Galactic politics, he grabbed as much data on all the topics as he possibly could. He idolized Grand Moff Tarkin; he viewed Tarkin as the Will of the Emperor, he did what needed to be done so the Emperor could focus on the larger issues of the Empire. When he was twelve the Battle of Endor occurred, and the destruction of the Death Star, along with Tarkin. Zekk was hit hard by this tragedy and despite his age joined in the Empire wide mourning of the Grand Moff’s passing.

He soon after focused on Lord Vader the right hand of the Emperor. Around his sixteenth birthday the Battle of Endor occurred and he heard of the Emperor’s demise. Zekk was devastated by the Emperor’s passing but he was most hurt by Lord Vader’s passing, he had looked up to Lord Vader even since Tarkin’s death on the first Death Star. Two of Zekk’s heroes had died already and that caused a huge emotional shift in Zekk and caused him to think more logically and wait to choose another hero.

Therefore Zekk was not one of those people fooled by the propaganda of the Empire; he knew that the Empire had built the Death Stars for another reason then “breaking up” useless planet and most likely they were made to give the Emperor more direct power over the galaxy. By the time he graduated school he had gotten private tutors for the remainder of his education and entered the family business Constantine Shipyard Supplies Inc. Throughout his time in his father’s business he had helped his father become the number one provider of resources to the shipyards. Zekk without his father’s help bought up the family businesses biggest rival Bilbringi Supplies Unlimited.

He was extremely unhappy while the New Republic controlled the planet and worked to destabilize the planet. He formed a small rouge group with some of his father’s money and tried to cause some damage. His success was limited to disrupting military supply flow and the deaths of a few New Republic personnel. When Zekk was twenty-nine he decided that it was time for a new idol. He chose Ace Roscoe, the new leader of a Government called the New Imperial Federation. It was rumored that Ace was one of the New Dark Jedi that were popping up everywhere.

Zekk is an extremely smart and highly resourceful man, when the New Imperial Federation invaded Bilbringi he did his best to make the New Republic have a difficult time controlling the population, he started riots and caused small rebellions to assist in the take over, all of course he tried to do from the side lines. His field experience earned him a wound he never talks about. Soon after the invasion he joined New Imperial Federation service as a Political Official to serve his ambition. His ambition is something he uses as a tool and he does not let control him, like so many others in the past. Zekk was never married in his 29 years, but he was and still is a ladies man. He hopes to one day find his true love but for the time being his social life comes second to his service to the New Imperial Federation. While he is the consummate politician, Zekk does know how to fight. He is proficient with a blaster, sword, and hand-to-hand combat. He desires to improve his sword skills in the future.

He is extremely loyal to the New Imperial Federation, and he is not susceptible to bribes due to one his extremely strong will and two he is already rich. Zekk is previous job serving the New Imperial Federation as aide on his home planet Bilbringi. That assignment was being the Aide to Ambassador John Michaels in the current talks between the New Imperial Federation and the New Republic. The talks are concerning a recent break into a New Republic building and the thief of the Millennium Falcon. A recent major event was during the Battle of Arkania, he brought evidence before the NR Senate showing the crimes committed by the Renegade New Republic Admiral Jen'vey. After his father's death, Zekk became CEO of Constantine Industries and began a massive expansion effort to grow the company in many different directions.

Out of Character Information:

E-mail Address: LockNesTom@comcast.net

Contact Info:LockNesTom@comcast.net
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