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Korbinian Zsifkovits

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Name: Korbinian Zsifkovits

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 24

Physical Description: 1.77 meters, blond hair, ice-blue eyes.

Political Position: Aide

Weapon of Choice: Merid FF-4 Hold-out blaster pistol

Vehicle of Choice: Miy'til Fighter

Location: Coronet City, Corellia

Family Members:
Alexander Zsifkovits II (Father - 55 - CEO of Zsifkovits Group)
Irene Zsifkovits (Mother - 53)

Alexander Zsifkovits III (Brother - 32 - Board Member, Zsifkovits Group)
Jonathan Zsifkovits (Brother - 30 - Colonel, Corellian Defense Force)
Kevin Zsifkovits (Brother - 29 - Cardiac Surgeon)
Sebastian Zsifkovits (Brother - 27 - Captain, Corellian Defense Force)
Hanna Lanara (Sister - 26 - Nurse)
Luke Zsifkovits (Brother - 18)
Rachel Zsifkovits (Sister - 15)

Bio: Korbinian Zsifkovits, as the fifth of eight children, has long been used to thinking diplomatically. His family have been Corellians for as long as anybody remembers, and it shows up in their successful ability at defying all of the odds presented to them. His father Alexander, at a rather young age, bought a speeder and began transporting agricultural products for local farmers to the city for a small fee. Over the years, that initial small business eventually grew into Zsifkovits Shipping United, carrying all sorts of cargos around the entire Corellian system, as well as having a decent delivery network on each planet.

During the time of building up Zsifkovits Shipping United, he met and married his wife Irene, and they had their first children. As the family grew, so did the company, until eventually becoming the wildly successful Zsifkovits Group, a massive over-arching theme which included everything from the original shipping business down to a hotel and restaurant chain. This immense success allowed Alexander and Irene to put all of their children through school, and led to a good reception of the family in various circles. Though looked down upon as "undeserving new-money" by some of the old guard of the Corellian aristocracy, the friendly and honest demeanor of the family generally won over and gave them a good network of friends and associates.

As Korbinian went through school, he tended to stand out as a leader in the crowd, marching to his own slightly peculiar drum, yet others liked his ideas and tended to follow along when he set an example. The family often took vacations off-world, allowing the children to see such faraway places as Coruscant, Naboo, Elrood, and Firro. Learning to fly at a young age by participating in the family business on a small scale with speeder transport on the planet, Korbinian discovered a certain freedom of flight, and came to enjoy it as a passtime. During his high school years, he became immensely involved in the student government at his school, while taking high-level classes in business, law, and history. Korbinian graduated at the top of his class, and was given a Miy'til Starfighter by his father, which he had received as a gift from an important merchant in a previous deal. Excited at his new starship, and at the prospects of moving forward with his life into yet another new chapter, he was faced with the same choice his five older siblings had also faced - what career path should he pursue? His oldest brother Alex had followed directly in his father's footsteps, and had worked his way up through the family business to become a prominent member of the Board of Directors, and it looked as though he would inherit the majority share in the company when their father passed it on to him. His older brothers Jonathan and Sebastian had joined the Corellian Defense Force, and were serving in that avenue of their lives, while his older brother Kevin and older sister Hanna had gone into medicine.

When faced with such a choice, even though he had always been closest with his brother Sebastian, Korbinian chose to continue his studies in politics and business. Applying to the Corulag University of Economics, he was accepted, and during his time attending there met a good deal of people from all corners of the galaxy, broadening his perspectives and contact with other peoples and cultures - something he had always tried to do but which had been more difficult while still living upon Corellia. He finished his university studies with a double degree in business and political science and returned back to Corellia shortly after the New Imperial Federation had taken control of the planet.

Seeking a job, and having always been sympathetic to the New Imperial Federation and its cause, Korbinian applied to the NIF government offices which had recently been built for the purpose of housing the new Imperial government system, as it attempted to transition the planet into a new era of peace and prosperity under new leadership. Glad to be back on Corellia and near to his family - especially his younger brother and sister - Korbinian got an apartment in the suburbs around Coronet City and settled in to work in the job which was his passion.

Contact Info: This is Xanis.

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