C2M34: As Twilight Falls

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Large-scale Operations.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2015-02-04 19:57

Moira sat at the edge of the cafe, sipping a drink and wondering why she was there... well aside from the obvious reason that her Mum of sorts asked her to be. Moira could almost bet that it was because the woman wanted to keep an eye on her due to the last few 'enthusiastic' walks she had taken. That was enough to show at least the Lady cared, and well, when a Matriarch asked you jumped. She and Mikka had entered the system yesterday night just after the jewel her mother was looking for was reported stolen, and just before the riots broke out.

Gawds, by the force she hated chaos.

A ringside seat for the plunge into chaos. Not that she could enjoy the view with the bloody mask she was forced to wear. Luckily enough, as she was out with the 'Director' her sister Mikka had decided to turn off the enhancements that kept her in the darkness of sensory deprivation.

But the respirator's sounds still troubled her. She needed only a month or two of study, until the Doctor thought ready to attempt to heal her lungs. But that meant on deployments like this she'd have to reserve her use of the Force, so as not to inundate herself with the disruptive energies of the Dark Side during this critical period... at least not unless it became necessary risk, and then she tended to stick to more neutral energy manipulations... like burning someone. Though her first choice would be carving them up with her sword, or just shooting them.

That had always been her mainstay go to practice before to deal with a hostile, 'why change what worked?'

So she was just stuck here, watching and waiting to see if anything developed, sitting on her hands so to speak. Her only consolation was that she was able to conjole the use of her borrowing a Smartchrono for talking with Mum, and Mikka. Though truth be told, her senses had already found a small subspace tracker in them that could be activated remotely. It seemed Miss Crysta wanted to keep an eye on her. She wasn't sure if that was heartwarming or another thing that muddied the waters between being a legal guardian or clinically wanting to put the two of her 'problem makers, seldom solvers' into a fishbowl. But that was another matter entirely. For the moment, she was happily having a conversation on her datapad with Mikka on the line through one of these things, and she thought that was pretty cool.

<<So what's Mummy up to?>> Thellis wrote.
<<<Just communicating to someone. Probably doing more then just talking, but I'm not one to eavesdrop. She'll tell us when she's ready. Other than that she's enjoying some recaf, good lord knows what she'd do without some recaff to settle her nerves>>> she replied before reaching for her own drink, a nice cool glass of water that she slid back the rebreather for to cool her parched throat.
<<Probably because we both keep causing her to stress out a little?>>
<<<Nah, that part goes without saying as becoming less and less as we calm down a bit on all the crazy ideas. Don't know if she'd even stress about the danger we tend to get into on some of our more Enthusiastic walks. For instance, if I wanted to stretch my legs we could go help Aunty if this gets boring, right?>>>

<<Yeah,save Aunty would probably hit you first for walking off, Miss Crysta asked us here as watchers, or at least backup. First things first though. Why is it that I always get a lecture to answer to our hive's two queens again?>>
Moira let out a bark of laughter, <<<Still on the ship with Meer and Elly? I thought you enjoyed working on the Harmonia's systems.>>>

<<Just because Meer requested a month or two of down time before asking Luciana for an Interview doesn't mean it's always good to have a Verpine underfoot. No matter how handy a mechanic the Engineer is, but Fives and I are managing.>>

<<< At least we know if we take that walk the Harmonia will be in good hands.>>>
<<Yeah, like if we took a walk to the local black market to see if anyone there is hoarding the thief.>>
Moira blinked a few times at the words her sister and friend had typed in what was obviously a bit of sarcasm. But pondering things, Moira knew that the sale of the jewel wouldn’t be on any black market. No it would be on the Invisible Market. A series of ventures that dangerous people ensured was more dangerous than the black market itself, though usually there were connections through such markets. She’d only been shown what was involved once or twice before in her bounty hunting duties with her family and … well no one named names in the Invisible Market. Business was loosely collected and opportunities clients would kill to keep secret were advertised there… and it spanned the galaxy in a series of loose connections, delving deep into the echelons of crime like the Bando Gora, and the remnants of Black Sun. However, there was one thing she remembered before, the chances of running afoul in there was pretty quick, and no one was given an entrance the first time unless they were a big spender.

The black market might sell illegal goods like old lightsabers, but the Invisible Market one could reach through the black market with the right connections might sell such things like holocrons, rare crystals, and activities that people wanted to keep from all governments. Rumor had it that once Grevious’ Mask had been sold there.

<<< Mikka, who’s a player here?>>>

<<<Who has connections on this station for the sale of certain things? Or has their been any odd arrivals in the last couple days that stand out? Diplomats and representatives included if they intend to smuggle out the diamond on an untouchable freighter. A Jedi would also presumably smuggled themselves in either in a lone freighter, or perhaps with some help.>>>

<<I see where you’re going with this, forget the thief and look at those they’d do business with. I’ve been doing a bit of legwork already, but it would take a bit of time to determine any specifics. As for players in the local game, there’s only really one that I can see of note. But he’s Old News.”>>>

“Old News?” Moira muttered aloud, considering the connotations of that statement. For the most part it meant someone who was not actively as much of a buyer and seller in the scene of black market trading, but rather a proprietor of such sites, keeping things with a legitimate front, basically it was slang for one who was already a ‘made man’ in the Underworld. Normally by being the one in charge of a venue where goods was sold.

<<<Details.>>> she typed, waiting a moment for Mikka’s reply to pop up on the screen.
<<Dangerous, that goes without saying. He’s a Givin, current dealings in the ship trade, was a proprietor and supporter of the Givin’s work with the Old CIS, currently about eighty standard years , Been in the scene forever around her, but supposedly went legitimate with his corporate holdings back when Yag’Dhul was brought in under the Old Empire. Known for playing the long game, and set up his Son to take over the business. Old Timer’s usename in off color economics is Pythagoran, and the son’s name is Dividends. Though I can assure you that’s not their real names. You sure you want to try to mosey in on this? Their companies are on Yag Second’s public Directory too. >>

<<<Not really, but what are their real names??? Is the Son a supporter of the Givin Rebels?>>>
<<Nothing public. Thought that’s not a surprise as he’s hip deep in the family’s interests in the local black market. Besides the ship trade, with some interactions with RJ, they don’t really move much more then weapons, powersuits, and a few other goods , both legal and illegal with a bit of a markup fee.>>
<<<Still, if you want to play at attending an auction for an invisible market ware such as what’s missing… you’d have to pay to play.>>>
<<There’s no way we have the credits for that. Even Mum wouldn’t … >>
Moira paused, her brow furrowed as she thought through the problems at hand. She hadn’t yet informed Miss Crysta of the variety of what she was learning yet, but her talents had brought her to a point where she could buy into such an auction… if she was capable enough to find the right backer to trade the credits with… a person in the ship trade would be a worthwhile if they had an assay around.
<<<Credit’s no, resources yes.>>>
<<<Go to the captain’s cabin of the Harmonia, flip up the mattress, and open the safe, I have it set to your thumbprint and the code of that ice cream flavor number we both like.”
<<Give me a second.>>

There was another period of waiting as she looked all the way across the café towards where Miss Crysta was conversing with another person.
<<Okay, it’s opened. I don’t see much in here besides papers for the Harmonia, and the takeover of that shipping company we pulled off last week.>>
<<<Thumbscanner in the top right of the backing. Find the bag under Au, G, P, and S. You’ll find some ingots. You’ll know what the right ones are when you see them. Leave the one with STY alone.”

There was another minute and a half of waiting before Mikka’s reply came back. <<Sithspit Moiri Bruri, is this really what I think it is?>>
<<<Just be careful on the transport of it when you link up with me. I think it’s time for a shopping trip. See if Aunt Lucy can give us five of her guys as extra muscle. We’ll pay her fees on this easy… in bulk goods of value we’ll talk about later.>>> Moira’s thoughts wandered to the ship trade, <<<What were those names again?>>>
<<I’ll tell you in person as we may be stumbling into their museum as the Wavecrest they have docked near the entrance to the sublevels or the giant Separatist Supply ship they have on the lower docks. Their company also owns several sections of the sublevels.>>

<<<That big of a handful in the making , huh?>>>
<<Yeah, you sure you want to do this?>>
<<<To catch a thief you need a big enough bait. Just bring twenty of each and put the rest back though… it takes a lot of effort to make those.>>> With a sigh, Moira frowned, reached up into the confines of the hooded robe she wore and rubbed her temples. Telepathy wasn’t her strong suit, but she was gifted enough to reach out along the bond to Crystala in the distance.

‘Hey Miss Crysta. Mikka and I got a lead on the invisible market where the diamond might be sold but it will take some time to track down. I’m already thinking of taking five of Aunt Lucy’s guys with as protection. Don’t worry, I’ll pay them out of my own pocket. I figure I can contact you if the lead plays out. Worse comes to worse I can get some of my own shopping done.’

There was a long wait as a pair of constantly shifting hued eyes seemed to not want to stray in her direction. ’Don’t do anything too hasty, there’s supposed to be a jedi aboard the station. Worse comes to worse, do not pursue. Have your comlink on through the smartchrono in case I need you.’
‘Yes, Mum.’ Moira replied with a bit of amusement, ‘I guess you really show you care sometimes. If we do find the diamond, maybe we can consider it a birthday present for your next ten birthdays?’

‘Perhaps. Now don’t be too distracting or wander off on an enthusiastic walk. Just get the information, and that’s it.’ There seemed to be a conveyance of annoyance, before the connection was closed with the proverbial sound of slamming door coming to her senses.
Moira smiled and rose up from the chair, nodding once to herself.
<<<Mother approved, though I’m half tempted to say it’s to get us out from underfoot. Who knows what will happen provided it leads anywhere. Other than that, I’m up for a little shopping for our new company… how about you?>>>

<<Let’s just not go overboard. Keep it for our little shipping business and maybe Aunty’s. Nothing more, without a good reason. Also, I just found out their’s an IGBC representative with diplomatic immunity aboard the station. He arrived three days ago to do business with the individuals were looking for. Get this, he’s part of their department of acquisitions for precious metals and gems. He’s accredited by the IGBC with a rather high acquisitions budget as well as sometimes being lent out for an assessment’s sake with industrial level gems and diamonds, even Corusca ones.>>
<<<Sounds perfect for getting to the heart of things here>>>
That brought a bit of a smile to her face as she wondered if she might get Aunty a belated birthday present. But if they wanted to find that diamond, if it had an auction, she might have to pay in a bit higher bracket.
<<<Can you get the security footage for the representative’s arrival?>>>
<<It’ll take awhile… the representative, a male Muun came in on a BC-714 Luxury Transport two days ago.>>
<<<High roller.>>>
<<<I’m on my way back to meet up with you. Be there soon. ETA ten minutes.Logging off now.>>> Moira typed before logging out of her datapad and unhooking it from the smartchrono. She was pretty confident that the subspace transceiver's encryption was working fine, though she was almost assured that Miss Crysta could log into the conversation with her own if she chose. She was a bit excited, truth be told, the black market, and the invisible market was something she had explored quiet liberally as a bounty hunter, but every one on each world was distinct. It was almost impossible to tell what goods would be sold there, especially as their availability was subject to supply and demand.

But if the two targets Mikka had narrowed down were supplying goods, weapons, and armor to the Givin Rebels, then it was all a likelihood of following the money to see where things ended up even with the chaos happening in the system right now that culminated in the lockdown of the station's traffic. Rounding a corner, she dodged her way past a cordoned off group of protesters waving signs before ducking into the nearest walkway corridor that had been opened to allow passerby's to enter the docking area where they had parked. She met Mikka at the checkpoint where five guards kitted out in S.I.N's normal accoutrements were waiting, shifting back and forth.

She arched an eyebrow in Thellis' direction. Noting the older model weapons the guards were equipped with, as well as the standard minimum armor S.I.N. gave to it's newer recruits. Her attention was drawn by Thellis giving her a chipper wave and a large smile. "They're a little green. I got word from her secretary on the CC-9600 that they were held back from deploying with the rest as they were part of the extra muscle kept on the ship for security along with the other hundred.. She says we could have them if we return them in one piece."

Moira simply nodded and refused to show her emotions behind the mask as she turned towards the five, "So Aunt Lucy sends me a few of her most promising new recruits. Are all of you ready to handle this protection detail?"

The one in charge seemed to blink a moment in confusion, "Aunt Lucy?"

"Luciana Endivain. Her sister is technically adopted us. Seems to think we shouldn't wander off on walks. So we're going for a little shopping trip."

The mercenary blinked at the name of his employer, taking a look at the assembled four men with him. "Uh, sure. I guess we're good for a little shopping trip, Ma'am."

"I'm not a ma'am, and there's no need for formality when it's just us seven. Just call me Miss Yusanis on this trip in front of anyone we're doing business, and you'll be fine. You're here as a show of force more then anything else. But not too much force that you're a threat to anyone we go see, alright?"
There was a nod. "Now my name's Moira, and my sister's name over here is Mikka. That work? Now what's your name?"

The man nodded once, "Seems fair Miss. Though to be fair I don't know if I signed up with S.I.N for babysitting though. I prefer a bit of action to glorified guard duty. No offense. The names Crawford."

Moira smile turned a little bloodthirsty. "I to prefer a bit of action myself Mr Crawford, and according to Aunt Luciana seem to be discouraged to going off on walks by myself. She tends to joke it's a hobby of mine to have a penchant for getting into trouble. So how you doing Sissie? Ready for this shopping trip?"

"Everything's fine Moiri Bruri. Can I get some shoes?"

As she turned away towards Thellis, she could hear behind her the sounds of the men taking their positions and checking their weapons as Mikka fell into line beside her. She enhanced her hearing just enough to catch one of the guards talking to the one identified as Crawford.

"Is this the one we heard stories about catching that criminal, Malloc?"
"Yeah. I think I remember one of the officers saying that she was almost yelled out by the boss for over three hours... and that they'd make sure she wouldn't wander off and do anything else reckless again?"
"It's just a shopping trip." another said. "Probably working off that five million credit bounty she received. How dangerous could this be?"

One of other mercs cleared his throat and began to talk loud enough for them to hear. "With all due respect Miss, what type of walks are you talking about? And are we going on one of these walks now?""
"The answer is Maybe, and I was talking about Enthusiastic ones, Mr. Breuener." Moira quipped as the man seemed to arch an eyebrow in silent question. It seemed the five were wondering what they were getting into. "Very enthusiastic walks. Call it a hobby."

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Nelson » 2015-03-11 16:59

Aboard the D-1's Justice...
Captain March stood upon the bridge, his XO amid the crew pits along with his combat operations officer were busy at their duties among the crew of the venerable Shockwave class battlecruiser.
Nelson worked the starboard side pit. He was focused on ensuring complete cooperation between the gunnery and shield crews. After he finished with them he moved to the port-side pit and did the same. He then looked up at Captain March, "Ready to engage sir"

Captain March nodded at the crew member's efficiency, as he looked down at the flat image on his screen, before glancing up at the holoplot as he noted the D-1, and five of it's escorting Magnates burning their engines to cross the vectors of the interlopers who had crawled out of the void. Nelson was a good man, however , in this hour he was sure that Fourth fleet would need a multitude like him. "Bloody dull morning, Mr. Nelson." March stated, "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes Sir!" Nelson gave a wry smile back at his commanding officer. He had originally served as the commander of a old DP-20 frigate. Now he was Captain March's bridge XO. It was a promotion of sorts. Nelson looked at his display of the situation, "Shall we hit the escorts first sir?"

March could see the crew member turn towards him, March looking like the epitome of an imperial officer, from his shoulder to his boots with a number of ribbons adorning his chest. "No. Leave those for the Magnates, Coms pass on the order they're to engage their stardusts.Double check for me that our forces are ready to breach. Bring us in at a Vector to bombard and concentrate fire on the enemy's capitals ships. Our main targets are their engines as we drive them into Riinuuk's lines.

Nelson, be sure to coordinate with our magnates escorts, our own turbolasers should prioritize the areas of most vulnerability. Start with the Imp's they have closest to us, and tell our fighter and bomber details should be ready to capitalize on any opportunity. With a bit of luck the magnate’s shields should be enough to weather the fray as we cut into them. Stackleburg should then be able to slice them from the west, leaving them unable to turn towards a specific target. We're most likely to see a detachment of escorts try to hold us off.

"Aye sir!" Nelson quickly busied himself with making the necessary arangments. He confirmed the communications between the gunnery crews of their ship and escorts. Lastly he relayed that fighters and bombers were to take any opportunity. He then turned his attention to confirming and working with his gunnery crew as to target areas and the firing pattern to break through their shields.

"All ready at your command Captain!"

"Time to maximum range?"

"Thirty three seconds Sir." came a shout from the pit. Nelson turned to ...

"Divert power to forward shields, angle the deflector shields to allow us to blow past the first line. "

Nelson turned to the crew in-charge of targeting. He looked over their shoulders and nodded a confirmation to the captain. "Yes sir" Nelson immediately moved to getting the shielding controllers on the mark. "Captain, we are set as ordered".

"Firm up the targeting parameters on the first of the escorts of that praetor, all boarding forces should stand ready. Ion cannons to capitalize after the first volley fire. Volley by the numbers three times till the shields are down, prioritize the engines."

"Ten Seconds to maximum range!"

"Countdown at five, fire at indicated targets!"

"Five... four... three... two... one..."

Amid the crew pits Nelson could have almost have sworn the ship beneath him shuddered as it unleashed it's fury. The Justice the tip of the spear aimed to lance into the side of the Enemy's formation. He could almost hear the sound of boots below decks, scurrying with purpose in their duties. Turbolasers were dialed in, and barking bolts of green death. In the hangars , stormtroopers boarded shuttles, arms and extra ammunition passed out. Spacetroopers already launching towards the nearest Praetor, trusting the Justice to bring it's shield down to make it.

Nelson was busily moving back in forth between the two pits. Above him he could hear the corrective orders from the captain which he relayed. Their formation was making steady progress into the enemy formation and against the first target The ships were vulnerable to their mantra of ripping the guts out of it. Darktroopers aboard ATR-9's proceeded the rest of the stormtrooper squads as tactical commands were highlighting the Praetor, and the closest Titan that tried to veer towards their formations in an attempt to stall the Enemy's thrust towards the Yards. Such was expected, as no matter what, the Enemy enemy wanted to hold them off to make their efforts worth it.

Nelson coordinated the gunnery crews efforts on making the enemy titan's attempts at intercept to be futile. He watched on his display as their firepower penetrated and damaged their starboard thrusters. In addition the firepower was putting strain on the engines, reactor and command bridge of the target. Soon enough, the shields buckled around the Titan, and Ion cannons leapt out to strafe it from bow to stern as gunnery crews reoriented a single volley of the Justice' turbolaser batteries to leap forwards, knifing into the Engines to shear two of them off.

"Concentrate firepower on their engines and reactor" Nelson instructed the gunnery crews. He knew if they could put even a few full-power bolts in the target would be crippled. The peppering became a dire hail as the rest of the engines were holed, began to be leaking plasma as the captain shouted, "Shift Target! Launch capture team three at that Titan!"

The Captain seemed to highlight three new targets in between them and the Praetor, the holoplot signifying the obstacles between the Justice and its prey as the Magnates dived deep into the Enemy lines, crossing above them. Their own hails of fire beginning to lance deep into one of the Imperators, turning it quickly into a fiery bloom before as a group they shifted to the next, scathing through them like a scythe through ripe wheat. A dull scythe that is, as it was more a battering affair. A slug fest to penetrate deep into knife range, but such was the necessity if one was to turn the tactical opportunity provided by a chance to take the signal carriers into their possession. Through the chaos of conflict the Justice was on a course to pass astern of the nearest Praetor, members of the crew would later swear they could almost see the hungry look in the Captain's eyes as he considered things, "As we pass full broadside on Imperator Four, and Seven.

Nelson worked efficiently and quickly to keep the crew in the pits focused and calm. He knew that it was hard not to get excited and miss small but crucial details. it was his job to keep the pit running calm despite the activity outside. He quickly moved to get the shielding crews back in sync. Then he had to move to the targeting and gunnery.It was a constant job of moving and assisting or supporting the crews in their specialized tasks. Yet it would remain a hectic bee hive till this fight was done. Then it would be a short breather for a short time.

"Gunnery, focus fire on this spot. Keep it as tight as possible. Shielding keep it up! You are doing great! Stay coordinated and we will get through this. Targeting keep it up. You are doing good."

"Get the next two targets lined up for the gunnery boys" the Captain barked.

"Aye sir!" Nelson replied. He immediately made sure the gunnery crews were on task.

"We have a chance at the Engines of Four, go for full destruction at Seven. The more chaos we can cause to slow them down to aid their fellows the more time we buy for our forces as well. Then turn us into the area where we can fire right up that Praetor's kilt! Coms, what's the status of Ruuniik and Stackleburg?"

"They're advancing as well, Stackleburg's Ra has engaged the Bellator, bringing it's shields to half as it's turning to face them. The magnates of Third are debilitating the other Imperators one at a time with concentrated fire while the Two titans get battered by the Ra's ion cannons.

"Any casualties?" The Captain asked as the ship rocked from enemy fire, they would now be within the arrow formation of the Enemy's units.

"Only two vessels, escorts sir. Right now, Ruuniik's taking the brunt of the Enemy assault. The plot says the Lucrehulk and those two Hapan Battledragons are merging with the enemy's western lines where the Hammer's engaging the other Praetor."

And Onboard?

"Captain, we have had a few crewmen injured and in medbay. Shields are holding and we can help finish the remainder of the enemy force. Orders sir"

Concentrate fire on finishing the Praetor’s escorts, utilize the ion cannons to help ensure our boarders make it onboard before turning us to aid the Ra!

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Kurge » 2015-12-27 02:02

Kurge stalked through his personal ship, also base of operations. The sleekly painted YZ-775 also possessed the insignia of Luciana's private forces. Kurge had been an employee of Luciana for some time. A fact that seemed mutually beneficial. Though he had to admit he tended to disappear from time to time. Though this mostly related to him having personal interests to deal with. That was not the case at the moment.

Kurge looked over at his communications terminal. He had just recieved word that a rebellion was going on in the NIF. Specifically, the incident related to the Givin and the Yagdhul System. This was most surprising to the Gen'Dai given years he had observed the species. The biggest reason for his unease and concern was the deployment of Lucie with what seemed to be a relatively small force. After a few minutes the warrior stopped his pacing and rapidly acknowledged the notice.

He then turned to his cockpit controls. He flew his ship out of the asteroid field he had been. He would return later to continue his investigations. The ship entered hyperspace with a direct trajectory to arrive at Yaghdul System promptly.Kurge settled down for the trip. The computer indicated that it would take approximately 24 standard hours to arrive. In the mean time, he reviewed the message that he had recieved.

It would seem most likely that the boss would concentrate on the first objective; to protect the industrial assets and their personnel from attack. He knew that she would likely deploy some significant assets to ensure success. The question was what assets were already deployed. I will likely need to contact Lucie when I am able. To determine if and where she needs me to assist. Otherwise, he looked at the notice regarding the missing VIP. There was more to this issue than met the eye. Yes, she is known as a suspected NR-supporter. This could lead to opportunities to bribe and blackmail the staunch imperialist father to hush the daughter's alignment. It would be necessary and a wise angle given the political environment.

Kurge made his way down the to Armory. Inside he started to inspect and ensure his gear. He carefully went over each piece of his armor. His armor was specifically designed supercommando armor. His size and his own anatomical capabilities were taken into account. He then moved from the armor to his weapon rack. In many respects, it showed his long history and experience in the art of war. His preferred was his WESTAR M5 rifle. This was a powerful rifle and had possessed since the Clone Wars. From there he went to his two preferred 'sidearms'. His size and powerful physique allowed his use of two carbine-rifles like pistols. The result was DC-15S he wielded in a pair acted as extreme power sidearms. Those weren't his only weapons by any means. He had old B2 blaster cannons embedded in his armored gauntlets. In addition to the vibrosword he carried on his back, the two kurkris in his boots and various acessory blades. A beep sounded indicating arrival within the next couple hours.

Kurge efficiently donned his armor and secured his weapons and other gear. Two DC-15S carbines went into his thigh holsters and secured. Instead of his usual secondary handguns he was carrying twenty double-edged vibrodaggers in underarm carriers. The daggers design was aerodynamic for easier and accurate throwing. He often carried them when he foresaw possible benefits to for silence. In the boots that went up to what would be his knee concealed a pair of full-sized recurve blades (kukri). He finally took up his WESTAR M5 rifle and checked that everything was in order. He walked back up to the cockpit prior to dropping out of hyperspace.

Upon arriving he hailed Lucie, "Hello Boss, I am on scene. Sorry for the lateness, personal interests that needed settling tied me up for awhile. I will be arriving at the objective momentarily."

He skilfully brought his YZ-775 down and past the NIF naval assets. Slowly he approached the facility. His ship was larger than the shuttles that were landing. He recognized that it seemed that numerous private security forces were showing up. Kurge landed the YZ-775 on the pad. A few moments later he exited the ship down the ramp. At the bottom a Givin waited. "Are you here on a independent contract or with an existing one?"

"I am from Luciana Eindavin's private security operations. I am here to reinforce our presence. Can you please direct me to her location?" Kurge didn't have to wait long till he was walking into the facility. Most of the other mercs he saw were humans. There were others of course but it seemed to be a lucrative opportunity to many. His passage was far from subtle. Many of the men eyed the powerful and towering Gen'Dai as he passed. His armor bore the mark of the Mandalorians of ages past. The pauldrons or shoulder armor bore a fresh insignia of Lucianna Eindivian's corp. He knew many of those he was passing were competitors. Their gazes didn't bother him the least for he was used to it.

On the way he saw the Lieutenant, "Long time no see. How are things?" The response he recieved was as professional and single-minded as always. Kurge knew that to get any real information Lucie would be it. He walked into the control room after a few more minutes of walking the corriors. There he saw the Lucie standing next to a Givin wearing the chief of security's uniform. Kurge walked over while removing his helmet.

"Well, Lucie it a pleasure to see you as always. I hope you weren't inconvenienced." Kurge had a wry smile as she turned to him. Kurge continued, "I saw the message you sent me. What areas are the highest risk? Also I assume we have a plan given our assets on site?" Kurge turned to the Givin, "My apologies, my name is Kurge. I work Luciana Eindivian. I intend to safeguard your assets and personnel."

The Givin merely nodded to Kurge and walked a short distance away to allow Lucie and Kurge to converse.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2015-12-28 03:25

Facing Kurge, Luciana nodded a greeting, a wry smile flickering on her face for but a moment as she quickly got straight to business, explaining the security presently in place- namely that there wasn't a whole lot and she couldn't be sure that elements in the present security force normally employed by SydneyTel weren't already plotting- and how the prototype was the most important thing that fell to her group to oversee and protect at all costs. "I don't even know what it is exactly," Luciana added, just loud enough with the hope that maybe the manager would overhear and, possibly, actually reveal more about it. "All I can say for certain is that it's stored deep within the building already under heavy lock and key though, depending what else is going on- I wouldn't put it past the New Republic to supply some of the rioters of more militaristic bent with weapons capable of punching through durasteel- that probably won't be enough."

The manager stiffened at her remark, concern appearing on his ghostly face that only made it look that much creepier though she kept her own expressions under check. "For the most part, I think the fact that we've set up razor wire and have an armed presence behind it should be enough to dissuade most of the dissidents and, if it isn't, we should be able to keep them back for long enough for the Imperial Riot Troopers to show up and quell the uprising." Kurge furrowed his brow as though to silently ask about if the riot troops couldn't or, more likely the case, were stretched too thin to respond to any situation that surfaced here. Luciana put her metal hand to her face and shook her head. "Then we start using slightly more force. I've spared little expense in investing in non-lethal, suppression type weapons from sonic emitters to dazzling lasers that should momentarily blind anyone that gets close. Most people are going to lose their nerve and won't press on, and those that do, we've got stun bolts, tear gas and, if necessary, I've got a few bombers on standby loaded with enough knock-out gas to put an entire stadium to sleep."

If even that still didn't work, well, at that stage could those who made it through really be simple rioters any more? Lowering her hand, she gestured to his gun and added under her breath so only he would hear, "Of course, you see anyone firing lethal shots with any degree of skill or accuracy, I want them dropped. I've already informed the others." Aside from gun enthusiasts or ex-military/law-enforcement, Luciana didn't envision anyone else with a gun being able to do much with it aside from make a lot of noise and try to intimidate. Law-enforcement would be able to drop anyone who fired at them with the intent to kill and Luciana was going to exercise the same caution, while trying to show some measure of restraint since, at the end of the day, they were still civilians and not trained killers.

Suddenly her internal comm crackled. "Excuse me," she said to Kurge, turning away to answer the comm. "Endivain here," she responded. On the other end was one of the Federation officers who was responsible for keeping various elements informed about the riot movements and other hotspots or events of note. Major Reimer sounded like a man who had been forced off the battlefield and thrown behind a desk, probably because of some crippling injury though Luciana was also quick to point out that she wasn't at all very good at reading the type of person on the other end of a comm or their background.

"Ah, Endivain. I just wanted to inform you that there's about three different groups of rioters starting to converge on the business district, about five-hundred, two-hundred and seven-hundred strong. The closest one to your position, which also happens to be the largest, is about fifteen blocks due north of your position."

That was quite the number and Luciana had to take a moment to digest those numbers. "Any word on riot troops?"

"There's already two detachments set up at barricades along the major lane intersections though they could bypass them entirely since the intersections are only to the major government buildings. I'll keep you posted, hopefully they're more interested in toppling a government than breaking the windows of a few multi-billion credit corporations."

They both laughed at the remark and the comm was terminated after well-wishes were issued to one another. Luciana turned to Kurge and, with a slightly relaxed expression, said, "We could have company soon, maybe in another half-hour depending how fast these rioters move. Why don't you go inside and do a quick sweep around the prototype floor." She dug into her coat pocket and fished out an access card and offered it to him. "This should give you access to almost the entire building save for the sensitive areas and the security rooms themselves." As he took it, she added so only he could hear, "And maybe discreetly check on the inside guard details. If you see anything suspicious, let me know and try not to arouse their suspicions. Also, keep in mind that there's also normal employees milling about..." She trailed off, not entirely sure where she was going with that last remark. Corporate espionage could take many forms from the employees, to outside contractors to the security staff and even the executive could be suspect. Sadly, Luciana wasn't here to serve as their HR and Information Security departments, she had enough of that to worry about with her own corporation.

With that, now all she could do was wait, and let the enemy act. She had set up the wall, it was high time to see whether or not it could withstand the approaching tide.
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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

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The situation, unsurprisingly and disappointingly all the same, devolved from a standoff to hostilities and then into chaos. Reinforcements were sent in as negotiations seemed to break down, the enemy ships firing away as some of the supposed loyal elements started to turn turncoat and attack the loyalist vessels and the NIF ships all the same. In all the confusion, McFini wouldn't have been at all surprised if some of the rebel elements had even turned on one another in the confusion before their commanders were able to assess the situation and rally their forces. He had kept his detachment of ships distant from the bulk of the enemy forces purely to try and show that the Federation wasn't treating this civil unrest lightly and normally the sight of a nineteen kilometer long Star Destroyer was enough to keep unrest to a dull roar. Sadly, the actions of the Rebels in years past showed that even a single starfighter was enough to overcome all odds, no matter the size of the opponent so the presence of large warships often didn't have the intimidating effect it should have.

"Can weapons get a firing solution from here?" McFini asked, glancing down into the crew pit at one of the lead weapons engineers. At his present bearing, he had little doubt the guns could reach their targets but his gunners would need to lead their shots a fair margin, reducing the overall effectiveness of the Intimidator and its accompanying ships to little more than a lightshow: pretty but with a snowballs chance in hell of destroying the enemy ships over any allied ships that happened to stray into the firing lanes.

"We can," the engineer responded after a brief moments' pause, "But I'd only wager our odds at damaging their larger vessels."

"Order the ion cannons to open fire on the Golan station and try to disable it. Have the other ships do likewise though take care we don't hit Fourth's Magnates. It should be high enough in orbit that we should have sufficient time to clean up the rest of this mess and grab it with tugs before it goes barreling into Yag'Dhul like a rectangular comet." It wasn't the prettiest of plans, but McFini didn't want to charge into the mess of ships ahead of him, even if did mean he could bring the firepower of the Intimidator to more effective use. Getting that close to a world limited his options for maneuvering and would also allow any reinforcements that arrived into the system the ability to better position themselves while his ship was burning the majority of its thrust and power escaping the gravity well to meet the newly arrived foes.

Atop the Intimidator, numerous single-barreled ion cannon turrets turned to face the Golan station that was currently more focused on attacking easier targets. The numerous gunnery teams worked the firing solutions, plotted the trajectories and prepared for the signal to fire from the chief weapons officer in the bridge as they were to all fire as one giant salvo. The bow of the vessel was mostly still pointed towards the center of the system which meant the vast majority of the ion cannons would actually be able to fire. When the last gun was lined into position and the ready signal given, the order to fire was relayed and, at once, all the cannons on both the Intimidator and its escort ships fired in near perfect unison. Blue bolts of ionic energy flung through space towards the mess of fighting in the distance.

"Time to impact, sixty seconds."

Already, the ion cannons were preparing for another salvo as capacitors were recharged as quickly as possible. McFini watched as the slew of ion bolts disappeared into the mess of lights and tiny explosions against the backdrop of Yag'Dhul, all the snips little more than tiny specks, barely discernible against the grey surface of the world itself.

"Fourty-five seconds."

"Sir," Sunfell stepped up behind the Admiral with a datapad and offered it to him while summarizing the contents quickly. "Commander Rancor has reported that another signal has been sent out and the Dial Tone is reporting that, embedded within the signal is a string of outdated code words used by the Rebellion." McFini took the datapad and skimmed the contents though they both knew that the words themselves were meaningless without whatever decoding method was used to turn them into meaningful words. Of bigger concern was the underlying meaning behind it: "Whoever supplied those codes has been working at instigating this rebellion for a very long time."

"Thirty seconds. Salvo two away!"

"Has this been forwarded to Intelligence?" Seeing her nod, McFini handed the datapad back and turned back to look at the battle in the distance. "This either goes to show that security here has been rock solid enough that they weren't able to update their protocols and codes or whoever was working on this is a stubborn sort who would sooner eat his blaster than start changing things for no good reason." It was the best guess he could make at it as he mused to himself. Still, that sort of information could be useful since using such an outdated code may save the ISS agents time in deciphering any future signals.

"Ten seconds!"

Turning, the two officers walked back to a small holographic display of the area. The Golan station was inside a red set of targeting crosshairs, the detachment from Third Fleet some distance away. As the seconds dwindled to zero, the first of the ion bolts started to slam into the station, the sensor reading on its shields taking noticeable plunges until the bulk of the ion salvo slammed into the station, dropping its shields into the red, several areas already buckling under the strain of so much ionic energy slamming into it at once. Not all the bolts hit, though those that didn't would eventually lose its energy and simply dissipate somewhere in the ether or space. The next salvo would strip the shields from the station and probably cause a cascade effect and cause many sections of the station to lose power unless whoever was aboard was already taking pains to counter the ion battery fire, not that there was a whole lot that could be done. At best, they could try to jumper out particular panels and pieces of equipment, isolate them from the affected areas but there were only so many personnel to go around and with the shields so critical, their damage control teams may be more concerned with the hull breaches that wouldn't be far behind as the turbolasers from the ships closer to the station itself would be able to more effectively start taking the place down.

"Order the Lost In Translation to start conducting sensor sweeps for hyperspace signatures across this area," McFini began, sweeping a finger through a small section of space behind the rebel lines nearest to an entry vector that had once been used back during the campaign that the NIF used originally to take Yag'Dhul. "Coordinate with all the listening buoys outside the system. I want as much warning as possible to the arrival of their next wave of reinforcements. If anything is found, relay the expected arrival coordinates and time to the other ships and train weapons on that vector." It felt like a gamble, though McFini was fairly deliberate in his positioning, leaving it a more tempting approach vector, especially as it would force the newly arrived ships into a precarious situation: support the rebelling vessels or hit the Federation as it would put them right into the pocket of space where they could effective strike out at anything, shipyards, Yag Prime, Yag Secondary, even the Death Star Prototype if they felt so inclined.

However it would also leave them receiving the brunt of the attacks McFini could put out as he would then be able to drive at them and deliver full frontal assaults from the numerous guns while receiving very little retaliatory fire in return.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2015-12-28 20:07

Crystala had just finished getting her update from the other Inquisitor when Moira and her burgeoning telepathy came into her head. It sounded like the two girls were trying to help play detective and while Crystala's first inclination would have been to shoot them down, she remembered a brief conversation she had with Luciana not long ago and while the exact wording escaped her, the overarching theme was something about letting kids be able to try things on their own. I don't even remember how the subject steered itself in that direction, Crystala thought to herself as she walked past a street vendor trying to sell knock-off designer chronos with built-in supercomputers. The two were surprisingly independent, quick thinkers and, if she was being honest, reminded her of herself at that age: trying to find a place to belong and doing whatever it took.

A sudden premonition snapped Crystala out of her sentimental introspection and she wheeled around just in time to catch a knife that had been aimed for her back. Red flickered in her eyes and Crystala smirked at the surprised face that looked back at her in disbelief. "Hi there," she said in a sweet tone dripping with venom before she worked the arm and wrist holding the knife such that it fell and clattered to the ground. It was a human man, gruff looking as though he had been living on the station for some time given how his clothing seemed to blend in with everyone else's so well that it was easy to see why she hadn't caught on that she was being followed sooner. How careless of me, she thought as she raised up her left arm to deflect a sudden and very limber kick from someone she would have pegged as more of a grappler. Realizing that his element of surprise was the only thing he had going before the Force made him lose it, the man started to turn to run but Cyrstala wasn't going to have any of it as she lifted her arm and felt the Force flow through her hand which curled around an invisible object. In that same instant, the man started making choking sounds as he started clutching at some invisible object around his neck. Slowly pulling her arm back closer to her, the man was lifted and slowly floated back towards her, turning around so that he could face her now.

His face was one of fear and his thoughts were all over the place, the most prevalent one about how this was supposed to be an easy mark. "Who hired you?" Crystala demanded. He coughed and sputtered in response, unable to speak with his windpipe being forcibly collapsed. Releasing the telekinetic grip, he fell to the ground, gasping in deep breaths of air as she leaned forward just a little. "Again, who hired you?"

By now, a few bystanders who either wanted nothing to do with the riots or were drawn out by the muted commotion- and supernatural spectacle- were gathered about. Crystala didn't really see a purpose in hiding anymore, if there was a Jedi on the station, he probably would have picked up Moira's telepathy already. On the off chance he hadn't, Crystala felt fairly certain that the Jedi was the one who hired the thug if only to test her in some bizarre fashion. Why did Jedi always insist on stooping to mere observation before taking action? Whatever the case, the Jedi wasn't her concern so much as it was the diamond and finding it and if taking the thug down under the pretense of finding rebel dissidents would give the thief a false sense of security, than all the better for her. Unless it was the thief who hired him in the first place. A troubling thought, but Yag Secondary wasn't a very big station and with it under lockdown, it was only a matter of time.

"Dunno," the man finally managed between coughs, his strong gruff accent nearly butchering the Common language. "Some guy, I don't ask for names." His mental image that his memory evoked as he recalled the whole transaction in order to try to answer her question was all she needed to see though and it was hard for her to really draw any conclusions from it. Could have just as easily been NRI as it could be a plain clothed wearing Jedi or diamond thief. "Please, don kill me, I ain't worth it."

Crystala frowned. "You're right, you're not, but if I leave you to live, you'll probably just kill some other person." His eyes went wide but before he could start trying to beg for his life or spout drivel about how he would change and never kill another soul again, she fished out a hundred credits and tossed it at his feet. "You seem to know your way around here pretty well and I don't, so how about it." He looked at the credit piece and then back up at Crystala, eyes blinking several times.

"'Dis some sorta joke?" He glanced at the crowd that was starting to disperse by now, their lust for violence failing to be sated.

"No joke," Crystala replied, her smile sending a chill down his spine, "And if I get what I'm looking for, I'll give you another hundred." Seeing how cheap most things were on the station, two hundred credits would allow him to live fairly comfortably for some time. To her unspoken delight, he scooped up the credit piece and swiftly pocketed it, grinning as best he could in return.

"A'right then miss, you'se on. I know my way 'round dis station, I do. Whachalookinfer?"

"A place to lay low until the lockdown is lifted."

The man scratched his head, confused for a moment. "I don'think you'se needs ta worry 'bout layin' low. I think you can handle yerself if the Imps come knockin'."

Crystala folded her arms across her chest and let out a quick breath. "Am I going to have to ask for my credits back?" There was a pause and just before he could respond, she added, "Or am I going to have to take them?"

"Okay, okay, a place t' lay low. You got it. Follow ol' Remy then!" He quickly turned and started walking. Satisfied that no one else was paying anything more than a passing interest and weren't about to follow, and that Remy wasn't going to simply walk Crystala into a trap, she followed. It felt good to do old fashioned leg work again even if it was little more than hunting for a jewel thief. Looking at Remy a little more carefully, Crystala quickly assessed that, against most anyone else, the man could certainly handle himself in a fight and knew his way around a packed bar during punching hour. He also knew the streets of the station well, sticking to the smaller, less traveled ones and not just because of the riots and fighting breaking out sporadically all over.

"Dern Feds, always meddling in other peoples' affairs," Remy muttered as they walked past a small band of protesters who were outside a store that was under siege. The protesters held signs and were throwing squishy or liquidy foodstuffs, yelling for the people inside to return to Polneye- a world viewed by many as the capital of the Federation.

"So you target the people who try to make their own way?" Crystala retorted, glad to be around so many aliens if only because it made her blue hair not standout nearly as much as it normally did when she was surrounded by only other Humans.

"Me? I target whoever I get paid t' target." A pretty simple response, if failing to answer the underlying question Crystala was trying to ask, but no matter, a handful of rabblerousers weren't worth trying to disperse if it meant her target was more likely to get away. The pair continued to travel deeper and deeper into the station, away from the more developed parts and into areas that still had numerous construction signs and barriers erected. The number of people visibly present also dropped off considerably though Crystala could feel a couple piercing stares from behind screens and partially drawn shades. Remy slowed his pace a little and dropped his voice. "Kay, we're nearing one of my more favorite places." He glanced at her for a moment and looked as though he were going to say something but then decided not to.

"Spit it out," Crystala sighed, already having an inkling if his drifting eyes were indication of anything.

"Well, les jus' say dat someone of your, ah, qualities is going t' get a lot of atten'shin, if you know what I mean." He smiled sheepishly before walking towards a door that was barely hanging onto its sliders, above which hung an old neon sign that read "The Other Cantina". The door slowly righted itself and slid open as Remy approached and as Crystala passed below the sign to get a better look, she couldn't help but wonder how many places like this she would be visiting over the course of the day while, just beyond the walls out in space, brave soldiers and officers were busy battling it out.

Life finds a way.
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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Thrakis Gregory » 2016-01-04 09:06

The sounds of shouting reverberated through corridors that distorted all sense of distance and direction. Blaster fire punctuated the swelling sound, bringing caesura, but only for the moment. Rioting returned to the void, starting the cycle soon after. All of this Davin was able to tune out as background noise, irrelevant to the duty at hand, but try as he might, he could not tune out the heavy breathing from behind him. “Do you really need to do that?” he asked, emphasizing each word in his frustration, as he fired a glare over his shoulder at the black-armoured figure of his leader.

Thrakis inhaled once again, deep and unsteady, before responding. “Do you think this is easy for me?” He spat the words through gritted teeth, muscles tensed. Power such as his was a crashing and surging river, made to break through and overwhelm all that opposed it. Every strand of willpower he could muster was applied to the Herculean feat of holding back this overpowering tide of his passion, to leave not the softest echo nor the faintest footprint in the Force. He had learned the technique from Mai, and was actually quite proficient at it, but it had been a far easier task to calm the storm at his core when he had dropped into a coma on Sarapin. Now, fully conscious, he wanted nothing more than to reach out and seize hold of the power that he knew awaited him only a stray thought away. Impatience clawed at him, but he forced himself to maintain the calm state necessary for the Force suppression; he would need to wait only a little bit longer. “Time?”

“Twenty minutes, thirty seconds...now.” The words came from the metallic humanoid figure standing motionless to the side of the room.

Telling himself that it did no good to dwell on it, Davin tried once again to tune out Thrakis’s panting as he turned back to monitor his displays. He and Pariah had spent the last week setting up surveillance of Yag Second, slicing into private or public holocam systems where possible, and setting up their own systems wherever there hadn’t been an accessible system in place. Except for private residence sections (mostly) and high-security areas (with some exceptions), there wasn’t a corridor intersection or point of interest that wasn’t covered. Of course it wasn’t possible to monitor every detail happening at every location simultaneously; the whole point was to be able to track the Empire’s response to the situation, and keep tabs on individuals of interest as they were identified. Automated subroutines handled most of the work, but someone still had to read the subroutines’ reports and keep an eye out for any potential trouble that had been overlooked. The nine screens he had set up constantly flicked through the long series of inputs, and Davin searched for anything they had missed. The screen to his right, the one in the middle, ticked over and flashed, indicating an event of possible interest. By the time Davin’s gaze had focused on the display, the automated subroutines were already assembling a report, which scrolled across the bottom of the display.

Event: attempted assassination. Location: level 34, plaza. Subject identified: Director-General Crystala Endivain. Event significance: moderate.

“Moderate significance my ass,” Davin muttered sarcastically to himself as he entered commands to designate Crystala as a person of significance that the subroutines should track. “It looks like your beloved intel Director has come to oversee this operation personally,” he announced, not bothering to look back at Thrakis.

“Has she now?” Thrakis’s voice was thoughtful, and Davin was sure he heard a note of fondness in it. “The Dark Side works in such mysterious ways. She will surely locate me before our work here is done.” Thrakis took a deep breath and redoubled his efforts to restrain his emotions and conceal his presence. Crystala’s nearness made this doubly difficult, and doubly important; a lesser Force-user might not notice if his concentration slipped for a moment, but Crystala was well-trained, highly perceptive—and most importantly—familiar with Thrakis. Even in the boiling emotional cauldron of a station gripped by fear and anger, she would know his presence the moment he revealed himself. The inevitability of this reunion only served to enhance his impatience; he longed to see her again, but he knew also that to reveal himself too soon would be to put his plans here in the Yag’Dhul system in jeopardy. He took another deep breath and found yet another length of willpower within himself to apply against his eagerness. That they would meet today was not in doubt, but it must happen on his own terms, at the time and place of his choosing.

What Thrakis was looking forward to was exactly what Davin was most worried about. He was not eager to run into one of the most powerful Dark Jedi in the galaxy. He had no idea how they all matched up against each other, but he knew that the entire Imperial intelligence branch was terrified of the Director-General, and that Thrakis spoke highly of her abilities, and so it was a safe bet that she was capable of at least matching Thrakis: this did not bode well. Even with Thrakis’s apparent confidence, Davin was left with some significant concerns that she could derail the whole plot today, and even potentially defeat his Sith ally. And if she did, what then?

He took a breath and steeled himself. What would happen would happen; it was not productive to concern himself with possibilities such as this. His energy was far better spent on taking care of the present to guide it toward Thrakis’s designs. The worry remained, but he returned his attention to the screens in front of him, watching for any other events of significance.

While Davin monitored the situation on Yag Secondary, Pariah concerned himself with situations further afield. Despite his statuesque pose standing aside from Lord Gregory, Pariah was a buzzing hive of activity. Encrypted communications routed through hundreds of remote relays, extending his senses across the star system. He watched closely as the Imperial forces attempted to bring order to the system, battling dissidents and insurrectionists alike. His background processes monitored their communications, anticipating their next actions, and when necessary, kicked this information up to higher-order processing for integration into the ever-evolving master plan. All of this was secondary to the function that required the majority of his awareness, a task as delicate and unforgiving as it was difficult, but he had a few advantages to work with. The Blasphemy, Thrakis’s (formerly Mai Hasagaiwa’s) Sith Scourge was one of the hardest ships in the galaxy to detect, and so long as he was careful, he was able to maneuver it around the system with minimal danger of detection. This allowed for much more tightly controlled access to the individual components of the system-wide defense network, enabling him to compromise specific devices without needing to break through the whole network’s slicing defenses. The slicing process was tedious and repetitive, but required constant attention to detail. Pariah was confident that no organic could accomplish this project; their attention spans were too short. He had been working continuously for eleven days, fourteen hours, eight minutes, and three seconds. Only another twenty minutes would be required before the work was done.

But as the situation within the Yag’Dhul system unfolded, Pariah developed another concern. He needed the rebel and dissident forces to occupy the Federation navy’s attention, which they were successful at accomplishing for the moment, but their tactical acumen left something to be desired. In short: they were expending their forces far too quickly for little actual gain. If a droid could sigh, Pariah would have done so just then. Instead, he put his (...frustration? Yes, that was the correct word. He filed this emotion for further study in the future.) to better use. A string of orders propagated outward, across the rebels’ carrier signal, indicating more optimal defensive positions and maneuvers. Whether the orders would be heeded was anybody’s guess. The rebels were bloodthirsty to a fault, and engaged in combat as they already were, there was little to do but guess at how many would act appropriately. Such was life (so to speak) when dealing with irrational organics. At least Thrakis had the capability to follow through when he committed himself to some nonsensical pursuit.

All of this was not to say that Pariah was lacking in options. Observer he might be, but helpless to change the outcome he was not. The critical issue was that most of his options carried the risk of revealing the extent of his sabotage against the system defenses. He carefully weighed the probabilities against the current tactical situation, and determined that further action at this time would not be necessary. The time he needed was very nearly elapsed, and if the rebels were able to buy even a few more minutes, he could enact his contingency plans with far less time for the Federation to respond coherently, even if they realized the danger.

While Pariah sliced and Davin monitored, Thrakis brooded. Would Crystala be pleased to see him? Angry? He could not blame her if she was; especially if she put together the pieces of his plan here. Taken as an isolated incident, there was no way for her to know his true ultimate objective, one she would no doubt agree with if she chafed under Kane’s rule as much as his sources suggested. But there was no way for him to reveal this to her, to make her understand; to inform her would be to endanger Ace’s chance at a sneak attack against the usurper. Not that he suspected she would reveal that information to Kane willingly, of course, but her role within the Empire required her to work close to him at times, and there were innumerable ways the false emperor could begin to suspect something amiss.

His gaze wandered to the table at his side, to the multifaceted diamond that gleamed in defiance of the shadowed half-light of Thrakis’s safehouse. He understood why so many were willing to pay exorbitant sums in credits or blood for such an object, but he knew them to be fools. It was valuable, no doubt, and useful, to be sure, but in the end, possession of some bauble was not the mark of power. It was the mark of one who placed his faith in things, or in money. It was easy to deprive the wealthy of their sums of credits, and the covetous of their objects of desire—was not his mere possession of the Tesseract Diamond proof of this? Wealth and possessions could be gained and lost with ease, but true power could not be taken away so readily. Ultimately, despite its beauty, Thrakis found he cared little for the diamond. It was his for the moment, to prove to the narrow-minded coward who represented the Givin dissidents that he was every bit as good as he said he was. And perhaps it would fetch a few credits, but this was only a bonus. For someone as powerful as Thrakis, there were many ways to acquire credits if he felt the need.

Feeds from all over Yag Secondary continued to demand Davin’s attention, and he was sure that he missed far more than he noticed. Another screen, this one on his lower left flashed at him, this one triggered by proximity to their current location rather than an event like the one that allowed him to identify Crystala. “We have visitors,” he announced, watching the feed. A Givin, dressed in only the latest of galactic fashion, escorted by a well-kitted retinue of bodyguards and adjuncts, had just turned down the back corridor to Thrakis’s safehouse. He waited as the system identified the Givin’s facial features. “Positive match. It’s our broker.” It was a rare thing to be able to demand that the shadow economy come to you, but it seemed that Thrakis had accomplished that feat with the theft of the diamond. “He’s got a bit of muscle with him. I think he might be suspicious of you.” He chuckled to himself at his own joke. What could possibly be suspicious of a thief who shows up out of nowhere and steals a precious gemstone just as the whole system descends into chaos?

Something on another monitor caught his eye and stopped his laugh before he could finish that thought: a familiar face. It was only a still image, and hers was only one face in a crowd, but the mind had a funny way of recognizing something it knew well, even in a sea of noise. “Moira…” he whispered under his breath. What was she doing here? He hadn’t seen her since they parted ways, both having been freed from the Directive’s brainwashing by Thrakis. Davin had been so busy since then that he’d barely had time to wonder about her, but now he was curious. What had she been keeping herself up to since then? And who was she working for now?

“You should be able to handle the goon squad if they take up aggressive negotiations, right?” he asked hastily, as he began collecting his things. “There’s, uh, situation I saw that requires a personal touch. I’ll get back here when I can.”

Thrakis raised an eyebrow: an invisible gesture beneath his matte-black mask. He was curious about what had put Davin in such a hurry suddenly, but he didn’t see the need to pry. “Do as you will. Do you require assistance?” Thrakis was not offering to accompany Davin personally, of course; he had a black market broker to deal with, but there were plenty of other options.

Davin checked his datapad, where he had a live feed tracking Moira’s movements through the station. Taking a closer look, he saw Mikka following along, as well as five men, mercenary-looking types. He wasn’t concerned about them; if things got heated, it was Moira and Mikka who would be the greatest threats. Never underestimate an Echani. No, his best bet was to make sure things didn’t get violent, and fortunately he was pretty good at talking his way out of things. “No need. I’ll be careful, mum.”

He keyed open the door, welcomed the broker and his retinue as they entered the safehouse, and slipped out behind them. Glancing at his ‘pad again, he pulled up a mapping routine and overlaid a constantly updating intercept route to Moira’s position on his smartshade display. With any luck at all, he’d just have to follow the dotted yellow line straight to her.

He did not have any luck. Of course there was a security checkpoint in between them. He checked all the possibilities, but there was no getting around it, and he sure as Chaos wasn’t going to try to shoot his way through it. He was good, but not that good. He shrugged, and then walked up to the checkpoint, putting on his best tired-of-this-drek expression.

“Halt there. Identification, please.”

The stormtrooper held out his hand, and Davin tossed him a forged ident-card. “Can we hurry this up? I’ve got a lead on my mark, but he ain’t going to sit around all day.”

“Bounty hunter?” the trooper asked.

“The credentials are on the card, aren’t they?” Of course, at the moment he spoke, there was no bounty hunter’s license on the ident-card, but Pariah was listening in, and so by the time Davin had finished his sentence and the trooper looked down at the card in his hand to double-check, the license was clearly printed. There were advantages to having a blazing-fast AI looking out for you.

“I’ll have to clear it with my superior,” the trooper informed him.

Davin waited while the trooper pulled back into the checkpoint. He waited while the trooper consulted with another trooper. He waited while they both took their time coming back his way.

“Good afternoon, Mr,” the trooper—a sergeant by his insignia—looked down at Davin’s ident-card, “Antilles. I see here you’re a bounty hunter, and I hear you’re tracking a bounty on this station. Who are you after?”

“Well, I usually don’t like to say; don’t want any competition overhearing…” Davin drawled out, playing for time as he thought up a believable story. “Don’t see anybody else around, though, and I guess you boys in white aren’t going to let it slip. Guy’s name is Daneen Vatrik, wanted for inciting insurrection back at Bilbringi, and I guess he ran here after he slipped out of there. I’ve got the bounty posting here,” he held up his datapad.

The sergeant took the offered ‘pad and gave it a glance. “Looks like a grade-A bantha lover,” he announced, reading the bounty posting that Pariah had composed within the last three seconds. “You didn’t mention that he blasted his way out when they tried to arrest him. Five counts of murder on top of the insurrection charge. If I wasn’t short-staffed here already, I’d send a squad to help you bring this guy in. Good luck out there. Hope you can bring this guy back to the Emperor’s justice.”

Davin thanked the sergeant and walked through the checkpoint, grateful once again to have an AI looking out for him. From there it was as easy a walk as it should have been in the first place. Past the seedy cantina, down the corridor with the burnt-out glow panels (he drew his scattergun and kept it at low ready; a few thugs hanging around watched him go past, but decided against messing with someone well-armed), take a right at the caf joint, and…

“Well, of all the people to run into in a place like this!” he announced, emerging from a side passage just as Moira and her followers were approaching. He grinned, one hand on his hip, and eyed her up. “If it isn’t little Moira. How ya doing, kid?”

“Whoa, easy there,” he gestured with his empty hands to express his peaceful intent as Moira reached for a sword and her guards levelled their blasters. “I’m here to help you today. This place is about to get pretty crazy, but I can make sure you get where you want to go.”

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

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All Around Moira, the bodyguards seemed a little tense, as she viewed the man with an arched eyebrow. Her mind racing to connect the name and the face and coming up with one plus one equals 'By the Force, what the hell was this guy doing here!'
Beside her, she could practically hear the creaking of the gears in Thellis' head turning as her eyes widened in recognition and a cheshire grin flashed across her face. "Wellll." she drew out the last syllable, tapping one finger on the side of her chin. "If it's isn't Davin Gavin, or is that Dearly Loved Schlub, No Wait, I know. It's the crusty but sometimes okay to have around Old Guy who's been a Stranger these past months!"
“Oi! Don’t get fresh you pale blonde bimb-“ Davin sputtered.
"Mikka!" the echani warned.
"Okay, okay... Fine. " the other girl smiled and began twirling a blonde frond of her hair around her fingers. "Hello there, Davin. My it has been a long time. I hope you're not involved in any nefarious business these days. More so hoping that you didn't backslide into Bad Company. I would so hate to have to spill your guts on the ground here."

Moira shook her head, and as Mikka inhaled once more to continue, promptly slammed her hand over the blonde's mouth holding it shut. She then turned to Davin and gave him a rather appraising look, stretching her senses as best she could. "While I would say it is surprising to see you here, I would also say it is highly suspicious." The white haired girl sighed and gestured in his direction, "Last I saw you, you were heading off with someone else as you felt returning to the Federation territory might get you ... how does the saying go? ‘about to be Lynched."
The man held up his hands a bit and genuflected by showing up his ident-card, "Nah, You got it all wrong. I'm fine now. Got a new approved Identity and all, See?"

Moira arched an eyebrow, "I guess we can check the validity of it. Isn't that right, Thell-" She pulled her hand away from the other girl’s mouth with discuss, feeling a bit of wetness on her palm that wasn't there before. "Ewww, Did you just lick my hand?"

Her friend, and sister of sorts, snorted once at that as the blonde’s grin grew even wider. "Oh Moiri Bruri, I never would do anything like that. Why would you ever doubt my word for it. But business before fun so first..." The blonde’s hand darted forwards to snag the ident-card out of the man's hand. "Let's see if this is real or not."
Moira noted the telltale sense of wrongness her friend had as she utilized her cybernetics to link up and scan the ident-chip in the card before letting out a huff and dismissively tossing it back in the man's direction. "Total Forgery. A good one, but still a forgery. You mixed up some of the base encoding by having it a Correllian Issue but the identity strings routed in Coruscanti code forms. Probably Droid made. That’s a common fallacy there.”

Moira sighed, and face palmed before looking at Davin warily. "Okay, well that answers one of my questions. So what are you really here for? You in some trouble or something? Or are you bringing Trouble to us with you?"

“I'm not really in the business of causing trouble...I just try to stay on the right side when it happens." The man said with a disarming smile.
Moira looked him in the eye, "I presume you know what the 'right' side is... and didn't go back to some place you shouldn't. I mean last time you went off with that guy right? I presumed you went the straight and narrow, earned your pardon like us and was joining up with the Feddies? But your dressing habits scream more third party."

"I’m on whatever side doesn't get me dead."

"Not our former employers I hope?" Mikka said as the echani noticed a flash of fear in her friend’s eyes. Being recaptured by them would break the other girl, and too much progress and effort had been made to waste that. Moira would definitely kill to keep the past to stay in the past.

"Nah, Frack 'em. Those guys are definitely not on my list."

"So what is your purpose to be here besides, 'halping?" she said using her fingers to make air quotes. "I don't imagine you could do much to help where we're going." The echani hybrid didn't think the man had gone back to her former employers, but one could never be too careful. The thought that she should just blow him off crossed her mind.
"Well, where are you going?"

"Good question, Mikka. Do you want to tell our friend where we're going?"
"We're going to get Aunt Lucy a new Life Day Present."
"Mikka!" her voice held a bit of a warning.

"Oh fine, kriffing be that way." the blonde said as her proverbial sails deflated. "One Ang'geh'lahc Annulis is hosting a wonderful gala during these times of strife with a discount in a region of the station known as Chaos' Tangent in a little club called "Hell's Kitchen.' The backrooms lead into the party suites next to the privately owned docks on the level, which he owns all of them and has massive stores of ships docked there as well as practically anything on a girl's shopping list.”

"Including Ships?" Moira asked.

"Oh yes, anything ranging from Mining vessels to a huge bazaar of goods that he and his father, who is more of a geriatrically advanced Givin host together. The Son being close to forty standard years old, and the father nearing sixty. Word is the Father, Penitent Tangent Annulis, is his real name was a real go getter back during the forming Empire.”

“I thought he was pre-empire?”

"More like back towards the clonewars era. He has a full Wavecrest parked outside his docks that is kept active and armed due to being part of the Givin, 'Reserve' fleet of ships." Mikka interjected. "They practically bankrolled the lower levels of construction for this station themselves. Not to mention they have a ... checkered history of sorts."

"Oh?" Davin said with a wan grin, "What checkered past is worse than those types we already know?"

"The Father and son are rumored to work in the Invisible Market on levels of credit interactions where planets and fleets of ships are traded." Mikka deadpanned,flicking her hands up towards the air. "One has to be able to purchase at least a few capitals to even get invited to his little parties. Worse, the man has a vested interest in Gems and brokering them. Word is his private collection has eight Rainbow Gems at their club’s art gallery, and he has a certified Muun Assessor friend from the InterGalactic Banking Clan , with degrees in assessing precious metals and gems, who gets first dibs on appraising anything he finds or chooses to put on the Black or Invisible Market.”

Moira interjected here with a large smile. "Yeah, and that same friend as Mikka was telling me before you interrupted us, just arrived on station. Mikka got some security footage of the man's arrival she's been bustling to tell me about but I haven't gotten a chance to review it."

The blonde was practically bouncing on her feet at the diplomat’s mention, "Well, aside from this turning out to be an enthusiastic walk of sorts, I was more concerned with who arrived on the Appraiser's shuttle as the Muun has diplomatic Immunity. As the gang plank was lowered two or three streaks of light that was hard to see just went voooooommm to disembark the ship. I only got a peek from a still frame before hand at what they carried, that I don't think the main servers of the camera's got before they fritzed out?"

Moira watched Davin as the man seemed to pale and cough a bit. "Oh, are these two people Givin?"
"Yep." Moira said with a beaming smile. She was still suspicious of him but enjoyed the fact he was a little off put by the information. "My plan is to march down into Chaos' Kitchen and invite myself to any auction they're having."

”The club was named Hell’s Kitchen.” Thellis chimed in.
"Oh, Okay." the man coughed again, "What sort of reputation these guys have?"

"The Deadliest." Mikka noted. "The old man , according to Empire records employed a bunch of oddities from time to time. But the Son is no slouch as well. His two main bodyguards are known to carry Lightbows."

"Lightbows?" Davin said with a cough. "Don't they have a reputation for only being used by...?

"Nighsisters. A type of Dathomiri Witch" Moira said with a anticipatory smile. "I'm hoping by the end of this walk I might walk home with one."
"I see.." Davin said with another cough. "So does the older one usually do the Deals for gems in person?"

"As the reputation goes." Mikka chimed in, "Yes. But he won't put something on market till it's appraised and if we're right the Appraiser will be heading towards Hell's Kitchen like usual. Either to be at a sale directly, or to monitor it from afar via a subspace, point to point comline."

"Or at least that's what we hope, " Moira interjected. "But I wouldn't mess with the old man, nor his guards either. Word is a few Thyferrans went his way after the old Sun Guard Disbanded."
Mikka pinched her brows as she pondered aloud. "They might be grizzled grey and old enough for me not to want to mess with, but since we both know from a certain 'Inquisitorial Support Group's' past many of those went into the Shadow Guard till they could escape.”

"What about the punks?"

It was Moira who answered this time, "If they're under twenty, probably nothing to worry about. But then again, I know you and I both have been on kill teams for going after people with 'certain talents'; even if we don't necessarily have such talents ourselves."
'At least none that I would share with you I got as a royal guard trainee,' Moira thought to herself.' But it's still only a few months progress since that began.'

“Anyways, You sure you're ready to go on a walk with us?"
There was a coughing sound behind them, from one of the mercenaries of S.I.N. "Uh ma'am. Are you really marching into a black market, or rather an Invisible Market sale and expect to just get 'invited' to an auction?"

"Of course not, that won't come till after we buy Aunt Lucy's Life Day gift, Silly." Thellis said in a chastising tone before shaking a finger at them. "Weren't you listening?"

"I see... and what type of gift are we shopping for, Ladies?"

Moira looked at Mikka and shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe we'll just see something."
“Don’t be such a stodgy buyer!”The blonde haired girl shook her head emphatically, "I got a perfect Idea after I found a slight list on what's on offer tonight. I'm hoping we can go buy her a new ship."

"I presume we'll have to contact the secretary for more men to secure this 'ship." Moira said, making air quotes again as the blonde nodded emphatically. The mercenary of S.I.N gulped, "What type of ship is that?
The cheshire grin grew to the largest size Moira had seen yet, as the bubbly blonde jumped up and down. "Why?!?! Another CC-9600 of course! We need to make a good impression for an Icebreaker!'
Davin held up his hands and gestured wildly, Visibly nervous as his hand almost reached to his communicator but he stopped himself long enough to ask, "Okay, but what was so special about what you saw on the streaks of lights' belts?'
Mikka's laughter seemed a little off putting to Moira. "Why a lightsaber or two of course. Which is really strange as those streaks of light got off a shuttle with diplomatic immunity!"

The mercenaries cleared their throats a bit, hemmed and hawwed and shifted around a bit as Moira waived to shush their stirring, "Don't worry, we're not going to confront anyone. This is just us taking a walk about.'

The main lieutenant of S.I.N nodded as the others looked a little taken aback, "Uhm, so potential nightsisters, whatever they are you called witches or something, some potential former sun guard, and some other unknowns with lightsabers. Pardon me, Miss. Doesn't this situation fall under terms where Luciana Endivain and her sister meant for you two not to take enthusiastic walks?''
Moira was taken aback for a moment and paused, reflecting upon the man’s words to herself as Mikka's smile widened, "Oh don't worry about it, we're not going to be confronting anyone! It's strictly recon, what could possibly go wrong?"

Davin nodded then thoughtfully excused himself for a moment and wandered into the alley where Moira could hear him muttering before he came back and apologized for the short break. "I know a way down to Chaos' Tangent with two less checkpoints if you want to follow me."

Moira smiled at him, but stated something for the record, "Okay, but fair warning to you. If you are setting us up for betrayal, I'm going to shoot you dead. Just so we're clear."

"Crystal." the man deadpanned, before the group turned to make their way through the next checkpoint. The guards served to check their ideas in a swift manner, noting Moira’s bounty lisence number with a bit of a shaken head and a comment to, ‘thinking one wasn’t going to have competition seems like he sorta jumped the gun a little on that remark.’

'Antilles' lead the way after they both received a ‘good hunting’; which seemed a little odd to the girl. But she dismissed it as the walk continued, the marching steps of the mercenaries behind her created a tempo as the dull drab walls of the place passed by. Soon enough enough after taking three lifts and another two checkpoint lines they were passing a clear divider of the station's boundaries. They could tell that by the armored men wandering the streets in heavy armor. "Are we near an Imperial stronghold on this station with all the riots?' A mercenary asked as Moira recognized the squads of men in old Clone Blaze Trooper armor and AV-1c combat armor. marching around. The populace of the area seemed at ease, shops were open on the streets and it seemed no one was stepping a toe out of line.
Mikka’s smile grew a little wider at all the help she was giving today, "No those are the usual squads the two Givin have in their stronghold here. They're mainly camping on the third largest mercenary army in the system and don't like others messing with their business. The imperial looking ones are old clone wars era stuff, that has a lot of 'burn burn' ; 'fwoom, fwoom' Bshhhhhhrrrr' weapons with lots of Fire and Burning to them. So don't get close if they’re aiming at you."

"I see." the mercenary of S.I.N. said, "I'm feeling vastly outgunned here.”

"Don't worry, they sell those suits sometimes too. Maybe we'll pick each of you up one." the blonde finished as Davin lead them around a corner. In the distance, in bright neon lights there was a sign spelling out "Hell's Kitchen" with rather glamorous music playing from inside as on a porch people, Givins in dresses seemed to party, and laugh as they drank spirits and wine.

"That's quite the party going on there." Breuner, the S.I.N Lieutenant stated.
Moira sighed and launched into an explanation, noting once again how green the group of mercs was. She would have to watch out for them."It's war around them, and with the guards, those who can pay for the protection would rather party and forget what's going on. Besides, it's a perfect time for a sale as well with some people desperate to get off station. I wouldn't be half surprised if many of the weapons the Givin Rebels were using were shuttled through the Tangent's Hangars on this station. They're pretty much the hutt crime lords of the Yag'Dhul system. Just no one has ever pinned 'em down on anything. after all they are 'legitimate' businessmen. Anything you buy will have a valid, perfectly government worry loophole to pass ownership too."

Moira reassuringly patted the man on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you guys.”
“Isn’t it usually supposed to be the other way around?” one of the greenhorn’s muttered before the others shushed him.
She snorted in amusement, and hooked her arm into Mikka's. "So, why don't we head inside? This girl's got a bit of shopping to do!"

A guard greeted them at the door, and looked at them all. "What are you here for?"
"Shopping." the Echani smiled, "Some of our corporation's assets are in system for a limited time and we heard their was a bit of a business opportunity. Mainly I'm hoping to look for Mining Equipment, and other assorted things in your company's public and private stocks." she said, making sure to mention the private stocks.
"Presently I'm shopping for Silver. Infinity. Network. They're doing a guard duty for one of the companies on station. You should have them on record."
After punching a few keys on a dataslate the man came up with the public holopage for Silver. Infinity. Network. "Mercenary group , huh? What's your line of credit?"

"Precious metals, Untraceable and needing to see whether the head man can arrange a line of credit with promise of future business if this transaction goes unimpeded."

"How much of a line needed and for what type of transactions?" the doorman asked.

"Capital Ship buying line of credit."

The man raised an eyebrow, then spoke into a comunit at his shoulder, filling the person on the other end of the line on the details. "Entrance fee's a million if you're not blowing smoke. Any attempt of blackmail or turning over any matters of private transactions to any legal or otherwise third parties is liable to have a bounty placed on your head. Be warned, we don't like those who waste our time."

"I prefer to negotiate that for a percentage upon the offered credit transfer once the good's are shown. I only will deal with the Givin called Pythagryon or Dividends for the amount of money for this transaction, and he better be forthright with any goods purchased from the market. Our group has a reputation for having to pull out early from systems due to developing situations and hot zones elsewhere so I expect there may be a fee for cutting through some red tape of sorts. My time is valuable and so is his so I prefer the direct approach. If an appraiser is there then I would like to request their presence as well."

The man glared and spoke in the comunit again before getting a reply, "Through the doors. Left's the Bar, and nightclub. Only go in the first floor if you are getting a drink; as for your meeting; The boss says it better be profitable or he's going to have your head. Third floor of the nightclub. Private room on the right!" Three large men in AV-Combat Suits marched up to them. "They'll be escorting you there."

As they headed inside and up the club's steps to the third floor, Moira looked around after tapping a short code on Mikka's arm to ask her to begin scanning her data on the mark. She was unfortunately, stuck with the mark I eyeball and Mikka was faster. Not that it was necessary as a Muun seemed to be lounging on a large comfortable chair set up near a holostation that possessed three circular couches around it in a tri- pattern. On the other couch was a very stern looking Givin who was giving her a glare as his henchmen stopped her guards and Davin. She continued nonchalantly to pull Mikka forwards towards the couch and gave a slight bow as Mikka took a cue to Curtsy.

Her eyes made out on the walls the leaning figures of three lithe females. Two heavily tattooed women with purple blotches near their temples and gazing at her curiously. She paid it no mind, merely gave them a nod also which seemed to amuse them. On the opposite side of them stood another female figure, donned in strange dullish red and yellow set of armor with a cowl looking like a hummingbird covering her face. Enshrouded below a brown hood of her robes. Moira had never seen such armor before, and her eyebrows quirked at their presence. But soon enough she focused her attention back on the Givin in front of her.

"I am not accustomed to those ugly weak fleshlings that wouldn't last a minute in vacuum coming to my place and demanding to see me. However, you seem to have come at a time when I needed a distraction to catch my attention. Let's make it worth my while. You said you were here for a line of credit."

"And a list of goods. Direct sale through you with a witness on the agreement. Normally signed in triplicates to make it legal with a potential guaranteed offer of future business. Is your appraiser here?"

The Givin gestured to the Muun who stopped sipping some tea, "My associates just stepped out a moment, but I am the appraiser. I work for the Intergalactic Banking Clan in their Precious Metals and Acquisition Department?"

"Do you mind." Moira gestured to Thellis, "If my Associate checks that with a list of identifications we have on for the IGBC, or can you provide one? I wouldn't mind if this was a direct sale if your own line of credit is large enough. However, out of courtesy it may need to be through your friend here if it's not enough."[/color]

"I am sure it would be. I have a line of credit for almost nine hundred million credits. I came here for an acquistion opportunity of note after Mr. Annulis' Father contacted me to come. Quite exciting times here I'm afraid."

"If that's not enough," the Givin barked. "I'm sure you want to sell me a nice house on Alderaan's lakeshore property!"

Moira smiled congenially at the man, "Well apparently Sir. I am trying to sell you a bunch of lakeshore property on Alderaan.[/color]

The Givin stopped cold, and looked at the girl once. She could sense cold fury at being interrupted. "What are we talking about, Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium?"
"No, Something far beyond the 'Big Four."
"Something Like Rhodium? That's marginally worthwhile but not in the amount of stocks you're implying."

It was the Muun, who leaned forwards and spoke, "No Annulis, I'm sorry my friend. But that's not technically true unless you find an asteroid made out of it. To be fair, rhodium is far too rare and valuable (worth slightly more than platinum) to be the principle element in any piece of jewelry. However, it is quite durable and uncannily shiny – which makes it an excellent coating material. Quality white-gold jewelry is often rhodium plated to increase its durability and luster. Sterling silver is also rhodium plated to increase its resistance to tarnish. Additionally, rhodium is also an important part of catalytic converters -similar to palladium's use. Because rhodium is so rare, it has a high recycling rate – the bulk of which comes from old catalytic converters.

I might say it would be Iridium. Osmium narrowly beats iridium for the title of densest metal. However, iridium takes the crown for the most corrosion resistant metal. Although there are ways to break it down (as a matter of fact, iridium is extremely brittle), it is totally resistant to all kinds of acid. Any industrial application that needs heavy-duty corrosion resistance will use a little bit of iridium alloy. Famously, iridium is used to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs. While rare on most planetary bodies, iridium is found in abundance in asteroids. However, because it's in asteroids the risks associated with mining never guarantee a steady supply to the immense manufacturies who use it as a composite in many of the superalloys and metals we use in ship design."

"I see my friend Thalmar, it is your specialty. But a line of credit is usually for goods deliverable. I'm not seeing how this is working here if it would need quantities of an entire Star Hauler's cargo hold to approach a billion credits. Perhaps you wish to deal in Electrum? I must say I don't like my time wasted as we are waiting for an important call."

"Not at the moment, but we may have a source for that later. However, I can assure you I will be discrete and whatever call you have to take you should feel free to do so. But I must know one thing for this deal to go down." She looked towards the Muun and directed her next question to him. "Do you have an assay here? or anything to analyze metals or stones with?"

Without waiting to be asked, her posture saying she was a person in control here, she gently pressured Mikka to walk with her to the sofa and sit down, crossing her right leg over the left as the blonde girl followed suit. The blonde was wearing one of her rather strange dresses with ruffles as she seemed to like and primly duplicated Moira's posture. The echani tapped the signal for one and A on her friend's wrist, knowing the girl had brought a smaller bag as was asked. The blonde astutely, if uncomfortably, patted her dress down as if settling the ruffles as the seals of her friend's undersuit hissed enough for a deft hand to snag where the bag of conjured materials was resting to pass it to Moira.

"I have the necessary tools and means here to assess any precious metal known via my droid helper in the other room or via various machines here, Young Lady."

As the blonde laid back and pretended to stare at the ceiling a bit in disinterest. Moira sent her a quiet 'thank you' as the necessary item was in hand behind her back as she slipped it under the overcloak into one of the pouch webbings resting at the small of her back.

"Good, because I am proposing a direct sale agreement with three partners. You, representing the IGBC, the good Givin man here, as the current local credit broker receiving a commissioned percentage, and me. With credits on promise to him from the IGBC for reimbursement of any materials bought here today after an appropriate sum of credits is transferred to an account for an agreed upon sum as well as potential future business with both of you for goods."

The Givin snarled a moment. "I don't like a farce, I warned you not to waste my ti-"

With a smooth motion she tossed a single ingot to rest upon the table, it was of large size. "Gentlemen. Aurodium is on the table here from a guaranteed source that when in the future may be mined and processed will serve to make both of you very rich men as secondary proxies if you don't screw it up with me here and now."

The Muun flinched and the Givin seemed to be taken aback before glancing at the other sentient. "You said S.I.N had a possible ... not mined out source?"

"I only stated the fact of future gains if you both play it straight with me here." She glared hard at the Givin man. Noting the crime lord was looking at her differently, "I said I wasn't wasting your time. Are you certain you wish to continue acting in a manner that wastes mine?"

That much was true. As a Conjurer she had figured out when the Federation had her start making Stygium for her as a means to pay off her training that it would be easy to simply make Permanent Constructions. Constructions that were valuable in and of themselves. Stygium was one way she was 'paying' for her training, but there were other valuable things that could be made.

"How much are you hoping to exchange here? And why come to me?"

"Three Billion Credits worth for Twelve large Ingots. The last time ten ingots went on the market they sold for 3 billion so the extra two ingots are pure profit, in your pockets as a commission. Roughly three hundred million credits for not making any foolish moves over here in our business arrangements." She turned to the Muun. "Please check the quality as some ingots may differ slightly between 93 and 95% at our last assessment due to trouble for smelting the first batch. But as Aurodium Ingots are between those varieties of differentiation it shouldn't offset the prices."

She turned to the Givin and studied them, "You know very well why the head of S.I.N. would rather deal with another source then Red Jack for such a string of acquisitions. You can fill in the dots."

The Givin smiled and nodded his head, "She doesn't want to owe him too much. It fits! So you sought out someone with our reputation. The deal she has with that security firm must merely be a smokescreen for approaching our business. Can you check it's purity?"

"Since it seems this meeting has started off to a profitable end. I believe now is the time to say hello." Moira gave the man a nod and spouted off a binomial tangent of some obscurity. Her foresight of choice was greeted with a harder one of turn and after a bit of mental math and mikka tapping an answer on her wrist she puzzled out the right answer to give back her own greeting.

The Muun put down his whirring eyepiece and dismissed a hovering droid after it spouted an answer to him"It's pure enough. The three billion credits is an adequate amount. We're likely to have the IGBC auction it for more at least a 25% markup if the other ingots are like that."

"Do you have a standard contract for the transfer , Representative Thalmar?"

"The droid has already prepared one, it merely needs authorization and confirmation of the purity for the next ones."

"Transference of half now would be appreciated before the rest of the goods are handed over, but you may have your droid scan them." Moira spouted off an account number outside of the IGBC line as she held up the bag again. The droid approached and bleeted out a response. "My associate will assess whether the payment has gone through."

'Thalmar looked at the Givin and nodded once , "I believe the full price transfered is acceptable." Obviously, the man was assured by the droid's whistles and beeps before the Givin signed the contract.""What more is possible for me to be told about the source? Is there more? How much creditation are we talking here for future business?"

'Oh no you don't. Moira thought to herself. She would be damned if she was to encourage the cutthroat behavior that may place Luciana or S.I.N. in danger.

"I don't know the details myself, unfortunately. They're double blind on ALL levels so no risks in the chain. Not even messing with the company leaders singly would warrant enough details. So as to ensure taking hostages was useless. We aim to keep this a straight deal , though your droid may forward your contact information to my associate." she said gesturing to Mikka."The source has enough for a few more batches , startup capital if you would for a small business to approach a middling size as even moderate businesses have holding in the billions, to one -point - oh trillion credits."

The Givin Shrugged."Of course, my own net worth is close to thirteen Trillions of credits, that's not including many of my Father's personal ongoing ventures. Most of that is tied up in solid assets. In slush money even I would have a hard time orchestrating a trillion if I needed to but I tend to go over that with a reserve available. I can appreciate a good businessman, or in this case good businesswomen as they break the ceiling to going into lower- mid sized company. Higher mid sized companies can have billions of credits in just a single system. I am sure I will not be disappointed in the future. But I may direct you to one of our Factors that deals with the billions angle in the future for these... more legitimate deals if you are familiar with Red Jack. We've bought from him before you know."

"Of course. Who hasn't dealt with such an opportunist? Anyways, I do hope we can come to an agreement of sorts as I wish to purchase a CC-9600 from you today as well. Personally I would love to see if the rumors were true that you have a few Corusca gems here. I would love to see if they sparkle as much as the stories say."

"In terms of an equitable bargain, I'll offer a twenty percent discount on goods, though be aware like anything else. Any 'off the board' markets are usually double price for most goods. Though I do have a second hand CC-9600 about twelve percent damage but a working engines, hyperdrive, ship's systems and life support from a run in with an ... shall we say... Entrepreneur that took it off a Republic System's hands. I am willing to throw that in for free if you're willing to double the increments. Or 200 million now, and I'll have it parked in the berth next to S.I.N's own in thirty minutes."

"You mean twenty four ingots for 6 billion credits? I am afraid I will have to decline at this moment, until things settle down in Yag'Dhul. But you could take 200 million off the transfer to make it 2.8 billion transferred. I could have a shipment here in say... three to eight weeks providing the next combat zone doesn't take company resources time?"

"Such a pity. You said you like rainbow Gems personally? How much commission are you getting."
"Oh yes, my own commission from this is already had. Are you looking for a personal transaction, I would say I'd trade one such gem for a single ingot's worth you could get a moncal cruiser for,both after all."

"That seems quite reasonable." The givin said with a nod. "While not as large as the eight in the collection here, my personal stores here in the flat above have two. I'd be happy to get it for you for the exchange."

"Moira held up a single ingot , letting the light gleam off of it. "[color=FF4080]If you have it here in a minute you have a sale good sir as long as I can get a list to compile a package of things to be stored on that CC-9600. I wasn't lying about making a purchase of mining equipment. Personally, I'm looking for a good set of construction equipment too, May we have some water as we continue our business discussions?"[/color]

"Of course, I'll signal down for a bit of a tray as good Thelmar and I wait to see on another interesting transaction. I am just being a businessman to recoup my losses." the Givin said before nodding to a female who went to go get the gem. "Perhaps, we may acquire another gem to sell soon if you are interested in it's purchase.''

Mikka leaned over to her. "The Transfer, went through. Moiri Bruri."

Moira nodded, and after they were given a dataslate to peruse. "Take a look at the construction equipment, Luciana will need in the future. Start with the purchase of any Civil-Industrial I-C2 droids and EVS Construction droids they have on hand. We know they're being sold in system due to the constant flooding on the surface due to gravitic shifts as well as the space stations being constructed here. We can buy those legally."

"What are we going to put them in?"

"Are there any Class-7 repair vessels around?"

"They have about ten, but about six are listed as 'hyperdrive modified Stellar five Mining vessels."
"Select 'em."
"Moiri Bruri, they even have Loronar's E-9 Explorer vessel we were talking about turning in the Harmonia for! Even a few computer systems that would be helpful.

“Get what you decide, a few of those explorers and Vipers if they have them. She likes Vipers- at least enough for the CC-9600.”

As Moira was given a dataslate to peruse, and she began looking off items and gestured one of the mercenaries forwards. "Would please relay to Miss Luciana's secretary the remaining crew onboard the main vessel she may have to split the crew to take a prize back to Corellia. A CC-9600 was just transferred in it's title and deed to Silver Infinity Network."

"I assure you, if she wishes more power we do have a battleship or two on sale. A Keldabe class actually is available for purchase."

Moira nodded, "Is it better then what Red Jack could get her?"

"Fully repaired."

"I'll keep that in mind. Do you have anything in personal armament?"

The discussion went on as they passed the time, Moira idly chatting with both as the haggling began for a list of things that would be suitable. Mainly for developing and mining a polluted world as the lists got larger and larger.

By the time the signaling chime of the meeting came and interrupted her; the five greenhorns were decked out in AV1s-Combat Armor, and eleven boarding parties from S.I.N’s forces boarded ten class seven repair vessels, their bays filled with Vipers and four Loronar E-9 Explorers and one new CC-9600. Each left the station and vanished into hyperspace towards Corellia, Their IFF’s already changed over.

Breuner the lieutenant came up behind her and passed her a message saying. Luciana was going to take this out on her hide for her going on another ‘walk’ and being reckless without a bit more warning.
Moira just shrugged.

The Givin at that point laughed as the credits that had gone back and forth and he barked a direct question to Breuner to see if she wanted to purchase a Keldabe or if her Sister would even allow that.

‘It seemed the man, or at least his network as a crime kingpin, had done their homework.’

Moira wanted to kill him for the affront right then and there, but the exchange of the rainbow gem, and it’s presence tied on a lanyard and placed about her neck next to her family's medallion seemed to soothe her passions and anger that was compelling her to do so.

She didn’t discount permanently maiming him though.

Davin, during this was a bit silent as Breuner went away for a minute or so before coming back with the reply that “respectfully due to manpower issues she did not possess the crew at the moment to man one. If one however was kept on mothballs it may be considered at a later date.

Then a small ping of the console in the center of the room came on, and she was shown a picture of a rather strange room, with a Givin man seated at a chair, looking towards another man. The Givin man was explaining he did not enter negotiations without checking the goods with his appraiser and asked if Thelmar was there. At this time, Moira became quite composed with her lists of offered goods, considering the nature of the three female bodyguards who seemed to loom ever closer. But the male Givin didn’t seem to usher her out as the three watched on.

Whatever was happening, Moira kept a close eye on the events to come.
Over to you Ibby. lists will come later so they don't get in the way of the developing story.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Ansgar Bastian » 2016-01-07 01:48

As Ansgar and Major Branson flew to meet the oncoming Y-wings, the uglies came into range of the transport and quickly came under a withering barrage of firepower from its laser cannons while Guards Three and Four made short work of any that made it through. The Y-wings on the other hand presented a greater challenge for Ansgar and Major Branson; even though they were outdated and outclassed in a dogfight such as this, their shields and armor meant they could take quite a lot of punishment before being destroyed. Switching his fighter’s laser cannons to quad fire, Ansgar felt a tingle in the force and instinctively juked to the right, narrowly avoiding a shot from the ion cannon turret on one of the Y-wings. Lining up his crosshairs on one of the fighters again, he squeezed off a shot and cursed silently under his breath as the pilot managed to somehow dodge it. Major Branson’s first shots lit up the shields of another of the Y-wings and a follow-up proton torpedo cracked them wide open, destroying the outdated craft.

Flicking over to his own general-purpose warhead launcher, Ansgar locked on to the Y-Wing which had previously juked out of the way of his blaster fire and as soon as the warhead’s systems had locked on to the fighter, he squeezed the trigger and sent a proton torpedo hurtling toward it, soon reducing that Y-Wing to a ball of expanding gas. Accelerating quickly, he sped past the remaining Y-Wings, dodging fire from them as he went, content in the knowledge that his shields would take care of whatever he couldn’t intuit or react to.

“Guard One, we’ve taken care of the rest of the uglies—advise on further action?” Came the calm voice of one of his compatriots. Checking his readouts showing locations of the various other craft in the immediate area, Ansgar noted that remaining space until the transport would reach Yag Second was clear of hostiles and toggled his comm system to speak to his whole flight, “Guards Three and Four, join us in taking out the rest of the Y-Wings and then we’ll rendezvous with the freighter and complete the rest of our operation.” A chorus of confirmations came across as Major Branson blew another Y-Wing out of the sky, once again using the combination of using lasers to drain its shields and then piercing them with a powerful proton torpedo. Now firmly behind another of the Y-Wings, Ansgar switched his lasers to dual-fire and hammered the shields of the craft—itself too awkward and ungainly to evade his quick and nimble Guard Interceptor.

After long enough, the blasts made it through its shields, tearing into the engines and ripping the craft apart as its starboard engine was destroyed and the port engine blew through the rest of the craft. In the meantime, the rest of the Guard Interceptors had cleared out the last of the Y-Wings and the transport should be within a few minutes of Yag Second. “Guard Flight One, form up on the transport again and prepare for docking procedures; we’re not sure what exactly to expect once we get onto the station, so we need to be prepared for the worst. Our standing orders remain to minimize damage and casualties in addition to competing our mission; do not fire unless fired upon first by the enemy.”

Forming up around the transport once again, the Guard Interceptors escorted it closer to the station, at which point the pilot of the transport itself reached out on comms to whoever was directing traffic on the station—if there indeed was anybody. “Yag Second Station, this is the NIF transport Obroa-skai, requesting docking procedures.” Waiting for a few moments while the ships continued to approach, there was no answer from flight control on the station, “Repeat, Yag Second, this is the Obroa-skai approaching the station. Respond with docking procedures or we will be forced to assume hostile takeover of flight control and act accordingly.” A few more seconds went by, before a panicked voice came on the comm system in a rush, “Obroa-skai, this is Yag Second flight control; please transmit your clearance code and stand by for instructions.” After the clearance code was transmitted and verified against Yag Second’s databases, the shaky voice once again came on the comms, “Obroa-skai, your code checks out and you are cleared to dock in hangar 17 along with your escorts. If I may say it, thank the gods for your arrival. There are only three of us left in flight control and we’ve sealed ourselves in to avoid the rioters.”

Cutting into the conversation, Ansgar toggled his comm to broadcast to Yag Second as well, “Flight control, this is Lieutenant-Colonel Ansgar Bastian, what is the situation in hangar 17, and what sort of welcome should we expect from anyone we find there?”

“Hangar 17 is one of the three still under control of loyalists, Lieutenant-Colonel,” came the flight controller’s response, “We have lost all contact with all hangars other than 6, 17, and 18 and are unsure of their disposition, but in 17 you will only find NIF loyalist security personnel. Once you land, they will give you a more detailed update of the situation on Yag Second.”

“Copy, flight control,” Ansgar replied and toggled his comms back to communicate solely with the transport and his own fighters, “We are authorized to begin landing procedures in hangar 17. All pilots remain in your fighters until the transport has landed and its troops have secured the hangar. Provide cover until we get the all clear, then secure your fighters and disembark.”

The cavernous expanse of the hanger swallowed up the transport as it settled down and the Guard Interceptors positioned themselves around it, covering the troopers within with their lasers as they disembarked.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Xanis Sorannan » 2016-01-08 02:38

With the chaos unfolding in front of her, Commodore Stackelberg kept a laser sharp focus on the conflict unfolding immediately around her squadron. Even without the system defense forces, the elements of Fourth Fleet in the system should be enough to handle the fighting, so the combination of both Grand Admiral McFini and his squadron in conjunction with her own reinforcements easily tipped the balance in the favor of the NIF. The trick at this point was just making sure that the system was locked down soon and the source of the enemy reinforcements was pinpointed.

Even now as the Ra continued hammering the Bellator-class cruiser ahead of it, Stackelberg felt distinctly ill at ease…what reason was there for the Abrion Traitors to get involved in this conflict here? Something was definitely not adding up. “Commodore, the Bellator is attempting to come about to face us, but we’re calculating their shields are down to 32% and their maneuverability has been reduced by a third due to our bombardment.”

“Excellent,” she said as she clasped her hands behind her back and looked out over the bridge, “Prepare boarding teams to try and take it in one piece. Redirect our ion cannon fire to disable its command and weapons systems and prepare a warhead salvo to knock out its engines—I want it dead in the water, so to speak.”

A Bellator would normally have put up much more of a fight against a Vengeance-class Star Destroyer like the Ra, but it was unfortunate enough to have had its stern facing her squadron as they came out of hyperspace, enabling the Ra and its escorts to hammer it mercilessly. Finally coming about to present a broadside profile to Ra, the Bellator’s batteries sputtered into some semblance of coordinated action, though the initial onslaught of fire coming their way had knocked out batteries across the ship and disabled many fire control systems.

“Shields down to 18%, Commodore,” her sensor operator reported, “And they’re completely out in patches.”

Chiming in immediately afterward, her weapons control officer spoke up, “All warhead launchers prepped and ready to fire on your command, ma’am.” Checking his screen again he double-checked the firing solutions that had been calculated, “I recommend we fire as soon as possible to knock out critical systems before the Bellator can put up any kind of concerted fight.”

“Fire fifty-launcher salvoes in one-second increments on my mark,” Stackelberg ordered and paused a moment for the orders to be relayed, “…mark.”

With her word, warheads began streaming out of Ra’s launchers to impact against the Bellator’s failing shields and its engine banks, blowing through in a manner of seconds and tearing apart its engines, stopping any hope that the Bellator had of further maneuvers throughout the battle. All the while, the merciless bombardment of turbolasers and ion cannons knocked out fire control systems around the ship and progressively disabled its systems.

“Commodore, the Bellator’s shields are gone, engines have been destroyed, and we are estimating effective remaining fire control to be 22%.”

“Go ahead and launch troopships for boarding operations. Focus on command sections and get control of the ship as quickly as possible so we can try and find out anything more about that mysterious signal they’re broadcasting. Send our progress to the other commanders in the system and join in general support fire for our escorts.”

A chorus of “Aye, ma’am’s,” came from across the bridge.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Kurge » 2016-02-02 03:23

Kurge accepted the key from Lucie. He nodded his understanding of what she instructed. Her last remark though incomplete was indicative that she suspected an increase likelihood of corporate espionage. Kurge made his way to the lift and made his ways down to the bottom floors: Prototype floor. As he exited he notice some of the in-house security looking disgruntled by his presence. He walked through the floor. As he did he noticed that most of the security present remained in groups of at least two. There was a couple of exceptions. The first was a young human male, roughly 20yrs old, auburn hair and rough 1.5 meters tall. He bore the in-house security uniform and insignia. The other was a Epicanthix-Male, 2 meters tall, red hair and also in-house security. Kurge made mental note of these two anomalies. Both were also standing around in relatively hard to see areas around the prototype floor.

Kurge then moved up to the next floor and repeated his patrol. The rest of the floors did not have anything of note. Though some of the other mercs present did seem a bit suspicious. Kurge then made his way to a storage closet. After ensuring he was clear. He called up Lucie.

After Lucie answered on the corp encrypted channel, "Please be aware that we do have two anomalies, in-house security, on the prototype floor. The exact details have been transmitted to our entire team. The rest of the floors are quiet. However, there are some questionable characters. Black Star Securities teams appears to be here for alternative reasons. Not sure what. The other group is an independent team of Bounty Hunters that are here. Descriptions are in the report. I would suggest that we have a plan for securing the prototype floor and its entrances and exits."

Kurge finished up his verbal report and confirmed the report was safely and securely sent to all their team. He knew that this was a highly fragile and delicate situation. Time would tell how things went. He exited the supply closet to proceed towards a good overwatch position of the front gate.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Kurge » 2017-08-29 09:51

[OOC: Sorry for double post been awhile]

Up on the roof of the complex Kurge made his way around the periphery. There were six security officers or mercenaries already up here. Many he noticed carried various sniper or battle rifles. Two in-house security officers carried carbines with the folding stocks locked and telescopic sights.

Kurge quickly determined that SIN needed the have control of both the roof and the basement. In his opinion there were likely going to be issues with loyalty of some of the mercs. In addition, the in-house security were inconsistent in deployment and equipment. Which indicated a lack of coordination as well as other issues. Looking toward the entrances the main entrance was well secured. However, a small entrance to the southeastern side wasn't secured nearly well enough. Compared to the main entrance which was gated and clearly of sturdy construction. This side entrance was little more than a secured door with some access control. The other issue that was quickly becoming apparent was the protesters. The largest group was approaching the main gate as anticipated. A smaller contingent had diverted. After a few minutes he saw them cautiously approaching the southeastern "door".

This development concerned Kurge and quickly sent a text based coded transmission to Lucie. As well as the NIF personnel that were in the nearby vicinity.

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Abraxes Rancor » 2017-09-09 09:48

"Situation Update as follows, Elements of the Third Fleet under Admiral McFini are safeguarding and securing the Death Star Prototype's no go zone. Elements under a Commodore Stackleburg have entered boarding operations with a Bellator ten minutes ago, they approximate capturing its engine room in less then five minutes.."

"Each an Intelligent move." Rancor mused to himself as he looked at the plot of ships. "Such things would be necessary for the long haul on keeping an advantage against where and when the Intelligence organs of the New Republic might strike. The last thing we want is them to get a DS prototype."

The Balverine rocked from enemy fire. "Shields Down to twenty five percent!

They had taken a battering from the enemy, but so far Fourth Fleet's forces were rallying. They were hitting back strong with all the efficiency one could ask for. Even as they fought at the equivalent of a bloody knife range like it was an old duel of fleets on the oceans of a water world.

"What's the status on other Boarding operations?"

"Three Devastators captured completely and being moved by takeover crews out to where they might cause the least harm if they were boobytrapped, Two enemy Praetors dead in space, the boarding crews just knocked out their drives and are assaulting the bridge. The Bellator just succumbed as well. We have little enemy contact on the northern front and the Givin Admiral was just placed on a shuttle for transfer to ISIS. We have elements of Task Force Observer coming out of hyperspace for the pickup shortly.

"Good." Rancor stated succinctly. "Looks like the lead dangers of the first three waves has been dealt with. It's just a matter of cutting the chaff they had. What's the word on those Imperator types they had?"

"About... Seven captured, four still in enemy hands, with their engines blown off. Momentum is being arrested by our Stormtrooper corps are prioritizing their nullification as our forces begin to consolidate. However..."

"I know. I don't like it either." Rancor heard a member of the Balverine's crew pit crow and state to the operations officers on the bridge a short 'target down.' At least that meant the Shaking stopped for a moment. "As we're pushed farther back into the system's inner regions we're closing our defensive zones, but the enemy has more room on the outer reaches to bring in anything nasty. Did we get any data from the enemy comm arrays?"

"Yessir. Analysis is coming back now, and we're using the military communications bands of the Federation holonet to try and simultaneously upload it to ISIS. They say it'll be at least ten minutes to figure out where the Givin Rebels were having signals sent to the Rebels."

"Keep me informed. Captain? How's the Balverine?"

"She'll hold together for a while longer! I don't think we should press our luck until our shields and reserves of energy spin back up. Five minutes and we'll dive back in."

Rancor scowled down at the plot, wondering how things were on the space stations of Yag Second."We've got a little bit of a breather, let's start consolidating. We've been reacting so much it might be better to start trying to get the jump on them. How long till the next band of signals was supposed to run out on its sequencing?"

"Fifteen minutes was the estimate."

It was good to have a Coms officer on the ball. It really was. "Alright,so this is what we're going to do..."

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Nelson » 2017-09-17 18:32

Swiftly, the Shockwave Battlecruiser moved towards and around the larger NIF ship to engage the rear of its opponent.

"Lock and fire Ions then Turbolasers into the rear of that Praetor. Launch remaining skipray blastboats to initiate a point-blank torpedo run at the ventral hull. Be sure to have then target the engineering sections supporting the engines."

"Understood!" Nelson sprang into action calmly as he managed the gunnery crews to first focus their Ion Cannon barrage. As the strikes started to disrupt the shielding the Turbolaser gunnery crews fired at the weakening shield. After a few minutes of volleys the first few bolts got through to the engines. Progressively the shields on the Praetor's rear started to fail and the skipray blastboats delivered their payload of torpedoes.

With the engines destroyed on the opposing Praetor. They then proceeded to knockout other key systems and put the ship firmly out the fight with ion cannon fire. Then the boarding crews made their way to take the vessel.

"Pull us back for a bit to let our shields to refreshed and redistributed. We re-enter the fight again in five minutes."

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Re: C2M34: As Twilight Falls

Post by Kurge » 2017-09-18 23:47

Kurge quickly got with two other of the SIN forces on site. He then lead them to an over-watch location of the secondary entrance. He quickly had his colleagues take up flanking locations from cover. He then moved to a well covered location over watching the door head-on. Sure enough the contingent of rebels that were trying to break-in had reached the door.

From the security feeds, Kurge observed them proceed with inspecting the doorway. Then one open up a rucksack and started passing what appeared to be shaped charges to teammates. At this point Kurge instructed a concealed sentry above them to drop a frag grenade. The frag dropped down the wall and detonated right amongst them. When the smoke and debris cleared he counted four of the roughly dozen men dead. He quickly figured the others had spotted the grenade dropping or had used their comrades as cover from the shrapnel. There was a less ideal possibility which meant that the others were professionals and appropriately armed and armored.

He quickly started skimming through various feeds and angles to see if he could get eyes on the other eight men.

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