The Longshot

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The Longshot

Post by Eri Ambicon » 2011-07-10 22:46

Eri rubbed the back of her neck as she glanced over the final details of what was going to be her personal vessel. Across from her, the salesman patiently waited for the Surface Marshal to sign on the dotted line, or put the datapad down and leave. He had seen her types before, those who struggled to make significant investments, unable to part with so many credits at once but the Federation galactic bank already told him the woman had more than enough funds to purchase the vessel in question.

Name/Type: HWK-290 light freighter
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Role: Light freighter / Boarding craft / Scout
Crew: 0 (autopilot)
Length: 29 Meters
Speed: 60 MGLT, 800 Kph
Acceleration: 10 MGLT/s (est.)
Maneuverability: 130 DPF (est.)
Hyperdrive: x0.75 (x12 Backup)
Shield Rating: 150 SBD (est.)
Hull Rating: 40 RU (est.)
Weapons: 3 laser cannons, 1 ion cannon
Countermeasures: Sensor decoys.
Passengers: 6
Cargo Space: 100 Metric Tons.
Consumables: 6 Months.
Base Cost: 135,000 Credits.

Upgrades: 0.75x hyperdrive, sensor decoys, 3 laser cannons, 1 ion cannon, custom interior, weapons storage room.

Total cost: 210,000 credits.

That's a lot of credits, Eri thought as she stared at the final price. Having yet to buy herself any sort of personal ship, Eri had constantly put it off again and again and only now was she forcing to make this investment because of her family situation and the uncertain future ahead of her. Using army shuttles only went so far and Eri didn't want to get a shuttle pilot or anyone else dragged into her messes that she needed to clean up.

Leaning her head back on the chair, she inhaled deeply. Parting with so many credits was difficult. Maybe if I put it in a different perspective. This will allow me to visit home and my Mom more often... Hard enough to get a Federation military shuttle into NR territory, this should help tremendously. Reaching for the stylus suddenly, Eri started signing the datapad, much to the appeasement to the gentleman sitting across from her.

"Have you thought of a name for the vessel?" he asked after Eri slid the datapad across the table and he gave it a quick once-over to make sure she signed everywhere he had pointed out.

"Longshot," Eri shrugged, hardly being one to come up with half decent names for things. It works for me.
"There's no outrunning a sniper." - Eri

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