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Traveling in Style

Post by Zekk Constantine » 2011-07-28 01:25


Zekk sat quietly in the limousine on his way to Constantine Industries Headquarters. This was most unusual; in fact it was down right weird. For the first time since taking over his father’s position the Board of Directors was summoning him to a meeting they had scheduled AND had in session, without his knowledge. That pissed him off. He was the CEO and majority owner of the entire company and the Board decided to exclude him from a meeting only to invite him later? Oh something very, very wrong was going on here. Zekk fumed for a few minutes before deciding to say screw it. He would find out what was going on when he got there. For now he had business to attend to.

Across the aisle in the interior of his limousine sat his former bodyguard and now Corporate Fixer Kithra. Kithra had recently become Zekk’s go-to-guy, well go-to-girl, for all his projects. She had been flying about the galaxy for the past few weeks dealing with every single little issue that arose. Hardly any of them ended up on his desk and to that he thanked god for. Kithra was a good friend of his, nothing more. Both had made that clear from the start neither had any romance interest in the other. Looking at Zekk she pulled out a datapad and entered a few keys anticipating Zekk’s next move. he gave her a smile before starting.

“Ok Kithra give me a run down of the current projects…. Bad news first.” Zekk said with a cringe

“Well first… there is no bad news.” She said with a grin.

“What? Really?”

“Yup, everything is proceeding at pace or is ahead of schedule.” She said still grinning.

“Have I told you how much I love you lately?” Zekk said jokingly.

“Oh shut it. I saw the gossip rumors of you and the Empress at the ball. I assume you let that happen?” She asked with a smirk.

“Of course. What better way to make a public name for myself than to have a rumored affair with a famous person?” Zekk said sweetly.

“Jumping off the Imperial Palace and landing on Pakkt Jen’vey?” She said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hardy har har. Move on with it.” Zekk said.

“First the five factories on Emberlene are up and running at full capacity. The next five are in various stages of construction and proceeding on time. The local economy is already starting to turn around.” She said with a smile.

Emberlene was her and the rest of the Mistryl Shadow Guards homeworld. A planet left in economic ruin and in an utter depression. They had blamed the Empire for what had been their own fault immediately after the Clone Wars. Zekk however had chosen to show them that the New Imperial Federation wasn’t the same as the old Empire. Helping turn around their economy meant a lot to them. Zekk was unofficially turning into a hero on that planet.

“Good, anything to help. Next?”

“Negotiations with the New Republic over buying mining rights to Yavin Prime have stalled again. The New Republic is demanding at least fifty percent of the Corusca Gems mined from the planet be sold to only New Republic Companies.”

“That was expected.” Zekk said. Part of his overall plans for an economic war against the New Republic was to sell them little things, little useless things that held no economic or military value. Corusca Gems were of great economic value, selling them those much was too much. “Tell them were recalling our negotiators for ‘consultations’. Make them wait a month then go back. If they can’t get better terms after that, which I doubt they will, then we will walk away citing ‘unreasonable terms’. Next.” Zekk said.

“Out of the planned fifty Arkania droid factories thirty-five are online and functioning. The Arkania Director of Operations has postponed sales of construction droids and put them all to work on the other fifteen factories. They should be online within the month.” Kithra said.

“That was creative of him. Give him a bonus and a few days paid vacation. Next? ” Zekk said.

“Alzoc III. George Winston… the man you yelled at before the ball by the way. She said. Zekk waved at her to continue, He remembered who the guy was. Since there wasn’t really any bad news he managed not to screw up. That was good. “Has managed to get the mine operating at 130% of capacity.” She said.

“How did he manage to do that?” Zekk asked interested.

“Instead of sorting the ore and pearls just outside the mine like usually he has them shipped to a connected Talz Community and hired a bunch of them to do the sorting for us. From their to the spaceport is a straight line.” She answered.

“Huh. Good Idea… put him on the Profits for Bonus Plan. That should keep his nose to the grindstone.” Zekk said with a smirk. It was every employees dream to be on the Profits for Bonus Plan. It quite simply meant that every credit they made over projections they earned a small percentage of the profits as a bonus. Even at less than one percent when talking about millions of credits that meant something

“Understood. Next is N'zoth. Most of the factories are now online. Once the last few are active we will begin cycling them for upgrades. The environment continues to improve.” Kithra said.

“Very good. Next?”

“Nkllon proceeds at pace, profits are rising and look to exceed projections in the near future.” She said.

“Excellent,” Zekk said thinking for a moment. Shortly a number of business deals would be coming to fruition freeing up more capital. “Set up a conversation for me with Luciana in the future. Let her know I will be looking to pour more resources into Nkllon.” Zekk said.

“I'll make sure all the arrangements are handled. Next is the supply operations to Bilbringi Shipyards. All deliveries are being made on time with no delays. We are able to keep up with any demands the shipyards have that need to be satisfied.”

“Perfect. Next.” Zekk said.

“The Silken Asteroid Belt project is moving faster than projections ever expected. The Mining Base has been fully established and mining is fully underway. The head of the project is requesting to use half the profits next cycle to build more Automated Mineral Exploiters.” She said.

“Approved. That it?”

“Just the status of General Robotics left, but suffice to say just slightly below projected profits and expect to exceed them in the next week. The other smaller projects I'll send you in a message.” She said.

“Good... Ah where here. Time to see what this nonsense is all about.” Zekk said getting ready to step out of the Limo as it came to a stop.

“Oh relax Zekk, you know the Board likes you... well most of them... would you mind if I killed Howard and Roger? I really don't like those two... I wouldn't mind scragging Abigail as well.” Kithra said her hand running along one of her vibroblades.

“What have I told you about killing members of the Board?” Zekk said sourly.

“That it is very naughty to murder people just because we don't like them... but...” Zekk cut her off. “EHH!” Zekk said holding up a finger in admonishment.

“Yes, sir...” She said sullenly.

“Good girl. Want a treat?” Zekk said jokingly.

"Oh shut it.” She said earning a laugh from him.

With that the limousine pulled to a stop outside the Constantine Industries Headquarters building on Carratos. Zekk and Kithra stepped out and headed inside. Once he was past security Zekk knew the rest of the way by heart. The Board room was on the same floor as his office and just down the hall. Zekk walked with confident steps to the doors as he opened the doors and entered he heard the closing procedures of a vote. They had also called a vote without him? What had they voted on? Zekk looked at Evan van Drois a man he trusted.

“And what pray tell have you decided to vote on without my presence...” Zekk said in a warning tone.

“Relax Zekk, this isn't anything bad.” Evan told him.

As Zekk took his seat at the head of the table he looked around what was going on. None of their faces gave him any clues, the people at this table were experts at hiding things when they wanted to. Apparently this was one of those times. He was kind of annoyed to have to be asking what was going on in his own company.

“Then enlighten me, what is this?” Zekk asked looking around.

“Zekk.” This time the voice came from Simon Sambacto the oldest member of the board and a father figure to Zekk. "As of late we the board have been very pleased with your successes. Securing possible New Imperial Federation contracts is a huge step for this company. We wanted to show our gratitude." Simon said.

“Huh?” Zekk answered confused.

“Even as smart as he is sometimes he really needs us to paint a picture for him. Maybe we can finger paint it.” This time the mocking voice came from Howard Nelson, one of the most pompous, arrogant, self-loving bastards he had ever had the displeasure of meeting.

“Zip it, Howard. Now.” Said Roland Talbert, in his usual authoritative manor.

“So could someone tell me what the hell is going on?” Zekk asked.

A jolly laugh came from one of the fattest men Zekk had ever seen in person. “Zekk, we love what you've done! We want to give you a present! Relax!” Max Wilmanco said, the man looked like the spitting image of Santa Claus. That had always been rather disconcerting.

“Ok,” Zekk said starting to relax a little bit. "So what is it?" He asked.

“This.” said Evan who activated the holoprojector in the middle of the table.

What appeared before Zekk's eyes made his mouth open wide for a little bit. He saw a design that had very recently passed through his Research & Development department hove there above the center of the table. It was the Infinity-class Luxury Space Yacht in all its glory. It was a truly beautiful ship, one of many ships he had been contemplating buying lately, when he had the money that is. Zekk was confused though; looking back down at the board he had a puzzled look on his face.

“Wait. How is the Board paying for this I don’t want compa…” Zekk found himself cut off by Abigail Spring, one of the meanest nastiest old ladies he had even had the displeasure of meeting.

“Oh please. I would have ripped all these idiots in half if they even considered spending a dime on such a thing.” She said in he tone of disapproval.

“Ok, then how?” Zekk asked.

“Zekk, were giving you the prototype. Most of it is actually done, just some interior stuff and whatever else you want to add. That is on your dime however.” Evan answered with a chuckle.

“I can work with that. Thank you all.” Zekk said with a smile.


Eighteen hours later Zekk found himself in the Constantine Industries Headquarters’ hangar looking at his new ship. His actual new ship, finished and ready for use. Its new white paintjob shimmering in the light like a pearl, the ship’s newly christened name painted on the side of the white hull in black paint, the Infinity. Zekk couldn’t help but smile. The finishing touches on the ship were finally done.

Zekk had decided to make a few upgrades to the ship itself in addition to finishing the interior the way he wanted out. Internal Security was improved with two Pegasus Battle Droids that waited in the lower levels for an emergency. The interior was now complete with a few additions. The main addition though was simple; the master suite on the top level now included a full and comfortable office station for him to work from while on the move. The dock master walked up to him with a nod and handed Zekk a datapad.

“All done Mr. Constantine. All your requests are now complete.”

“Good, what’s the damage?” Zekk asked.

“Take a look.” The dock master said gesturing to the datapad he had given Zekk.



Ship Name: The Infinity

Name/Type: Infinity-class Luxury Space Yacht
Designer/Manufacturer: Zekk Constantine/Constantine Industries
Crew: 10 + Service Droids
Passengers: 20
Length: 92 Meters
Speed: 70 MGLT
Atmospheric Speed: 850 KPH
Hyperdrive: x1 + x5 Backup
Shield Rating: 200 SBD
Hull Rating: 75 RU
Weapons: 1 Tractor Beam Projectors, 2 Point Defense Laser Cannons
Support Craft: 1 Poranji Orbital Jumper
Special: Atmospheric Capabilities, Ability to function in water.

Cost: 45,500 Credits


“I can live with that.” Zekk said with a smile.
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