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Project Blue Harvest

Post by Medusa » 2016-02-15 00:11

As (not) discussed in the R&D thread:
Medusa wrote: I found the original requirement (Note: for Mobile Base). If requisites 2 and 3 are dropped and 8 and 9 are left to escorts, a small fleet of Ton-Falk-Class should be able to meet all requirements but number 5 ... easily partly met as the cavernous inside of a Ton-Falk should be able to fit an MRP along extra power generation and fabrication machinery. Hydroponics may be trickier. In space, at least. A Prefab-base could conceivably have one available, as extra, or near.
Designation: Doomsday-Class Mobile Factory (Pupa-class sounded awkward, and I noticed similarities with the Trek vessel of the same name).

Purpose: Provide field manufacturing capability on short notice.

Application: Doomsday-Class reinforce fleets or newly created outpost with manufacturing capabilities up to the point said outpost is self-sufficient or fleet needs are satisfied.

Schedule: A month would be required in a shipyard to field a prototype.

Visual Description: Almost visually indistinct of Ton-Falk-Class, save weapon type and placement.

Name/Type: Doomsday-class (modified Ton-Falk-Class Mk-II)
Designer/Manufacturer: Viktor Zukov/Jacen Wesiri/Kuat Drive Yards (Ton-Falk Mk-II designers)
Combat Role: Mobile Factory.
Crew: 3,378 (Note to self: establish how many actually man the vessel and how many are technicians).
Length: 500 Meters
Speed: 40 MGLT (atmospheric capability is not needed and it only takes valuable space)
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 3,280 SBD
Hull Rating: 1,360 RU
Weapons: 10 Interceptor Tractor Beams, 20 MIST PDS.
Fighter Complement: None.
Troops: None
Support Craft: 2 Theta-class Landing Barges; external docking rings for 6 shuttles.
Special equipment: Molecular Furnace, 150 droids, automated factory.
Weaknesses: No defense beside PDS and offensive use of linked tractors beams and molecular furnace.

Projected Upgrades: The ship could potentially self-refit, but that would be against its intended purpose, as it would be out of commission and very vulnerable for a very long time, performance severely crippled until the point it builds additional engines and hyperdrive capable to account for mass and volume increase. It can be thought as an Inquisitor-class seed, a year away of maturing to such a point. But that is exactly the case with any ship with MRP: those only need time and matter. Lots of both. And cute little MSE-6 roaming everywhere, reprogramming the ship with an Helios-AI.
Tom Saint wrote:
Saint's Quick Grades:
Concept: 2. A Silencer-class kind of first stage of 'life'.
Redundancy: 4. Domus-class is nowhere to be seen.
Efficacy: 5. As Ton-Falk-class carriers, do just one thing and do it well.
Tech requirements: 5. All technology needed is readily available.
Produceability: 5. Based on Ton-Falk-class, in turn a militarized kuati Super-Transport series.
Cost effectiveness: 5
Practicality: 4

...of course this is my own take on such project. His may differ. Greatly.

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