Crew of the Aurora (In Progress)

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Tobias Brady
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Crew of the Aurora (In Progress)

Post by Tobias Brady » 2011-06-29 20:39

Command Staff:

Executive Officer: Julius Corvayn, Lieutenant
Bio: Corvayn was born on Corellia to two low-level functionaries within the local government. His was an unremarkable childhood, save for the fact that he often made strong interpersonal bonds with others his age. Upon graduation from secondary schooling, he was granted a scholarship to the prestigious Lorrd University on the planet Lorrd in the Kanz Sector. Several years after admittance, he graduated with degrees in both Political Science and Intragalactic Relations, and joined the Naval branch of the New Imperial Federation military as a liaison officer. After joining, he requested a transfer to a warship and changed his career path to serve on the bridge crew of the Ceyx, a Halcyon-class frigate then-assigned to First Fleet. Upon promotion to Lieutenant, he was tapped to be the Executive Officer of the Aurora under new captain Lieutenant Tobias Brady.

First Officer:

Second Officer (Navigation Officer):

Third Officer (Safety/Damage Control Officer):

Combat Systems Officers:

Principal Weapons Officer:

Shields Officer:

Engineering Officer:

Other Departments:

Operations Officer:

Communications Officer:

Chief Medical Officer: Simon McCoy, Assistant Surgeon (MEDCOM)
Bio: Simon McCoy is a medical prodigy. Born with a natural eidetic memory and the steady hands of a surgeon, it was only right that he would practice medicine as an adult. However, the arena of his practice was unexpected, as he enlisted in the Federation Navy to serve out his internship and residency. He returned to the service a few years after completion, having tried private practice and finding it not to his liking. Although his rank did not reflect his experience, he often found himself in demand at various MASH units on the front lines of the on-and-off war between the New Imperial Federation and the New Republic to assist with various procedures. Unencumbered by any relationship to anything outside of his work, most of his time is devoted to helping those injured souls on board, but he can also occasionally be found playing piano in the R&R area of the Aurora.

Ground Force Commander: Alexandra Currahee, Captain (Army)
Bio: Alexandra Currahee was always underestimated in her younger years. She was a bit of a tomboy, always getting into scrapes with other children, and more often than not ending up on top of whatever pile resulted. Her family had no love for either the Empire or the Republic before it, so she was raised in neither doctrine. Instead, she was encouraged to find a cause she could believe in, and as the NIF was the upcoming galactic underdog, she entered shortly after graduation from secondary school through the Army's ROTC program at a local college. Currahee's adventurous streak led her to volunteer for the ICE project, and although her family will be missed, she has not shied away from what may be the greatest challenge any of them will face.

Chief of the Boat:

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