The Iridonian

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The Iridonian

Post by Jubar Bavvet » 2010-07-02 05:07

Name: The Iridonian
Character Type: Infochant/Information Broker
Location: Around and about the galaxy
Gender: Male
Description: Typically garbed in a simple cloak, the Iridonian stands about 6 feet tall, and weighs about 170 pounds. He has a complete facial tattoo that draws great, ever-expanding circles out from his eyes that interlink with a kind of barbed lacing tattoo (a scar running down his face ruins the tattoo a bit), and he keeps his horns filed precisely. He has a lithe body, and walks casually but with eyes darting everywhere. He commonly gets around in a variety of speeder bikes.

The Iridonian, as he is simply called, is an infochant, or an information broker. As a loner, he gets more accomplished than entire teams such as those set in place by Talon Karrde and others. The sheer number of connections he keeps, however, was astonishing. The secret to his success has been a rather novel one—he does not make a lot of money off of each piece of information he sold. Rather, he trades information for information, upgrading his base knowledge of what is going on in the Galaxy, thus creating a greater understanding of what's going on around him, making him an indispensible source to all of his clients. For this, they don't pay him very much; but his clientele is vast, and a little credits from a lot of employers is better than a lot from a few--a few may go away, but many clients keeps in business. That, and there was more job security. His reputation is superb, and yet he has kept his personal life incredibly private.

The Iridonian circulates throughout the Galactic community. Ostensibly, he works for only one government: the New Imperial Federation. The NIF is his highest paying customer. However, the Iridonian is known to two-time the Federation, and sells his services to the NR from time to time, as well, and the Imperial Remnant before them. The Iridonian was recruited into the NIF much the way many freelancers were, and had a clean enough track record that he had been given access to a ghost name and a ghost site. His code name on a furniture collector’s ghost site is "Merith", and it is there and by that name that those "in the know" contact him.

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