Supreme Chancellor Reuben Edarra

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Supreme Chancellor Reuben Edarra

Post by Jubar Bavvet » 2010-09-17 05:04

'''Reuben Edarra''' is the current Supreme Chancellor of the [mperial Senate. He is a Human that hails from Elrood. He was appointed to the position of Supreme Chancellor in 17 ABY/ 52 GR by Emperor Kane, and he remains a fiercely loyal servant, and his strict on the adherence of Imperial Rule. He is also the head of the Senate's Loyalist Committee, and is a member of the Imperial Party political group/party.

Reuben n'Holm Edarra

==Race and Sex==
Human, Male

==Physical Description==
1.6 meters tall; 86 kg.; rotund; pale complexion, 57 years of age. Edarra is a gray-bearded man with very thin gray hair and green eyes.

Bilbringi VII

Supreme Chancellor of the Imperial Senate

Personal ''Lambda''-class shuttle called the Everlasting Dawn

===Personal History===
Reuben n'Holm Edarra was born and raised on Elrood, the site of one of the first military victories of the ESD Nemesis when it returned from being lost in space for nine years. However, growing up, he had seen a great deal of problems befall his world because of the Galactic Civil War. He got into politics at a very young age, and, coming from one of the wealthier families on Elrood, he had been able to study abroad for much of his youth. However, economic collapse under the Old Empire was only made worse once it fell apart and left the world briefly under the control of the New Republic, before the Imperial Remnant took it, only for the NR to take it back again. This constant changing of hands did nothing to settle Elrood's failing economy.

Edarra followed in the footsteps of his father, a lifelong politician and a governor in his day. He moved for Elrood's secession from the New Republic, but his pleas were mostly unheard as there were still a great deal of NR sympathizers on the planet. However, as a decade went by and the economy continued to plummet, Edarra became thought of as a visionary, whom time had proven wise. Growing malcontent with the NR placed Edarra in a positive light, and just in time as the ESD Nemesis came through and took the world as its own.

Edarra was able to spin this as a "liberation" from the NR, and most Elroodians seemed to share that sentiment. He was elected to be the planetary ambassador, and was among the first few to begin working out the kinks of their world's new relationship with the NIF.

===Recognition By the NIF===
Since economic upheaval and the mass loss of jobs had created terrible rifts between Elrood and the New Republic, Edarra had been one of the most vocal Elroodian politicians who had been a proponent of the fledgling NIF government. His overwhelming support had been noticed by key officials in the budding New Imperial Federation, and a couple of years later, once the Imperial Senate was fully functioning, he was elected the first Supreme Chancellor to preside over the Senate.

Supreme Chancellor Edarra is known to be a fierce supporter of Emperor Kane, and he is a staunch supporter of the Imperial Party political party, although he frequently butts heads with some of the key members of the party because many of them are former Imperial Remnant officials and New Order sympathizers.

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