Chancellor Merric Habnaw

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Chancellor Merric Habnaw

Post by Jubar Bavvet » 2010-09-17 05:26

Merric Habnaw is one of 12 acting Chancellors in the Imperial Senate, and is the most senior Chancellor of the Imperial Senate, serving directly under Supreme Chancellor Reuben Edarra. He is considered a ''tad'' bit more fair and open-minded than Edarra, who is a staunch supporter of Emperor Kane to the end. Habnaw is a member of the Imperial Party, just as Edarra is, however, he has recently been siding with a number of Senators and other representatives who are a part of the Reformist Group.

Merric Ahdostazhi Habnaw

==Race and Sex==
Human, Male

==Physical Description==
1.6 meters tall; 79 kg.; thick but not fat; short, light-brown hair; dark complexion. Habnaw is 47 years old.

Bilbringi VII

Chancellor of the Imperial Senate


===Personal History===
The son of a Corellian political family that staunchly opposed Palpatine's bid for power and supported the Rebel Alliance, Merric Habnaw is a fourth-generation politician. Politics is in his family's blood, even as early as ten years old his father had him attending rallies that were anti-Imperial, and Habnaw shared their views completely and was vehemently outspoken. However, his parents were taken by stormtroopers nineteen years old and put into work camps for their "heresy" and "anti-patriotism." They were moved around frequently, and after the Rebel Alliance won their victory at the Battle of Endor, Habnaw made an effort to find them. However, he never located them, nor did he ever discover exactly which prisons they had been sent to.

===Recognized By the NIF===
Merric Habnaw was unsatisfied with the New Republic's handling of putting the galaxy back togther, mainly how almost every public official seemed uncaring about the fate of his parents, who had given their lives speaking up for the Rebel Alliance. Habnaw was well-known on his planet as a two-term governor of Coronet City, and had become outspoken about ''his'' beliefs that the entire Corellian sector ought to defect to the the New Imperial Federation. He was mostly ignored in this, until the Corellian Insurrection took place. Once it was over and the dust had settled, Corellia belonged to the NIF. Habnaw was seen as an asset to keeping NIF propaganda alive in the sector, and placing him high up in the Imperial Senate was a deft move meant to create trust in the Corellian people.

The outgoing Chancellor, a Twi'lek named Sibi Ocktuna, is rumored to have stepped down so that Habnaw could take this key position and gain the trust of most Corellians. In other words, Habnaw's election is considered a sham, a rigged ordeal thrown together by the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service. Whether those accusations are true or not remains unknown.

Habnaw is a major proponent of reform and change, and while he has often sided with the Reformist Group and the Imperial Party in the Senate, he also has allies in the Free Federation political party, as well as the Liberal Now group, making him a wild card when it comes to voting.

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