Red Fang

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Red Fang

Post by Vrei Droma » 2014-02-28 19:58

This is just a proposal for a team thus far, I will edit in any appropriate changes and will flesh out the unit and characters more appropriately if necessary (I'd like to do this anyways if I have the time). At the moment this is just an idea I feel I need to put down somewhere.

Team Name: Red Fang
Organization:Nova Stormtrooper Squad (thus far, may be expanded to larger unit size pending approval or future promotions)
Roles:scouting, line infiltration, assault tactics,anti-guerrilla operations, pursuit of escapees
CO: Vrei Droma
Red Fang is an experimental Nova Stormtrooper unit comprised entirely of Shistavanen ( recruits and is attempting to make the best use of their natural hunting capabilities, namely their enhanced senses, strength and agility when compared with baseline humans. Red Fang troopers are primarily trained to infiltrate enemy lines, marking enemy positions and seeking out weak points to be exploited. In addition to this, Red Fang troops carry out the basic Nova Trooper duty of assaulting hardened enemy positions. What keeps this unit from being a standard Nova Trooper unit is the capability of hunting down the enemy using the skills and the instincts and abilities hardwired into their DNA to "hunt" enemy units. Red Fang troopers can go where most vehicles cannot, and can do so without tripping the sensors that repulsorlifts would. Additionally, it is very difficult to hide from a Shistavanen so escaped prisoners, enemy agents, and would-be ambushers have much to fear from this pack of Imperial "hunting dogs"

Specialized Equipment: Modifications to standard Nova Trooper armor allowing for use of claws and maximum use of natural senses. armor camouflage system (similar to or same as the type available to the standard army trooper)

(Will flesh out characters here)
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