Special Operations: "DeathKnights"

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Special Operations: "DeathKnights"

Post by Blitzkrieg » 2008-12-04 14:44

(OOC: Oh crap...they're back. ^_^ Names are pulled from a combined result of memory and finding the old thread on EzCrud.)

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Dalston T. Starscythe
Specialized Training: Tactical warfare; team command tactics; urban warfare.

Executive Officer: Major Thomas W. Smith
Specialized Training: Urban warfare; advanced marksmanship; longrifle training; light vehicle operation.

Vehicles/Explosives Specialist: Lance-Corporal James P. Michaels
Specialized Training: Demolitions equipment; strategic explosives placement; light vehicle operation; heavy vehicle operation; vehicle repair.

Communications/Slicing Specialist: Lance-Corporal Hal L. Johnson
Specialized Training: Standard and advanced slicing techniques; advanced computer operation; light urban assault.

Medical Specialist: Private (First-Class) Rebecca M. Quinn
Specialized Training: Medical diagnosis; battlefield medical practice; multi-species medical practice.

Weapons Specialist: Private (First-Class) John Spartan
Specialized Training: Urban warfare; heavy weapons proficiency; foreign weapons proficiency.

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