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Post by Phoenix Empire » 2012-08-14 21:26

Hello guys! I am posting this to ask for any feedback as to preferences for my first SM. If there are any, please post them as a reply. Thank you very much!

Plan as is w/o feedback: The intended target is the private sector. As the NIF and NR are likely to have their assets well secured. More so than the privately owned assets or those of corporations. As such, the first SM is likely to mostly involve freelancers, ISIS and other member types that can think of a way to be involved.

Phoenix Empire Objectives:
1> Locate a suitable rim location for the building of a station.
2> Establish a Personal Orbital Station (POS) in system
a. Finish POS and begin sustainability infrastructure
b. Begin gathering operations to begin construction of station
3> Repulse any espionage attempts by local entities
a. Establish Phoenix Empire espionage/recon ops
b. Conduct surveys for additional POS locations
4> Determine weak or vulnerable sectors and risk
a. Governmental Sectors
b. Private Sectors
c. Criminal Sectors
5> If applicable, strike at vulnerablities in a covert fashion
a. Evade detection
b. Evade or delay retaliation
6> Defend against any NR, NIF or private retaliatory strikes

NIF Objectives:
1> Gather intel on rumors
2> Organize an intel
3> Determine preliminary course of action
a. Recon?
b. Espionage?
1. Determine Phoenix Empire's intentions
4> Take action if possible/deemed necassary

NR Objectives:
Same as NIF

Private Objectives (Freelancers, ie Lucie or Red Jack):
1> Investigate reports of an unknown entity
2> Repulse attempts at recon by entity
3> Defend against covert strikes
4> Plan retaliatory strike if applicable.

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