Algernon (Chameleon) Class Destroyer

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Algernon (Chameleon) Class Destroyer

Post by Jericho Winters » 2009-07-07 03:46

Concept started with Ace approval. (for any changes to below please reply a modified spec list):
Chameleon Class StarDestroyer: Codenamed Algernon
Name/Type: ALGERNON: Chameleon-class Destroyer
Designer/Manufacturer: Auricom Industries
Designation: Heavy Cruiser
Crew: 400 humans, 7800 droids, (engineers , battledroids, astromechs, etc), + 275 Droid Gunners
Length: 1800 Meters
Speed: 65 MGLT
Hyperdrive: x2
Shield Rating: 5760 SBD
Hull Rating: 2953 RU
Weapons: 60 Turbolaser Batteries, 60 Ion Cannons, 10 Tractor Beam Projectors, 2 Gravity Well Projectors (est.)
Fighter Complement: 2 Squadrons Heavily modified Tie D-s (DROIDS)
Troops: 2,000 BATTLE DROIDS, 400 Super Battle Droids, 20 (Unknown)
Support Craft: 3 Lamda Class Transport shuttles modified to seat 90 each , 1 Heavy Cargo Hauler

The Algernon possesses a highly integrated firing systems(a dumb interface called NERGAL) and maneuvering thrusters slave linked to 'Unit 1' for control. This includes the command of internal battle droids to coordinate and repel boarders as well as automated defense systems inside the Algernon.

HIMS, Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer. If the hyperdrive was cut off in an interdiction field, HIMS would form a static hyperspace bubble around the ship, allowing it to remain in hyperspace, while accumulated momentum allowed the ship to continue on course past the interdiction field.

1 Stygium based cloaking Device, not as good as the NIF ones but gained and developed from the original patronage of Palpatine.

Visual Data:


Full View: ... troyer.jpg
*img courtesy of one of the artists on

This ship is not presently in NIF hands at the moment. It's capture or destruction is highly recommended in order for study and development purposes.

History of Development.

The Algernon was developed as a prototype to a larger ISD variant that was once being developed by the old Empire. It was a gift from the Emperor to XG00 in order to ensure that the Librarium could be better protected. Since its inception as the Flagship of the Directive it has been heavily modified and extensively retrofitted , possessing some of the most advanced military hardware in existence. (OOC: this means the HIMS, and Stygium Cloaking Device, This is the only Directive ship with these devices synchronized onboard which means it could coast through an interdiction field while still maintaining a cloak at about 85% efficiency, the cloak normally would run around 96% like earlier models).

Due to the Directive's agents on Bakura, the HIMS was reverse engineered by the theft of the Bakuran prototype. It has slowly been adapted to the Algernon's capabilities and full plans are onboard for this device.

This ship is capable of entering an atmosphere and landing, making repairs, and lifting off again in an emergency. This however would only be used as a last resort due to power considerations.

AS A PROTOTYPE THERE IS ONLY ONE OF THESE SHIPS SO FAR IN EXISTENCE. Onboard there are several separate development projects funded by the Directive using what they have proceeded to develop on their own through their 'dummy corporations' or stolen from others. There are plans possessing all of its current functions as well as plans on the originally proposed ISD Variant.

Note: this ship does not have a normal conning tower or any tower at all... the protrusion at the top is a base platform for an extra shielding unit that covers the ship when its 'top heavy' when using the HIMS". The actual bridge is in the center of the ship.

The 'tail' or 'axe/spear handle' as Ace alluded to is required for the maintaining of the integrity of the hyperspace bubble when the the HIMS device is active.

The 'tail' also carries a retractable fiber optic 'whisker' that extends behind it for the gathering of Sensory data while in cloak. it is approximately a length of 390 feet when fully deployed. This was a way of dealing with the old double blind effect as well as noting that the extra data collected in this manner while not in cloak is useful to help differentiate between actual 'targets' and sensor ghosts.
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Re: Algernon (Chameleon) Class Destroyer

Post by Tavish McFini » 2011-06-18 21:52

Just realized that this wasn't a project you were proposing :lol:

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