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Personal Log Vibius Prax

Post by Vibius Prax » 2012-07-24 06:44

Personal Log:

I wonder if mother and father ever dreamed that I would end up where I am today. No doubt Father would be less than pleased, and perhaps mother being the more liberal of the two would have grown to accept this in time. But they are dead, and time spent wondering what the dead want is time wasted.

I am Vibius Prax, Scientist. My field of science is one that is reviled more than any other. I am a cloner.

I was, and remain a sickly individual. The cause of my sickliness is actually rather simple - I have a disease of the immune system which means that it cannot fight off disease to the extent you would find in an average healthy human. When I was small it took a long time for this to be discovered as my parents took me to friends rather than proper medical professionals. As such i was subject to incompetence on incompetence and nearly died several times.

My disease was discovered by a great man, Dr Kessler Kevital. Oh his name will not be in the books, and he himself is long dead. But he saved my life, and that is the goal of medicine. To preserve life. He noticed the pattern in my antibodies. He ran the tests. He discovered my problem. His recovery plans were horrible, but I endured. From him I wanted to be a Doctor at the beginning and to heal the sick.

And as the other children played, I studied. I grew stronger and healthier and I learned more and more. School became a bore when I returned and I sailed through it. University was much the same. Even becoming a Doctor was no trial. But being a doctor was horrid. You have no power to heal the sick. You simply heal minor afflictions and get lucky with major ones.

This realization prompted me to requalify as a scientist. For you see there is only one way to eliminate all disease. Genetic Engineering. Cloning. The Khommites know it. The Arkanians know it. Now you know it. General Derricote and ilk like that will destroy sentient species until we adopt cloning as the means of reproduction.

I have travelled to enough worlds to learn this art. It is a science, but an art. I am both artist, scientist. Healer and Sculptor. And yet for this, I am reviled. Even Khomm and Arkania are not perfect - indeed far from it. Thus experimentation must occur in order to perfect the science of cloning. So yes, I experimented. I tried to create hybrids to unlock the secrets to the genetic code of the universe. Once we unlock those secrets, and agree to cloning as the means of reproduction we will eliminate disease. Hunger. So many things.

I have had a string of arrest warrants out for me, and only by offering my skills to the various groups have I managed to avoid them, but the Arkanians were different. They felt I insulted them. Fools. I could have given their society perfection beyond belief in time. Thankfully science officers from this Supreme Commander Wesiri found me. I took their deal. The arrest warrants against me have been fully and finally dissolved. I have even been given a small amount of credits to start my new life, and a position within a research vessel. The scientists who recruited me seemed small men, concerned with only power, but then they told me of the most wonderful thing...

A cloning program.

How my spirits soared! At last perhaps there is a place in the galaxy for Vibius. They briefed me in detail once I had accepted the offer and I am excited. I have been specifically assigned to a military man - everything in this Federation is run by the military it seems - a Vice Marshal. He has a vessel for research and development I am told. A ship is not a sprawling laboratory complex, but I suppose I am only new. I need to show these people my value. Clearly they have no moral scruples which is encouraging.

I have been contacted by an associate of this Vice Marshal and he will be in touch soon it seems. Since my arrival the Federation has made me feel welcome, and have treated me well. The Chirurgeon seems to bother them less and less. It is hardly a weapon after all. As soon as I embark on this ship I will surrender my full knowledge to these scientists. In the meantime, I am looking to purchase a small apartment. It will be nice to have a home after all these years.

These logs are created so that in the event of my passing there is an understanding of who I am, and what I am. I am not evil. I am not an insane man thinking he is doing good. I am merely a necessary evil.

Signing off,


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