Defender-class Carrier 'Shining Star' Crew Manifest

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Defender-class Carrier 'Shining Star' Crew Manifest

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Alpha Level Command Authority rests with CO: Ens. Nelen Cain (see bio)
--OOD: (OFFICER OF THE DECK): Chief Warrant Officer Denis Jourdain - Senior NCO of the bridge on duty: Direct link of the CO's authority subordinate to the XO's:
Beta Level Command Authority rest with XO: Ens. Warner Caslet:
--1O: MIDN Andrew Torrel: Assistant to the XO
-----2O: MIDN Alice Haven: Assistant to the XO

Gamma Level Command Authority rests with Dept Heads, all are equal in seniority: NAV, ENG, OPS, WEPS, FLIGHTOPS, Other : Dept Heads are listed in their assigned section.

The Command Information Center is directly allocated into the bridge section of the vessel. While it follows the customary layout of an Imperial carrier bridge the officers needed to crew it are significantly lesser then those of larger vessels. In addition to this area, The CO and XO have a small holosphere display built in middle of CIC with an integrated holodispley for necessary battlefield calculations that can be directly linked to any bridge officers systems at anytime. This capacity allows the CO the ability to review, correct or reroute necesary functions to ensure that the battlefield efficiency of the vessel's bridge crew remains in peak performance during combat situations. The command table also has direct links to engineering, damage control, Flight Ops, and Security as well as other key areas of the vessel.


CO: Ens. Nelen Cain

XO: Ens. Warner Caslet: Caslet, age twenty four, was the Chief Weaponry Officer of the previous commanding officer of the Shining Star. He was chosen to be Nelen's XO, after she took a command at vessel, for his knowledge of the crew and the ship itself. He is smiling, positive personality, with a record for "disobeying order from a superior officer and opposition to that order." That's why Nelen chose him as his XO.

1O: Midshipman Andrew Torrel - age 21, original citizen fron Kuat, and while not presently assigned to a specific bridge duty station. The Midshipman is a capable communication officer with access to many varying talents he is presently studying for her own mishipman trial review. Usually may haunt the CIC when the tactical strategies are being discussed and coordinates assistance at any station is necessary during an emergency situation. His talents are supported by the 2O. One Direct link to the NCO's onboard the Shining Star.

2O: Midshipman Alice Haven: age 19, she is a fresh rookie at her Initial Fleet Time. She's somewhat surprised to be finding herself under her present CO's command but takes things in easy going strides as she continues learning what he needs to. Is extremely gifted in the study of astrologocial formations as her family comes from generations of explorers. She want to be navigator one time.

Officer of the Deck: CWO. Denis Jourdain: Jourdain is the most overworked man on the vessel. He has to keep continually informed concerning the tactical situation and geoastrological factors that may affect safe navigation of the ship, and take appropriate action to avoid the danger of grounding or collision according to tactical doctrines, the Rules of Vectoral approaches by many of the Federations Member worlds as well as the orders of the commanding officer or other proper authority. He is the go between for operational planning and works directly with keeping contact between dept heads and the captain. In short: he's a jack of all trades. As the officer of the Deck and the most senior NCO on the ship he has many jobs to tackle and goes about them always in the proper professional manner, often (like any good officer) anticipating the needs of his commander for any data almost even before its asked for.

Despite the pressure however he's somewhat adept at juggling his responsibilities and is a great aide to Cain during the course of her duties.

Warrant Officer Third Class Karr Peterson : Chief combat systems officer, Karr is responsible for coordinating the operation, care, and maintenance of the ship’s armament and the weapons fire-control equipment. The care, handling, storage, accountability, and issue of ammunition and pyrotechnic. As well as the maintenance of magazines and the external security of the ship. She is usually located either in the crew decks overseeing the launcher and defense battery maintenance or within the bridges crew pits during battle.

Chief Petty Officer Jay Daladier : Tactical Officer, Jay is veteran from Nelen's previous ship 'Bayonet', where he serve as assistant of Tactical Officer. One of a few members of crew, which was chosen by Nelen to serve at 'Shining Star' with her, after she took a command.

Warrant Officer Second Class Benjamin Smith : Defence Systems Officer, Benjamin coordinates a flak defence of 'Shining Star'. His position is one of the toughest on the ship, because he is the one who guides and directs fire on incoming missiles and fighters and who is responsible for the survival of any one crewmember on board.

Warrant Officer Third Class Alexei Thanas : Helmsman, Thanas is the ships navigator, he's responsible for tactical coordination with obeying of all superior officers directions in order to keep the ship mobile and fighting. Step-son of Nathaniel Thanas, one of most greatest captains of Imperial Navy. His journey began in COMPNOR, and continued through Young Federation Service to Imperial Navy, where he immediately enlist in age of 17. In age of twenty three is he a veteran of five ships, three was destroyed and one scrabled (Bayonet) after critical damage in battle. And he is still alive and whole. Alex is loyal to his work, his mission; unthinking to career, which him however catch more often, than would he wish.

If the bridge and CIC are the brain of the ship then the Engineerings section is the heart of the vessel. It's main reactor supplies the much needed energy for its systems consumpition via it's hypermatter reactor. The engineering department, under the chief engineering officer, is responsible for the operation, care, and maintenance of all propulsion and auxiliarymachinery. It is also responsible for the control of damage resulting from fire, explosion, collision, and so forth.

The engineering department provided power, light,ventilation, heat, refrigeration, compressed air, and freshwater throughout the ship. And it was this place that the Captain went to check up on, as any good commanding officer had to be just as competent in the knowledge of the ship's systems as her engineer.

CHIEF ENGINEER: WOII. Shannon Foraker : Shannon have a reputation as a "tech witch", as well as the respect and appreciation of her commanding officer and rest of the crew. However, while smart and extremely competent in her field of work, Foraker was absent-minded on other issues, particularly those regarding social interaction, which characterized her as a "techno-nerd".

DAMAGE CONTROL: (DCC) : Petty Officer Jawe Dayen, is the Assistant under Foraker who oversees the Damage Control subsystems of the vessel and is basically the "tech witch" all around assistant. Probably the only person onboard, who understand Foraker and which one she talks more than six sentences to during the course of a normal day unless in an emergency.

There are four galleys and an officers mess in the Shining Star each capable of seating about a third of the crew.
Like any formal military vessel, the Shining Star runs on the stomachs of its crew. Due to the cramped and confined nature of the vessel there are no differences in eating arrangements between the crew, the pilots, nor the troopers. No special meals unless at the CO's say so which is described below. The captain of the vessel actually likes this arrangement because he feels it strengthens the bonds between all parties involved within the ships operations and allows the chain of command to keep an ear towards the crews worries and mentalities.

A separate table is set aside once per month by order of the CO for the best of crew members, pilots, and stormtrooper personnel who have been determined to have surpassed the normal scores on their monthly reviews to achieve an Exemplary Status. Each time this happens, out his own pocket, the CO provides each crew member with a drink and a high quality meal as she speaks to each and every one of them about any concerns they might have forthcoming. This is a continuation to the 'open door, "but respectful" policy the CO learned under her own former command at 'Bayonet'.

Many of the crew find this a little perplexing as normally this contrasts with the CO's 'tough as nails' reputation. Nelen considers it more a continuing project to progress a better command style on his part, even as he genuinely takes in crew concerns. Many of those who have sat and talked to her feel "The CO has got her nice calm side" - not that we ever really see it much. Usually we have to deal with the stern and strict demeanor she usually has. But I guess it just goes to prove that by doing something other officers wouldn't shows that while she's pretty tough - she's fair.

Shin: Member of unknown species most reminiscent a big hungry lizard. Unreal-skilled cook. Already, I've said he looks like a big hungry lizard?

Warrant officer Third Class (and the "Airboss") Steven Caldwell, takes the lead over all the ship wide clearance authority for flight arrivals and departures of the Shining Star. Defender-class Carrier usually possesses twelve squadron of fighters and several support shuttles that are mission specific.

The chief NCO mechanic for the shuttles and squadron assistance is Air Sergeant Anna Jarreau, former POW and NR mechanic, which was captured several years ago by captain Cain. She's good at improvising any necessary repairs with duct tape and spit if necessary to hold a cobbled wreck together... She presently is with the NIF due to legal problems in the NR.

66.1 NIF Wing "Sunspear"
CO: Wing Commander Issa Peterson
XO: Group Captain Thomas Darren, GCpt. Margareth Smith, GCpt. Jonathan Anderson

66.11 NIF Group 'Warriors of Third'
CO: GCpt. Thomas Darren
307th NIF Squadron 'Childern of Emperor' (12 T/In Mk. III)
308th NIF Squadron 'Tartaros' (12 T/in Mk. III)
309th NIF Squadron 'Cerberus' (12 T/In Mk. II)
310th NIF Squadron 'Reign of Emperor' (12 XM-1 Nova Wing Missile Boat)

66.12 NIF Group 'Defenders of Third'
CO: GCpt. Margareth Smith
311st NIF Squadron 'Camelot' (12 T/TBom)
312nd NIF Squadron 'King Arthur' (12 T/Bom Mk. II)
313rd NIF Squadron 'Merlin' (12 T/Bom Mk. II)
314th NIF Squadron 'Morgana' (12 XM-1 Nova Wing Missile Boat)

66.13 NIF Group 'Eyes of Third'
CO: GCpt. Jonathan Anderson
315th NIF Squadron 'Anderson's Sniffers' (12 TIE Lone Scout-B)
316th NIF Squadron 'Stalkers' (6 T/Van, 6 T/FC)
317th NIF Squadron 'Nightrunners' (12 T/EW)
318th NIF Squadron 'Seekers of Empire' (36 T/DR)

Major Michelle Forbes : CO of 'Shining Star' stormtrooper contingent. Major is hard and moody officer, which is described like to be sweet as grizzly bear with hemorrhoids that just incensed a cones against the grain.
Account balance: 69,420 IC
Ship's quotation: 'Without heroes, we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go.'


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