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DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Jericho Winters » 2014-06-05 02:03

This thread is open to any all players with a force sensitive character, be they a budding DT, RG, or a current Dark Jedi. The goal of this thread is not to foster a 'keeping up with the jones' but to separate several mechanisms of training for various coordinate threads that will detail learning certain abilities available to them. Also to be separate so people can work on their own time and not feel pressured more then usual to complete these linked threads. More to be explained OOC/IC. Any FS character could be in this thread with the (IC caveat) that they are referred to by an individual within the NIF's archetypal structure. For an example: Ciel being referred in by the SCO's Office. Though I will be concentrating on having my character and others learn various abilities through the usage of a blank training officer. The blank has been approved by Kane. Thank you for your time.
Nathan O'Shea, Major, NIFArmy slowly looked at his datapad for a listing of names. Names of the Federation's Finest who had been selected for a rare opportunity. Some were drawn from among the armed forces of the Federation. Some were others that the Nathan had quietly been referred to by the 'powers that be' of a certain order. Not to mention as this was the third time he had run this training program. Apparently, his methods of training DT's had garnished the attention of the Royal Guard, and from what he knew of them, the members of the Inquisition in the Ubiquitorate, and the Omega Order. Though he would never dare let that information slip.

Three days ago, all personnel had been sent a varied letter informing them of where they were supposed to be and at what time. But a few, those sent to him for training by the OOO, Royal Guard, and ISIS were asked to make themselves available at 500 listed in the communication. Those in the normal Darktrooper program would be arriving at 0600, but the participants who came at 0500 weren't supposed to know that.

Drumming his stylus on the edge of his datapad, O'Shea ventured to take a gander at his wristchrono. It was already 0400. He waited to see who would be the first to arrive.
Confidential Training, Docket #999942018J23C wrote: Enter password Authorization:******************
IMEXCO Authorization: #DGB27R18
To: ***************<Redacted under class II confidentiality>
From:<Redacted> Specwarcom, <Redacted>, <Redacted>, <redacted>, and Training officer Nathan O'Shea, Major, NIFArmy, SpecFor, VDT Regiment"<redacted:21Beta>
Subject: Report Order#48122384:

You have been selected via your commanders, either in Specwarcom, the NIF Army Special Forces Division, ISIS, or personally recommended by a current member of the Royal Guard, <Redacted> , or <Redacted> to be given special training in the Victory Dark Trooper Qualitative Assessive and Enhancement Program. There are currently only twenty slots available. Two slots have been held for specially elective candidates through the Alternate Program 23184#<Classified: Redacted>.

Your training officer has been dedicated as one Major Nathan O'Shea. You are to be readied in full combat gear and make yourself present upon the NESD Nemesis in the closed training quarters on sublevel 21 C at 0500 Sharp on *!**#*#%+,*!*#, ****** .

Upon arrival, all participants are to be cleared by medical personnel for current bill of health and be administered a test pertaining of <redacted> unless suitability has been prior ascertained.

All knowledge of this program is to be considered class III level classified and cannot be discussed unless permission is gained from the: Director General's Office(ISIS), Surface Marshall's Office, SCO, or the Emperor's Office. All Personnel are to be ready for intensive training, to be kept confidential with noted training officer in charge.

All developments of abilities will be kept classified to individuals under Tier I classification. All participants will be berthed in enclosed quarters for the duration of the training cycle unless ordered elsewhere by IMEXCO authorization. Do not reply to this message, you will be expected at the proper time.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Jericho Winters » 2014-06-08 03:22

At 0430 hours...

Two other presences made themselves known to O'Shea as he sat within the atrium which heavy doors blocked access to the inner abodes of the Nemesis. They came from the shadows, and without preamble sat next to him as they waited for the first arrivals. One, a royal guard garbed in the confines of a dark robe which marked his abilities as a shadow guard, certain in his stance and posture. The other, the one with the greatest ability between the three seemed content to let the other ones speak first.

So Nathan took the initiative, "New crop should be coming in today."

"All of them start somewhere. It's been a long time since we three have been together." the shadow guard spoke before removing his helm. Brown eyes and hair that matched O'Shea's own gazed at the other two. "My only concern is if they will prove their loyalty to the Federation, and to the Emperor. I detest having to clean up after the Inquisitors have determined if any are a threat. The last batch of infiltrators seemed to be perturbed to wake up on Dantooine with a month of changed memories thinking this place was full of medical bays with cybernetics."

Nathan wryly smirked,
"In some places it is. In others it isn't brother Caspian."

"Of course not, I just find it troublesome." the shadow guard now identified as Caspian O'Shea, "I wonder why we allow training at the Nexus on the Nemesis anymore now that we've spent billions of credits constructing places like the Grand Garang Imperial Base."

The three looked at each other then let out a snort as if mentioning some private joke. With the building of many world bound academies the official statement to the army was that major sections of the Nemesis' old training rooms and grounds would be re-purposed to other things until new systems of the Federation's flagship were upgraded. For indeed the 'Nexus' as they called it was just as old as anything aboard the venerable ship and had survived its numerous upgrades in the past. After all, the 'Nexus' as it were was the interconnected series of rooms, training grounds, laboratories, never plotted medical bays and bacta tanks, lifts that were only connected to the stations the royal guard used to forever remain vigilant in their guardianship of the Emperor and his family.

Many simply referred to it as the 'out of bounds' portion of the Nemesis that few ever dared tread. Indeed if the emperor took select dark jedi into his private grounds for training they almost never would have known that below that level were several levels and sublevels of an internal hive for supporting the training of the many force sensitive royal guards, Inquisitors, and dark troopers that served a double purpose as far as Nathan could tell.

Why would the 'Nexus' have been slowly expanded after the commissioning of the Cerberus? or to put it more succinctly, "Why would the Emperor keep about just over a thousand and a half force sensitive memembers of the royal guard, darktroopers, and inquisitors constantly training nearby. Even a tiny elite like the Royal Guard numbers in the hundreds at the very least, while dark jedi were just a handful of individuals , it was pretty clear which one is the more exclusive club.

But by having 'lesser force sensitives' around Nathan knew at any time the Emperor could tap into their energies if need be.

Some, though they never mentioned it more then once would view the 'Nexus' as nothing more then a giant battery for the Emperor of the Federation to use as he saw fit. Many who stayed within it's demesne would gradually find themselves becoming more and more loyal to the man upon the throne, if only basking in the presence of his aura. Masked as it was so high above them all.

If a dark jedi did enter here, well they would find a much different measure then what was available on the cerberus. For in the Nexus was the constant jostling and subversion for training, as well as constant vieing for power and position. Though not as many deaths occurred, the Federation did not waste resources.

No, if a dark jedi stepped into the tangled web of this place, they could find a so called 'lesser' force sensitive proficient in training in any skill they could imagine. It's just that those individuals would have taken the time, and the opportunity to learn on their own apart from what was usually disseminated quickly to the trainees.

"What do you think Horae? Will any of them be trouble?"

The third man, now identified by the name of Horae, lowered the cowl of his robes peering at the other two men for a moment. His features resembled the other pair for a good reason. "My brothers, one thing I have learned is that there is always trouble.You have no idea how many lives I have ended to preserve the secrecy of the Nexus, dear borthers. How many others I have seen ruined or discredited. How much damage or loss of property and life has been done to keep it safe. There is an entire division under my command whose sole purpose is to prevent anyone realizing the complexity of what is done down here. The entirety of its purpose has never been exposed because we are ruthless, thorough, subtle and above all Impartial." the robed man spoke. Nathan had heard it all before. How could one not when faced with one of his only two brothers?

"Yes, it is the most guarded conclave of force sensitives in the Federation after the Cerberus after all. Even those that dwell upon the Cerberus rarely enter it's halls and when they do it's usually from the top."

"By design I imagine." the shadow guard said with another snort.

The other man shrugged, "Though orders from the top say to be ... thorough with this group. They must be prepared to face brewing threats.

Nathan furrowed his brow."There are always threats brewing. Why would these be any different?"

His brothers both shrugged noncommitedly before one spoke, "There's always rumors, but they are always unsubstantiated. I would simply train this crop to be the best you can."

He arched an eyebrow, "Are you sure? Knowledge is power..."

"...Guard it well." the other two echoed. It was the truth, aside from the basic things taught to every darktrooper, every royal guard, or every Inquisitor normally not affiliated with the Ubiquitorate many of the skills that could be taught by various people in the Nexus would always come at a price for the learner. Normally they'd be sent on tasks that tested their mettle.

Nathan sat back and ruminated a bit, "Then I may have to forgo the usual scary speech at the beginning for those who aren't darktroopers that have been sent for the V-DQAE this time. Even if there's always a few royal guards sent through it to learn the basics." The V-DQAE (pronounced 'V-kewh') was an acronym for the Victory Dark Trooper Qualitative Assessment and Enhancement Program was the basic entry level for any force sensitive member of the Federations less 'cliqueish' organs for force sensitives.

Though a budding Dark Jedi would certainly benefit from being present through it.

It consisted of a series of trials, and basic assessments that matched force sensitives with the best training programs that fit them. But was kept classified for various reasons, due to the growing trend to distrusting force users in the military arms of the federation.

There were reasons, and that would be explained to the recruits when they got here. He glanced at his wrist chrono to note that is was now approaching 0450. "The so called Alternate programs' crop will be here soon at 0500. I won't be cleared for their files until they actually arrive. The ones already slated for the victory darktrooper program will be arriving at 0600. I'll be using a bit of the atrium for a demonstration. Will you two be joining me?"

"I'll watch from the shadows," Caspian, the shadow guard said. "Just to see if any of them are capable of seeing me. Those who successfully notice we might ... watch to see if their training can be... enhanced enought to prove useful against future crisis."

"I myself will be watching from above in the viewing room. It seems odd to greet them at the Atrium to the Nexus, I will admit I am interested in many who might show up." Horae said before the Inquisitor walked towards a door on the side wall which lead to an observation area. As his footsteps faded away his voice came back across the distance in Nathan's mind. "I only wish we could put every dark jedi through what these 'simpler' trainees are about to go through. At least it would go a long way to proving they'd remain loyal."

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2014-11-11 08:15

Moira walked silently blindfolded down the halls of the Nemesis, her hands clasped tightly behind her back, trying to ignore the doubts and questions that plagued her mind. A quartet of guards flanking her as they delivered her to the force knew where. She was tired, bored, and even more exhausted then she had once believed she could be even after a three hour dip in bacta to ward off the dangers of exposure. She had never been upon the Nemesis and was very anxious. She couldn't shake the feeling as if every area of the ship was being watched. But she was anticipating the moment she would finally understand where she was being lead to, and what changes in her life was going to happen.

Finally, the sound of the guard's feet stopped, and the blindfold was lifted.

She was in a rather large room, with a series of flowing fountains that brooked the long sides of room where statues of smooth stone seemed to tower over the individual. A measure of intimidation that reminded her of old sith ornamentation one might see at an old temple. Wall sconces seemed to burn with the fire of red torchlight colored glowbulbs, which made sense considering the difficulties of having an actual fire aboard a spaceship. Though idea that was rebuked by the presence of a single large urn with what looked like fuel logs. Though it remained unlit.

She saw the towering figure of a darktrooper mk III droid in back of a rather plain looking black haired man with Major's stripes who was looking down at a datapad which chimed at her presence. The man quickly dismissed the four guards who brought her here. Suspicious in that regard she tried to espy any other person or thing in the room which might be monitoring the situation. Surely, after being dragged from the icy storm no one would truly have just given her such leeway to wander around?

To her far left she saw another man she seemed to recognize as one she had met on the last mission, a certain man named Cremsey that didn't seem to like her very much. He only seemed to be staring haughtily, if not albeit straight out arrogantly in her direction.

The echani shook her head to brush that aside, trying to take a gander at the rest of the area. Her eyes hurt as she looked into the shadows, as if they were pained when she looked at a single place that seemed to warp her perceptions. She remembered her time with the old Inquisitor when he used to play such tricks with his subordinates.

"Is something wrong, trainee? Are you not curious why you're here?"
"Uhm , yes, but I don't know." She arched a finger in the direction of the distortion, "Is someone there? It's hard to see like my eyes are trying to shy away from that location."

The man's seemed to smile, "Ah so one passed the first test, it seems. Don't draw any more attention to that test when the other's arrive."

"Others? Shouldn't the entire group have been here, first?"

"All Alternate route candidates are brought here an hour early so their specific..." the man coughed, "circumstances may be discussed beforehand. However , I do know one candidate for the darktrooper training program that was brought here two hours early for testing. If you both would follow me I'd like to talk while we walk. I'll bring you guys back in an hour for the same orientation we give to the rest of the group at one time."

Moira nodded her assent and immediately stepped forwards to fall in behind the Major, as Cremsey seemed to seethe and grumble a moment before following suit. Two large double doors at the end of the Atrium hissed as the haudralics cycled. The cast red ambient light of the wall sconces seemed to make the opening of them symbolic in some ominous fashion. She suppressed a shiver as the sound of clashing steel began to make its way to her ears as she followed through the door.

"Welcome to the Nexus. "
"Stupidity is, by far, the greatest destructive force in the history of mankind."

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Jericho Winters » 2014-11-11 08:38

O'Shea eyed the two individuals which had been brought down to "From this point on, you may call me by rank of Major, and my last name of O'Shea, or Sir. Is that clear candidate trainees?" Two nods of assents, followed his proclamation. He took a moment to lead them to a side passageway where a series of observation windows lead to a series of chambers, each one set up differently; some with weights and treadmills for training areas. Others seemed almost completely covered with a thin layer of water, others indeed seemed to possess grated centers where steam, seemed to obscure everything from the eyes to see.

But of the myriad number of rooms, Nathan O'Shea lead the pair to an observation window where down below a man was sitting at a table across from another. A glass of water , and a leaf laid out on the table as if they were expectant of something.

"Here is the initial room many are tested in. A simple test if you actually try to follow directions. Isn't that right Miss Drakengard?"

He eyed the white haired young lady out of the corner of his eye before glancing down to open her file. The young lady had quite a history both with the Federation and it's enemies, though was converted by a dark jedi who later had gone rogue with another traitor. Semi-adopted by her current guardian, the head of ISIS Crystala Endivain, and slowly being deprogrammed from everything that had gone on in her life before.

However, there were several notations about her creative adaptations to play with the rules, but such was not his concern. There was a note in her file that she would learn, and if she couldn't control her abilities then she would be Neutralized. As for this Cremsey, his file was a bunch of blacked out lines, as well as the results of a Case Zero Investigation against him a few months back. One he passed , and as a result was to be rewarded with a bit of training of his own to reaffirm his loyalty to the Federation and H.I.M Kane I.

Both were interesting figures. But then again so was the person in the room below. "Any answer, Miss Drakengard?"

"Yes, cooperating on such a test the first time is much better when it's properly explained to you why you are doing or learning such a thing. It certainly beats the consequences, isn't that right Major O'Shea Sir." He noticed her shudder once before looking back over her shoulder where Nathan knew his brother Caspian was watching, he knew on the observation deck above this one Horae would be gauging the development of these two very carefully.

'This one might be trouble brother, but her potential for spotting me might make her go far.'
'Indeed, Brother.'
'I may take a personal interest in her training myself.'
'Whilst I might monitor both for troubles.'

"You would know best to that, young lady. Think of your prior experience as a warning not to cross certain lines again. In some things obedience and secrecy must be ensured." He stared at the echani coldly, watching the young girl swallow once hard before nodding to show here acquiescence before he continued. "As it stands I hope you are aware we are harder on any members of the so called 'alternate' program. There must be clear cut dividends for investing our time and resources in your training. I expect much from both of you, and for you to not question any of the Instructors here. Be they from the Darktrooper program , a royal guard, or an Inquisitor. Just remember, for the force nothing is an absolute reality, everything is permitted. You will go as far as you can only on your own merits. Learn everything, study, understand, and put what you learn here into practice. For you will be tried, molded, and tested.

But what you end up as is solely in your own hands as failure comes with a heavy price."

Both of the candidates remained quiet for a moment, the time of silence seemed to drag on for quite awhile before he directed their attention once again to the scene below. "Careful now, this is the good part. I want you to observe what happens and tell me what you can afterwards."

All three sets of eyes stared down into the room below.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Jericho Winters » 2014-11-22 23:41

"So, run that by me one more time, Sir?"

The man across the table shrugged as if such a reaction was commonplace among those who he saw everyday at this step. "Of course, as you know the Federation has two types of Darktroopers in their employ, Exogen - Class which utilize various cybernetic upgrades and Victory class which are taught more esoteric ways to strengthen their abilities. At this time, Command is considering you for the Victory Class Qualitative Assessment and Enhancement with subsequent enrollment in the elements of training Victories undergo to utilize and tap into the energy field known as the 'force.'"

"You're kidding me. I thought for sure I'd be delegated to the Exogens simply due to my own... past enhancements."

The man nodded, "Usually, we'd have those with prior cybernetic enhancement go forwards into the Exogen program, however, due to the nature of genetically altered tissues and the nature of your prior enhancements, MedCom notes their similarities to many old republic biogenic changes pioneered by the early Arkanians. Old Republic records show that biogenics did not destroy a being's capabilities to use the force if they were altered by biogenic enhancement. Command is interested in assessing whether or not your type of enhancements might be an alternative to help repair force sensitive darktroopers and royal guards who have received combat related injuries. However, they need to first determine if those with biogenically altered replacement tissue with nervous system connections are still capable of manipulating the energies that come along with force sensitivity. Since we recovered the initial doctor who designed your cybernetics, the option is one we wish to explore though I can assure you we're not barbaric enough to have any danger to you.."

Winters nodded to himself, pondered his next question , then waved his hand through the air as if noting something."Okay, I can see no harm in an experiment like that, since you're not going to carve me up or something. But how would I even know if I'm force sensitive anyways?"

"Good Question." The man said before raising a hand in Jericho's Direction. "Perhaps you should get a drink of water first before we begin this test. You can already see I've got a leaf and a glass of water for you."

"Yeah ..." Winters just stared at the man, "But I'm not that thirsty. What's the leaf for anyways?"

The man waved his hand again, "But you really should get a drink of water first. Proper hydration is good for a soldier."

Winters arched an eyebrow, then shook his head."No thank you sir, I took two liters of water before this. So is this supposed test supposed to mean I might be force sensitive?"

"Well..." the figure paused, "Yes, but so was that nice resistance to a simple mind trick there. Now I'm rather interested in the next part. We call it a leaf on the water test. Normally a participant is supposed to drop the leaf into the glass, then hold their hands around the glass without touching it. After that we ask them to start to relax, close their eyes and try to call upon the force. Normally described to them as their flow, without trying to manipulate it into anything else. Then, a reaction usually happens. For most victory dark troopers, we try to ascertain if they've called upon the force subconsciously before, usually asking them to remember a time they achieved a bit of hyper clarity. It could take a few minutes, maybe an hour. As long as the subject is willing to put aside their mind's business and make the attempt something usually occurs."

Winters blinked a moment. Then he quietly lifted up the leaf and stared at it before dropping it into the glass of water. "That's kind of a clinical explanation which is rather sparse on details."

"We don't go much into the philosophy of the force, except in special cases; usually dark troopers and royal guard's are taught to a modicum of battlefield efficiency. We'll go more into that later. Now let's start the test. As you just dropped the leaf in, put your hands around the glass and start trying to draw upon the force, or close your eyes and just meditate awhile before you try."

Sighing, and feeling rather dumb, Winters wondered if anything would actually come from this crazy venture. It did seem a little silly to him. There was no reason in his life he would have ever expected to be able to tap into the mumbo jumbo of the force. It was ludicrous!

"Clear your thoughts, and meditate a while. Try to find the well of power, close to your navel and pull that power out up through your shoulders and down to your hands, just like the blood flowing in your veins... whether they're biogenically engineered muscle or not it still possesses your d.n.a."

Feeling like even more of a fool Winters tried to meditate as he had learned long ago to help aid him as a stress reliever, concentrating on breathing slowly to calm his nerves and dampen the beat of his heart. He tried to clear his mind, shuddering a little as a vague sense of ice came to chill upon the hairs of his skin as a shudder ran through his body. He felt cold, like he had never felt aboard the Nemesis before and his body's reaction was instinctive. Almost like an oily presence was coating his skin. But he ignored it, instead searching within himself for any form of power that was supposed to dwell within him.

When he did feel a bit different sensation, a bit of pins and needles near the core of his being he pulled at it as best he could. it was like molassess crawling through his body as it settled itself to creep up his spine. He tried to control it's direction , thrusting the strange sensation towards his hands and fingers before trying to clear his mind to maintain the sensation. Though for a second he would wonder if anything had happened at all.

"Very good, Mr. Winters. Keep the flow and open your eyes."

Opening his eyelids, Winters felt a sense of lethargy about him as he stared down into the cup of water where the leaf was turning about it's axis. The water inside swished in two circular motions, one clockwise, one counterclockwise as it melted into a small deluge in the center. He just stared at the cup, wondering if he really had caused any of that.

"I wonder, are you ambidextrous Mr. Winters?"

Startled by the question his concentration broke, and the reaction stopped just as quickly as it had started. He nodded as the only means of reply as he turned his palms over. Just looking at them to see if there wasn't any kind of trick to this. "Good, that would explain it. Normally a right handed user has the swirl go one way, and the left handed user has the swirl go another. Remember how it felt to call upon your Flow, Mr. Winters. It shall help you in the following weeks for your training as a victory dark trooper. As it is, it seems you have quite a talent with Manipulation. Though we don't know if your enhancements would limit the total amount of potential you might be able to achieve I think there is a good chance for you to develop some skills as a dark trooper. I'll be interested in seeing how far you'll progress. Very interested indeed."

It took a moment for Winters to force his confusion to be at bay. Winters nodded to himself and took a final glance at his hands before pulling back on the novatrooper gloves he wore. Slowly he stood up, removed his helmet from the c-clip on his belt and placed it on his head. Standing at attention before the red robed officer of the Royal Guard. "Requesting Orders, Sir?"

The Royal guard rose to his feet. "You'll be following me to join the other trainees in the forum in less then an hour for orientation to the Nexus. Then you'll be under the command of several training instructors. You're DT Unit will join you there."

Without further ado, the Royal Guard strode from the room with Winters on his heels.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2014-11-23 20:47

During the testing of the individual below, Moira had watched the situation carefully. For a moment she relived the stupidity of her own aborted testing, and shuddered at the thought of her own stubborn actions almost ensuring her demise. Her fears came crashing down on her like a wave, as she pondered it would be just as easy to get rid of her now as it had been then. She'd been so caught up in the moment going with her first instincts to not do something she thought as 'worthless' at the time. She should have gone with her first instincts and immediately asked to contact Crystala. If only for some way to go to her new 'mother' if just for some guidance.

But no, she wanted to solve her own problems herself, while not letting any of the bastards know of her own abilities. Her real mother's old adage came back to her mind; 'Never give someone what you weren't willing to give.'

Moira stared down at the room below, an acrid tang came to her senses in a way she couldn't describe every time the red robed figure below raised an arm towards the sitting man. A slight ripple in her mind felt like a fluttering of butterflies deep within one stomach, only this was in her head, as it only lasted for a moment or two before it subsided. The echani girl tried to focus on the feeling, wondering what it was when she saw the black armored man reach to place his hands around the glass. She waited patiently using her eyes to watch from the angle as the feeling returned. This time feeling sort of metallic, and a little 'off' in some way she wouldn't have been able to put into words at this time if she tried.

But with the penultimate cresting of the feeling of butterflies frothing about, Moira was able to connect two things. The water in the glass began swirling at the same time she could sense the sensation she had felt before. The same sensation she felt buzzing around her in these halls. Logically, she could only come to one conclusion, 'gut jumping' as her parents called it when on missions she was willing to take a leap of inferences to come to a conclusion with only partial amounts of evidence before her.

The young woman was feeling that strange sensation when people around her were using the force in some way that she could tell there was a disruption nearby. Though she assumed a proficient user might block the ability of others to sense their machinations some how. The sensation she felt ended as the man's concentration was broken and he stood up.

The Major didn't speak until the pair below had vacated the room. "So, Mr. Cremsey, Miss Drakengard, can you tell me what you have observed?"

"The water in the glass moved when the tester was channeling what I'd presume to be the force."

From the corner of her eye, she saw the Major nod his head slowly, "Such an assumption on the visual cues would be correct. The one being tested did call upon his flow. But soon you will be taught to look deeper into such thing's Mr. Cremseys. Now, what else did one observe in that room?" The imposing figure turned towards her. "What did you observe?"

"The glass wasn't the only time the force was used in the room. Whenever the royal guard raised their hand towards the black clad trooper I felt something strange, a sensation like a buzzing of wasps but not in my ears, nor like how one feels in their stomach when one is nervous." She pinched the bridge of her nose, shaking her head as if to clear it as her senses unwilling extended. Her mind noting various hives of gnat like sensations all around them. Taking a deep breath to steady herself she continued. "Then there was the test itself, I felt something similar, but from the dark armored one instead. It's kind of hard to put it down to one thing as if feels like the same thing is happening around us too, just like static one can ignore because it's farther away."

She took a few deep breaths to steady herself as the Major stared in her direction before looking down to type a few notes in his datapad. She simply waited wondering if it had been her imagination. "Very good young lady. What you have done is a basic skill, though one we don't normally train any but the royal guard and the Inquisitors in it. Those in the Dark trooper program are rarely given an introduction to the theory and are asked to develop it on their own or if they can prove themselves to be worthy of being trained by those who know it. It's an ability colloquially described as 'Sensing the Force.'

Take notes Mr. Cremsey, I'm only going to explain this once to you both. Normally this skill is taught by teaching a force sensitive to gradually force themselves to be aware of the ripples and eddies of others in the force, especially when they or others are using it. This can be done a certain number of ways, though sometimes such sensitivity to one's connection is increased by constantly teaching a student to lower their defenses, eventually using their own force of will to shave their mental defenses away to almost nothing in order to deprive them of any protection from their ability to detect the force. Then, they are taught to build back up their barriers. Most students never are able to lower their barriers completely to subsume themselves in the force.

However, it's unsurprising to me that you are unusually sensitive to the force at this time young lady. After all, the secondary effects due to the harshness of your awakening to your powers is something that will be quite difficult for you to overcome.

For you, will have to fight tooth and nail, not to lower your barriers, but to reestablish them. I would say you should try to limit the sensations you feel by limiting your awareness of them, but don't shut yourself off from this ability entirely. It will prove useful even if I believe you will have the harder task then the way most are trained in this skill. As for Mr. Cremsey, I just gave him a clue how to better his own training."

Moira could feel a twisting sensation in the pit of her stomach at the man's words as a sense of disorientation came to her. But she concentrated on breathing to ride out the wave of passing dizziness. Swallowing a bit she simply nodded at the Major's words of guidance before forcing her legs to stop trembling. The echani had more questions for the man then she knew how to deal with, but right now it felt like she was on a life raft lost in a hurricane on Manaan. She had a sudden feeling of nausea and stumbled a half step. Moira had to apply an extreme use of self control to keep herself from throwing up because of the sensations rocking her awareness, but somehow she managed it.

Only to find that the Major had reached over to place a single finger on her arm. She could feel a soothing presence reaching for her mind, swaddling it in protective, yet unobtrusive layers, in an instant from that single touch before the contact was abruptly cut. "Easy, steady yourself Trainee. Now, I believe it's time we made our way back to the Atrium. The rest should be gathering now. I feel the explanations and demonstrations the other trainees will receive shall prove... useful to both of you as well."

The Major spoke no more before turning himself towards the way they had come and began to strode off. She was about to follow when she felt herself get shouldered out of the way. Glaring daggers at the other man she had to bite her tongue when Cremsey sneered at her and whispered. "Aren't you old enough to stand on your own two feet, Rookie? You're not a toddler anymore. Or is it that you just wanted to swoon for the officers here?"

Her eyes narrowed as a brief moment of anger came to her. Her hands fisted as she prepared a scathing retort, but then looking past the man she saw the Major pause, turning half way back in their direction. Cremsey humphed once before starting to walk away. Swallowing her pride the echani began to stumble after, taking a moment to simply breathe and concentrate putting one foot in front of the other.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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At Day I, 05:55 hours...

It seems our resident former department 0451, is kind of irritated at the young one's presence.' Nathan felt his brother's thoughts projected to him, along with a sense of the Royal Guard's amusement. For the moment he was simply assured they were watching and waiting for events to take their course as they went about their duty to the Emperor and the Federation.

For the most part he had ignored the interchange between the two, knowing that conflict bred many paths to strengthen oneself such rivalries were merely other tests a trainee must overcome. But it seemed his brother desired some response. 'Most certainly, no one likes to think another may already be ahead of them. Such jealousy will bear watching. If it is a weakness-'

"We'll carve such weakness from him lest he prove useless.' the distant echo of the royal guard's thoughts took on a contemptuous tone. 'The fool doesn't even realize the Echani girll is already in dire straits. It is only her present condition that has increased her sensitivity at all. It is a wise thing you did brother, to use the force to Revitalize her. I'm glad to see you have been practicing. Otherwise she might have already have collapsed.'

Nathan O'Shea furrowed his brow, seeking a bit of guidance he sent his thoughts down the well worn connections he possessed with his brothers. 'Of course, as we three are primary trainers for the Nexus, it is our duty to be ready for any eventuality, including injury in a trainee. My only question right now is whether or not you believe she will she last long enough to be here with the rest for my little orientation speech?'

It wasn't Caspian who answered his query, but rather the stern voice of Horae , the Inquisitor which came through. 'A room is already being prepared. Just know she'll last long enough for us to place her in a healing trance later. For now, clear it from your thoughts, the other trainees are arriving at the Atrium now. I have taken the liberty to acquire demonstration aides for your use and have already have ensured they have been moved there as well.'The touch of the mind reminding him like the oil from a snake's skin. Such was the only way the Major would ever describe it, though it would not do for him to ever tell his brother such.

For a moment, the Major puzzled over the others words. But such puzzlement was quickly dismissed in favor of gaining a query to his two siblings. 'Normally we hold off on demonstrations till after their initial tests. To establish a baseline of their own abilities first.'

"But in this crop, we need to be... more thorough. It cannot hurt them to realize why we will teach certain skills so they may gain insight into the learning of others. Instead, it should provide one more incentive to achieve. Should it not brothers?'

'Indeed. Now I believe it's time for you to begin Nathan.'

Without bothering to reply, Nathan focused on the present as the Atrium doors opened to allow him to view a sight that not many but the upper brass of the Federation had seen. Close to thirty men and women, standing at attention in full uniform. Most dressed in Stormtrooper gear, some red armored, some the black of nova troopers, and others the dull mask of army and intelligence commandos. One or two had the tell tale markings of armored infiltration suits. Five ranks six deep. Each one geared as instructed for combat. Each one standing at attention. Behind those already slated for the Dark Trooper Program stood the armored skull like visages of two-point-nine meter tall suits. The droid optics slated behind tinted eyepieceswhirred silently, their heads tilted as they focused their gaze upon him. The only moving target in the room.

Without further ado,the Major motioned for the two Alternates to take their place in the first row.

Major O'Shea just stood there at the massive doors which marked the entrance to the Nexus that lay within the bowels of the NIFSS Nemesis as he watched the Trainees standing there. His hands were clasped behind his back, his legs slightly spread as he waited for the last of the Trainees to come in. Behind the visor of his own dark colored stormtrooper helmet his drifted to the atrium seeing the holoprojectors which were usually enabled to mask the entire room as just one of the many training facilities were now set to something different, projecting a ghost of his image above the heads of the masses of the assembled personel. The demesne bare instead of the usual light laced masterpoice that masked the portal into the bowels of the 'off limits' part of the Federation's Flagship.

Privately, this sort of technology amazed him, even now. Had the old Empire possessed it's functions aboard each and every ship he was sure it would have taken much longer for the Rebels to push the waning forces of its decayed husk back to the areas of the former Imperial Remnant. The myriad number of training rooms worked by using a combination of computer algorithms, real-time data feed, environmental controls, and hard-light technologies to allow for on the fly alterations and the creation of a living battlefield at a moment's notice. Without that camoflauge the Atrium looked smaller but far more imposing with the statuary along the walls, the red shades of the sconceces seeming to forbode a change to any who entered here. Behind him the doors to the Nexus were closed with a hiss. The entranceway far behind the men seemed to be waiting for something to signal it's own delination. remained open till the last second it could.

And well it should, since any who entered here left changed forever. Be it in death, or something else. O'Shea sighed and resisted the urge to shake his head in front of the troops as the clock on his internal HUD changed to read oh- six-hundred hours. Like clockwork the doors behind those assembled shut,hissing with their hydraulics as the chamber went silent. He still waited, peering towards those assembled, letting the silence begin to say more then he could as his internal chrono ticked to oh-six-hundred and one.

"Attention!" he barked. There was the sound of sixty armored boots slamming against the deck, hands flying up to salute. He waited a moment. "At ease Trainees." He'd delivered the basics of this speech a hundred times in his head since he had taken over as a head training officer in the Nexus, but still Nathan O'Shea felt himself oddly nervous. His brothers had noted more then once that he didn't really "do" speeches. Tending to deliver the information properly without pomp or circumstance. But for now, he had to be careful. He had to be exact, using his words as weapons to slice into the minds of those in front of him, knowing as always these things were recorded for all sorts of use by those above. Including the Emperor's staff.

"Most of you think you know why you're here." he said, looking from one end of the formation in front of him and letting his gaze slowly drift across them all. "You believe you are here, because the Federation feels doesn't feel that you are performing within the parameters as expected for the pinnacle of the Federation's Army, ISIS, and other units that make up it's Special Action Teams and Special Forces." The Major paused. "You're right. They are right. War is more then just tactcs and strategy. It is logistics, economics, and politics and the fact is that the Federation has invested the resources of over Fifty Nova Troopers... over one hundred Elite Troopers, and over one thousand standard Enlisted Army Troopers or other front line combat or supporting intelligence personnel in each and every one of you. And those resources are wasted if any one of you dies needlessly."

He paused, allowing that to sink in. A few of those in the ranks shifted, and he could see those not wearing helmets ran the gauntlet of emotions from stoic to confused. He mentally sighed. An understanding of large scale logistical implications might be in order from some of them it seemed, and he made a mental note to perhaps incorporate a historical lesseon on what happened when a military power became overly reliant on complex, high cost ''wonder weapons and super soldiers" and 'dark jedi" that didn't pan out.

"Aside from a very short minority of you, all of you are here to here to increase your standing and ascend to one of the pinnacles of the special forces; that of a Victory class dark trooper. What this means is that in order for the Federation to justify spending so many resources on you, that you, as Victories, must be worth that level of resource commitment. You must accomplish goals that no one else can, execute missions where all others would fail." He paused again. "Your current commanders and I are in agreement. Your training must be enhanced. Sarapin should have been a wakeup call for many of you. Our enemies are intelligent and cunning. Just because they are somewhat fanatical in their own beliefs of trading safety for ever increasing amounts of freedom does not make them any less dangerous."

"The first thing that needs to be done is to increase your survivability in combat. And that begins by correcting an oversight that many of you and sadly your commanders suffer from. It is true that when first deployed in battle, a squad of twelve Darktroopers eliminated all rebel resistance on the planet Takay while suffering no losses and leaving no surivors. It is true that, Darktroopers are extensions of the Emperor's will, ferociously assaulting with no regards to losses until the enemy has been exterminated. But it is absolutely FALSE to think that such a concept means blatantly charging at the enemy and overwhelming them with sheer firepower. " His eyes settled on a few of the current darktroopers in the ranks. "For example: there are reports of some current exogen and Victory's eschewing the use of their armor during times that while on their operations they erroneously believe they do not need such a thing.

Especially while on duty guarding a base or beginning a night time reconnaisance from afar. The current suit is a technological marvel that is designed to assist you in such functions. A few even being coated with Reflec on occasion to help you mask your presence in apart to other abilities you will learn here. I do not know where this... unusual habit started, or why your superiors have not corrected it before now. On duty, your droid warsuit is part of your uniform and while here you will start wearing it at all times during training sessions if not specifically instructed to disembark from them. Any questions?"

"But we wear the damn things enough during operations." someone cursed.

The major growled and pressed a button on his datapad as a series of pictures came up with service ID's. All of them bore the marker for 'DECEASED.' "Can anyone guess what these men died from?"

There was silence before another trooper spoke up. "All of them were shot sir, probably when not wearing proper armor or headgear."

"Exactly. the Major nodded. "Your Darktrooper mark III armor wardroid is a masterpiece of military technology, all of it designed to enhance the speed , strength, stamina, and life span of the user under combat situations. So I assume this strange habit was formed during a few of your initial trainging which will be pointed out to the relevant commanders, so that future dark trooper trainees will not develop such a habit. Even the light armor of our more intelligence equipped commandos is geared towards assisting one's survival. So the moral of this story is..." He paused for a moment. "If you have been issued armor or gear that has the goal of keeping you alive in the field. Then wear it. If for some reason you are suited up inside a dark trooper mk III then the only time you get out of it is if you are already armored in some other way. Including with a helmet." He tapped the breastplate of his own Nova armor to clarify.

The major wondered the same thing he wondered when he began taking over Darktrooper training courses after Sarapin. He wondered how some of those already with Darktrooper mk III wardroids had wound up in his bivoac for training in the first place with such bad habits. Was it a matter of trainers being forced to rush them into service in a desperate attempt to shore up the Federations' Special Forces Infantry? A case of the overseers turning them out only partially finished with the belief that they could learn more on the job and in the field?

Perhaps it was held mired in the intransigence of some of those in command positions who erroneously believed all a victory darktrooper had to know and be trained with was the ability dark ball. That many of the people who enrolled in their corps started to treat themselves as miniature dark jedi.

Oh the ignorant fools.

Historically Dark Troopers were meant to tackle and support 'higher' operatives against an enemy that would require training that would give a fire team of dark troopers the ability to take on an individual with the old jedi order's initiate level of training standard. Often times supporting Shadow guards, and the Empire Reborn's shadow troopers to assist in the hunting of force sensitive foes. Be they among the trappings of neo-barbaroid Nightsisters and Night brothers of Dathomir, to Jensarai , to any of the other numerous force sects besides the Jedi that Palpatine's New Order sought to dominate and exterminate under the head of the Old Empire's Inquisition.

Darktrooper's were not just the leading edge of the next generation of stormtrooper, they were trained in tactics which were meant to back up the Old Empire's and it's Remnant Warlord's Inquisitorial functions. A fire team of four should realistically be able to hold off a knight and their padawan, and easily take on an Old Republic's Initiate, who by the time they were considered for being taken as a padawan usually possessed years of force training under their belts. Usually in the ability to enhance their minds, bodies, and healing. Giving the average escaped Initiate the better ability then most trained force users of the Federation.

No, Darktroopers, by the very nature of their mission had to be trained to battlefield level competency. Especially in the prerequisite functions. Truth be told, if he had his choice on the subject, O'Shea would have every dark jedi walk into the halls of the Nexus before they were granted the 'easier' path of becoming dark jedi. Perhaps this misunderstanding came from the fact that a dark trooper should be able to handle an old order jedi padawan with two years of training under their master, about half the usual time it took for a padawan to reach the minor age to take their tests of knighthood. A royal guard likewise should be able to slow or handle a knight and his padawan alone. While obvious Masters or Grandmasters of the force would make them prove almost useless save as an obstacle in the enemy's way.

Regardless of the origin of these misconceptions, it was a shortcoming that had to be corrected. Even if a darktrooper's ability to handle a dark ball technique was only a milestone to their true understanding of the force. Dark Troopers were already bequeathed with a variety of tools to enhance their durability when using the Mk III warsuit. It only served that Victory's would learn the more defensive aspects of force techniques, culminating in the penultimate technique(at least for them) of wrapping themselves in the shields of the force.

A true counterpoint to the royal guard who took even greater leaps of training to train within the more offensive capabilities of the force. It was why he had so many royal guard trainees sent to him first before they were schooled by those within the guard itself here within the Nexus.

But he digressed. Pitching his voice low the Major began to speak in earnest. "Capability breeds Survivability. Survivability breeds operational longevity. Operational Longevity is a hallmark of good training. Anything not indicative of good training must be corrected as poor training equates to needless deaths on the battlefield. Worse still, it can shatter the 'myth' of Dark trooper invulnerability. Of being an unstoppable force. Mark my words; a darktrooper is tough, fast, and difficult to kill, but we are not invincible, not literally. However, the skill in which we operate, the casualties that we inflict upon the enemies we face over years of conflict. Our ability to sneak into seemingly any Rebel, or pirate fortification, no matter how well defended , and accomplish our objectives near flawlessly, and the terror that we inflict upon the survivors on the rarest occasion we leave behind has created a mythology and a legend around the word 'dark trooper.' Rebel Commandos are awary of our presence, special forces teams lose their usual recklessness and bravadao, and the cannon fodder of their defense forces would go into a near panic at the mere thought that a 'darktrooper' might be in the area, let alone a group of them."

"It is a force multiplier that the Federation, cannot afford to let lose it's meaning to the enemy. That psychological edge, being able to put the fear of whatever god your enemy believes in into them at the mere sight or rumor of you is a potent force multiplier. Fear makes the enemy sloppy, prone to panic, and irrational in action and thought. It makes the enemy less effective, easier to corral, easier to kill, easier to outwit. If the Darktroopers of the Federation continue to suffer casualties to the degree they had before Sarapin, then that critical edge will be lost!" The major declared putting fire into and behind his words."If that edge is lost then the enemy will eventually overcome their panic and their fear and come to accept the presence of a Darktrooper not as some unstoppable hellish juggurnaut, come to claim their souls, but just another average foe, albeit one with a higher than average degree of training and a fancy suit of armor. That in turn will snowball, making the enemy rally faster, fight harder and result in more casualties until eventually some one at the top of the Command Line would put a half baked mass produced schmuck into a set of armor, coat it red, and turn them all into beserkers creating even more of a feedback loop that would make things significantly more difficult for every Dark trooper and could strain the already overstretched to the breaking point spec ops division of the Federation!"

Such had been his argument for a good long while. And when any dark jedi complained that Dark Troopers should only be made aware of the bare minimum of training, namely to curtail their abilities to a single skill of dark ball because they were too much like the jedi they were designed to help hunt, well then in the Major's opinion someone should have went to the Emperor and asked said force users of the triple OOO to get off of SpecFor's lawn lest they find the multibarrels of an assault cannon pointed in their directions. Because the common soldier didn't realize that Darktrooper's were the edge of the Army's blade against force using abominations that went too far, the training, before Sarapin had been far to substandard for those aware of the Dark Trooper's true history to like. But all this went unsaid, as the Major stared around at those waiting patiently.

"Now, I want you to know that all of you have been selected for one trait above all else; the ability to keep your mouths shut about what you learn here. We all know the presiding sentiment in the armed forces of the Federation is swaying against those force sensitive enough to receive some semblance of force training. Let me let you in on the first secret you should know. Some time, or some place, all of you have been tested to see you have a modicum of force sensitivity. Normally by a member of the Inquisition, and yes the Federation's Inquisition is very much the same animal as the Old Empire's Inquisition, it just hides itself better. The question you are here to answer is to see if it's worth spending the resources to help you learn to enhance your abilities, and develop some skills in the force to assist in upholding the high standards your commanders expect from you. You have proved you have ... potential, But a potential that is unrealized, unshaped , or unmolded will never come to the fruition it can achieve with Training. That's why all of you, have been brought to the Nexus. Any questions?"

"So what is your opinion on the dark jedi?"

He smiled a wry smile, more of a smirk really. "If the federation invests close to four times the amount that they invest in a single darktrooper who is learning, it's my view they better be four times as good. and worth the equivalent of two hundred nova trooper's. If not the question I'd ask is if they were doing things wrong enough to want to come see me for a refresher course on the basics." That got a bit of a startled laugh and more then one upraised brow. The major capitalized on such things with a well placed finisher. "I'm sure I could push some of them to grow in potential."

"So what goes on in the Nexus?"

"We teach here. Several classes, actually more like seventeen different specialties if you can qualify for them. And we teach these classes of individuals differently according to what they need to gear themselves for. For example, The Victory Dark Trooper Qualitative Assessive and Enhancement Program that we give to all force users of the federation is only the first part of a two part session I put all Victory's into. Normally it takes anywhere from a month for a person to complete, and what they learn in the first section is something that carries with them for later service in the Federation. The Nexus is divided into several levels and trainees are divided according to the area, and a barracks for what they are learning. We normally have a class of thirty rotating in each month."

"What do you mean by classes?"

"Each student is uniquely gifted, yet some general areas of skills are taught to those who work in different aspects of the Federation's military and Intelligence organs. For example, we all know there are dark troopers, there are also the royal guards, and Inquisitors. But here at the Nexus we also have training programs and knowledge from a variety of sources which the Federation has received from it's predecessors. Take the Reborn Empire's ability to train Shadow troopers, saber warriors, and force wielders. While none of the organs of the Federation's army uses a lightsaber, we still have those training programs available for the Shadow Guard divisions of the Royal Guard to modify for their lightstaffs. These inherited training programs assist them and sovereign protectors to continue their studies to defend the Emperor and have been modified to stay relevant. For instance, the old shadowtrooper program was utilized to train force sensitive operatives for stealth and infiltration, it still is done so today, many of certain Intelligence Divisions go through it after the original VD-QAE.

We also have an Inquisitorial programs dedicated to learning how to use the mind as a weapon, and to learn other methods to assist in investigations, or interrogations.

Then there are programs for enhancing one's piloting with the force, even to navigate without the benefit of an astrogation computer.

Any of the above programs usually have to be scouted for. Those who qualify, and complete more programs usually have members of higher units scouting them to see if their services would be useful. For example, the best dark troopers tend to go onto become Royal Guards."
What he left unsaid was that Triple OOO looking to scout them to rise to the rank of an Initiate in the Dark Jedi Order. But those who immersed themselves in the machinations of the Nexus would soon find how deep the dark side would allow them to grow.

" How long are we expected to take in each class and what levels of this 'Nexus' are we allowed into?"

"Normally a month. But some learn faster, it truly is dependent on one's choices and level of progress. For dark troopers there are usually three levels at play during their training and learning process." He licked his lips to moisten them before he continued. "The first levels, otherwise known as the beginners work at the bottom level of the Nexus. They are scrutinized, watched, and expected to learn and perform as best they can at their own pace. Failure to perform in some manner does not immediately equate to being unuseful, but it might dissuade the Federation from wasting resources on the Trainee if workarounds cannot be found. The second level of the nexus is designed for training rooms dedicated to more advanced studies, normally you will be accompanied by an officer to them. Second level students are giving more duties during their rest periods, normally guarding corridors, or sent to different non - force developmental classes to learn under AI assisted tutoring. Third ranked students are those who are invited back after they learn the basics, in other words, those who have proved themselves ready for higher training. The fourth through tenth level of the Nexus is where trainees in the Royal Guard program practice and are taught. Some trainees may only be invited up there by knowledge of the Royal Guardsman and it's commanders. Levels 9 through twelve are restricted functions. Level Fourteen and above may only have the rarest trainees sent up to spar with some of the more experienced force users of the Federation that visit the Nemesis. I hear the Emperor also likes to test himself with loyal soldiers so his skills don't get slack." He shrugged. "But that could just be a rumor. I also heard a rumor that some of the off limits areas are filled with a day spa of sorts, but that could just be my imagination."

There was a bit of hesitancy as no one laughed at the Major's joke, some dreading the sense of humor. But it wasn't long before someone asked a pertinent question.

"Sir, what do you expect Darktrooper's to develop as force abilities, Sir?"

A wolfish smile flashed underneath the Major's helmet as two bots rolled in a large open air tank of water, inside it several large weights molded like tower shields could be seen. "I'm glad you asked. As many of you know, we don't train like the dark jedi do. Whereas they learn a lot of intricacies to their powers after learning the basics they go so far in depth to come up with things others have never seen before. We however learn the general process of an ability, and then hone it it certain specific ways to get the same result over and over. The same result, that we know to be the most efficient and effective in battlefield situations. Think of it as a dark jedi having every shade of the color red, and us just learning red, maroon, and pink. So let me tell you what I expect my Darktroopers to do when they are done learning how to be a Dark Trooper. The first Major Milestone one has to be aware of is a skill colloquially referred to as.... Dark Ball. "

From his palm, a bluish pale mist of energy rose up to form a sphere in the middle of the air. It began to crackle with jets of purplish sparks, a harsh contrast to the red lighting of the Atrium. It hovered above his hand for awhile before lazily starting to orbit the Major's torso, spiraling downwards to in an ecliptic path to circle his feet and then reverse itself. As if the Major was a planet that had somehow gained a satellite. "A Dark ball is a ball, of kinetic and electric energies. It can also act as a shield in battle and protect its master."

The Dark ball grew in size, to take the form of a tower shield. Then it twisted into a spiraling lance as the Major continued his diatribe. "It also can be used as a projectile to break into armored vehicles, and when used properly this little sphere can even kill. It's able to change sizes and is a great asset to any Dark Trooper who learns it. I personally use it when I have to retrieve some hard-to-get or rare item. Most especially a rare item for a darktrooper like a damaged or injured team mate."

The dark ball rushed towards his mark III droid and enveloped it like a pac man of energy before starting to lift the massive suit up into the air. For all intents and purposes , levitating it as the man continued his explanation. "We don't necessarily care about casualties, but that doesn't mean we don't bring our injured buddy along to guard our back like a mobile turret or ensure that no one finds evidence of our losses. You remember when I talked about the force multipliers we needed to maintain before, right?"

A few nods met his words, as he was intentionally downplaying the strain of his actions. "I tell you, the minimum amount of weight and time I teach for a Darktrooper to yield battlefield efficiency is essentially one - thousand kilograms, or a metric ton, as that's pretty much the size of a small airspeeder or two occupied suits. I usually challenge my trainees at the end of their session to see if they can lift and transport two suits."

The Major raised his left hand as another dark ball came into existence, casually flicking it towards another armored suit which then began to lift into the air as well. "As we train for battlefield efficiency this means we train for the worst case scenario we can see. So a four man fireteam losing two of it's armored dark troopers isn't far of a shake to train for. This means, every Dark Trooper should train and hone the ability of Dark Ball in order to use the same amount of, no pun intended, force it would take to lift, throw, and move close to two thousand kilograms into the air at a fast rate and keep them afloat for at least an hour of mission time till critical support could be given to their operators. Two thousand kilograms is not a lot compared to some force users able to move spaceships, and starfighters around like they're nothing. But when released in a single burst it is enough for a darktrooper to go head to head with some padawan and at least slow them down."

The major turned his palm over and lowered it, gently levering the suits to the ground. "Now we call this ability a Major Milestone for a Dark Trooper for a reason. I personally consider it one of two Major Milestones that round out a dark trooper's abilities. Can anyone hazard a guess why? Or how I'd train someone up to use this ability of Dark Ball?"

For a moment the trainees stared off into space considering his words carefully, but many seemed hesitant to speak. Some seeming to be cowed by such a minor display in the force. It truly was nothing compared to what a jedi should be able to do at just a Journeyman's level, even a newly trained one. What mattered now, was if someone could answer his question or if he would have to spoon feed these recruits their first lesson during his demonstration.

'Not a bad speech. Let's see if any of them can figure out a good reply Brother.'

He stood there, waiting, looking at them as if he was studying them, placing them under a microscope. Finally, one shaking hand raised to give a potential answer...

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Rann Gast » 2014-12-02 17:18

Part I. Gast Family Compound, Asron City Precinct, Asron, Asron Sector. 0000 hours.

A cool breeze blew off the beach and through his hair as Rann and his grandfather took a stroll down, away from the estate. They spoke of happier times, laughing about something his brother had said at dinner one night years ago.

“Rann,” his grandfather said, “something will happen tonight, something glorious.”

“Grandfather? What do you mean? What will happen?” Rann spoke with the voice of his younger self, barely an adult.

“You will begin a journey tonight, where it will end, I do not know. Know this, though, I am proud of you.

“Commander,” an unfamiliar voice called. Rann looked around, but the beach was deserted. He walked on.

“I am so very proud of all you’ve done, Rann.”

“Commander Gast!”

”I will be with you always, Rann.” The beach began to fade away into mist, the roar of the ocean becoming more distant.


“So proud…” the words echoed as the mist overtook him.


Rann woke with a start. It took him a minute to get his bearings. The doors onto the balcony were ajar, and the distant crashing of waves beat a tattoo against the shoreline. Very carefully, he moved his tingling right arm out from under Rasca’s neck, careful not to wake her from her sleep. What an odd dream, he thought. Who was that other voice?

“Commander Gast! Your lounge, if you please.”
Rann lept out of bed.

“Who’s there?” He was answered only by the beating of waves and the soft sound of his wife sprawling out in the bed. Softly, he threw a dressing gown over his nightclothes. He then crept to the night table and pulled a small holdout blaster, which he put in a silken pocket. He lingered for a moment at the intercom, debating whether or not he should call his guard, but thought better of it. He was simply imagining things. He would go, check out the lounge, find nothing, then come back to bed with his wife. Besides, there was an intercom there if he needed it.

Rann made his way down the stairs, as quietly as possible. The house was dark and still. The voice must have been a holdover from his dream. He rounded a corner and stopped in his tracks. The door to the lounge was ajar, and a single beam of golden light poured out into the hallway. He drew his blaster and clicked the safety off. His heart was pounding in his chest. He crept forward slowly and looked through the door. He saw a hooded figure with his back towards him gazing out a window at the grounds. He pushed the door open enough to enter the room.

“Very carefully, now, turn around, and lower your hood. No sudden movements.” His voice did not betray his worry. He planted himself right near the intercom, ready to call for backup if he needed.

“Commander, put the weapon down, we’re both loyal servants of the Emperor.” It was the same voice from his dream. Rann felt a shiver run down his spine as the hooded man turned.

“How do I know that?”

“I am Inquisitor Horae O’Shea, of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service.” Rann’s blood ran cold. He knew of the Inquisition, but had never come across one of their agents. “And you are Commander Rann Gast.”

“How did you get in my house?” He lowered the blaster and set the safety as O’Shea lowered his hood.

“No matter. May I have some of your fine whisky?” The Inquisitor gestured between Rann and a particularly expensive bottle on the bar in the lounge. Rann’s shock gave way to anger.

“With all due respect, Inquisitor, you come barging into my house in the middle of the night while I’m asleep, wake me up Force knows how, then have the gall to ask for my hospitality and drink? What are you doing here, Inquisitor? My loyalty to His Imperial Majesty is unquestioned. I defy you to find one person who will impeach my loyalty.”

To his immense surprise, O’Shea smiled. “Oh, I know your loyalty is perfect. Force knows I tried to find fault. And as to how I woke you up, I did it in quite the same way that you didn’t offer me a drink.”

Rann blinked. “Beg pardon?”

His guest ignored his question and instead set to getting a tumbler for himself, and pouring a couple fingers of amber colored liquid for himself. Rann glared, but didn’t say anything.

“Very smooth,” said the Horae, “Is this the twenty-five year?”

“Thirty,” Rann said tersely.

“Very nice, I didn’t know Abavulin had a thirty. As I was saying, Commander, Your loyalty is beyond reproach. And your talents are quite stunning. Very sharp reaction times, both in personal combat and in fleet setting. I seem to recall on one of your first assignments, you gave a particularly rousing speech to your men. That ship, the Talon, I believe maintained high efficiency under your command. You’ve reacted far faster than others in similar situations, even in training scenarios. That’s part of the reason why you served above your pay-grade in Fourth Fleet, commanding Task Force Justice, is it not? Then there’s your sparring with with the widow of a friend. A special woman, isn’t she?”

“How do you know about that? The recorders were turned off.” The man shrugged.

“Not many people could last as long as you do against a woman with her...talents.” O’Shea took another sip of whiskey, swallowed, and said, “Is that a hint of sherry?” He then cast the remaining liquid in the sink behind the bar.

“Now, I really must insist, Inquisitor! I selected the cask that bottle came from personally, and cost me quite a few credits at auction to even get that opportunity.” The impropriety of it all. Again, the man ignored him and instead filled the tumbler with water and dropped a mint leaf in it. He turned and walked towards Rann.

“Here, take it.”

“Inquisitor, is this some kind of sick joke?”

“Commander, I assure you, I never joke where good whisky is concerned. Take the glass.”

Rann took the glass hesitantly and looked at O’Shea, “Any particular reason?” The Inquisitor took a step back.

“Grip it firmly, no, with both hands. Yes, like that.” Rann felt the cold glass against his hands and smelled the faintest hint of mint. “Now concentrate, and do exactly what you do when you need to summon a little luck or encouragement for your crew.” He took a few deep breaths, closed his eyes, and emptied his mind. “Good, good, more.” Rann opened his eyes and looked down. The liquid was spinning in the glass, making a whirlpool down to the center, the little leaf trying to stay afloat as it spun clockwise around the maw in the glass. His eyes widened. “Interesting. Not unexpected, but interesting. Keep it up.” Rann’s hands tingled slightly, as though a current was moving from his hands to the glass, and he struggled to keep his mind empty. O’Shea poured himself another drink loudly and then moved about the room, trying to distract him, talking from his blind spots, asking probing questions. He faltered a little on occasion, but still the leaf turned.

“That’s enough,” the Inquisitor said. “Do you know what that means?”

“I -” Rann’s voice trailed off.

“Be on Nemesis tomorrow, 0600 sharp.” Horae handed Rann a datapad with orders under the header VD-QAE. With that, the Inquisitor drained his glass, placed it on the bar, and left without another word. Rann stared at his orders for a moment, then went back upstairs to his bedroom, where he kissed his wife awake. She blinked at him groggily.

“What is it?”

“I’ve just received some orders. I’ll be away for a while.” He glanced down at the pad, “Probably about a month, I’ll write as often as I can.” She sat up in bed,

“What are your orders? From whom?”

Rann shook his head, “Classified. I need to pack.”

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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For all his military training, Jericho Winters could not but help to let his jaw drop at the display in front of him. It was an incremental chance one would ever be able to meet a force user in the galaxy, a literal once in a lifetime event for the majority of the masses. It was even more circumspect to actually believe one might be able to manipulate or tap into the same abilities that a jedi or dark jedi did. Even in part. But here in front of him, and the rest was proof.

The Major had said that each of them had the potential to do so, only that he didn't know how far they could go.

Still, it was unsettling to him. Winters was a little taken aback by the display in front of the three deep ranks of thirty in the room. He would presume the others of the thirty in the room were a little shocked as well. But what happened next seemed to shock him even more. In the front row, a simple waif of girl raised a trembling hand to answer the question. To his eyes, she didn't look good, hair slicked back, fatigue lining her face, almost as if she had come straight out of a bacta tank. In fact, he'd be downright sure the simple pair of slacks and shirt she wore were not any form of uniform he'd ever seen. But her appearance paled in comparison to an acidic tang he felt coming from her direction that he couldn't understand enough to describe, would somewhat garner the attention of the rest. "Logically speaking major, if the ability of using what you refer to as a Dark Ball is a milestone to one's training as a trooper it means it is a composite of other skills one is trained in before that and is used as a measure of success. " The girl cleared her throat once, and coughed a moment before she continued, "If you further that logic, from what you said the ability is a combination of kinetics, which I would assume to be psychokinesis or what the old holodramas on jedi abilities would refer to as telekinesis, and electric energies which I assume is something like lightning, or actual force lightning or at least force spark, or force shock."

The Major seemed to pause a moment, "And this is why a bit of knowledge is so very dangerous in my trainees, isn't it young Lady, especially regarding an individual with your past, hmm? I wouldn't want you to try and overextend yourself during your learning and weave into something you weren't ready for. We'll be watching your development very closely I can tell you that." Winters could tell the kid did not deign to comment, only nod in acquiescence before resuming a state of standing at attention again.

However, his old detective instincts seemed to nudge him that the girl's past and appearance here would be an area he'd be best not to pursue.

The Major looked around at the rest, "Suffice to say there are many techniques I teach in preparation for a darktrooper to train themselves in the use of the skill Dark Ball. I will be demonstrating the order I teach certain skills and the reasons why I teach them in that order shortly. But first, are there any other questions?

"Does everyone here have the potential to learn the skills that a jedi uses?"

Winters saw the Major pause, and then shrug a moment as if to a hidden question before he answered. "That is a very good question, and one I've only just touched on briefly before. The answer to your question is Probably not all of them, No, and or Maybe. If you think about it subjectively, there are many with potential to use the force, but not everyone has the potential to completely or ever be strong[/i] in the force as a practicing jedi should be. Consider that everyone basically has a connection to the force, as all life does. But it doesn't mean you'll be able to train yourself into a champion if you don't have the original potential to do so.

It's important to remember Force Users, such as Jedi and Dark Jedi are supposed to be the elite, the best of the best who've trained themselves for years to be even better. Awakening oneself to the Force, does not a Jedi make, nor are all people even capable of becoming Jedi. Different people have different amounts of potential with the Force after all. Someone newly awakened to the Force is doubtlessly to become stronger then the average so called 'normal' individual a 'fair' bit, but still would be pretty much fodder for a jedi Master.

Imagine individuals of the Federation found literally a thousand people with force potential and sent them into battle, with barely more then the basics we give to stormtrooper recruits, made sure they were untested, untrained, and undeveloped in their potential, save for simply making themselves a little stronger, faster, and more durabale. What would happen when they met the enemy?"

I can tell you this it would be a slaughter because, well think about it, they have the barest minimum of development. Each one which didn't get punctured full of enemy blaster bolts that wouldn't die off in droves when the enemy is bombarding them. They might have the barest control over their Flow, and their Aura in utilizing the force, and in time they could do really neat stuff with it.

But they're also fodder.

This puts aside the list of wasting logistical resources, and the concerns of how it would create a generational lack of newly born force senstives as a crop for developing more future force users, a reason I personally believe the Old Jedi Order suffered from it's own shortcomings. Force sensitives in my opinion should have families, just to ensure that future generations still are strong enough in the force to be useful. But I digress. Any more questions?"

Winters pondered raising his hand to ask a question of his own but another beat him to it."Why do you think there's a trend to not train large amounts of force users anymore? Wouldn't the Federation benefit having a lot of them?"

The Major shrugged. Without strict, rigid, almost military discipline it would never work. Let me explain, Just imagine if you made several regiments of just purely awakened force sensitives, and thousands of people within those groups with permutations of the general ability pool. Now, assume you can train every one extensively until they not only are able to manifest their abilities on a basic level, but learn to amplify express, and even shape the Force in whatever way they choose as they develop into super powerful Lords of the Empire, like the ancient Sith Lords before the rule of Two. Though we generally don't believe in that in the Federation, the premise of knowing when too many is too much still stands.

Now imagine, over a generation we have thousands and thousands of people with apparently random abilities that far outclass the 'normal' individuals, all of whom are trained to fight, and all of whom are locked into the terrifying circumstances of being forced to fight for the Federation to 'repay' the training and work that went into them? Do you think that will end well? A few exceptions might not rebel, if you shape their perceptions and minds, but only a few you leave the choice to them will be able to see the merits of serving the Federation's interests as a tool if they're not grateful."

Winters mulled over the information carefully in his head as the Major went on his explanation of social theory and the applications of too large a pool of force users and the effects it would have.

"But seriously, imagine if you had thousands in the same situation. It would definitely NOT end well at all. There's more then one reason why force users are trained the way they are, under the watchful eyes of powerful and loyal warriors. I mean, equality is kind of a joke in the land of jedi, dark jedi, and other force using elements in the galaxy., but you introduce a thousand superpowers, to a thousand people, to ten thousand people, or to more- in a situation of a galaxy constantly at war and you have circumstances ripe for society to begin breaking down. Not to mention, awakening those powers in all those individuals with rarer ones being especially powerful, not even the most ideal situation would hold.

Even if the ideal is everyone working together, but heh, that's probably not happening. Despite the apparent benefits a hundred thousand people with force powers is not high on anyone's agenda, as people have done that before in the galaxy's history and it usually results in someone saying 'I'm in charge.' And someone else saying, 'No, I'm in charge.' And then everything is on fire.

And then the Sith usually showed up to murder everyone, because unlike dark jedi of the Federation, they were usually all taught to be major dicks to people. Luckily for all of us in the Federation, the potential of people who can push their abilities to using the force that high, either in simple skill or those born with such power behind them is low, literally one in trillions- a certifiable Durindfire gem in the rough. But that doesn't mean those that can learn to harness it to a lesser extent won't number in about 100 in those exact trillions they find those gems and are the normal quartz compared to the normal atoms of iron among the normal population of the galaxy. Now, is there any other questions before I move onto the demonstration? "

"What can we expect after the demonstration, Sir?"

"Teams of scientists are waiting to help establish a baseline of every trainees mental abilities, tomorrow will be tests on physical abilities, and the day after that will begin getting a base line for one's strengths and aptitudes in the Aspect School of the Force. Most Dark Jedi are trained initially in their primary aspects. Here, as a measure to increase the amount of flow one can use we tend to start with more basic abilities all force users might learn, but we direct their education towards battlefield efficiency. I believe I started to explain that before. Now, I'll take one last question before we begin with the demonstration of what I expect dark troopers to learn, and the order they will undergo their lessons in the Force."

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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“What does it feel like to awaken to the Force?”

The Major looked at the individual who spoke the question, the HUD of his helmet scanning the man’s face as it ran a check on his identity. The query came back with a positive match, one of a Mr. Ran Gast, a naval officer with the Rank of a Commander. That fact alone was enough for the Major to arch an eyebrow underneath his helmet. His HUD marked a download to his datapad from Inquisitor Horae.

’ A commander from the navy brother, why wasn’t he here at Oh-Five-hundred?’

’That would be my doing brother, I cut his orders for oh six, for a reason. I wished to have him understand something here, that rank has no priviledges between trainer and trainee. But do not fret, I intend to take a special interest in honing his abilities. For your information, I noted in the data I sent you that he is primarily a Manipulor. I imagine, if things go well, he will be learning in depth how to assist his crew better.’

‘So you want him on the high end training rotation, brother?’

‘Indeed. The girl as well if she holds out.’

Caspian, the shadow guard chimed in at this time over the sibling’s telepathic meld, ‘Do we still put him through the ringer with everyone else? I would not wish to have any form of kid’s gloves applied here, it would do no good and only serve to weaken him in the end.’

‘Of Course brother, he should be in the first part of the rotation, just like the rest. Are we in agreement?’ Horae sent.

‘Agreed, but he’ll have to earn it like the rest and live up to our expectations. I won’t go softly with him.’

‘Of Course. That goes without saying.’

‘But not without mentally projecting it, eh brother?’ Nathan sent with an amused overtone to his thoughts.

‘Indubitably, brother Caspian. Now Mr. Gast is waiting for an answer, brother Nathan. Perhaps they all are waiting on a reply as well.’

Nathan put one finger to his chin and then waved his hand at the ensemble before him. “That is a good question as I imagine it is a variety of questions rolled into one. My answer would mainly be one that delves into the philosophy of the force, an aspect we usually do not go into much with Trainees during the first part of the Nexus. However, I shall answer the question as best I can which means I may wax eloquent here for a bit as I get out my soapbox. In fact I intend to paraphrase a bit of an old philosopher as I believe he said it best. But I would implore you to listen to my words carefully. To understand what I try to convey and shape it and other resources you achieve to research later to make it your own.

The most important thing you need to know is this; where the force is concerned almost anyone can apply their own philosophy to the force.

Normally I might say that to tell you to wait to experience the force would assuredly show you. But I do not think you believe you would think such is an efficient answer. Then I must say that being a force sensitive who is not awakened is akin to living life in a state of Illusion.”

He reached a hand out as if to gesture at something nebulous. ” So then if you awaken from this illusion, you begin to understand that dark implies light, self implies other, and life implies death; or should I rather say that death implies life. You can begin to feel yourself, not as a stranger in the galaxy, not as something here on probation, not as something that has arrived here today by some cosmic fluke, but that the point you are here to learn about yourself in the Force, is something that cane be expressed in the present as something absolutely fundamental.”

The Major waved his hand in a negation, trying to add a tone to his words, “I’m not trying to sell you on this; on the sense that I’m trying to convert you to this thought. No, I want you to play with this idea in your own mind, just to think, here and now, of the possibility of life and the Force to think about. To find what you want it to believe.
Ask yourself, what does this have to do with awakening oneself to the Force? Well, everything I imagine, but that’s just my point of view. Now as I imagine, I want you to imagine something. Suppose every night when you dream you were able to dream anything you chose. Now let’s suppose that when you awaken yourself you gain the power to dream seventy- five years of life each night. Now, naturally as you embark upon this adventure of dreams, in the Force you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you could conceive.”

He paused for a moment to breath before continuing.”Then after several nights of seventy-five years of pleasure each night you might wake up and say, ‘Hey that was pretty great.’

But now, let’s have a surprise.

Let’s have a dream which isn’t under control. Where something is going to happen, and that you don’t know what is going to happen to you.”
He put a particular emphasis on the last word, looking to judge whether his audience was following his words, “When that dream ends you should pause to reflect and say, ‘Wow, that was a close one wasn’t it?’ This experience would propel you forwards; to get more and more adventurous and you would reach yourself further and further out in greater gambles as to what you would dream.

Finally, you would dream where you are right now. Here in this room. You would dream that amid the myriad number of infinite multiplicities possible for you to dream. You would dream the dream of the life that you are actually living in the here and now!”

He clenched his fist, as if grasping the idea. “This is what awakening to the force feels like. Coming to the realization in this scenario, that everyone is fundamentally the ultimate reality, with the Force constituting the deep down basics of whatever there is, and when you awaken you come to the reality that all of you are all that. At least in part, as we each only have a small portion of the force resting in us the same way as if you clear rainwater from a hole in the ground that holds a puddle of water, in which then during inclement weather the rain fills it right back up, or in the sun’s heat evaporates it.”

He let out a loud sigh, placing one hand on his hip as he continued. “The problem is that right here and now, your thoughts are working against you. Keeping you in the illusion, that you are pretending your are what you are not. So it goes to figure then when you’re ready to wake up, you’ll wake up. If you’re not ready, you’re going to stay within that illusion.

But since you are all here, egaged in this sort of inquiry, I assume you are all in the process of which you are to awaken. Or else you are teasing yourself with some kind of flirtation with waking up. Which you’re obviously not serious about, you would not be listening to my word’s otherwise, nor have orders to arrive here, but it your decision how far you go. But I must assume that maybe you’re not serious but sincere in your attentions to the fact that you are on the cusp of being ready to wake up.

So then , when you are in the way of yourselves waking up, what do you do? Why you go back to your school days, and the days of your childhood. You question, and sometimes you get answers by those who might be just a little ahead on the path of this journey you are setting out upon. This journey that as you are ready to wake up, you are ready to begin finding out who you are, what you realize is what you do, is what the whole universe of the Force is doing in what is called the here and now.

Through and with the Force, you are something the whole universe is doing in the same way a wave is something the water on an ocean world is doing.”

’An excellent comparison brother, now all you need to do is bring it back to what it feels like.’

The major sighed internally, but then continued along anyway, ”When you awaken Mr. Gast and you begin to control your ability to touch the Force, your life becomes both solidified and vacuous in ways that words alone may not describe properly. You find out you are not a puppet thrown about by the flows and eddies of life as you find out who you are really deep down in the core of your being. The experience itself changes you, but then again all life is change. But let’s go a little farther with this, let’s talk about the real you. The deep down real you, that is in touch with the entire universe, and through the Force many of life’s mysteries become apparent.

I’ve now talked about the possibility of waking up to the force, but let’s talk now about the opposite of waking up. Let’s in fact consider the opposite. Let’s imagine going to sleep and never being able to awake again.

Think about that, through a child’s eyes it is one of the great wonders of life. ‘What would it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?’ If you think about that long enough you’ll come to the next question as I did, through the words of philosophers before us we can gain a certain existential understanding of the parallels and the opposites. For if we ponder what is it like to go to sleep and never wake up the next question, amongst the many we find is one that says, what is it like to wake up when you have never slept?”

Taking a deep breath, the Major continued. “ I could probably devote an entire day to philosophy, ultimately, some bleeds through when you are taught to develop your skills in the force, though I remind you all it’s not our place to consider the answers to these questions until we are at a point in our abilities to know to ask for other’s help. But all of you already know the answer to the last question I posed. You experienced it. The way you wake up when you have never slept is when you are born, and when you die we know through the force that no matter how many new lives pass we know that eventually so shall all things in the Force shall be born, and then reborn. Awakening to the Force, is like a second birth if one imagines it in the right context.

We , as people, as beings born in the force, and touched by it just forget the past lives we experience, or even how this happens in the force. Just remember, if you can, that it’s already a part of you. You don’t have to think about using it no more than if your heart was beating or you used your thyroid glands, or if you were breathing.

Awakening to the force is simply taking that which is subconscious and making it into a conscious reality. You are already all amazing beings, you wouldn’t be here if you were not. Each one of you is complex, beyond measure, save we limit ourselves by divisions of units and perspectives we pretend to mean something. When one develops their power, they change their beliefs to believe that they can do something that their mind’s previously thought impossible.”

The Major turned and paced his way towards one side of the room to keep the energy of his words punctuated by his actions, as the amount of thirty trainees seemed to be pondering his words. “ This is the reality of Awakening to the Force, Mr. Gast. This is why you, all of you are here. All to take the first steps. This may be more philosophical then what we usually go into but the most important question is one you ask yourself: Do I understand that this is what awakening to the force feels like?” The Major’s gaze roved over the room to see a few of the trainees nodding to themselves.

‘Some of them get this.’ Nathan thought.

‘Indeed, we are watching brother, and assessing their thoughts and feelings. Now bring it back together. You have them, now finish it.’ came Horae’s voice in his mind.

”Now in laymen’s terms I’m sure that sounded as some sort of a public relations speech, and I’m sure it was recorded somewhere by someone, but now it’s time to dumb it down to my own perspective in the basic nuts and bolts and share it with you. To me; the question of Awakening to the Force, goes hand in hand with doing something with the force. Two sides of the coin as it were, as when any of us learn something new or hone a skill a little better we are always awakening just a little bit more. For me , using the force is something hard to describe. It’s like, an energy that simultaneously responds to and obeys a person’s needs and to an extent, person’s whether they are dark or light, jedi or not, might respond to its needs as well. There are cases, rare as they may be of the force granting a miracle, but its direction is like a tethered beast one is riding. Though like any beast, if you’re not careful it will turn on you. Dark Jedi take the idea of controlling this beast a step further then we do, wanting to learn all the intricacies of it’s pedigree, while jedi from the light side tend to …” He paused to make air quotations with his fingers as he walked back to his previous position. “give themselves to the force, and allow it to direct their actions.

To us, it is much the same, with basic tenets derived from a myriad number of sources but watered down to what is most useful to be taught. If you progress far enough, eventually you will delve as deep into the various philosophies as you will go. But for us: being able to interact with it, and it is an interaction, a give and take, the Force allows us to develop quicker reflexes, superior strength, and a bit of precognitive ability during conflicts. For some it allows the possibilities of seeing the futurn, past, and the present during meditation. Some prefer to think of it as a tool. As I said in the beginning, all people can apply a philosophy to the force. The question is; which philosophy should you develop on your own? I leave that up to you as I’ve digressed enough.”

The Major shrugged, “Now I believe I said I would begin explaining what I teach all dark troopers and what is the basics that anyone in the Nexus should learn, or at least attempt , in the minimum of the first two months here within the Nexus. To understand what we teach you , and why we teach you in such an order, you must first understand the purpose of the first three days of tests everyone is put through.

The First Day, which is today, is the day which is primarily utilized to test mental acuity of our trainees. But before that, we take each individual into a separate room, for a very specific test. Some of you may already have have this test, but in unmonitored circumstances. The rooms we have are set aside with even more capabilities to monitor fluctuations in the tests, to help look for consistency, and help chart a course of training for those that participate here in these training programs. It may seem dull, but do it again just to let us see if something has changed.

Many of you have not taken this test yet, so listen to the instructors and follow their directions carefully. Take things serious or there may be consequences.”
The Major looked over to the Echani girl he had had a discussion with earlier. The girl actually flinched, that was good as it was a reminder of certain boundaries he was sure the girl would not cross again. But it never hurt to reinforce such issues, loyalty had to be maintained after all.

He licked his lips to moisten them before he continued.“After this test is conducted, the entire group of trainees is ushered into the area we call, ‘The Pit.’ Others like to call it Hell’s Testing Boards. Essentially the ‘Pit’ is a combination of holographic, and pressor field assisted environments that mirror the old empire’s Battlefield Holographic Control Interface, or BHCI, which was an advanced Old Empire Imperial prototype that allowed a commander to issue orders from a safe distance while still maintaining an interactive, fully holographic representation of the field of battle.

Most of our commanders tend to lead in the field nowadays but the technology is superb for assisting in training, using much of the technology the Federation has possessed for a few years that has been integrated into it. Like any machine on the Nemesis, the actions within are recorded for review, and even may have a direct link to the Nemesis’ main training computers. The PIT, our Prominent Intensive Training room has over ninety of them. You may find other groups using them at different times, though the machines use can be signed up for during our most fitful rest day on day five of every week. But I’ll get into that later.”
What was left unsaid that it was possible for the OSIRIS to interact and manipulate training programs if it deemed such necessary to fully test the occupants.

“To activate a console in the PIT you will first realize that each area starts out as a recessed ring, or indentation in the floor, approximate three meters in diameter. The individual using the device is asked to stand in the center.

For the First Day, the mental portion of the examinations Trainees undergo consist of various tests to assess intelligence, personality, logic puzzles, memory pattern recognition, cryptology, and other assorted skill areas including emotional response to parasympathetic input. In laymen’s terms, reactions to pictures, Rorshawe blots, etc.

Of the above just listed, Memory is a very important baseline for us as in the course of their duties a Darktrooper is taught to enhance their own memorys. A force usage of allowing a person to relive, and experience the facets of a memory that their own conscious mind did not completely assess, after all the brain normally only filters ten percent of the data it records in the present of any experience. This force power, is integral to enhancing, and quickening the training experience here.

It allows quicker review of lessons, quicker adaptations of abilities to one’s own working, and deeper reflection of mechanics that anyone untrained in memory enhancement would not be able to use.

Not only that, but learning this ability is fundamental to later service to the Federation. It assists in the preparation, and after action reports from missions in the future to help the Special Forces and ISIS elements culture the highly trained operatives we need capable of learning what is necessary for a mission, especially when given a limited amount of time to prepare.

An old saying is: If a darktrooper needs to understand facets of hyperdrive theory and mathematical equations in twenty four hours for a mission, or the tenants of nuclear fission and containment material science down to the assessment of microholes on a parts per million, or any other number of exotic technologies, the expression goes that: In twenty four hours, they will know everything about that topic by the time it’s time for the mission.

The skill of memory enhancement, and enhancing one’s intelligence is so important , we begin to teach the basics of its use by Day Six. We teach memory enhancement in conjunction with lowering and raising one’s defenses against an another’s force powers as we begin some telekinetic tests on Day Seven and Eight.”

He held up an arm, and put his index and middle finger of his right hand up to keep in numerical order. ”But for now, we move onto Day Two.

Day Two is a positively a punishing battery of physical tests. Everything from speed, endurance, toxicology, resistances to said toxins if there are any, kinesthesia, strength tests, to noting how proficient one’s senses of sight, touch, taste, and sound are.

All of this is a baseline for Trainees to measure their progress to Enhance their abilities. By that I mean we teach everyone to make themselves stronger, faster, be able to jump higher, garner themselves to resist the forces of landing from falls and to later to magnify their senses.”

What was left unsaid was that Day II would also begin slight attacks on the Trainee’s mental defenses to test their natural resistances as well. Not to mention that most of the training done was expected to be introduced but continued to be honed after the 60 day training period of the first rotation. If the Trainees didn’t understand that, they were already in the wrong place. For some, the lesson would be learned or they would waste the resources the Federation was spending upon them. He had said before, that didn’t mean that one would be asked to leave the training in they failed at a task, but that they should essentially try everything possible that was accorded to them to learn.

After Day II, comes Day III. Day Three is the most interesting of the first three days, as we begin to test one’s ability to alter their flow and begin the basic principles of tapping into the force. Most importantly we introduce basic control and meditation exercisis for trainees to learn to help manipulate their connection to the force.

By this, I mean you learn how to use it, but first how not to use it. This is the perfect lead in for some of you to learn the concept of Force Stealth. Now, I know what you are thinking, why only some? That’s because, traditionally, we wait for a Darktrooper to enter the service of the Royal Guard to retrain this step once a trainee gained enough power to use the force consistently in how they applied and control the abilities they learn. By the time a royal guard is ready for advanced training in different classes they should be able to learn not to make waves in the Force. No one wants to upset the workings of a dark jedi by being too noisy. But let me continue on for the first week.”

He looked in Rann’s direction, “On Day Four we begin the rigorous training to increase one’s natural abilities, such as muscle strength, flexibility, like what it was like back in boot camp, but on a much more strenuous level.

Day Five, is the most important day of the first week, and on every other week thereafter. Because on that day, every fifth day, we rest our bodies and our connection to the force, consider that connection like a muscle, if you leave one day a week for it to heal , eventually over time you’ll find yourself getting stronger, so on the fifth day of every week, six weeks a month, for the two months of the first training cycle: we don’t use the force.

For the morning of those days we still drill, but in the afternoon it is time to return to the PIT.”

The Major saw a few puzzled faces in the crowd among those who were not wearing helmets. ”For it is then, in the PIT each soldier, operative, or naval officer may undergo different simulations and scenarios that scale from commanding a squad, in squad based tactics against an enemy force, to putting the trainee in charge of an entire virtual battlefield in any environment one imaginable. Mr. Gast might be especially interested in the naval programs and scenarios I’m sure he’ll be tested upon.

Anything from piloting a shuttle in an ambush, helming a super star destroyer through dangerous territory like the Maw, to taking command of several coordinated Fleet actions at once within a sector, or coinciding sectors of space. Bear with me as I continue a little further.

The point is: the scenarios scale and are different for everyone. It’s only the second week we really begin to introduce the fun stuff while maintaining conditioning. On the Seventh Day we introduce a staple of many darktroopers: telekinesis.

Then in between that lesson and reinforcing others the trainee begins to expand their horizons, learning Force Spark,which is the barest minimum of manipulating electrical forces, Force Stun, and for water World’s Force Orb. Though learning that skill is essential to learning how to direct the kinetic pressures in the use of Dark Ball

As the Major spoke, three droids moved three heavy plates into the Atrium, and left them a certain distance away from anyone. This brought the total of number of heavy plates in the room up to six. Three in the water, three in the open air.

It was time for the demonstration.

Spinning on a heel the Major thrust a palm out to the metal plates as one lifted off the ground through the use of telekinesis alone as he spoke. Force Pull, Force Push, Force Lift, and Force Grip are all singular uses of telekinesis. Which is the broadest understanding of the skill!”

One of the plate’s hovered closer to him, like a snake the Major struck out with an arm and a closed fist. The force of the blow dented the heavy plate with a heavy bang, the fact of him being outside his darktrooper mk III suit was readily apparent to the individual trainees. Those in the front row, seemed to flinch at the sound. With a bit of propriety, he forced a wave of calm to wash over the assembled mass as he continued to punctuate his actions with a gesture towards the plate. ”A dark trooper learns to enhance their bodies, increasing strength. “

In the cage a spherical swirl of energies could be seen scuffling up the water around the tank, exciting it as frothy swirls of motion could begin to be seen. ”A Force Orb is an excellent underwater attack. The ability to see the parting of the water is an exceptional guideline for the Trainee to use to learn the molding of pressure, such as what is later used in dark ball. You’ll find in many of the rooms, as one hones their abilities after the concepts are introduced, the Nexus’ have training rooms set aside for telekinetic training of any sort. They are partially flooded with water on the base of the floor, about three inches to form a pool for the Trainee to judge how effective their practices are. All Victory Dark Troopers learn this in case they are deployed to an underwater environment. Their suits can work just as well there, as they do in space, or even entering an atmosphere.”

With a punching thrust of an enclosed fist the Orb rocketed through the water, battering the three submerged plates with the force of a pneumatic piston. The wave from the top of the tank crested over the enclosure, spilling water to the floor.

Without skipping a beat, The Major clenched a fist as sparks of electricity began to crackle around his armored gauntlet. ”While we may not all shoot lightning from our fingertips, shaping the smaller electric and electromagnetic forces are essential to the proper use of Dark Ball, indeed they are further enhanced in powers and combined with various shields the Royal Guards are trained in such as Maelstrom, one of the many abilities taught if one qualifies for later training. If you don’t understand anything else remember this: A dark trooper, royal guards, Inquisitor’s, or any force users abilities are Cumulative. Learning to mold energies for one skill will teach lessons one should remember in the future to develop other skills. Just like in any education. Now like I said before, Dark Ball is a very good skill to use against armor. One can basically duplicate the decompression, and force of a PLEX rocket.”

Like a shotgun blast, the dark ball shifted to fully form, before a pointier edge began to manifest as the orb squashed itself to become more ovular on one side with the other taking upon the characteristics of an arrow head as it was unleashed towards the two final plates that were currently floating in the air.

A loud crack echoed followed the peculiar sound of fragments hitting the wall behind the targets, as to the eye saw whisps of smoke and the sense of smell registered a burning odor. Both signs of a scorching melted slag of metal which encrusted a circular quarter sized entry hole in the heavy plate which told the tale.

The Major turned back to the assembled mass of trainees, ”Assume that most of you will train nine hours a day for two months. That’s five hundred and forty hours of dedicated training to learning the theory, and practice of these skills. The theory more every fifth day. “ He looked to the echani girl, and the naval officer for a split second before transferring the motion into a roving gaze across the training group. “Others of you may be chosen to accelerate your training with Trainers expending their own energies to place you in healing trances to cut back your need to sleep to four hours a day. Combined with two hours for hygienic needs, that leaves eighteen hours for training in other skills then the ones I demonstrated here. Almost one thousand and eighty hours of training sandwiched into sixty days.”

He gave the assembled mass a cold long stare, “But as I said before, those resources used to train someone so intensely must be justified! Just as being selected to return for additional training cycles must be justifiable, you have to earn such education!”

’Excellent Job brother, to put the fear of the Dark Side into them.’

He didn’t deign to comment it wasn’t fear of the Dark Side the trainees should be concerned with at the moment, more they should be concerned with earning the Federation’s displeasure if they didn’t take things seriously. He barked his next orders clearly. “Trainers, and Instructors, Stand Ready to escort the Trainees!”

At these words the doors of the Atrium opened once more as an assorted number of Darktroopers and a few royal guard took their places, one beside each trainee, ready to lead them to their first assigned tasks, a certain test or the entrance to the PIT.
The Major spread his hands to the masses like a preaching clergyman, ”Now it is time to begin your first day, so I will reiterate this once again.”

Nathan paused dramatically as he intoned The Dark Voice to enhance his words, ”WELCOME TO THE NEXUS! NOW MARCH!”

At his words, Caspian shifted into focus from invisibility about half a step away from Rann, before the shadow guard raised his voice like a drill sergeant he used to be. His black armor a clear counterpoint to the assorted red colored , and blue steel clad armor of the other trainers in the room, ”DOUBLE TIME! MOVE OUT!”

An ordered chaos began as the trainees were lead into the bowels of the Nexus, the forbidden part of the Nemesis as the trainees began to undergo their First Day. The First Day of the rest of their lives in service to the Federation while touching the cosmic power of the Force. Oh how he envied them this day, the very beginning of their journeys.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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0630 hours ...
Moira Drakengard forced her senses to remain open to the barrage of what happened in the Atrium, trying to strain raw cut open sensations as the Major manipulated the force to his will. More than once, she had to grit her teeth against the pain, though intellectually she knew it was raw sensations of experiencing the force used so violently around her for the first time. It felt like sharp spines of ice were driven into her skull at each use. Then, as the Major began expounding upon the things a dark trooper was taught, the excess amount of energies utilized transformed those sharp spikes into a pounding throbbing pain. It was enough to make her vision bleary as they became far too sensitive to the ambient light. A buzzing in her ears which only she could hear, as it was a peripheral effect of being over sensitized to the force felt deafening when she heard the Major’s words, backed with the power and strange intonations of the force, was enough to send a shiver down her spine.

The echani took a few deep breaths to steady herself to regain some of her fortitude, barely noticing the appearance of a red robed royal guard that seemed to materialize at her side. The guard began a silent assessment of her, before tilting his head, as a silent order was posed.
‘ Be ready.’

Still shaky on her feet, she nodded and stumbled after the group as they were dispatched at the pace of a light jog, though it seemed she tripped over her own two feet more than once. Eventually she was brought into a single room, one she recognized from before as being the initial testing room. Without a word spoken on her side of things, force knew that had gotten her in trouble before, the young woman sat down in a seat opposite the royal guard, before a glass with a single leaf was placed in front of her.

”Your original circumstances were not in a controlled environment. So we have been asked to include you in a second test to help better determine what your primary affinity is.”
She nodded, arching an eyebrow as a silent question on whether to begin.
“For the record, these are the instructions: Please place your hands around the glass, but not touching the glass itself, and channel your flow. Let what occurs naturally happen.”

The echani nodded then winced as her hands ventured to the sides of her head to allow her fingers to rub her temples to ease the pain of her headache. Her mind still hurt from what she sensed. But that did not stop her from complying, not this time. Moira closed her eyes to meditate and touch that burning ember of the force inside of herself, fanning it to an icy stoked flame as the energies were drawn from the pool of her stomach, and traversed their way up her spine, to her shoulders and down to her fingertips.
In the end, ice had formed completely around the glass as metal shards could be seen glinting as the water turned black around a spinning leaf.

“A very strong materialization skill; like we thought.” The royal guard said before looking down at a datapad, “We’ve gathered enough data for now. Stand and follow me, now.”
Without further communication, the girl was ushered itno the room she had been told was called the PIT. She allowed a moment for her eyes to take it in, trying to memorize the layout from whatever she could see. The PIT was a rather large room with a series of concentric rings spaced out in vast rows embedded into the floor.

0730 hours, Day I …

She was instructed to enter the ring and stand in the center of the circle, so she descended the tiered step like crenulations to do so. As she stood in the center, there was a dull whine as three rings rose from the floor on repulsors to hover about chest high as holographic screens flickered to life, encapsulating her in a semi- sphere of displays set up about her.
A disembodied voice began to speak, ”Greetings trainee, welcome to the Prominent Intensive Training Room Terminal Number Thirty-six. This training area possesses a number of composite features. Primarily it utilizes several sound dampening devices, pressor fields, and hard light holographics in order to create a viable testing, training and learning center for those involved in Advanced Areas of Study.

At present, please state some basic information as biosensors record your identity and set up a training folder on the ship’s confidential servers.”

‘So she was on a ship, that was good to know.’ Moira thought.

A screen popped up asking, What is your name?
“Moira Drakengard.”
Sex? Male Female Other?
“Not till Marriage please.”
”I’m sorry, the reply could not be completed as spoken. Please try again.”
”Female.” Her legs were shaking at this point, and she felt a little week.
”Are there any titles or positions of authority, or service you claim from your own society?”
Her eyebrows knitted in frustration, “Yes.”
”Please Elaborate.”

”Last of the House of Yusanis and heir to the head of house. Also, all echani that go through Eshan’s academy at some point are considered reservists in case the homeworld was ever attacked.”

“Are any of these positions capable of forcing you to not keep any training receieved here confidential, due to the classified nature of the programs you have been submitted for. Please state any reservations now.”
“No. but if there is a conflict of interest later, I would presume to make an inquiry to the designated authority of the program, be that the Emperor’s office , the royal guard, or the echelon’s of the Federation’s military for permission of disclosure. I presume I will be instructed on proper formats of appeal later.”

Variable, due to time spent in carbonite, and stasis fields, currently about sixteen years of experience I think. Galactically I was born a little before the fall of the Empire. I’m sure you can cross index the files I expounded upon that subject.”
”Addendum noted.”

The questions came and went until a chime was heard, by this time she felt a little light headed. ”Are there any questions you would like to ask before we begin?”
”Is there a chair I can use? I’m not feeling too good.”
”Normally trainees are not permitted during test phases- However, monitoring devices are showing erratic data of your biosignatures at the present time. Wait one moment. Interrogatory Request sent.” Moira took the pause in the conversation to just breathe easy. ”Override Accepted.” From beneath her feet a small repulsor chair rose up, forming around her as it forced the young girl to fall back wearily upon it’s seat cushions as it floated above the floor. ”Please remain still trainee as a trainer enters the testing area.”
The sound of footsteps appeared behind her, as a robed figure walked their way around to Moira’s right hand side before a voice whispered in her mind.
’Extend your arm.’

She did, not quite understanding as a drinking bulb was deposited into her open palm followed by a hand reaching to clasp about her wrist. It was only a moment, and an arched eyebrow in silent question before the a soothing rise of warmth flooded into her and washed away her prior fatigue. Before the hand withdrew, it latched a small bracelet about her wrist.
”A medisensor that’s more precise then in the testing area. You are still suffering effects from the extreme exposure despite the prior bacta treatments. Medical staff have been made aware, and are monitoring all trainees. For now, please continue the testing cycle and keep hydrated to stave of some temporary effects.

The girl nodded once, and forced aside her thoughts from the little bit of worry that creeped into her mind. She almost didn’t notice the red guard’s departure, that was how swift it was. Soon enough, it was just her, and the voice.
”Are you ready to begin, Trainee?”
She nodded.
”A verbal response is necessary unless you toggle a selection on the holo window.”
”Yes.” she croaked out. ”May you please bring the window closer?” A single rectangle of light detached itself from the bubble of holographic windows, coming to about waist high, in a comfortable distance away. ”Thank you.”

”You’re welcome trainee. Now the first test is a comprehensive IQ test. You have five hours to complete as much as you can. Workspace may be used by utilizing the writing stylus provided to sketch equations in the air if it becomes necessary.” the computer said before the first question popped upon the screen. Twisting the top of the drinking bulb off the Echani took a sip as she pondered a reply to the hyperspace calculation on the screen.

She sketched out a few corollary basic equations to help jog her memory. Plugged in a few numbers, did some longhand equations before selecting to submit her answer. The next questions were on the temperature stresses of different alloygs, grades, and metals, including resistances to radiation. She remembered writing a few answers in comparisons to lead, mainly steel at one and a quarter inch gave the same radiation resistance as a quarter inch of lead.

After that she remembered choosing a few answers based on the comprehensive makeup of atmospheric elements which contributed to rates of erosion in durasteel. The questions only got more numerous and harder after that. Suffice to say , for the first time in many years, Moira thanked her parent’s foresight in buying three modified TTS-15-series education and tutorial droids for her education that they had kept the basic educational packages while diversifying their specializations in languages(Basic, Echani, and Huttese) in the first, literature, multi-cultural literature, and cultures in the second, with the third rounding it out with Galactic history, Material and Theoretical Sciences and Mathematics in the third droid.

She didn’t have much friends on the ships, wandering from battlefield to battlefield before being sent back to Eshan. She had her droids, and a sense of learning. Not to mention, her parents were able to bring home a Class I- Fleet simulator used in the Advanced Tactics courses from their time helping the training cycles of the Royal Guard, and she found out later- involvement with assisting members of the Old Empire’s Inquisition.

She’d taken to study everything, drawn like a moth to the flame, and soaked up as much as she could. Adding in her parents lessons on starship repair, Engineering, and various other tactical and strategic subjects ranging from logistics and battlefield control. In retrospect though, it was obvious her parents had been preparing her for something, though the possibilities could have ranged from a CEO of her own company, to someone capable of massive project oversight, or governing of a planet. By the Force, the people on Naboo did that all the time with their queens. Accelerated training was almost a must if one was to get ahead in the galaxy, and her parents had sacrificed a lot to get her such opportunities. Truth in told, she thought her parents wanted her prepared to help her people, even if that Inquisitor eventually took her under his deceitful wing to use as a tool. That made her angry a little, and that anger lent her focus as Moira began to answer the questions faster and faster as her confidence rose.

Add in the survival aspects, armor theory, weapon creation, and a bunch of related subjects and she was pretty sure she was showing various aptitudes in which she knew a lot more than normal sixteen year olds. However, it did upset her a bit when the questions veered towards descriptions of the proper methods of crochet. Stitches was for wounds, or for accentuation of armor and the natural beauty of objects, not handkerchiefs to blow one’s nose… well maybe if they were a gift to someone. She’d have to experiment on that. The questions on dance were easy enough, members of that organization had required her to learn in order to get close to a few marks but present fashion was something she knew nothing about.

The questions on cooking, and ingredients set her back a little as well. Why did one need to know a piece of bantha meat could have over eighty two cuts to it? Or which cut of meat was proper at a formal setting? In her mind, a steak was a steak was a steak, heck any meat based product not in a ration kit was a delicacy.

The questions got further downright odd as she was pressed into recalling and translating several sith’ari phonetics and other dead languages about lightsaber and sword based combat. Then it veered into theory about a few force usages that she had to fill in. After all, when you were once trained to hunt down force users as a new generation of an Inquisitor’s personal hellish organization, it paid to know one’s enemies and their abilities. As the Major had said, a lot of theoretical knowledge was dangerous to her, she supposed, she’d have to be careful to watch out for her own weaknesses and contemporize her gains with the risks.

But, despite the difficulty, she answered as best she could until a chime sounded with over two thousand questions answered. By the force, only the single thought of a laughing Mikka Thellis came to mind as her friend-slash- sister pointed at her and called her a nerd. She swore if that ever happened she’d dunk the girl with as many hot water balloons as she could. Sighing loudly, she rubbed her temples, sat back in the chair, and waited for a response. ”The time is eleven hundred and thirty hours, a small satchel, including a nutrient bar and a shake is available for your consumption at this time. You will have fifteen minutes until we begin a two hour personality test.”

At these words a small pedestal rose from the floor of the three meter diameter area, on top was a single bag containing another bulb and a ration bar. ”When you are finished the pedestal acts as a recycling station. Mous droids will take the waste to processing later.” Moira tore into the rations with an abashed hunger after her stomach growled loud enough to press her to satiate it. She didn’t care how bland they tasted, as it was probably the first thing she had had besides water for the past three days.

It seemed only a few moments, but at eleven hundred and forty five hours by the chrono, the chime sounded again. ”For the next two hours a personality test will be administered, Then a fifteen minute break before moving onto the next series of tests. Are you ready to begin?”
”I’d give you a personality test if you had one.” Moira muttered.
”I’m sorry, that is not a permissible response-“

She cut it off, ”Yes I’m ready. Please bring on the next test.”
”Question one: You are almost never late to appointments, Yes or No?
By the Sith I hate these things!” the echani spoke before settling in to answer yes or no to the various questions. A hundread and eighty questions later she had to choke over a given question.

Your friend has been obsessed over seeing a concert with the famous band Exonauts. When you arrive one of the band members gives her a cat call and then insults her grieviously. What would you usually do?
  • (A).Address the problem immediately with a blaster bolt to the face.
    (B).Think about what to do and then take action.
    (C). Sit back and let things work out for themselves.
    (D).Stop your friend from crying and say you’ll make it better somehow..
    (E). None of the above, just leave and take her with you.
”D. Definitely ‘D’. I’m not even going to think about the other choices.”She paused a moment, and then relented, ”Well maybe E.”
”Which is your final answer?”

Letting out a sigh she gave her reply to the over officious program, “D. My answer is D.”
At thirteen hundred, and forty five minutes on the chrono on the screen another bell chimed. In came the royal guard to escort her to the refresher where she splashed some cold water on her face, used the sonics and tried to stop some uncontrollable shivers before she was put back in that chair for the next round. Feeling a little winded she hardly noticed the red guard placing a hand on her shoulder and a sensation of fatigued leaving her. She was about to ask why she kept feeling what she thought was a manipulation of the force when that damnable voice came back on and the royal guard disappeared once more.
”Are you ready to begin?”
”Very well, Trainee. You have two hours to complete as many patterns as possible. If you don’t know the solution for a single one, then please skip to the next.”

Lines and lines of symbols and numbers came to the forefront of the holographic display as the test begun. Sighing loudly, she began to work on factoring what the next symbols might be, drawing them in midair. She skipped over a few but things eventually began making sense. The patterns started jumping between two dimensional to three dimensional geodesic puzzles and schemas that resembled the multidimensional representations of data streams she usually found Mikka playing with, and it started to become almost a game to her. One which absorbed her attention fully, on the way to solving the fourth example of such a patterned problem her thoughts were interrupted by that damn chime once again.

”It is now sixteen hundred hours. The time for this test is complete trainee. We are moving onto the cryptology test. On the left hand screen will be a codex, some symbols mean words, some mean letters. On the middle screen will be a story. Your job is to translate that story from the symbols. However, you must understand that some word use may be out of order, spelled backwards or even jumbled up. Your translation will be displayed on the right most screen. The trainee will have two hours to complete this task. Are you ready to begin?”

”Yes.” Moira curtly replied.

She was getting tired, and it felt like staying awake was a chore. Trying to work out some kinks in her neck she took the time to do a few stretches. She even slapped herself once to wake up. The Major hadn’t lied about the fact this testing phase would be brutal. Add in computers that could calculate results in real time, she was sure every trainee was having a different experience in the types of questions. But then she shook such thoughts aside, and concentrated on getting back to work.

It took some time to memorize the codex, and then the girl’s linguistic skills began to come into play as she started to put entire words strings together. She finished in about half the time before another bout of shivers ran down her back. She didn’t realize it, but the chair warmed a little. Just enough to offset her discomfort.

”It’s completed.”
”Do you want to review your answers?”
”May I have another drinking bulb as I do so?” In silent response the pedestal that had brought her lunch rose again to display another drinking bulb. She sipped it carefully, the tissues of her mouth taking the moisture like a sponge. Honestly, she felt like she had six weeks of the tyrellian flu all in one day. What was wrong with her? Trying to take her mind off things she concentrated on the review.

After about ten minutes, she addressed the computer, ”Alright, I’m done.” The chrono read seventeen hundred and fifteen minutes.
”Do you wish to move onto the next test?”
“Yes, please.”

”The time is now seventeen hundred and thirty minutes, the next test is a test of memory. A series of images will flash on the screen. The trainee will memorize them, then at the end of each series the trainee will write down what each image is in the order of appearance.” The chime sounded again, and Moira noted a set of images flash upon the screen. Taking the stylus up, once more from the chair, she scrawled her answer in midair before waving it to the screen set aside for recording her answers. A chime sounded about two minutes later, ”Be aware that the next series will pass by quicker than the previous. Complexity, Length, and amount of objects in each string may vary as well.”

For the next hour and a half, Moira’s mind was starting to feel like it had the consistency of mashed potatos as the strings continued. She was lucky if she got nine out of ten during the later stages as the series progressively got faster and longer.

Finally the chime rang again. ”It is presently eighteen hundred hours. A nutrition shake and bar have been provided for your consumption. In fifteen minutes a break for the refresher will be possible. At eighteen – thirty the second to last test will begin.”
“Erh, Thank you, Computer. I guess, erh… what is the proper way to address you.”
“During normal operations, it is appropriate to address the computer by terminal number, in this case ‘PIT number thirty-six would be an applicable denominator for address. However, at this time you might refer to me as OSIRIS as I am presently correlating all trainess datum for review.”
“OSIRIS, that’s a strange name. Does it mean something?” Moira asked, the only computer she knew of with an acronym on the observer was what was called a HELIOS. Were they similar? Or was one just a dumber artificial intelligence?
“That’s classified. Please be ready to address the next test in thirty minutes.”
“Erh, understood OSIRIS. Thank you for the notification. May I speak to you again in the future?”
“Perhaps, though such discussions will not be a priority to my routines unless I am instructed to make them so by a higher authority, at this time please take your required nutrition.”Moira replied, in her mind the pieces were coming together, like little cogs in a machine as she wondered if there was an actual intelligence on the other end of the examination stations, and the simulated testing environment described in later days would suggest it. She hoped she hadn’t hurt that thing’s feelings if it was an actual sentient, made of flesh or not.

Another shiver went down her spine as she considered that, but she shook it off. At least with the first day’s testing there was a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, though Moira had to wonder if that light would lead to blue skies, or the unfortunate event of an air train barreling down the tracks in her direction before it ran her over.

Regardless, she ate the meal, drank her shake, and was escorted to the refresher. Somewhere along the way she noted a passing gauntlet settle on her shoulder long enough for a blast of warmth in the force to soothe her fatigue away. In the back of her mind, she vaguely recognized the gauntlet as the Major’s but had little time to ask what was going on before she was ushered back to the chair and another drinking bulb placed in her hand by the escorting royal guard. Then the chime sounded once again. ”The next test will be another memory test. Answer the following as best you can utilizing the codex from the prior test.”
Frack!” Moira spat.
”There are a total of eighty questions, you have two hours to answer forty questions.” Recalling what she could of the codex, the echani began to write down a little cheat sheet for herself in the holographic workspace. Then she began to tackle the translations of the questions, collating what she had, with what she could figure out, but had forgotten. This allowed her mini-codex to grow enough to the point where she grinded her way through the questions.

In the end, she answered about forty-five of them before the chime sounded once again.
”It is presently twenty hundred and thirty hours, the last test consists of a thirty minute time period where one is to describe visual shapes and tell what they could be. The Trainee is also to describe any feelings associated with the image.
”Understood, please begin.” Blinking blearily, Moira yawned with fatigue before shaking the cobwebs out of her head. She felt rather unsteady, but pushed on. ”Cat, dog, butterfly, tauntaun, blaster rifle, Sniping perch. Two daunagwyn fighting.”

At the end of the thirty minutes the chime sounded again. ”This concludes the first day’s testing period in the PIT. Trainees will be escorted to the barracks by training officers. Medical personel are on standby to give them a physical and further instructions before sleep. Trainee, your results are currently being tabulated and disseminated to appropriate training officers to assist in your next tests. Thank you for your participation in the first stages of the VDQAE Program’s Testing period and have a nice day.”

One by one the holoscreens switched off and sounds began to enter the circle’s environment. Wearily, the echani got up to her feet before the chair sank back into the floor with a whir. Then the repulsor rings, which had been rotating around her gave a whine. Then they descended to meet with the floor, fastened by the thudding sounds of molecular locks. All of this left her standing in front of another red robed training officer who barked out a call for attention.

The Major stood at the front of the room, holding a hand a moment to draw attention as he began to speak. ”Alright Trainees! That was an excellent start. Just remember that tomorrow begins the testing of your physical limits, where we intend to push you to your limits and you’re screaming in pain! But don’t worry, it’s all in the name of science and progress for you to develop yourselves further in the ways of the force! Shame that we need to set baselines first, but the good news is, I promise that unless you have a heart attack, you won’t die! And even if you do have a heart attack, don’t worry, we’ll pop in a cybernetic and have you back to testing in five hours! I promise, tomorrow will be some of the most rigorous testing you have undergone in your lives, so are you all ready for the challenge?”

A few gung ho trainees, namely from the dark trooper gave a chorusing cry of , “Yes Sir!” before silence was back in play.

”Good. I’ll remind you of that when your needing to go the extra mile. Now I need all the males, whatever species you are, to step forward into one line and be ready to be escorted to the barracks where medical stuff will hook you up to a bunch of sensors so we can get a baseline for your nocturnal biosigns and sleeping habits as well as the mandatory sonic shower, and a physical. Then I need all the females to line up to be escorted to their own barracks to do the same. You should know that unlike most barracks on a federation ship the bunks you will be sleeping in are state of the art bio-beds with the ability to have a filtered light screen descend over them to allow sleep regardless of any time of day, or lighting. So that should make all of you feel a little special! Don’t worry, we trainers are going to ensure we beat that right out of you real quick! Just remember, when you arrive to follow the staff’s directions, or else! Trainees Dismissed!”

Moira could tell the Major was harkening the atmosphere back into the settling structure one usually received in basic training for a military. And many like herself merely shrugged and smiled before composing themselves. A bit of familiarity of structure seemed a good thing to her, so long as it kept them all on task and on target, while keeping their minds from being unsettled by the implications of what they were there for.

A crutch as it were, but she wondered when it would be removed. Her blood chilled when she felt a small featherlike touch, ‘smelling’ faintly of ash, upon her senses. ‘An interesting observation Trainee, but keep it to yourself. You don’t realize it, but you are projecting, child. We will protect your mind for now, but soon you must learn control.’

She gulped nervously, before she could feel the oily smudge of the royal guard in front of her extending some sort of encapsulated force shield around her. ‘Thought shield child. You will learn to do this as well, though it may pose difficult.’

As the lines formed to move out, she stumbled her way after, trailing behind the rest as her feet seemed to get heavier and heavier. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw two Royal Guards, beside her escort approach and take her by the elbows.

Stubbornly, she took a look at the deck at her feet and plodded on, ”I can make it on my own to the barrack-“

She was cut off by some sharp pains that racked her body. ’Do not be concerned about the barracks, alternate measures and accommodations have been prepared. The reasons you are in pain is why we are taking you to a medical support staff now. Remember, you are still suffering from the effects of exposure and your Awakening.’

The two royal guards, levered the girl down the hallway, and turned a corner. Disappearing from the sight of the other trainees, as the medisensor began beeping loudly as it turned red. At this time they abandoned all pretense of walking calmly at a sedate pace and began to rush her forwards, utilizing a combination of their speed and telekinetics to lift and keep her isolated from the pressures the faster velocity placed upon her. In hear ears the sensor beeping became a high pitched whine, as the peal of the alarm got louder. A set of double doors hissing open, accompanied by the shouting voices of orderlies was the last thing she heard before blackness took her.
The two Royal Guards rushed the one they were carrying into the room and deposited her on an Athakam Medtech Med Unit. ”I want this room cleared of males now!” the lead doctor ordered in a tone long accustomed to command. Trainee or not, no female that young deserved to have her dignity stripped from her without being aware of it.

“Prepare for a cardio stimulator if she crashes! We don’t want to be unprepared.” She shouted.

Medical droids were already beginning to run tests as two of the three red guards in attendance left the room. The last one, a female, though you would have never known through the suit, stepped around to place her palms against the sides of the Echani’s head as the royal guard began to transfer force energy into the unconscious patient. Within three minutes, the patient had been covered in a sheet as various sensors were attached to her skin.

A chime from above chirped, as a voice came online. ”How bad is she doctor?”
Cursing the doctor spoke out loud, “She suffers from extreme exhaustion, dehydration, her endocrine and her adrenal systems are in a state of flux that show stress from overuse, probably during that blizzard as a property of whatever kept her alive. Not to mention we’re reading damage to her lungs from exposure, add into a dozen other problems involved when a force sensitive almost rips open parts of their brain to use things they were never trained in before and well- It’s not a pretty picture. She should have been here hours ago!”
”The risk was manageable doctor. Do what you can.”

The doctor looked over at the young woman, the hologram above the bed already showing her vitals. But what skin was uncovered, beneath the sheet had been mired by scars, was now too deathly pale to be healthy. Not to mention her patient’s skin glistened with a cold sweat.
That’s a bullshit excuse Inquisitor! I want justification for the risk to my patient’s life. Now please! I’ll need access anyways to her past files in order to watch for possible breaks in her psychology during her recovery before training.”

“She will be pushed to train while recovering doctor. For her, it has to be shown what was expected of her for compliance reasons. That’s why we had the MRP produce a high caliber life support suit for her. You don’t need to know more. The only question I need answered right now is a simple one: Will she live?

The doctor sighed and wondered if the Emperor would allow her to shove her rarely used force glaive into a pompous Inquisitor’s arse, but then dismissed such thoughts. Not all doctors didn’t know how to fight, and she was as good at taking lives as she was as saving them. Her time in the Royal Guards had taught her that. It gave her some immunity at least, as the only one able to discipline a royal guard was the Emperor himself, well at least theoretically. ”Ask me in six hours Inquisitor. Until then it’ll be touch and go for at least the first two hours till we can put her in the tank.”

The answer came not over the coms, but in her mind. ‘Do your best doctor, for now other matters require my attention.’

’Then please stop distracting my attention from my patient, and I want that file on her past, not just the last incident that described her awakening her abilities.!’ the Doctor snapped back before proverbially slamming the door shut on the Inquisitor’s mental face. Cursing again as the presence left her, the doctor turned back to focus back on the problems at hand.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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2030 hours, Day I

Jericho Winters was mentally exhausted and honestly wanted to kill something. Oh, it wasn't the tests, not really, it was the dumb Rorschach blots. The computer images, had taken a turn for the worse, looking like at first an airspeeeder crash, and then a dead body. He had seen plenty of dead bodies in his time, but at this stage he could only think of one in the past which truly mattered that involved an airspeeder, hell he had caught the marking of a photo scene burned into his memory, the scene of his wife's death mandated into black and white lines, and processed enough to just seem like it was a random image pop up.

But he wouldn't be able to ever forget the sight of Luxa's body, and his unborn child dead among the wreckage. Obviously, someone on the other end was concerned about his psyche profile and tried to doctor the test a little, but the experience of seeing things had only made him focus his anger until the stupid cycle was finished.

The other tests he did fine in, brought up as he was as the hear to one of the Ten houses of Kuat. Trained since birth for the corporate world, politics and engineering dynasty, he had rebelled enough to enter Kuat's military engine, and eventually their security force becoming a detective. All such skills had served him well throughout the various testing functions. Though his highest aptitude he thought would show up in tactical doctrine and skills based testing.

He had a lot of experience as a grunt, and an officer if he counted his time before enlisting in the Federation Army.

He did crack a smile at the Major's obvious attempt to bring back the worst of everyone's time at boot camp, though he was sure the Major's version would be much worse. He wasn't going to conclude anything else from that speech. It had been a warning, and a psychological bolster all in one.

He waited patiently and filed into the line of males that entered the barracks, entering just before that man the Major had called Mr. Gast and waited for a male orderlies instructions to come behind a curtain. After a rather standard physical the orderly told him to enter the sonics and change into the underclothes provided. All his personal effects save datapads, armor, weaponry, and code cyclinders would be accorded at his bunk after the first four days of testing, until then their group was back in the standard BDU's that military men of the Federation wore. Until then, they would pick their bunks, and wait for medical orderlies to attach some monitoring sensors for overnight assessments of their vitals.

Jericho hated wearing the damn things, they always made him itchy when the glue came off, not to mention the orderlies tended to stick the patches on the hairest parts of one's chest. Ripping off chest hair with glue was not a fun thing to do. But he would bear it. Especially if this place was to make him stronger then before.

As he got out of the shower in his underclothes the orderly placed a few patches on him, after shaving some spots, at least the medical staff had the courtesy to do so, before the sticky resin affixed the patches to his skin. "These patches are necessary for the overnight studies, as well as the first tests tomorrow. If there is any problem, and one comes off please inform the medical staff immediately. Now go stow your armor in the next room's armory, next to your equipment locker. Names have been inscribed on the holoplates. Then return here to be ushered into the barracks. If you did not bring any armor you are wearing, then a suitable set has been provided for you to wear during exercises."

He nodded to show his assent before making his way into the armory. Placing his helmet and everything else away carefully, Winters double checked the seals of his equipment. He fully expected the training here to be rough, and wondered what was in store for him. Idly, he glanced to the left of his holoplate where he saw the name 'Rann Gast' inscribed upon the locker nearby, and connected the name with person who asked the question out in the Atrium. Inside the locker he could distinctly see a suitable body glove, much like he saw ISIS operatives wear but rather plain looking.

'Probably not an operative then, maybe a naval officer? A pilot would have a flight suit.' Winters thought, putting his detective skills to good use. Either way it was not his problem, though he made sure to nod at the man as he went past him to the barracks. As he was one of the first one's in the barracks he made sure to choose a good bunk in the central area. It was a strange bunk to be sure, looking much like a stasis capsule with a transparisteel lid. They were arranged in rows of four by fours in each section of the barracks. Not the normal four bunks, two by two, that most enlisted men had to deal with. There was enough room between them however for one to move comfortably and he thought he picked a good spot. Not too close to the refreshers and not to close to the entranceway that were the high traffic areas of the area.

He did look up though to see transparisteel ceiling panels held between slatted greaves of durasteel. To his surprise, he jumped as his gaze met the suited visage of a Royal Guard. It seemed here, upon the lowest level of the Nexus, one was always watched. He gave a cordial nod, before logging into his bunk with his rank cylinder.

His head snapped up at the sound of a commotion, "Oh lookee here, one of the people who think's he's too good for being with the laymen? What are you an officer or something, Sir? You think you can keep up? Phah, here there's only trainers and trainees. No ranks! So why you here space man?"

He saw two other trainees leaning against the bunks, blocking Mr. Gast's way. Silently, he crept up behind them and crossed his arms before clearing his throat to get their attention.

The two turned towards him. One of them spoke, "What do you want, and who are you?"

Winters shrugged. "Just a fellow trainee is all, but one that knows you need to cool your jets before I have to rearrange them for you. I really don't care if this man is an officer or not, or you are, I sure as hell wouldn't allow any form of hazing in one of the barracks I'm staying in. So shape up, or ship out, or this Sargeant is going to educate you on the finer aspects of keeping a civil tongue. The Macho stuff only flies with the rookies and no one here is considered a rookie. We're all dangerous in our own ways, and I for one wouldn't want to see how dangerous Mr. Gast is. Didn't you get the memo? Now Sir, you can bunk by me."

Without waiting for a reply, Winters reached through and took Gast by the arm and guided him to a bunk across from his before turning back to the other two troublemakers putting emphasis by the slight white in his frazzled beard that came with his genetics . "I mean it Sons, no funny business in my barracks. If that's not kosher with you then shove off to the next. It doesn't mean I won't respect you in training but I don't need any problems here. Not when we're all so close to learning what we need to."

The young buck growled but was hit by his friend in the shoulder who looked at Winters, "Alright , Sarge. No complaints here, we'll slip off to the next so we're on the straight and narrow. No bad blood here."

Winters nodded in acquiescence and raised a hand in a polite farewell before turning towards Gast and pointed. "Slot your cylinder into that bunk, I'll keep them off you when it's time to be around here, Sir. You need to know that guys like those won't give anyone respect if they don't think they can pull their own weight."

A medical orderly raised his voice as more and more Trainees filed into the barracks. "Alright, Trainees. Ten minutes till rest, you can make any notes you want to to your families but understand that they will be screened before delivery for security's sake! If your ready to sleep just sit on the bunks and press a button."

"Talk to you later, Sir. Call me Winters, and don't hesitate if you need anything." Nodding politely to what he could almost guarantee was an officer now, the kuati nobleman turned to rest back on the bunk and pushed a button. Within moments, an orderly and a royal guard came to rest beside his bed.

"All the connections seem to look correct. Alright, Sir. You can put him under."

The red guard poised an outstretched hand above Winters' face as he was ushered by the force into a deep dark sleep. His last thought was that he'd need the rest for the second day.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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0330 hours, Day II

The Doctor watched her patient floating in the tank of bacta, pondering the next step. She had lied a bit to the Inquisitor, or rather the scope of her abilities when it came to healing. Yes she knew of him at the very least. Horae and her had never really seen eye to eye. But anyone brought up in the Nexus practiced a bit of deception about their abilities when it was necessary. She’d only recently become invested in healing, something no royal guard usually invested time in, but her background as a field medic, then royal guard with full doctorated had eventually seemed to dovetail her studies back in that direction. She could handle things like muscle, skin, and bone. It was the more complex organs that gave her trouble. From what the scans had shown, that might prove the most difficult area of her patient’s damage, and she was presently unequipped to handle them with the Force.

However, more mundane measures were being taken to ensure the limitation, or at the very least that no permanent crippling effects would occur. But that was under normal circumstances without the stress of a patient training, truth be told she was concerned how much damage could accrue, even with a life support suit being made. Bacta healed, but it also scarred over wounds that were too complex for the microbes to help regenerate. Especially, in the delicate organs, that was the main cause why doctors in the Federation still performed series of surgeries after bacta treatments when necessary. In order to remove and alleviate scar tissue that might hinder an organ’s performance.

For example the doctor had recently studied examples relating to damage to the heart. A proper medical practitioner, out of a trauma situation wouldn’t simply remove the original heart. In many species, and like any other muscle, the heart was something that could heal itself to an extent over time if it was not subjected to stress. That meant if one hooked up a secondary heart, such as a cybernetic replacement to bear the brunt of the body’s processes, then eventually the original heart would be able to heal within an interim amount of time so it could be plugged back in later.

Lung tissue also regenerated, though normally at a slower rate. About six months to six years if there were hard factors in the way of the healing process. Like tar from tabaacc sticks. The Doctor’s abilities were no closer to being able to assist that process with the Force. Presently, that was beyond her. However, that didn’t mean the Doctor was helpless in assessing and observing complications involved in the healing process of more complex organs. Every case she studied, furthered her knowledge just a little more of the natural healing processes enough to make her hope one day she might manipulate the force to duplicate such things in the future.

In practice, her abilities would give her enough warning in the assessment of whether a third lung, or a second heart being introduced became necessary if the organs were not healing at a steady rate. Either option, might be necessary in this case, as in the second hour the girl’s heartbeat had stopped once, sending her patient into cardiac arrest.

Deciding that a proper force examination was in order the Doctor knelt by the tank and placed a hand on the exterior surface. The woman closed her eyes and took a moment to focuse her mind before opening herself to the boundless energies of the Force. Feeling the young woman’s imprint in the force nearby she began to move her mind closer to that presence in the first step to establish a healer’s link. With far too much ease to suit the Doctor, the royal guard found herself within the girls mind.

She began to view the patient’s memories from Moira’s own perspective. Countless memories came upon her like crashing waves upon the shore, and the avid majority of them were not very pleasant.
A lifetime since birth spent moving from battlefield to battlefield. Killing her first sentient at the age of four with a blaster. Countless hours confined to an almost empty monastery home on her homeworld; kept with her cousin’s family for her own safety during times her parents were away training… royal guardsmen of the old empire? Constant, never ending training they instilled in her, and taken even a step further by the seductive call of revenge. Learning about enemies and their abitlies as she prepared to hunt down and kill them.
Both jedi, and darksiders alike.
For practice being pitted against sithspawn of dangerous proportions, and sometimes being denied her own memories… The Doctor had seen several of which had been locked away, looking like they had been burst open by someone else’s efforts. Many bouts of them indicative of torture to increase pain resistance, hours upon hours of very mild force lightning that had left her patient in unrelenting agony.
But then the memories closer to the present surfaced, soothing comfort mixed with confusion in… of all people, the Director of ISIS’ presence? Care and concern for a new ‘mother’ and ‘sister’? A sense of debt to others for helping her compared and warring with doubts of how she had been expected to be treated. For the first time a sense of desperately being in control of her destiny and relishing in it?

All to have that washed away in fear, bordering upon terror at fleeing her own execution. The blizzard, the biting cold, and the certainty of death.

Through the force, the doctor saw and felt what the girl never had; the royal guard experiencing it for herself as the young echani had released herself completely to the force; holding nothing of herself in reserve. The Doctor saw and felt everything as the force took complete control of the young woman’s body and did everything necessary for the young girl’s survival.
Everything from slowing her metabolic rates, a staple of a hibernation trance, to telekinetically holding and forming materialized amorphic ice, to transforming its structure into a protective cocoon. All before using the body to not only to maintain and sustain the girl’s internal body temperature, but to constantly radiate the flow of the force in her as heat through her skin in the order of several magnitudes above the capacity the body should be able to produce.
This experience was now, to her understanding, the key to the girl’s present lack of shielding.
The Doctor withdrew from the girl’s mind, leaving only the lightest touch necessary for the healing link as she sensed the waves of pain from the intrusion and the stirrings of consciousness that seemed to pulse along the faint connection between them. She took a moment to simply stand back and consider what she had discovered. Recalling, and enhancing her own memory of the dive, over and over. Sifting though it with a fine tooth comb.
She didn’t know exactly what to make of it, though she was sure later the knowledge might help others somehow; she just wasn’t sure how. But one thing was for sure: In a sheer desperate bid to live, her patient had given everything over to the force; and the Force had prevailed. The lack of mental shielding at the moment was troublesome, it would make her job a little bit harder. Not to mention the Nexus had some eight week old trainees that could probably dominate her patient’s mind with very minimal effort.

That would have to be worked on, and the Doctor made a note to include such observations in her report. But the doctor had other things to do right now. Mainly to check on her patient’s physical progress, the mental would come later. Though with no defense, no shielding, and no guarded thoughts in her semi-conscious state, the Doctor surmised the Echani would yield a deep connection to the force that some master’s would never achieve.

But that was neither here nor there.

She opened her eyes to see two orbs of blue staring back at her blearily. Startled she drew up to her full height before composing herself to speak. ”I don’t know if you can hear me Moira, but I mean you no harm. I need to see some of your internal injuries to check on things. I know your sensitive right now, but a little pain from detecting my actions now might save a lot of pain later. If you can, try to follow along, watch and observe if you like.”

She was unsure if it was her imagination, but behind the breath mask, it seemed there was a small nod before the eyes closed again. With a quick shake of her head to clear her thoughts and mind, the Doctor began to focus herself.

Concentrating, she opened up the healer’s link, following it along but making sure not to stray into the boundaries of her patient’s demesne again as the Doctor began to focus on the area she wanted to assess. In her lungs, the news was already bad. Sign’s of scar tissue, some flash fried from the immense temperature’s surrounding her in her icy cairn gave the impression that the tissues had been steam baked, not directly caused by her patient’s time when the was locked in the ice or her own time as a conduit for the Force. The fools should have kept her in bacta for a week with something like this, now it was almost too late as scar tissue was setting in. It would be months in recovery now, as her skills were not advanced enough to handle this. She made a mental note to add that as an addendum before venturing closer to the beating heart.

It seemed the strain that caused the earlier attacks was from every other part of her body almost shutting down, due to the extra factors of the strains from her prior ordeal. She couldn’t quite heal that. But her catalogue of every major organ continued till she started traversing her focus to the tissues near the skin, or in this case rather below. There was significant contusions and muscle damage probably from the improperly used method of extruding heat. The bones were fine to her senses.

This was something she could handle.

Concentrating on the injured tissue, the Doctor began pulling the Force to her and sending that energy into the points of injury which she could see. She could sense her patient, consciously or not following her every move within the Force. But that was not a concern, through the force the Doctor could see the cells of the muscle tissue multiply, webbing between the structures of the muscle where the prior bacta treatments had been weak. Almost like filling in the blood pool under a scab as the tissue fibers began to fill out, intertwine and link back into the way they were. While she knew that the tissue would not be fully healed after a single session, the Doctor knew it would be much further along than relying on bacta treatments alone. Multiple treatments might work to a similar effect, but then the loss of tissue and conditioning would have been more severe. But she was a doctor, working with imprecise tools to combat a single cell with the equivalency of a fire hose. Frankly, force or not she’d use every tool in her arsenal if it meant to ensure a better chance for one of her patients.

If this one was to train in a life support suit, the Doctor wanted to give her every chance she could get.

After nearly twenty minutes of sending the girls body, isolating and going through the damage she could heal, one section at a time, the Doctor fell back out of her near trancelike state. She staggered backwards to the one chair in the room at the desk across from the girls bed and closed her eyes. She began to recover her strength by taking deep breaths several times, and simply relaxing. As she dissolved the healer’s link she felt the mind of her patient seem to settle, then rest.

”I see there is some progress doctor?”

Whipping her head around, the most recent source of her ire seemed to appear. However, the flash of anger vanished as she saw the Inquisitor there, a datapad in his hand, holding it out in her direction. She nodded stiffly, “You’re early, Horae. Is that-?”

”Her file, yes. I want you to be assigned as her main doctor while she’s here, maybe even train her a little in some healing techniques in regard to herself. I fear it may be necessary.”
”Necessary?” the doctor raised a single eyebrow.
”The issue of the trainee’s strength in the force, her flow, and her ability to control the potential degradation to herself is currently an issue. We suspect some healing techniques may help her in the long run, and absolutely necessary for the short term. By the way, that means I read your latest training file report of your own healing abilities doctor. I do not like to be mislead. I’m going to officially request a copy of the memory of any interaction you just had with her which wasn’t caught on holo here.”

The doctor’s voice filled with scorn, “There’s something called doctor – patient confidentiality-“

“Which doesn’t apply here. “ The Inquisitor interjected. Marshalling his not insignificant aura in the force, his presence almost smothering as small waves of pain from the tank rose to larger ones. “Not if we are to monitor her training safely. I’ve already made an educated guess that if her training is not thorough enough we’ll simply watch her die. Burned from her power, inside to out, that is a tragedy I do not think in the best interest of the Federation. At least.” Horae paused, ‘‘at this time.’’

”You always were a bastard Horae- I’m guessing it’s part of your job description-“ The pair froze as it seemed their patient started to drift within the force. To each of them it felt exactly as she had just died as alarms went off... Rushing to the tank, the medical Doctor looked in to note the steady slow rise and fall of the girl’s chest and the confirmation of the monitors that her heartbeat had slowed.

The Inquisitor put an arm on her shoulder, and she felt his senses probing. She was just about to hit the emergency release on the tank to pull her patient out of it when the Inquisitor held up a hand to stop her… then he waved the medical droids away before speaking out loud... “Oh, what a clever child.”

”What do you mean?”

A single blip of the heart monitor was noted. “She’s left a small connection to her body as her spirit wanders, immersing herself in the force. This is a much deeper connection then I usually sense. Almost like the – Never mind. This is not a proper hibernation trance. But let’s see if she completes what she can before we put her in a proper one.”
The Doctor was curious what this situation was potentially like, but knew better to ask, Inquisitor’s always kept her secrets. “If it’s not a healing trance, then it’s probably like what she did in the ice.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ll give the memory later, now what do you mean check her heart?”
The Inquisitor shrugged, “Just what I said, it’s knitting in between the slow beats. Less than three per minute as the muscle tissue cells undergo mitosis. Quite similar to what I sensed in here with you before.”

“But the heart is harder to heal, there’s too many stress-“

“Less beats, equals less stress my dear. Now I think you should assist her. At the very least it might be a learning experience as you watch.” the Inquisitor said before putting a hand on the doctor’s shoulder. A rush of force energy came into her, given by the Inquisitor himself. Without preamble the Doctor entered her trance again, and was amazed at the manipulations of the force itself, almost acting without guidance around the heart, feeding the muscle tissue as she had fed the musculature of the muscles closer to the skin. Wrapping itself around in rather white light before dissipating as the connective tissues seemed to bolster and heal the heart.

When it faltered, she took over, attempting to direct it as she made corrections upon corrections to mismatched tissue, just a little snip in the force here and there before her energies guided that wash of the force back into things as it filled cracks like rainwater filled holes in the road and eddies. It was a rather exhilarating experience for her, but eventually as she finished the work, seeming to be aided by something greater before she felt another presence on the edge of her senses. Calling in the force as if scolding a child.

Opening her eyes, she noted the Inquisitor with his own hand on the tank, and then the fluttering of her patient’s eyes open. ”Such a clever girl. But now you really must sleep properly. We already warned you about stumbling into things you’re not ready for. I think you’re just lucky to have the proper doctor here for the right time and place is all.“

"That should have been beyond my abilities." the Doctor pointed out. "How did she know how to-"

"I suspect whatever you saw in the healer's link was potentially a two way street. Or perhaps better explained as 'Monkey see, monkey do. However, we won't be able to know either way until the girl learns to enhance her memories. But regardless." The Inquisitor shrugged, "You know what they say about Necessity being the mother of invention, Doctor."

Pointedly, the Doctor opened the file on the datapad and began to read. In her periphery, she noted a wave of the force, and didn't comment as it reached towards the Echani girl, putting her into the deep trance of Hibernation.

Then the Inquisitor turned to her. “You have one hour to read the file before it’s returned; in the meantime, I’m late for a meeting to discuss the results of today’s tests and possible training devices. I’d say good work, but in the future please make sure there is a second person here if you attempt to do any healing. As for the work I have to get to; I’d like to say my time here was a pleasant experience but we both know that’s untrue.”

You’ve always been a real bastard Horae, even when you were in the Guard.”

”Of course, that’s why I helped train you… and gave you so many citations on your record. Good day.” With those words the Inquisitor strode out of the room, leaving the Doctor behind in her vigil.

The doctor huffed once to herself as she pondered the latest interaction, before casually dismissing it to be akin to a daily occurrence when in this next of vipers known as the Nexus. There was always competition, always jockeying for position and favor of the Emperor and the Federation here. No matter what level of training one had already undergone.

That was just the way it was.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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0430 hours, Day II...

It had been an hour since the Doctor had shared what she gathered from one of the Trainee’s minds, and now, after discussing the general aptitudes of the majority the three O’Shea brothers were whittling down to the particulars of those they had an eye on to accelerate their training. About ten out of the thirty, of which included a certain naval officer, an experiment with biogenic enhanced cybernetics, and a certain troublesome member of the Echani race, which they were now broaching the topic of.

“So you all agree she should be trained with the main group, and not sequestered during those class periods that the others share?”

“Of course, the question is how we evolve the methods of her training to reflect the dangerous circumstances we find her to be in. If we are not careful, we’ll force the poor girl to implode.”

“She’ll implode anyways if left unchecked, and unable to shield herself from the force. Either now, or years from now, it makes no difference: the girl must be trained. Rather than let her wander to where a meddlesome jedi might find her and turn her to the side of the Republic we’re here to discuss how to mold her training for the usefulness of the Federation!”
“Before that, we still have to ask; how would we deal with the problem of having the body if filled too much force if she can’t handle the amounts of control necessary?

“You mean how you slow organs degrading? From what I remember, you normally deal with that in the short term by having the individual naturally burn off the excess energy. Normally by doing something that is difficult and trying.” The black armored brother spoke.
“Yes, but the particulars are what we seek right now, Caspian.”
“How about telekinesis? We have an inkling she’d be good at materializing ice from the observations the Doctor passed to us about her rather abrupt awakening. Perhaps… “ the shadow guard paused a moment, “Controlling ice, and temperature.”

“Cryokinesis and Hydractics would be the proper term, Brother. “ Horae said, his hands steeple like under his chin as he considered the possibilities.

“Then the opposite brother, Fire to burn off energy literally. if you are sure of how the temperature raised inside that icy cocoon. Pyrokinesis, and what was it you called it that she did with her skin; convection? Add a bit of spirit flame to that, and you have quite the duality going.

“- she’d have to develop her telekinetic skills rather drastically in a short amount of time, while using a constant expenditure of energy.”

“How is the question. I sense you have something to add here Nathan.”

“-It’s simple.’ Nathan said with a shrug, “We already push our DT’s to be able to lift their armor with the force for an hour at a time, minimum. That’s not counting how we push them to develop their endurance with their flow, but I imagine if she’s included in with the regulars she’ll hear about in on day III like the rest.”

“Perhaps, we should arrange a demonstration on the long term usefulness of practicing endurance training brothers? An incentive to the entire group to push themselves?” Horae asked.

“Agreed.” The two replied.
“How much does that armor weigh again, Nathan?”

“At least one metric ton, But to truly prosper, she’d need at least two.”

Caspian piped up, “She should be able to get to at least double that weight to four metric tons eventually. Just to prosper and develop her control to be safe. But we can’t just have her lifting armor. Of course, I assume you mean in moderation, smaller weights first.” Nathan nodded in confirmation. A brief silence followed as all three wracked their brains in an attempt to consider
“She’s an echani.” Caspian thought aloud as he pondered looking at the initial dossier, “Perhaps…”
Nathan O’Shea gestured with one arm towards him, “Say it, no idea is too little here Brother. We will not tell a soul if you need to voice some things aloud.”
Caspian looked back and forth between the two and nodded once, “Let me expound a bit. She was found with two sith war swords and after being converted by the individual presently known as Target Tarasque in certain circles for his treason against the Emperor, she came back on a ship possessing a few echani artifacts, some she was wearing, a sword that was given back to her even though our people’s findings related it had some historical significance of note. Then she was wearing echani robes, and armor and some other echani clothing to wear over it. Furthermore, in that ship were two other artifacts she took and asked they sent back to her home world after her new ‘mother’ studied them.

The first was a handmaiden’s staff, and the other was a lightsaber that were confiscated and still held into the labs. There is a note on them to watch the subject to see if she can earn them back, sort of an incentive to secure her loyalty. All perceptions of pyschometry have identified both as belonging to another remote historical figure…” The shadow guard paused a moment.

Horae nodded, “I see what you want to discuss, but I’m not sure where you are going with this.”
“Whatever the case please tell us who that historical figure was?”
The shadow guard looked at Horae, who nodded his permission. “Only between us three the information stays unless we are ordered by the higher ups.”

Caspian took that as permission, though not really that he needed it now that Horae had passed out of the royal guards to the position of an Inquisitor. The Inquisition however still had domain over finding studying and passing findings of artifacts and their possession to the vaults of the Omega Order. It was one of the many blurred lines the darkest recesses of the Federation possessed but not many realized was of note.
“The historical figure was an Echani of some reknown. One of the Exile’s Meetra Surik’s companions who went by the name of Brianna Kae in the later years of her life. Daughter of Master Jedi Arren Kae who once helped train Revan, or so the stories go, and General Yusanis. Furthermore, Brianna was once a person who eventually took over the position as a Jedi Historian. When questioned, the girl said something drew her to the artifacts, some sort of familiarity, as well as to the garb and armor.” There was a moment of silence in the room as the three pondered that information. The force was a mysterious entity to them, so they didn’t know how much of that impetus was true, or rather how much was a delusion on the part of the trainee.
At last the silence was broken by Nathan asking a question. “And the sword was given back to her because? He drawled out the last word, as if stressing his disbelief that any artifact would be given back to any enemy that was on parole so to speak.

“And taken after the case Zero against her which was proved as the onsite Inquisitor being far too … well… enthusiastic about his job if he mistook a simple stubbornness to keep one’s life private for actions against the Empire, even after her time assisting in various missions for the Federation as a freelancer for… what did the Director of ISIS say she called it, oh yes, ‘Extra spending money.’ I have a feeling the good director let her start taking some freelancer based missions to allow her out of her hair after she took custody of both Moira and her fellow ‘sister’ of sorts.”

“Are you saying the Director adopted this girl? If so why is she not in the Omega Order to have one of them train?”

“Probably her history, and well- her current state is in flux, before it was to try and help her get control back of herself after the initial mind dive caused some side effects.”

“We’re getting off track here brothers.” Horae said, “I think you should tell who the investigators thought the sword belonged to.”

Caspian nodded and looked at Nathan who arched an eyebrow quizzically. The middle brother sighed, “It belonged to Yusanis himself. They didn’t know if it was the sword he died with though when he stood against Revan.”

“The lover of Revan’s teacher, killed by his own blade… I’m sure there’s a story behind that lost to history.”
“Indeed, Nathan. But we may never know the details. I however, eventually, intend to give it back.”
Nathan held up a hand as if grasping for something, “How, … how the hell in all the force would the girl be given the blade? IT’s not technically a jedi artifact, but might have been wielded by a few, or at key events right?”

“For the same reason I intend to give it back.” Horae noted. “Because as far as we can tell from monitoring her communications with her homeworld, to how she gave information for today’s tests, she’s always signed a House name after her last name of Drakengard.”

“What does that have to do with this-“

Horae held up a hand to forestall argument. “Yusanis, Brother. The house name she signs is Yusanis.”

“That’s preposterous! The echani were a matriarchal society, they would take the mother’s name.”

It was Caspian who broke in this time, “Save that this is not the case in this accord. The family of Yusanis attached his name to the House a few generations after as a matter of Honor. Supposedly, there may have been a child of the Kae line to refound the house, but that was never proven.”

Nathan was silent for a time, “It might never have been proven, but she is a force sensitive and has been confirmed that way since a child. Though that was a long time ago, I imagine there’d be no records.”

“Save for dna of the midichlorians and mitochondria which would have been passed down through the mother. However, too many generations have passed without a sample from Brianna , or Arren Kae themselves.”

“But she said that the artifacts drew her to them? Or that she was attracted to them in some way?”

“Save for family birth charts and records there’s no way to tell, though the echani are meticulous about such things as their family records. However, they are notoriously reclusive about these matters, and most other things. Save for mercenary work, they’re almost isolationist, even their oldest monasteries are closed to outsiders unless one of them brings someone inside. There’s no way for confirmation at this point.”

“Yes. And though it’s a possibility she may be a descendant. That’s not a guarantee unless we had the force ghosts of Arren Kae and Brianna here today. But that’s why I intend to give the sword back to her- as an incentive, and she may eventually earn the other two. Isn’t that noted in the file Caspian?”
“Yes. But it’s noted for the future that if given back , we should watch and test for any sympathetic reactions in the force if they are from an ancestor.”

“The point is, your both saying,” Nathan summarized, “is that all three of these objects might have belonged to a direct ancestor or one related to her ancestors. They’re also means to keep the child’s loyalty strong to the Federation, if given at a proper time. Also a means to help develop her psychometry skills if done right.”

“Exactly brother. But what does this have to do with telekinesis Caspian?”
“We don’t know if manipulation is truly a secondary ability with the state of Flux her potential’s in. However, I believe if you consider later, she might how to imbue the energy of a weapon to block a lightsaber and act as one, whether it be her sword, or things she forms with materialization you’ll understand where I’m going with this. Especially since it could prove troublesome when she dives deeper into the mental aspects of Manipulation.”

“Like she’s mute to the force in those areas? Don’t tell me we’re dealing with someone that’s semi lobotomized in the force!”

“No, actually the truth might be a lot worse. She has no shields right now, and is extremely oversensitive to manipulations of the force at all. The boundaries of her abilities might suffer.”

“Suffer, or not they must be pushed to prevent lasting damage to her potentials as they heal. Like any muscle stretching one’s abilities in the force allows one to go far, add that she is from a culture where the soldiers train constantly , and the life she had before the federation of constantly training I believe she can pushed on all fronts, if we can ensure despite the pain, that she will heal. However, if I am not imagining things brother, you’re going for something like telekinetic lightsaber combat.”

“Save in this regard I’m imagining the handmaiden’s staff.”

“Still the weight.” Nathan muttered, “How about not a single staff, but multiple staves of a heavier and heavier weight that will require constant use of her Manipulation skills. Have her hold them up till she doesn’t realize they’re there. But out of what , durasteel?”

“To start, but make those staves the size of the handmaiden’s staff of her family’s then produce them out of Beskar and they’ll be heavy enough to approximate the weight of a Darktrooper suit.” Caspian said. “We’d need better methods to shunt away excess energy to the major organs though. Something… internal based.”

“Convection.” Horae interjected. “Skin is the most spread out organ of the body, not to mention it’s use when done right doesn’t harm a person, even if they set fire to whomever they hit. It works before with pyrokinesis, but together you start to take the shape of what the ancient sith would consider as part of their study of elements.”

“Like the shaper’s of Kro’Var brother?” Caspian asked, “I once fought one, I would not wish to do so again.”

“Or a nightsister.” Horae said with a wave of his hand.

Nathan spoke up, “If she’d be working with elements like fire, wind, water, ice, electrics, and gravitics like you’ve told me the old Sith would do. Then wouldn’t it be best to ensure she learns to Alter the environment.”

“A rather Old School way of shaping the elements,” Caspian muttered. “I can see that.”

“Of course, but don’t forget she is a Conjurer first and foremost, and when the glass of her second test was removed earlier they found the glass itself had changed to ice, meaning that she like has a high skill in Transmutation as well.” Nathan said, writing down notes of the conversation with a stylus on his datapad, despite a small recorder playing in the room.

“Of course, I wouldn’t want to have this discussion continue without mentioning that when it comes to controlling the old ways of thinking about the elements that Conjurer’s have a crazy way of cheating to boost their skills to master level with the different branches of telekinetically manipulating the elements so long as they practice incessantly.”

“I think , due to the nature of her past, and her people, practicing incessantly won’t be a problem here with this trainee. I’m concerned she’ll start over practicing rather then not practice at all.”
“Yes, but teach a Conjurer to Materialize Hydrogen, and Oxygen, and you have an ability to boost a fireball’s making.” Caspian interjected, ”Ice shards with cryokinesis, or the formation of the amorphic states of ice and you have an exceptionally dangerous individual if you teach them Ballistakinesis in addition to the normal things we teach a dark trooper. Add in cryokinesis, though that might be Emission based.”

“-Save a practitioner can’t absorb the heat himself, so there is no absorption and re-emission like in Tutaminis, so I imagine it would be more telekinetically based with minor amounts of Emission. Just a lot of control would be necessary.” Nathan responded before adjusting a few of his notes on his datapad. “though I get the principle, and would definitely suggest it while experimenting with the other forms of the old school; Pyromancy, Aerokinesis, Electrics, Gravitics, Cryokinesis, Magnetics.”

“We should also ensure brothers she is in the general rotation, same with Mr. Gast as well though we should discuss him and Winters next. I imagine we should pull all of them, and that Cremsey we decided on for advanced training together.” The Inquisitor spoke.
“A quartet?” Caspian asked. “Why?”
Horae sighed, “Much like old sith training did to foster competition, and growth. Though if it gets out of hand, then we’d split them up. For the girl though, in her Materialization, teach protons, electrons, and neutron formation first. Then Hydrogen and Oxygen.”
“You realize, at that stage it would be easy to introduce the ability to Warp Matter right? Just teach the girl to transform and add one electron, proton and neutron to Hydrogen to make helium. But by the force’s Sake; forbid her to split them up to do the opposite!”

“Indeed, a fusionic reaction would not be safe.” Horae said with a smirk.”
“I say this, because she can work her way up to molecules of water, then ice, as well as other elements, then after she can make the ice work on packing molecules and crystals together. Start with phrik, and other precious metals. Hell, give her a case with a sample of each one to study at a steady pace.

“Even Aurodium dear brother?”

“If it can be reproduced in the interests of funding a few off the books, or black code level operations for the Emperor, then as a royal guard I’m all for it!” Caspian said.
“A good thing you mentioned that brother, there is an old Black Code level Theory Experiment, that needs Conjurers, I’ll get into details later, but if she learns materialization, there is one thing I would like to ensure she learns how to produce. A resource the Federation needs in their new class of ships.”

“You don’t mean.”

“Of course I do. The trick is pushing her control far enough and fast enough.” Horae paused. “The staves of heavy weights are a good idea to help tweak her control on a micro and macro stage, to help hold off impurities in what she’s creating by grasping hold of the constituent atoms. Especially if she could increase that ability to more then two, or four staves. We’ll shelve that for late-“

Caspian held up one hand to forestall that, “There is one way we might do more, but it is… risky.”
Nathan looked at him, “Define… Risky.”

“Complete sensory deprivation to force control growth across all levels, sensing, defense, and more importantly, exterior, and interior control. I think if we do implement it, we must also go back to the MRP and make a few extra accessories for her life support suit.”

“What type of accessories?” Nathan said with a bit of curiousity showing in his tone.

“Mini gravitic plates, and weight bands. If the standard setup was like the sneaking suits of ISIS before Horae wished to add the life support layers, and the metastatic gel layer, then we’d need the equipment to counter sight and sound as well as being cooled for feelings of touch.”

“The suit already has thermal regulators, that both warm and cool the suit in case the muscle tissue takes so much time to heal, despite the doctor’s efforts. That much can be done. As for the senses of sight and hearing, that can easily be arranged. Furthermore, we can make an option to lock the goggles into the mask so the trainee is not in charge of taking them off. No matter the level of discomfort in order to force her to adapt at a faster pace to develop her affinity in the force.”

“I would go onto say one thing.” Nathan said. “While we were to watch this for her carefully, I imagine it would be a good thing to ensure it happens to Mr. Gast, and Mr. Winters.”

“Why Mr. Winters?” Caspian asked, “I can see with the naval officer to generate as fast results as possible due to time constraints till he has to be reassigned back to the fleet. But-“

“Because he’s working with biogenically altered tissues in his body, despite various exercises, or rather in addition to various exercises involving Endurance and efficiency of his flow. He may need the extra control to reach the level we want him to. Besides, the extra training for him would be to accelerate his progress to the second milestone we reserve for darktroopers, normally in the second session we offer. But also with the caveat to complete half of the officer training program now. I’d even recommend the weights trick we discussed, save teaching them to imbue the darktrooper armor themselves at a later date unless they progress enough as it is.”

Horae looked at him, “You want him to become an officer?”

“He already was, besides, you both noted his training at Kuat by his family. So far, if his loyalty to the NIF is founded on firm principles he could be a great boon later when the Federation deals with that system. But the reason I interjected this here, is if I can, I’d like to dovetail Mr. Gast is in with Mr. Winters. There was already a positive reaction we noted down in the barracks between them. Not to mention it would push Mr. Gast’s offensive statutes farther.”

“As I push his coordinate statuses of enhancing his crew and fleet abilities further. Mainly what I wanted to throw at him to develop his skills in the Meld, Instinctive Astrogation Control, and Force piloting.” Horae spoke, “I truly believe if his efforts were vaulted forwards, maybe in much the same way as we are discussing for winters and the girl. That he would go truly farther than one thinks! I believe he has the will, and the way if he finds it in himself!”

“Are you that sure in him Brother?” Nathan asked.

“Absolutely!” Horae replied, “Whether it’s now, or later. Gast should be able to succeed!”

“Back to the echani.” Caspian reminded them. “We were on Materialization.”

The three were silent for a moment before Nathan spoke what was on his mind. “Materialization alone takes a lot of energy.”

“Pushing her on all fronts while her potential is in flux-“
“The strain alone…” Caspian interjected.
“If she survives she would be taking quite a step forward to be quite powerful for her age, capable of leaping years ahead in control. Especially if we concentrate on other Internal Factors like Healing, I’ve already spoken to the Doctor about that possibility.”

Nathan snorted, “She’s still as much of an old biddy?”
Caspian chuckled, “Bitter full, no doubt.”
Nathan shook his head, “Still the degradation of a high flow.”
Horae waved the matter off. “Can be offset, but we will have to stray a little from the norm when it comes to tradition.”

“What do you mean?”
“It involves that experiment I told you later, but for now let’s concentrate on forming a plan for the healing functions of her training.”
“Most darksiders don’t learn much healing.”
Caspian waved it off. “She’ll need it for her lungs. Now… Life sense is a definite for a healer, so is life detection as the prerequisite force power.”

Nathan tapped the stylus on his datapad twice as he thought out loud. “Sense Force is a necessary part of being a Conjurer, as is See force and it’s more advanced form of Force sight. Both would be necessary on a micro, or a macro scale for manipulations. I’d also suggest increasing her endurance by a majority of magnitudes. Materializing something large takes time until it’s perfected. Teaching her to dematerialize things also takes a lot of energy to transform and disperse that matter into enery, or into a purer form if there are impurities to correct her mistakes.”

“Combat sense is a must if she’s throwing around elements that could burn her or others. We’re talking about excesses of heat with convection in the score of above a thousand degrees. I would not dare allow a potential force user on a battlefield without proper training.“ Caspian chimed in. “By that time, she’d have enough to figure out the Harrowing skill Brothers.” Then he sighed.
Horae shrugged, “I’m considering after she gains control some theoretical knowledge and techniques to develop them be included in whatever set of elements we give her. Datapads and training tips would garner loyalty as she makes more and more forays into Conjuration.” He paused and stroked his chin. “Speaking of which Complexity can be developed as well on the macro level. A skill bolstered by the Immersion she has already done subconsciously. For defenses we’ll take care to develop her abilities in the normal course of things, when they teach telepathy they teach thoughtshield creations, and telekinetic barriers when they discuss telekinetics, which tie into the force of one’s Will. A Conjurer must always have a strong Will. But I say we go a step further as her ability to immerse herself almost completely in the force is something like I’ve only read what the Fallanasi can do.

Nathan paused in shock, “Are you telling me she can dive into what they call the White Current?”

“Precisely!” Horae said with a voice filled with Vigor. “It’s different then what most jedi or dark jedi would call as an ability to use the force. That’s been confirmed by the Inquisition of the old empire when they caught fallanasi. They use the force differently than we do. Almost like what we imagine the Ang’Tai do. But this child- this clever, clever girl can use it both ways. I imagine if she retains this skill then it will be a boon to her and her use to the Federation!”

Caspian crossed his arms, “But in order to do that, she might have to keep on the edge of the light and dark. The Fallanasi skills I thought were based mainly in the light!”

“And that’s where the idea of that old experiment with a conjurer comes in. Tell me brothers, do you know some of the theories of why Bota changed?”

“You mean that plant that was supposed to alter a force sensitives link with the force? Either permanently or temporarily deepening it? Wasn’t there a battle fought over the planet it was in that was during the Clone Wars?”


“No, I’m unaware of any theories about why it changed. But that wouldn’t matter unless we had an old sampl-“ Caspian stared at his brother, “You’re going to tell me the Inquisition has an old sample of it now, right?”

“Four hundred years, and stuck in carbonite and stasis. Just prime to be reproduced, provided you know any Conjurers we have theoretically can eventually learn to materialize living things. But hey, at least it’s at a bacteria level like bacta, and is used for healing too so maybe we might make the girl a little bit interested in it if we set it as a goal.”

Nathan sighed, “Alright, I’ll bite. Why would it matter if we had Bota strains that were unmutated or uncorrupted, and how do they tie into these theories you noted?”

Horae spread his arms like a salesman, at ease with showing a more humorous side with his bretheren. “I’m glad you asked fair Nathan. Well, one of those theories is that Bota mutated due to all the death and destruction and mainly evil dark side energies that occurred from all the death on the worlds where it was grown! Just think if bota was used on a force user near death without as deep a connection as they’d need to heal themselves! That’s why it was supposedly used in Palpatine’s medkit.”

“But that was just a rumor, right? Besides that would mean you’d never be able to keep it where there’s dark side energies!”

Horae cackled. “That’s why it’s not! Currently it’s in a safehouse, not that I’ll be able to tell you that it’s anything more than on some planet with no sentient life but full of the force!”
“How much would one need anyways?” Caspian asked, finally joining the topic.

“Well, estimates in the theory say at least three hundred square kilometers of crop to offset the negative affectations of the force with the blood that spilled on Dromar that is believed to have contributed to the plant’s mutations.”

“We’d need a Virgin world for that, even if the plant’s reactions in force sensitives was justified, there’s no real other benefit I can see- save to maybe use it to invoke higher levels of the force in so called ‘lesser’ force users but don’t they have Sith alchemy for that? Besides, a virgin world might only be out in the Unknown regions, though you’d probably have to grow it in an enclosed hydroponic bay, nor could you just clone the plant till you had all the copies if the force affects anything smaller then a crop that large! “

Horae held up a hand to forestall an argument, “That’s where the theory comes in, and it’s one that is never capable of being disproven until it’s actually disproven. The point is that theoreticallyit can be used to invoke higher sympathy in clones to draw a spirit in! But said force user would be as a child’s body if bota was put into the mix, even to the possibility of forming so deep a connection to overcome the unnaturalness of a spirit inhabiting a new body! All because of parasympathy!

He shrugged, “It’s a theory, nothing more, but the cause of the transition of the spirt to the new body is sound. We could bring back fallen members of the Omega Order.” Horae turned a datapad to a deceased dossier. “Take this one for example, It would require the assistance of his loved one, who probably would kill anyone who attempted to remove him from death and peace in the force unless it was she herself due to us finding out he sired a child on another. But if you imagine, it would be a welcome test bed if needed to bring back more…” He looked coldly at the other two, “More traitorous types for questioning, all we’d need to do is find a clone and increase it’s parasympathy.”

There was almost a dead silence in the room.

“That brother, is an interesting theory. I imagine you like to think eventually the Federation might do something like that.”

“It was a theory on a planned experiment spawned somewhere far above us brothers, and that’s all I’m going to say. Especially if the Conjurer we train evolves their abilities high enough to create such things as bota, and bacta and other complex organs, though they are far more complex then making starships! But this is a possibility that’s enhanced by someone with the type of force Immersion we’ve witnessed in this clever child!

We already talked about the Fallanasi’s White current. But think, an individual who does this can achieve almost impossible things, communicating while immersed wholely in the force in a different matter then a jedi would. We’ve theorized that a Conjurer who could achieve such a thing would have their actions multiplied greatly! The only other way non-Fallanasi have achieved this is if they’ve died and returned from the force itself after spending time as force ghosts!”

So we save Rage, and Feeding on the Dark Side later, and teach the Echani like a lightsider. We teach her Emptiness first! Instruct the child to be as successful as possible, always in a stete of rest to achieve something outside of combat, and for combat teach her only to Rage and Feed on the Dark side if there’s no other course, brothers!” Horae ended by clapping his hands with emphasis.

Nathan looked at him askance, “You aim to teach her the ways of the Enemy first?”
“I aim to teach her to keep her and her usefulness alive. To steer the course of her develop to serve the Force, in the saving of Order from the Chaos of the Galaxy to be embodied in the Emperor as her purpose! Outside of combat, we’d have the emphasis on healing techniques, would naturally reduce and counter the decay! We’d kill ten birds with one stone, brothers!”
“What does parasympathy in the force mean anyways?” Nathan asked.

Caspian sighed and shook his head, “Para-sympathy is when you have two force objects, you make them so alike they think they are alike so when you alter one, the other immediately alters itself as well. It’s a very rare event. If it’s on a human body, despite it’s overwhelming complexity, you’d literally be able to summon one body to the other, though it doesn’t happen in twins, at least in the physical realm. Though there are legends about ships encountering lone Charon that summoned biologically similar , or rather exact, copies of Charon to them when no other means of understanding they entered from Otherspace had occurred. The legends say it was probably by ripping a hole in the force to get there.”

“Just as legends support the next part of the theory.” Horae said. “Just as the first steps are theoretical we have an inkling in an old Sith Ritual. It supposedly melded an old smoke demon to a willing Sith Disciple. For a time, several years in fact, that disciples spirit remained dominant before the body broke down from the corruption. It was also said the sithspawn of the disciple could survive having it’s own head chopped off only for it to turn into smoke and remerge with the body.

Only after thousands upon thousands of cuts did the balance between the smoke demon and the Disciple’s soul was forced askew enough for the Disciple’s spirit to dissipate leaving only the Demon behind. “ the Inquisitor shrugged, “Still this is just a legend.”

“All legends have some basis in fact.” Caspian said.

“How old is the sample, is it even before the mutation?”

“We’d hope so, Four hundred years is a long time brothers. As for the experiment’s name, the theory was only that it was called Dark Horizon and a number. Inquisitors have whispered it started as a black code project under the Old Empire, and we only found references to it in the Imperial Archives now at Bastian after the merger with the Imperial Remnant. The legend of the smoke demon was in there as well. Possibly as a means to strengthen the body of a returned soul, as an alternative if bota could not be found.”

“I bet Supreme commander Wesiri would be interested in an experiment like that. Only this time he’d probably not wait for dead spirits that have returned.” Nathan said with a smile.

The eldest of the brothers shrugged. The middle one added his two credits worth as well.“So far, I don’t think he’s delved into smoke demons yet. But it’s not my place to ponder that at all.”
“So are we agreed brother in the training plans for the young lady?”

The others looked at each other, Nathan supplied, “Even with the inquiry and research into that theory, I think it would still be justifiable to increase the production of precious materials the Federation needs. You don’t waste a Conjurer’s talents… ever. Have we discussed the last two, Mr. Gast and Mr. Winter's situation enough here to come up with a training plan?”

Two nods followed, then a sigh came from the middle brother. Caspian put his head in his hand, “Ugh the only complaint I have is it’s like were raising a lightsider… all good two shoes. Is there anything dark about this training plan?”

Horae smiled, “Save that the subject inside combat, this ‘lighsider’ as you call it, would have developed a primally strong connection to the Force, potentially subconscious usage for telekinetics, and other gifts. As an aside, hopefully accompanied from intense amounts of Control. All while having absolutely no qualms about melting her opponent’s brains, skewering her enemies on pikes of ice into the ground, impaled like tiny insects squirming on an Entomologist’s board?”

Caspian took a moment to raise an eyebrow, think really hard on things for a second, and finally nodded. “Okay, I can live with that!”

Horae nodded and smiled before suggesting they break to enter their own hibernation trances for the next two hours, just to revitalize their own energies before asking Caspian if he wanted to be there for the discussion with the echani girl in the morning as the their good brother, the Major Nathan O'Shea would be waking up the trainees at Oh-Seven Hundred for the second day of Testing.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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0630 hours… , Day II
The process of being brought to wakefulness, only made her more tired than anything else as she came to, lying upon a couch, clad in some underlayer that she did not quite realize as anything more than form-fitting as she tried to blink away her exhaustion.

“Come now child, it is time to wake up. “

Manipulator arms whirred about the biobed, as the back of the chair lifted and swiveled her form upright. In front of her, a dark robed figure sat with clasped hands, merely staring at her as he spoke without words. ‘You gave many of the staff a right fright. For shame, we can’t have you dying on us so soon.’ Moira suddenly had a very strong sense of foreboding. She knew something bad was going on when they had ushered her into this room, and she had the faintest memory of being left floating in bacta again. But to think they'd place her in such a position where she was seemingly here just to debate philosophy with a man she highly suspected was an Inquisitor as soon as she woke up was a step beyond what she could imagine. Though maybe it wasn’t philosophy, so much as a prepared statement for the issuance of more threats; the echani knew the fine line she walked here after the last debacle ended up putting her in this mess.

"What do you mean?” the echani asked, her voice shaking with uncertainty.

The man in front of her shrugged, "It's simple. Your experience has culminated in a rather uniquely dangerous situation. A situation that will force you to learn or die from your own power’s consequences as it slowly tears your body apart. But you’re not the only force sensitive the Federation has known to have... difficulties with their abilities. Even the Emperor once had problems of his own that could have spelled disastrous consequences to himself in his early years of learning."

'That can't be true!' Moira thought, her brow furrowing as she felt a good sulk coming on. There was so many conflicting things that happened in the past seventy two hours, it was either sulk or go stark raving bonkers and attempt to kill something.

'Oh but it is.' a voice echoed in her mind. Her eyes widened and she looked at the man. Suspicion flashed across her features. "Don't look so surprised child at such a parlor trick. If you are asking about me communicating with you through telepathy it's rather one of the many things can learn. As I'm the only one in the room right now, then yes I'm talking to you. The orderlies may have been dismissed, but don’t struggle as the machines make the final adjustments. That suit may be the only thing to keep you alive in the ordeals that lie ahead."
Moira’s eyes narrowed at the silver tongued man’s reply. “Speak plainly, Sir.” It was probably best if she called the gentleman a Sir, right?
The robed man shrugged. “Your body and mind have taken quite a shock in how you’ve awakened your ability to touch the force. Like a child playing with fire, you’ve already been burned you just don’t know it yet.”

"I see." Moira grimaced and tried to recite sabacc card combinations as she counted pings in her head from the machinery around them. Though truth be told it wasn't long before another unwelcome mental intrusion came to her attention as the man's eyes rolled underneath the cowl of his hood.

'Youngsters these days, So impatient, and thinking we read all their secrets. Your shields are much too weak to hold me out right now if I so choose.'

"I think I might have said or thought this already but, what do you want from me?"

"Straight to the point I see. But no matter, I want nothing from you truly. What others want..." The figure sighed, "Well that's a different story."

"That's always the first step, try to make another seem like your friend, or that your harmless. I know that you really are probably the farthest from harmless in this room."

"Ah but my dear child, it's only us two in this room now that the orderlies stepped out. Though I may call a guard in soon, but first we must acclimate you to the current situation you’re now in. Yes?"

"Yes, but of the two of us I'd say you're definitely the more dangerous one. “ Her brow furrowed, “I have too many questions right now to count. Who are you? What are you? Why was I spared a second time? Why are you helping me? What is this damn suit they’re having this machine put on me?"

"Oh, so like many others you feel we are creatures of darkness, hiding in the shadows to preserve and train monsters that lurk for rather nefarious ends. I assume many think such things of Dark Jedi and other Force Users amongst the Federation's ranks. But this isn't about me now is it? It's about what you think that we are discussing here." The figure let out of a laugh, harsh echoes rebounded to her senses making her wince in blurred pain. So many things felt so wrong right now with herself. Like something was out of whack with her abilities, like she was talking, seeing, and her actions felt like she was at the bottom of a lake looking up through the blurred waters towards the shore. She just tried to focus on the man, blinking once or twice to try to adapt to what she was feeling. Eventually the man continued. "I guess I'll humor you. Yes, while you are correct in your assumption that many of those who serve the Federation are creatures of darkness, we do need the masses to continue our very survival.

Her head to the side in befuddlement,"What do you mean by that?"

The figure shrugged, "Like any darksider in the greater Orders of the Federation, dependant on one's skill we are taught to feed on the negative aspects of human emotions. Anger, hatred, despair, jealousy. Any strong emotion really may serve as fuel to hone our arts. To empower them, we skim that power gently like taking bactic pondscum off the top of a boiling resoirvoir that is more dangerous then an ocean during mid - squall." She gave him a look of perplexity, voicing a silent question, "It's an easy answer child, some force users get too hungry, they have their abilities turn parasitic, attacking those around them, or destroying themselves. This is why we must retain a strict order of discipline amongst those that begin to harness such abilities that exist in the majesty of the force, especially for those gifted enough to learn the true power of the Dark Side. Indeed those that master such abilities can become true lights for our society, a society based on merit. Even now as time marches onward, the Emperor is still the brightest beacon for progress amongst the chaos of the galaxy."
Every word out of this man's lips seemed to make ice form at the base of her spine. His words weren't making the feelings she was experiencing go away anytime soon. The man gestured in her direction. "It's very simple. This is about you. Now, here you are to begin to take your first steps into such a dangerous place. So what light will you share as you develop your talents? For truth, it would do well for us to cultivate you into something similar to that great man that heads the efforts of our society. Don't you agree?

Moira coughed again, covering her mouth, her chest feeling constricted. Bringing her palm away from her, she noticed a small bit of blood on her palm. She hesitantly nodded, from a certain perspective the man's words made sense. The Emperor was capable of doing great things; both great and terrible things. She knew that. The man's gaze lingered on her as he waited for some form of reply to his question. So she nodded to show her understanding of the suspected Inquisitor's words.
"As for the suit, do you recognize it?"

The words brought her back to the reality of the manipulators buzzing around them as bits of armor attached themselves to the underlayer. When she tried to move her head, the deft touch of one of the arms forced her to look ahead as around her neck certain elements of the suit were screwed into place.
But she had seen enough to guess what it appeared to be. "It looks like some of the special armor types I’ve seen the Intelligence commandos use."

The man’s smile widened at her words."Quite an observant one aren’t you? Anyways, you’re correct, though it has a few added functions the medical staff here suggested. You were out for a while in the bacta tank, not to mention your heart stopped once." A bit of panic flashed through her features, she wondered if they had done something to ensure her obedience. Ideas from horror films floated through her mind, about Imperials installing a shaped charge inside someone or some form of mental implant that turned one into their slave.

The man raised a hand, "Your imagination aside, they did nothing of any surgery of any kind. Only electro-resuscitation. However, the suit does contain extra biometric sensors, a heart defibrulator, and most importantly a piece that is missing. I suggest you get used to it as you'll be wearing the suit for awhile under monitored supervision as you train here. You've already done enough damage to your body through exposure in that storm, your use of the force hasn't done much to help."

Her shoulders shook as another fit of coughing overtook her, before the man reached down to the side of the medical to pick up a rebreather and hold it to the young echani's face. It took a few breaths before she was capable of asking another question. "How long do I need to wear this?"

" Long enough for us to know that your body won't deteriorate from what you put it through, child. About as long as the mask as well I imagine.Think of it as a precaution so you don't ever end up like Vader in a full body suit. I warn you though, you might not like the methods that will aid the solution."

She shuddered a moment longer as the mechanical hiss of the rebreather came to her ears. She looked into the man’s eyes wondering what to call him… and what methods he was talking about.
“I don’t require a name at this time, as for a title. You’ve already guessed it. As for the methods, we’ll give you ten days of recovery and then we’ll take measures to force you to develop control of your abilities, starting with walking around completely under sensory deprivation save during specific lessons. Then we’ll be adding weights till it feels like you can’t stand to force you to use the force even to move around, all in addition to what other training you receive.”

Moira’s eyes widened a moment, as she gulped visibly. The idea of sensory deprivation was not a good one to her, but at least she’d undergone some of it before. Even if too much was enough to make one scream.
The Inquisitor seemed to smirk at the thoughts flitting through the echani girl’s head. “I’ll be taking my leave of you now. I still have a lot of work to do today. I’ll leave you in the Commander’s care.”

With those words the Inquisitor rose slowly from his chair and ventured towards the door, nodding only to the black armored form that entered at his egress.

‘Yes , Inquisitor.’ She thought out loud before she swallowed heavily, the guard yesterday had said she had no shields and was projecting. Whatever the case, she could do nothing now save to wait for the machines to finish their work clasping the buckles, armored plates, and attachments on. She looked towards the shadow guard who had arrived. She wondered what she should call this one.

It seemed the multiple people overseeing her right now were a little less inclined to let anyone know of their identities. But more inclined to not hold any ounce of privacy in her mind. That was fine. Miss Crysta had done that before too. It was somewhat irritating, but fine… she’d adapt, just like she always had done before.

“May I ask a question?” she spoke aloud.

“You just did, but you may ask another.”

‘Eight words must be more than most royal guards talked in a day.’ She wondered how many were going to read her mind today. Needless to say, she was distracted at the moment, she couldn’t even form a coherent thought right now, it seemed everything was too oppressive at the moment. The machines holding her arms whirred and buzzed as they continued to adjust the armor plating, sonic screwdrivers shifting the mounting pins to reach a better fit. This place was a conundrum, one she had wanted to try and attend in order to gain back some semblance of order that she so desperately needed. But the allegorical comparisons made her flinch as she considered what type of light she would be able to become. It wasn’t like she was of any use to anyone.

Not really.

The man began to turn away. She still wondered why the man compared the Emperor to a light though. It wasn’t the best analogy for the man who obviously wielded much of the Dark Side’s power, was it?

The giant robed figure turned back simply flashed her a sly smirk under the foreboding helmet. "Don't you know? The brightest lightscast the darkest shadow."

The silence was only broken by the hissing of the rebreather as she felt a sensation akin to chilled waters running down her spine. The silence seemed to stretch interminably as bolts tightened and the chest piece with a small life support panel blinked on with a reddish glow as the manipulators finished tightening the cuirass of the armor.

‘I’ll expect you ready to go shortl-‘
Okay, that was in her mind, and way too far at this point. She needed to think, she had to. A sense of desperation was welling up in the pit of her stomach.
"Hey Commander, can you unplug me?” Moira interjected nodding towards the machines that were fastening the last of the connections on the armor, especially towards the manipulators which held her arms as the other motivators came to a stop. Her interruption seemed to make the armored shadow trooper pause a moment. “Just for a minute, I need some privacy. I just want to get my head on straight."

The man raised an arm, and the shackles of the manipulators came off, allowing Moira to move her arms. The machines started to blink red, and make beeping sounds as he left the room, leaving her alone in her thoughts.

‘You’ll have five minutes. No more.’

Moira could not answer save with a nod. She was unable to sort out her emotions. For that she needed time and quite and a chance to face her new self, a very new self which she must learn to know in more intricate ways than ever before if she was to heal correctly. She had wanted to take the VD-QAE in order to gain control over her jumbled thoughts. Thoughts which had been jumbled ever since she had asked Crystala to help break several memory blocks upon her mind. She thought this program was a way out, but now… it seemed as she was being drawn into a game where she would be nothing but a pawn once again.

The only thing awaiting her in these bleak dwellings of whatever, or wherever this ‘’Nexus” was were suspicions and loneliness. She was unsure what she was here for, or what her place was. She wondered if her new ‘mother’ had simply decided to abandon her for another circle of terror. But one thing was certain, she wasn’t going to be a slave ever again. If necessary she was going to gain the power necessary that no one would be able to toy with her ever again. But that would come later, she owed too many people a debt for her second chances. She would struggle, survive, and most importantly: thrive. She would have to; there was no one to help her here, no way to escape the darkness of the Inquisition, that seemed to be reaching out to claim her as its next victim.

It was clear to her that the sunshine and laughter of the past few months seemed centuries and worlds away as Moira Drakengard viewed the forbidding room, its single medical bed which was to be her berth while she was here, and the ever present vat of bacta she’d be sleeping in. She tried to center herself and breathe deeply as the rebreather did its work to purify her oxygen intake. She grit her teeth and cursed at the twisting of fate that lead her here, almost a prisoner in her own body. “Damn it, I’m not going to be chained to this damn suit any longer than necessary! You hear me?!?! I’m going to find a way to fix this, and never be this weak again!”

A Medical remote whirred its way through the air and began blaring as the machines slowly came back online about her, their noises breaking her meditation. Anger , Despair, and assorted feelings coursed through her veins as she growled out her frustrations, her eyes briefly fell upon the remote. Instinctively she reached out. Metal groaned and screeched as the Durasteel was crushed in upon itself as frost appeared upon the surface of the wailing droid before it became defunct enough fall, and crash onto the ground.

She flinched, reigning in her emotions and gulped heavily. The next person in the room was a Doctor, who stood back some distance. The same one whom it seemed had greeted her before. She glanced in the woman’s direction. She sighed, collecting all the feelings into a tiny ball in the pit of her stomach and forcefully calmed herself. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how that happened. I won’t harm you. I … I should be ready to go, shouldn’t I?”

The female Doctor held up a datapad and looked towards the suited woman, “The life support functions seem fine though I don’t know what caused the monitoring systems reset. Neural activity is somewhat spiking. If you can calmly get ready, another orderly is outside to take you for your second day of testing.”

“Thank you.” Moira said with a hasty nod before rising unsteadily to her feet.

With what felt like ice water in her veins, the young echani pushed herself off the Med Unit and walked out the door to whatever was waiting for her amidst the bowels of the Nexus. The shadowguard’s words came back to her and she made a decision that she felt would gain her the power she needed to heal herself and control her own destiny. ‘If the brightest lights, cast the darkest shadows then she’d be the grey in between them that could go anywhere it damn well pleased!’

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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0700 hours, Day II...

A loud peal rung through the barracks as it jarred the men from their slumber. As Winters rose to join the rest of the waking, his eyes closed long enough for a yawn to pierce the pressure in his ears. The canopy of the bio bed ascended far enough for him to stretch and lift his head gratefully as his pupil adjusted to the bright lights before looking at the chrono on the wall. He was strangely well rested for the time, it must have been the extra hours they allowed them to sleep. Normally the wake up time for drills was at oh six hundred.

“Alright, gentlemen, listen up.” A voice barked from the center of the corridor, drawing his attention to see the form of the Major present and accounted for. Looking as if he had slept in his armor, save it was almost pristinely polished. “Today, this morning you are not to remove any of the monitoring pads that were with you during your beauty rest. Many of those pads will be used by the scientists and doctors here to help assess your testing today. This means, there are no morning Sonics, and definitely no showers, even if the monitoring leads are designed to be waterproof! This means there’s no armor wearing today you lucky brats! So get up, grab a ration bar, and line up to wait for your training officer to escort you to the testing areas! Lucky for you whiners, the ladies are already beginning their testing in order to not let you trainees ogle them in the corridors you lousy good for nothing tinker bells! So form up!”
With a bit of a smile, at the nostalgia of being back into what amounted to basic training all over again Winters smiled and got up to the muttered groans of the fellow trainees. Once he got his breakfast bar, one with his name on it no less due to ‘caloric reasons’, Jericho munched it down quickly with a drinking bulb before being one of the first in line. Even if the rest of the recruits took some time to shake the fatigue out of their eyes. Still, it seemed the majority of them were rather well rested.

One by one, various training officers came to gather the Trainees, and Winters was one of the first taken. He was lead through a maze of hallways to a small room, before the Trainer opened the door and ushered him inside.

He took a gander at his surroundings before he entered the door. The most prominent observation was that on the right side of the room there was a team of three scientists, or doctors, seemed to be standing in front of a terminal. A terminal with from what holograms surrounded it seemed to be waiting for a link to be established, probably from the different monitoring devices glued on his skin. To his left the room was filled with dozens of machines scattered throughout the room, as well as a single large tank of water.
One of the Orderlies looked up from the console in his direction, a male with graying hair at his temples who seemed to have a no nonsense attitude and a brusk demeanor if the frown lines on his face were of any suggestion. Something which seemed confirmed as soon as the man spoke.”Trainee Winters. My name is Doctor Matsuda. I’ll be in charge of this testing phase here and expect your full cooperation. My assistants today are Jenkins, and Halua. Halua please check the devices on the Trainee in order to ensure none are damaged or have come off as we synch them to the computers.”

Winters held still as one of the other two men came forwards to prod and poke the areas around the connections in order to test if they came unglued or not.
“Do you have any questions before we begin?”

“Am I the only one being tested in this room?”

“A good question. Yes is the answer.” Matsuda shrugged,“ We’ve found it best to establish a base line to split the trainees up individually in order to prevent any bad results from competition between them. It arguably is best as we conduct over a hundred tests during the training cycles we have available in the ‘Nexus.’ However, not all tests are given to all candidates dependent upon what training regimes they have qualified for. But for today, the testing battery is pretty much standard for the physical capabilities of the testing phase.”

Jericho nodded succinctly to show he understood. “Are there any other questions?”

“What’s first in line to do?” Winters said with a smile as the orderly affixed a single sensor that seemed to have come slightly apart from his skin. On the console, the board began lighting up with his vitals, including pulse rate, body temperature, and a few other aspects of his physiology he couldn’t readily place.

“We’ll be monitoring your physiology, mainly your stamina, heart, lung function, and a few other aspects as we begin. The first thing I need you to do is take to the treadmill. The rate of the treadmill will either increase as we adjust to your maximum endurance levels, or change abruptly in speeds to test snap muscle responses. Overall the testing phase on the treadmill will take four hours followed by an hour long swimming test. Don’t worry, the monitoring patches won’t come off then. We will begin in less than three minutes, so please stretch now if you need to. The mask is to help monitor lung efficiency, so please put it on.”

Taking the advice Winters proceeded to do so, stretching out the major muscle groups in his legs and arms as he’d been taught long ago. He did not want to get a cramp to hinder his results. As the machine spun it’s belt, and began to get faster, he started at a jog, and then lengthened his stride to a ground devouring pace. At times he had to adjust to changes in the belt’s speed and incline, all the while the scientist’s called out deviations like ‘plus one,’ and , ‘lung function is normal.’
Halfway through the first ten minutes Matsuda gave an order to the orderlies, “Test perspiration while it’s still fresh to ascertain toxicity levels.” Suffice to say the two men set about their tasks efficiently, for which Winters was glad. The test itself continued on until the lead scientist, Matsuda called for a stop and a short rest as the machine slowly wound down to let him off the rail.

“Time is Eleven hundred and five minutes doctor.”

“Provide nutritional sustenance, I need him in the next test in ten minutes. “
”Yes Sir.” Winters thought it was Halua who spoke, but really that didn’t matter as the orderly handed him another ration bar and a nutrition drink.
Is this all we’re going to be eating while we’re here?” Winters asked as he dutifully began to scarf down the rations...

“Breakfast and lunch, and maybe dinner during testing periods, though usually the dinner will be a hardier fair of some time of meat and vegetables. We have to ensure trainees receive a proper diet and nutrition intake, especially when it comes to protein.”
”Why’s that?”
Halua, shrugged. ” It all comes down to Bioavailability and the quality of the protein sources. Basically most protein sources in the galaxy are filtered down "leftovers" or "run off" from bantha milk products that goes through several processes to purify, isolate, and dehydrate and sometimes pre-digest into aminos to get a product. Over the course of the program, different types of proteins are considered for the trainees in order to maximize their results of the training process and the changes they undergo.

Bantha’s Whey Protein has a very high Biological Value , which means suitability of the body to use, and absorbs very quickly into the bloodstream. This stimulates a great deal of protein synthesis and can help the body maintain a positive nitrogen balance to begin repair, and also build new tissues. This is usually also quite high in Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) that would be Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

All of which play a significant role in muscle energy, recovery, and synthesis. Casein is milk protein, or the "chunks or curds" of milk that they go through a similar process to bring about a product. This product has a lower BV but it is still quite high for a complete protein or protein blend. This product does not allow the body to necessarily build a high level of muscle mass, but more rather, sustain it, and simply avoid catabolism. This product essentially "drips" into the bloodstream over the course of hours vs. whey which is done so in a matter of an hour max. This is ideal for people bulking, looking to remain anobolic overnight, and simply maintain their conditioning.

Other protein products out there are blends, and these are also great, and in my professional opinion, I would consider them the best because they would have both whey isolate, concentrate, casein, egg albumin, etc. They have the best of fast acting for growth with the BCAA's, and the slow-releasing for maintainance and avoiding catobolism of the body consuming it's hard worked for progress.

If I had to recommend something for each; it would have to be very simple and once again avoiding all the damned bells and whistles. However, due to different factors we blend the protein necessary for each individual’s consumption needs. For the program’s benefit, many of the proteins we insist on being used can be synthesized on site here.”

Winters blinked and nodded as he finished off the last of the ration bar and crumpled the wrapper into a ball. Which the orderly took from him, before pointedly eyeing the drinking bulb filled with the protein and nutrient shake. “I presume you’re a nutritionist then?”

“One of my many fields of work, I just caution people I explain stuff too, that they can’t live on protein alone. Now drink the shake, please. The next test takes about an hour.”
Winters did so, and then he was was directed into the cold water of a tank, where they told him to begin swimming against a current after the scientists checked the water dispersal, body fat index, and natural buoyancy. The last bit came no surprise his buoyancy was a little lower then unenhanced individuals due to his extra dna-altered biogenic mass, and ceramic hardened bone that helped comprise his cybernetics. But he could still swim, it just took a more strenuous effort. When the water flow stopped, the test ended, and Winters was ushered out to sit in a chair.

”The time is presently thirteen hundred, and the next series of tests is designed to allow the trainee some recuperation as we test their senses, sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. Do not swallow any of the materials you are presented to taste as many are inedible. We don’t expect you to denote and identify what you are tasting, or smelling, only to do your best to describe it. Use words like bitter, sour, rotten, fetid, sweet, salty, or any other adjectives you choose.”

Winters nodded as the other orderly, Jenkins came around to blindfold him. The first thing presented to his sense of smell, was a flowery scent that reminded him of Luxa’s perfume, but not overwhelming. He described it as such as it moved onto the next item to check, it’s taste. It was kind of bitter, almost as stringent like ginseng, but different as well. He was then allowed to wash out his mouth before they brought the next item. In the back of his mind, he characterized this as similar to the same tests many of those with cybernetics enhancements seemed to take in order to test for any latent damage to their sensory nerves. While nerves could be repaired, the only machines to do so were on Coruscant at the Orowood Medical Center, which was destroyed a few months back, and Kuat itself. He remembered briefly a friend having his nerves regenerated there years ago, but casually dismissed such things out of his mind. If he had time to think about his old unit, and the fact that all of them were dead now, then he would get angry and that may or may not compromise his ability to rationally take these tests.

Two hours passed, till it was fifteen hundred, and then he was ushered into a hearing test, it consisted of three secions, each section forty five minutes each. In the first section he was forced to identify the direction of where sounds came from, then determining the range of the sounds, and finally the distance of how far away from him they were in the room as the scientists remained silent.

At about Seventeen hundred, he was given another ration pack with his name on it and after fifteen minutes, the testing stretched to visual acuity, ability to see in light and dark, increasing distances of details, color differentiation and only ended as the doctors ushered him to stand up from the chair and move over to one of the machines. By that time it was about eighteen hundred. “The next several tests are in short duration for two two hour intervals, but are conducted at a faster rate of movement. Please be able to follow the directions of the staff at any time. At the finish of these tests we will conclude the testing phase of day two. We are to be instructing you for testing muscle flexation, strenuation, attenuation, recovery and most importantly: reflexes. At Zero Hour you will be taken back to your barracks and afforded to sleep. I warn you though, these aspects of the testing phase will be quite strenuous.”

Without preamble the doctors began instructing him to work the upper body, major muscle groups first, then minor. Less than an hour later Winters was screaming literally in pain. His muscles throughout his neck shoulders, chest, arms were strained to just shy of their breaking point. Pushing him to limits he hadn’t felt in years after the first tests with Dr. Aurelius back on Kuat. Still even his patience was wearing thing as he struggled against the machines.

Muscles show max strain, “ Jenkins noted rather obviously as a counterpoint to Jericho’s screams, “Reducing pressure slowly.”

After that they moved onto a torturous routine the biceps and the triceps, and then the lower body. Being forced to do deadlifts over a gravity plate was not his idea of fun, but Jericho persevered. Finally, the strength tests stopped, and he was put through a specific series of stretches, both to reduce the chance of injury but to test his flexibility in a variety of positions and tasks. It had been many years since he had to do a split wall climb, but he managed enough to end up in front of a machine that seemed like a very large box, enclosing him on all sides but giving him enough room for maneuvering. About a four meter cube on each side.

Matsuda was the one in charge of talking him through things. “This is to test reflexes, the holes in the machine launch stun blasts. As a side note, it’s also been based off an old imperial torture device but I assure you limiters have been installed to prevent that, save for instances when trainees voluntary wish to learn how to use their abilities to dull pain. The holes in the box will light up when a low powered stun blast are to be launched. Though, they also possess launchers for small plastic cored foam balls. It is those that we are to be using for this first time of testing.”

Winters smiled, “Must be my lucky day. I’d rather dodge balls then stun blasts, or feel pain on top of all the pain I’ve been through today.”

“We will begin when the light turns from red to yellow, and then to green. You are to dodge as many as you can. Later on in the cycle, this will be redone to check for improvement several times, eventually working one’s way up to small scale stun blasts.”

Suffice to say this test was not as good a one as he’d prefer due to thehis size, and the hurt in his muscles, it was difficult for him to judge anything behind him coming his way. But to some extent, his agility came to the forefront, as the five centimeter diameter foam balls began to be shot at him with slight intervals in between. Then they began to come at random from each wall, then the ceiling , then the floor as small micro-tractor beams collected them for reuse, and kept them from underfoot. Eventually, he started listening with his ears, hearing the sounds of the machinery to give him a telltale clue from which direction they were coming until finally, a buzzer sounded and he came to red. Cursing loudly, he wondered out loud what all the tests were for.

Surprisingly an answer came. “The next tests are in the same area, the first one will be a reflex test to hit the colored targets around the shooters, which will light up in an order to be hit. Try to hit them as fast as you can. Later on this test, and many of the other two will take place in the PIT with holographic and pressor fields utilized to assist a Trainee in their development of their skills as they hone their reflexes and sense of precognition in the Force. That is why we are conducting these tests in this environment, to allow Trainees to garner some experience for similar training areas down the road. For now though, we must ask you to understand not to discuss results with other trainees in the first week in order to preclude us gaining bad results. Are you ready to begin the next test?”

Winters nodded, the explanations in that seemed to revitalize his weary mind, at least these things had some purpose he could connect the dots for. Baselines for future training methods, now that was something he could get behind. Composing himself with a few deep breaths to get back his oxygen he gave his reply. “Ready.”


A small ring lit up on the cage wall, glowing blue lights around a bit of foam to the exterior of the stunners. He hit it a swiftly as he could, turning to his right as another light lit up with a tone. He hit that too. Soon enough he was tested in various combinations of lights, going through several punches kicks and elbows to hit each combination as swiftly as he could as they grew in length and complexity.

Eventually the buzzer sounded from above as Matsuda came on the line, “The last test for this testing cycle is a reflex test that combines both the principles in the first and second tests, and is duplicated later on during the training cycle as an exercise. It comes in two phases. First I want you to look down.” Winters did so, to see a bar rise from the base of the cage with straps on it as the scientist continued and he followed instructions. “For the first phase, strap your feet into the bar at the center. This test will ensure one can block incoming strikes to simulate close quarters combat. It does this by utilizing pressor fields to manipulate several mobile bars, and the previous foam balls to strike at the testing individual. The poles, like the balls are padded but will sting if they make contact. Of course, as the test moves towards it’s conclusion the strikes will come faster and faster. You will begin on green, once more. The second phase will be the same, save it will have you jumping from lighted platform to platform to move about the cage and block the incoming foam balls.”

The lights started to blink on red, then yellow, and at green the test began with a straight punch from the machine from a foam covered pugil that Winters blocked with a high block. A chime sounded to let him know the block was successful as the pugil returned into the wall. The next strike was towards his left hand side, aimed towards his shoulder received a left hand upper block to reward him with another chime. Eventually the test moved into the second phase, with a brief stop to undo the footstraps, forcing Jericho to not only concentrate on his hands to block, but on the movement of his legs as he was hopping from lighted foam circle on the floor to lighted foam circle.

At the end of the tests, at about twenty-three hundred and thirty, he felt rather sore and bruised, he collapsed into a waiting hoverchair Halua was holding and was taken back to the barracks, levered into the bed. He barely noted the return of Mr. Gast as they swiftly did the same thing to him as well. He didn’t have time more than briefly raise his hand in greeting as a palm raised itself above him to usher him into the welcoming embrace of a healing trance.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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2330 hours, Day II…

Moira sat on the edge of the medical bed as the manipulator arms began unlocking and removing various plates from the life support suit’s armor layer. She was tired, and more in pain then she had felt in well… ages since coming into the Federation. A thin vibration traversed up and down her flesh, cleansing the fabric of the suit, as well as her own skin as tiny vibrations and microbes began to destroy the leftover hallmarks of the second day. The exercises of earlier had left her muscles in agony and she felt as weak as a kitten. Aside from dealing with her lungs burning the entire time from the exertion, she would have almost wept at how poorly she had seemed starved for oxygen. If she didn't collapse into complete cattatonia then it felt like she'd be consumed for a wish to do anything to have a quick fix to be better.

The Doctor came alongside the medical bed as one of the medical droids came up to scan her, the woman’s eyes seemed to meet her own before she nodded. “Alright, I’m going to go over healing some more of the muscle tissue, with luck it will help prevent any lasting damage from overstraining them. You may watch, but don’t interfere yet. You don't know how to feed someone force energy, nor enough of the basics to try to assist another in the healing process yet.”

Moira’s brow furrowed, “If there was a danger of overstraining myself to the point of not having them heal right; why was I put through all those tests?”

“The extra work put into your muscles might be the one thing that determines long term recovery over short term. It also is a step we are taking to help them recover when it’s done alongside a healing regimen as we will be working you through. Bacta isn’t the best for muscle regeneration. There’s always some loss of tissue if the treatments are spread far out. By limiting the forced regrowth from bacta aided therapy, we can keep the muscles developing from the exercise your body is doing. It will also help you get used to the rebreather and the interim higher oxygen intake when your lungs heal. This is provided we take the steps necessary for their regrowth too.”

Moira blinked. “You mean they’ll heal on their own?”

“Over time, yes. But what we have to watch out for is forcing them to heal in a way they don’t permanently scar. Or if they do scar, we’ll have to shave the scars away enough that we can promote proper growth. Usually, lung tissue takes six months to be regrown when unassisted, and bacta wouldn’t Through the force, or other means, such as laser scalpels, we may have to remove that scar tissue enough for new flesh to take its place. I thought I had made that clear before, but we hope to promote your learning in the Force enough that they get back to one hundred percent; or even better if we adjust you to gravity induced environmental physical therapy in conjunction with force healing and slight bacta treatments for the general systemic problems you’ll have as your body begins the regeneration process. Healing Trances and hibernation trances will also help speed this process. But at this point, it will be vital to stress your body enough, but not overstress it, so your biosystems come back stronger then before the incident. Now, I’ll let you watch this time so start focusing on what I do. Afterwards, I’m going to have you sleep in the tank with a bit of a bacta wash for those healing muscles.”

Moira sulked and looked over at the bacta tank. She hated the damn things. “So when will those stop?”

“At least day six, at most day nine, we have to get you back in shape for us to introduce sensory deprivation techniques to you, as well as weight and gravity training to strain your physical body enough that your work in the Force starts making you grow stronger in a physical capacity.” She shuddered involuntarily at the mention of sensory deprivation she knew was coming. Not for the actual act though, but rather… she shoved such thoughts aside.
The doctor caught it though. “Nervous, child?”

She was about to nonchalantly wave off a response when she remembered hiding things had help prompt the situation which damaged her lungs in the first place. Sighing, the young echani woman forced herself to complete her earlier thought. “A little, not about the deprivation itself though, but rather the memories I might face during having nothing else to focus or meditate on. It’s been that way since Miss Crysta tried to help remove some blocks in my head. I’m still having difficulty sleeping and focusing since then, hence why I wanted to take the VD-QAE in the first place. I thought it might help me calm it all down.”

“Miss Crysta?” The doctor paused as she put it together. “Ah, you mean the Director- General. Okay, so you wanted to take the VD-QAE in order to help deal with the lingering issues of her removing some blocks on your memory. I can tell you as your Doctor, and one of your teachers here that there are several workarounds to help you do that. In fact, I’ll go so far as to give you a brief instance of a few of them now.” Moira focused her attention on the Doctor, silver eyes watching her as she tried to ignore the pain her body had gone through in order to concentrate.

The Doctor held up one finger to emphasize her words. “Well for starters, you’ll be learning a bit more about meditation on the third day. But for now, when you start learning to enhance your memory, you may found odd things dredged up from your long term memory instead of your short term memory as the technique is supposed to help you do. Same as when you sleep, most force sensitives when just starting out have trouble adjusting their sleeping patterns when they’re not exhausted as their bodies try to equate tapping into Force as if they gained another bit of ‘fuel’ to run off of. In fact many untrained force sensitives may develop things like insomnia, which would lead to skewed patterns of sleeping, hours being active, etcetera. The important thing I try to ensure when that happens is that the individual learns a few different types of meditation to cope. “ Moira nodded, seeing how things seemed to make sense. “Focusing to clear your mind is only good part of the time, other times you have to focus on a physical thing or one Emotion to the cessation of all else. Sometimes even studying your own anger and frustration at a memory; other times it may be as a form of moving meditation, focusing on one’s movements in a variety of forms might help as well, be they going over martial katas one knows , or even strangely enough- working with one’s hands or droids. But none of those top what should be done the first time bad memories come into play.” Moira arched an eyebrow in silent query. “ Just let the memories come and bathe yourself in them. They won't stop coming until you truly make peace with them and accept them as they are. The end result will be peace of mind no matter how deep the scar might be. Let me demonstrate a little, but first focus and see how I’m guiding the force. I’ll enhance your memory for a few moments, not trying to concentrate on what you need. Then I’ll go through the healing process on your muscles and enhance that memory again adding in a bit of an illusion to help you understand how to do it on your own. Then, before I put you to bed I’ll try to help you enhance yesterday’s memory of when you were in the tank. I don’t think you quite remember what happened then, and it would be useful to consciously see what you can do.

“Wait, you can enhance other people’s memories?”

“Yes, though it’s a little more complex. Those who delve into the healing arts of the Force should learn it to help assess a patient’s problems. Especially psychological ones, since you may have a talent involving healing, it’s the only reason I’m going to teach you how to enhance another’s memory as well. Normally one doesn't learn that till they formally enter the Royal Guard.”

“I see.” A wry smile tilted the corner of her lips. “Is that your way of roundabout suggesting I’m psychotic?”

“The verdict’s out on that for now.” The Doctor said with a shrug of her shoulders and smirk of her own. “Anyways, after I enhance your memory now, and walk you through the steps. I have an offer for you.”

She fake huffed. After her first time with Crystala undoing the blocks on her memory she had tried to avoid sleeping without being exhausted first, or meditating to deeply. The beginning of meditation always let her mind wander in directions she did not want it to go. To places it didn't want to go. But with a guide here, maybe she’d start on the paths she knew she needed. Moira shook her head ruefully, “Trying to get me to do a job already? I thought I was barred from mercenary work while I was here.”

The Doctor just glared a little at her. “Don’t be cheeky young lady. My offer is as your doctor, and later as one of your teachers if I think you have any potential. But you’re my patient first. Also, next time you’re smart with me I might just shock you. I hear that’s helpful in your case. Of course it might be easier for me to see if the Director can clear a bit of her schedule to do the shocking. Though with how busy she is, that’s sort of why she sent you here for help in the first place.”

Holding up her arms as if to ward off a presence Moira quieted rather quickly before she quipping out a, “Yes, Ma’am.” She most certainly did not want to bother her new ‘mother‘ for anything, though it was not long before she closed her eyes. Trying to show the Doctor some grace, she took a moment to compose herself. Without a word, the Doctor reached over and she felt the stirring manipulations of the force, as the Doctor began to manipulate it. It was almost distracting, though certainly not as painful like the more forceful examples she had witnessed yesterday. Instead it was like a slow tide swelling up under her cranium to her mind, just sitting there to soak around her brain like bits of moisture congealing on a leaf after a storm. She realized she hadn’t seen a good rain in a while. From her memories, a beautiful image of her homeworld came into play. It was raining in the mountain top city at night, illuminated by the artificial lights and the raindrops danced off buildings and the bodies of city dwellers. Beautiful but lonely was the rain, as it blanketed the city with shimmering beads of lifth and leaving a carpet of mirrors reflecting the daily life of her people as they went stoicly about their daily life's struggles.

It was a memory of sitting at a small stove by their families overly large compound, with too few individuals in it. Listening to her Uncles words about the reasons her parents were away so much. Patiently nodding at key points to show she was listening and understood him. Her Uncle had been a kind man, tough as well, he had to be before his disappearance. Not to mention he had been a General of Eshan’s planetary defense force. He even ran one of the old relics of an Academy amid the various monasteries of the mountain tops. Mountaintops that were all too crowded now with sprawling cities as it was dangerous to go below the peaks into the Wilds where flora and fauna had allowed to grow unchecked due to the Echani culture’s respect for nature. When it was all said and done, the entire population of the planet could be crammed into the size of its smallest continent. The impact of the population for the most part on their world was negated in order to preserve resources for future inhabitants, as well as the precious crop lands , and hydroponics sky scrapers that survived under the dutiful care of those few who received the training to maintain them.

In the rivers, down below the city’s waterfalls, she saw the tell tale signs of waterwheels, connected to rather simple machines that were tasked with collecting and removing any soiled trash from the waters that was generated by any city and the wind. They had been there for ages, as well as the deep underground clean fusion reactors that powered the amenities of the population. Though her Uncle had told her those were buried deep close to the core of the planet to mitigate any potential damage if they went critical, either from an enemy of the people sabotaging them or another reason.

One thing was for sure, her family had worked tirelessly with others to keep those systems intact over the millennia since the old republic and Moira was completely sure they were one of her people’s prized achievements. They were all one example of powered industry that was regulated and required to be ecologically friendly to their homeworld’s biosphere.

Then just as suddenly as the memory came, it began to fade away in order to reveal the Doctor peering at her with a look she’d equate a scientist would use to assess an experimental lab rat. ”Normally when you try to enhance a memory in another person you include a trigger. It could be a verbal, a mental, or a physical one to try and have them recollect the memory you wish from the sea of their memory. Of course it’s not always perfect, minds have a tendency to stray towards memories with a deep emotional tie to the person. Fortunately, traumatic memories or witnessing events that are violent can be easier to trigger. However, then you have to be careful not to let their vitals become too erratic. But that’s the generalities.”

“I’m going to show you using a trick taught to me by one of my own Instructors. An ability if later you teach others you might want to learn. But you won’t be learning it today! Anyways, so as not to alarm you the ability I’m going to use is called Dreamscape. It’s a far off precursor to the skill of creating a psychic parallel in one’s mind. Especially since utilizing the ability of a Dreamscape, one can’t set up any mental commands, or force assisted constructions to TRAP someone inside their own minds. Any form of resistance at all will shock someone out of dreamscape. A few, but growing number of Instructors here have learned to use this ability to show a perspective to a student of ‘how’ the manipulations within the force feels like from their perspective. Then, the student tries to copy that feeling, getting to a baseline before beginning the long and steady process of refining the technique to their own. I’m going to introduce this now to help with your ability to remember things, that way you can bring back your perceptions later as you follow what I’m doing to heal the muscle tissue. I’m going to have to drain and metabolize the fatigue poisons in the tissues themselves before the healing process can begin. This is the same principle of how one would learn to Detoxify Poison and basic healing practices to Accelerate cell regeneration.”

Moira nodded in understanding. “So let me get this straight. You’re going to help me learn to enhance my memory, by starting to enhance my senses. Like how I sensed the force being suffused in what seemed like below the skull then rather on the outside, like I’d presume would help change a shift in one’s aura- maybe even to create a barrier.”

The Doctor sighed, “The Inquisitor was right at least, a little knowledge is very dangerous when a patient begins to piece things together. To answer you as fully as possible so you don’t delve into things too quickly. The first way to begin to learn to form a force barrier, something involved in reaching the second monument involved in the dark trooper training process is to learn how to wrap the force around your body while achieving a maximum flow for a long time. That will be discussed later on this morning, don’t do it yet. I’m going teach you to enhance your ability, starting with drawing the force to one’s eyes. Also to be taught later on this morning, in order to show you how to ‘see’ the force. Strengthening this ability over time can allow one to alter their perceptions enough to engage in Force Sight, but you’ll learn that over time in steps. Probably introduced by day six, after that I will heal you in order to have you sense what that process is. Which is a two step phase, I’m reducing and controlling your pain from the nerve endings of the healing tissue, as well as actually Accelerating their healing.

By enhancing the memory of all three things, you learn I intend to allow you to help assist in the healing process after tomorrow I teach you how to transfer the force to yourself from another source, or to send it to another source, including people. You are not to attempt anything unsupervised here. All of this will be refreshed during lessons as well. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”
The lesson continued as she was guided through the process of drawing the force towards the one place in her body that didn’t hurt from the struggles of the day. Her eyes, and a plethora of colors seemed to overshadow her senses as the Doctor evoked her ability, showing Moira how it should properly feel to engage in Seeing the Force. It was a struggle, but she attempted to mimic the sensations along her spine and then to her eyes, feeling an ‘inner’ twist of perception before things came into focus leaving a small green glow by the doctor’s left hand, before brightening almost into a clarity of defined shapes, and colored theels of energy around her own form and the Doctors.

When asked to describe what she saw, the Doctor asked her to look towards a wall to see if she could see anything beyond it. For a brief instance she could see the hazy image of vaguely humanoid form walking past in the corridor and said so. The Doctor congratulated her on her use, and said it seemed to her that Moira achieved not only the ability to See the Force, but had accidently strayed into the ability of Force Sight itself. Much like how a Miraluka would see. With a bit of effort to her, she tried again, at least ten more times till the shifting of perspectives stopped enough to see a bit of green hovering above the doctor’s hand, almost invisible to the naked eye, when she wasn’t using the Force that was.

“Very good. Now focus inwards, sensing the force like before while you look with Seeing the Force at how I’m manipulating the force energies to help deal with the tissue damage. If you can’t do both at the same time yet. Try to shift back and forth as I drain the fatigue poisons, I’m going to start with the left leg.”

A tingle to her senses came again, bringing a harsh flavor to Moira’s mind as the Doctor began the healing process. It was difficult to concentrate on sensing what the doctor was doing, at least both ways so she started to alternate her focus. Observing the doctors external manipulations with the force she noticed that the woman targeted the areas of flesh with the force, stretching it like cords of fibrous wire tapping into the tissue at key points to start easing… what that was doing inside the tissue she could not say until she switched her focus. Relaxing deeply, as her mind seemed to zone in as it had done the day before outside of her control, yet this time it was wavering in and out, like a telephoto lens.

This occurred many times as the Doctor began working on the muscle tissue everywhere else, removing poisons from fatigue and then stimulating cell growth and restoration in the muscle tissue. By the end of the process Moira’s struggles had gained a bit of valuable insight into how the doctor was doing what she did as well as taking a look with the Doctor’s help at her lungs. Broken, was not the word she'd use to describe the state of her lungs now. Shattered, smashed, torn apart, ground into dust, riven into thousands of tattered rags; that was what she thought the scar tissue in her lungs resembled. Once again, the weakness it seemed to haunt her.

Without realizing it her mind tried to reach out with the force but she was guided quickly away by the mental slap of the Doctor’s energies. Feeling a little like a chastened child Moira opened her eyes to note the Doctor staring at her. ”Just an accident. Didn’t mean to.”

“You’ll learn Control or you’ll find me resorting to stricter measures. The last thing we want is for you accidently dematerializing an organ or making yourself have a third arm from your stomach.”

Moira gulped once hard. ”Yes, Ma’am.” she said demurely before the Doctor placed her back under the Dreamscape’s effects. This time showing the process from her angle and memory as she winced from the prolonged exposure to sensing the force, the pressure seemed to almost stress her to the breaking point. But she strangely felt some part of her mind seem to stretch to accompany the new sensations as she lived through them again in real time.
“Can you try to enhance your memory of the past couple minutes?” the doctor asked.

Moira closed her eyes, and stumblingly reached to the kernel of power that seemed to be knotted in her stomach. Pulling upon it she directed it up through her spine to settle like a misty film under her skull. Thinking all the while of a trigger of the sensations she witnessed when being healed. The first time was difficult as the Doctor seemed to stretch out once more to guide her efforts. But it was mostly her doing when she experienced the rush of information once more. Letting it ride over her present, paying attention as the lesson repeated itself in almost crystal clarity.
When the final act played out to the Doctor asking her to try to enhance her memory, she snapped back to the present to see the Doctor staring at her. She looked at the chrono that was nearing oh-one-hundred hours.

The Doctor noted that look as well. ‘’I think that’s just about enough for the night. I’ll be placing you in a hibernation trance again soon but I have to make that offer first.” Moira went to speak but one hand was held to interrupt her. “After you no longer need to sleep in the bacta, or just the tank in general, I intend to offer you the ability to enhance your learning here. Especially as under my care I can teach you in addition to enhance your knowledge base in medicine, and science, though not with the force. I won’t be giving you any memories of my own. However, I did by myself a synoptic teaching device. If you’ve heard of them you know the device can allow the user to rapidly obtain new information by transferring data directly to the brain at the subconscious level. It’s perfectly safe, and best used while someone is sleeping, implanting knowledge into your brain for quick retrieval.

The public has used them for years with information learning modules; I would never have gotten my doctorates without the thing due to always being sent on missions as a royal guard. ”

“You were a royal guard, Ma’am?”

“Still am. But that’s not important right now. The important thing is these modules encapsulate a wide variety of subjects, ranging from mechanical knowledge and technical repairs, vehicular and technical operation, slicing and programming, to knowledge cartridges on language, history, agriculture, business, and more.”

Moira blinked once or twice. “Okay. If what your saying is true, may I select more modules then just the healing and medical information? I assume you’d have a plan to branch out from biology and the sciences I know, right?”

“Of course, then work towards medical things, even pharmacological studies are included in their own module. I only bought the medical and science ones myself as they tend to get expensive.”

Moira arched an eyebrow. “When I get access to my funds, could I buy more? Or even my own such device. I think I wouldn’t want to stop your continuing education.”
“My education is just fine with these, as I learned them pretty much by wrote due to methods to help me remember. However, assume if I could authorize more modules for you, or for you to buy some. What subjects would you want?”

”Definitely the mechanical, business, engineering, and diplomacy if you have it, I know plenty of languages already so law codes might be interesting if there’s some base to work off of.”

The Doctor nodded, “Alright then. It’s time to put you in the tank.”

Moira widened her eyes a moment as the now revealed Doctor of the Royal Guards raised a hand to beckon her off into a deep healing trance of hibernation. She struggled to sense a bit of what happened during the process but before she knew it, her vision was dark amidst the seas of Morpheus’ touch. Only then did the medical droids seek to disrobe her from the life support suit’s underlayer and place her unconscious form in the bacta tank as monitoring devices became attached to the sides to check her vitals.

Deep in the bacta, her body started to heal.
After the patient had been transferred into the bacta tank, the Doctor stood back and depressed a button to raise the privacy screen before venturing to the desk in the room and noting her efforts and observations in the patient’s log. Her concentration was broken by the hissing of the doors, signaling the arrival of one of the persons within the Nexus she had a little spat with yesterday.
Before she could glare at the man about almost voiding the patient’s privacy, the Inquisitor voiced his thoughts. "Doctor, I imagine your interest is peaked with the idea of teaching the girl. Tell me, is it because she is considered a prime specimen in your eyes?"

She shrugged in reply before shaking her head in negation. "Not at all. I merely feel the process of healing such a case will prove... enlightening to my own understandings of the Force."
The Inquisitor shrugged, “Just remember to maintain her usefulness ,as it's not likely the Federation would benefit if she became one of your experiments."
She scowled at the man, "My talents are for healing, or taking apart the Emperor’s enemies, not for sithspawn. You'd have to go to the SCO's office for that."

The Inquisitor smirked beneath the hood. “I don’t think the SCO would alter the patient’s training in such a way to have them undergo synaptic teaching. Sounds to me a little clonish in how they learn things from flash memories.”

The doctor shrugged, “Save it’s a different process. Clones also use different equipment to help them learn, especially the headgear. Somnambulic learning processes were developed to assist normal people. Plus, there is almost never one hundred percent retention… unless one cheats. Besides, it’s a half hour a night of such things, other then clones who have to go twenty four hour days of flash cloned memory imprints. The scope of time with synoptic learning is much reduced.”
“Cheats?” Horae parroted, “How does one ‘cheat’ to gain a hundred percent retention, or at least close enough for it to not matter?”

“Same way we have them remember their normal lessons; memory enhancement. Specifically an hour of meditation combined with memory enhancement when they wake up. For some, it can speed up the process of time it would take, similar to sitting in a classroom about a subject, or reading a book on the holonet. Save with a built in index to re-source the information. Of course, it also depends on the learner’s prior knowledge as well to build more connections.”


The Doctor's voice took a lecturing tone. “Nerves that fire together wire together Inquisitor. That’s a principle they teach doctors of any type. As well as the fact in more esoteric areas- such as force users who flashburn or encapsulate harmful knowledge. But that’s beside the point, I intend to work from her current understandings in biology and physiology and expand her knowledge base to medical work. I imagine, after fifty days or so of cross wiring possibilities for subjects, she’d be quite capable of earning a doctorate herself. In fact, I’m counting on it for the development of her force abilities in healing.”

“I see, so it’s like how we suggest a strong grounding of physics in order to properly alter one’s environment.”


“Would using more than one module a night hinder any particular person’s learning?”

“A normal person, yes; a force sensitive with proper training: Two or three at the max would be my suggestion without venturing into areas of where it would harm a user. Though I suggest doctors also take it on a case by case basis, with further monitoring just in case of added stressors. The Doctor's brow furrowed in consternation as she pondered where the man was going with this. "Why?”

“I think I should be ordering about fifty of these synoptic teaching devices for those in the various programs now. It would be another means to accelerate their learning, while keeping them away from the various difficulties by not over burdening their minds.“

“In that case, I would suggest for your future student synoptic learning modules centered around the ventures healing, biology, manufacturing, machine use, engineering, and other elements that she expressed interest in in addition to a few of our own." The doctor shrugged. “I myself don’t have that many, I only bought the medical ones myself. They’re quite expensive. About three hundred to a thousand credits each per subject. Not to mention it is a good thing to keep a secondary copy of each module with the person learning for later refreshment. I’m lucky enough I bought a second set that I intend to give to her after her training is over if I learn enough from the experience of having her as a student.”

The Inquisitor waved the issue away. “We have AI that can assess and program such modules after manufacture. I presume such would be an easy task. However, if I am getting them for the Darktrooper program or for the Royal Guards training cycles then it would be beneficial as a whole to have a few test cases. Let’s plan to include the child as the first test case, but perhaps be ready to broaden the horizon a little to include other current trainees, from both the present new ones and returnees as well.”

The Doctor pondered the Inquisitors words carefully, before finally nodding as she gave an opinion. “Of course the use of synoptic teaching helmets and materials would assist in the development of those in the various programs. I would have to write up a few guidelines for the doctors involved in monitoring those who would have it included in the advanced training cycles.”

She saw the man tilt his head. “How long?”

“Two days maximum with the other work I have on my plate now. You could probably arrange shipping of more units by day seven and have them calibrated for later users. I’ve already begun calibrations for my current patient. Learning new things mentally should offset some of the frustrations she may have if she lags behind in the physical areas of study that are presented here.”

“Is there going to be a problem of learning more physical techniques, Doctor?”

“Not in learning of the techniques themselves but the handling of the stresses along with them. I imagine she’ll be catching up around day twenty. But till then it will be quite exhausting for her.”

The Doctor saw the man place one finger to the right of his chin as if he were pondering something. “I see. That’s good to know in case we have to modify her learning cycle. I’ll speak to the other training officers and notify them of such details. We’ll still press her as hard as she can though.”

The Doctor huffed. “Of course, the more strain now that she can survive without her body breaking down will only benefit her recovery so long as we deal with the fatigue poisons that build up in her body. Most injured do tend to build such up faster. It’s why we suggest recovery periods even after the serious injuries have healed themselves. The hibernation trances in this patient’s case may help propel that along to stabilize her for future operations to remove the scar tissue.”

“I believe you summarized the scar tissue element for me before. But, thank you doctor. “The Inquisitor turned his head towards the door. “Good day and please try to get some sleep on your own, somewhere away from your newest experimental patient.”

Hissing in disapproval the Doctor shook her head in exasperation as Horae O’Shea left the medical room that would double as her patient’s quarters while she was in the Nexus. She cursed his attitude and gave a few instructions to the droids before she began to make her way out the door to get to her own room. Sleep seemed like a very good idea now, but she knew she’d end up putting herself in her own hibernation trance. Healing was strenuous on her reserves and she knew that by the end of the time of her patient’s training her strength in the force would have vastly improved as well. Perhaps even allowing her to surpass her own block in learning to become a better Healer, either result was a good one and she couldn’t see any detriment in training this new patient. Thinking of the peculiarities her future student held in the way she touched the force the Doctor wondered what being consciously immersed in the white current might due for her newest trainee’s abilities.

Yes, there was very little detriment that she could see… save that it meant bowing under the supposed high brow attitude of that damned Inquisitor. Even now, the man seemed to want to irritate her. The shameful thing is, such irritation seemed to always make her break through her own limits as well.

There was no doubt in her mind that Horae was stilla complete bastard. She set an alarm to wake her in four hours, figuring that was the time they'd have to pull the girl from the tank and have her rest normally till she was awakened with the rest. The Third Day was always a struggle for the recruits. No matter what tidbits they were fed beforehand.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day III , 0700 hours…
The wake up had been the same as the day before, only this time they were instructed to be in their regular armor and present themselves accordingly. As a group, Winters saw them all go for the traditional five kilometer jog, with some straggling a bit behind from yesterday’s events before they were ushered into a training area with a raised dais. On the floor was a warning line, that usually marked off a protective shield system of some sort. Winters had seen them before in some of the more violently geared training areas of the Nemesis. It seemed the same setup was in the restricted sections of the ship which made up the Nexus as well.
In the front, behind the shield line on a raised platform a Victory Darktrooper began to launch into a lecture. One he decided to pay rapt attention too.
”First things first. In order for today’s tests to make sense to you we have to talk about what is termed as Flow, and what that means to a darktrooper, a royal guard candidate, or agent on the ground.

We all have heard that in basic orientations that if any armed force takes a system then the average response time of an opposing force is usually decided within the first twenty –four hours of time. However, I’ll point out the maximum amount of time before a ground engagement is declared, or usually has the possibility of evolving into what is called a long term engagement is approximately three standard days, or Seventy – Two hours.

What happens in that critical time period to destroy and/ or secure, if one is the attacker, or hold key fortifications, if one is the defender, is the determinant factor of how dangerous a long drawn out engagement becomes on a strategic level. Especially when there are reasons, political or otherwise, that may limit orbital support to force an enemy surrender.

So , you might be asking, how does this relate to Flow for a darktrooper, royal guard, or otherwise?”

Winters saw the man raise a hand, “Don’t answer that I’ll be telling you anyways.”

Jericho saw the man approach the edge of the dais and raise a fist, then to slam his hand down into his palm to punctuate his words. ”It means that a force user has to be able to have the Endurance to last that period of time. For a darktrooper, or royal guard that goes doubly important to maintain their ability to use the force for that amount of time.

Ideally, If one could maintain their flow for the entirety of that time at maximum Force, it would give them a much higher chance of survival. In fact, this directly correlates to a Darktrooper or Royal Guard’s Survival Rating.

We may ask those present here to learn all the intracacies of the force on their own time, but we almost always concentrate on Endurance to the point where dark troopers and Royal Guards have been termed by enemy combatants as Killing Machines.

It is a principle that some of these qualities are what all Darktroopers, and Royal Guards should strive for. Machines to don’t relent, they don’t get tired, the do not stop until the decision is made for them to step. Once again these are quite a few admirable traits we’d ask you as a soldier to ponder, only this time as a darktrooper you are ultimately the one making the decision of when to stop, how to prosecute the objective, and how to be self determinate within the confines of the normal military system.

As a victory dark trooper you need to be as capable in your suit as you are outside of it. This is because if one can keep themselves going outside the suit at one’s maximum for that crucial time period I discussed earlier, then you’ll be able to extend it to outlast any curve-balls combat throws at you.

That’s where Flow comes in, that’s where one who is capable of enduring long time periods allows you the edge to keep yourself alive, and for any naysayers out there who think this is impossible I’ll have you know there’s records of force users, usually old and crotchety ones who have subsisted on the Force alone for weeks,months, or years in trances where they’ve used their flow at maximum to help guide armies, or rebuild devastated worlds. Think on that before you say it’s impossible for one to last Seventy –Two hours. For me, I’ve come to realize that Seventy two hours of flow use at maximum is just the amount of time one should develop their skill to open the door so to speak to higher manipulations of the force, such as using a force barrier for protection of oneself and others. If one can go longer, then it’s more power to you. Literally.”
Winters saw the suited darktrooper raise a hand, “Can anyone tell me why Flow is so important to help develop one’s reserves in the force, especially for ‘lesser force sensitives who don’t start out with the full potential of a jedi, or what level of potential the jedi tend to look for. I can tell you one group that the darktroopers took some inspiration from in this regard: the Matukai. But first, is there anyone who may answer my question before I hear any questions on flow?”

Winters saw a hand raise unsteadily, he looked and saw the figure of the girl who had asked questions before, only this time she was ensconced in what looked to be a suit many intelligence commandos wore, though with a few extra modifications. He nodded once to himself, as if confirming something that began to make a little more sense for her presence here. “I can only make a metaphor for what I think could explain what you’re asking. If one constantly uses their flow, then their reserves, which would start out like a puddle, or a divot in the road, would widen gradually from the water, which would be the force, into a larger puddle, then a pond, then a lake with rivers flowing into and out of it. I imagine that no matter how deep one’s reserves get there would always be at least some small way to relieve the pressure they might feel.”

The man in armor seemed to ponder that answer a moment before saying his next words, “You’re on the right track, let me clean that up for you. In order to know about one’s reserves in the force, simply using the force over time will deepen them. Much like a muscle, using the force will also strengthen your connection to it. As you probably know from the reading material I have placed on your datapads, you will find that the force is utilized in many different ways we consider through the aspect school. Utilizing it is both an internal, and external process; but force reserves are mainly internal for those of our level of learning. There are also other factors that assist in deepening one’s connection to the force , either through meditation, which we’ll be teaching you later, but also in the way you meditate. Jedi, and Sith both in history seemed to be able to meditate in different ways. We won’t go into much of the reasons why but I’ll briefly elucidate upon how they are different from each other. Darksiders we’re taught about that we one day might face tend to focus on a single thought, or feeling, to the occlusion of all else, even going so far as to feel and foist a stirring of those emotions in others around them. Normally , they can draw strength from such things as what emanates from others, as everyone has a connection to the force.

The Jedi tend to focus on releasing their cares and worries into the force itself excluding not just what they are feeling but everything around them. Both types of meditations are useful in deepening one’s connection and reserves. I mentioned the Matukai before because, well, they were the first to meditate a third way, intrinsically, concentrating on the flow of every muscle, drop of blood, and cell in their body. Finding ways through meditative katas to help strengthen and enhance their physical capabilities to the point where a small affinity to the force could be strengthened to a larger one through harsh training, even exposure to the storm’s of nature. It’s from them the idea we can gain so many Victory Darktrooper and Royal Guard Candidates. Candidates who originally, may not have as much of a sensitivity to the force as a single three year old youngling that the old republic jedi would have considered to be at the minimum level for training, despite this we know that over time these candidates can be strengthened, and will continue to advance and delve deeply into the force, even if after years of training they might barely make it to the level of reserves, an old jedi padawan who trained for years might have… However, the Empire, and now the Federation has ways of strengthening a so –called minor force users potential if they apply themselves enough.

Eventually they will reach a threshold where they continue to grow in strength, though it may not be at as an advanced rate that an initiate or jedi would have. But for us Darktroopers, this relates back to why we’re Endurance junkies so to speak when it comes to our Flow. Because working on our Endurance to extremes allows us to later get to the point in our reserves and our potential to assist each other up to a sense of Battlefield Efficiency. Let’s look at one of the first external powers we teach you. Telekinesis and Force Push. To us, it doesn’t matter if Person A has to use Three times the amount of force and flow to equal Person B’s use of the same ability, because Person A does not have Manipulation as their prime affinity. Over time if we can work on increasing Person A’s Flow and Power, they might have by the time of thousands of repetitions come to enough Power to overcome Person B’s Skill, or adeptness at using Force Push. Not only that, I’m sure it’s been said before, but since we spend so much time working on our Reserves and Flow we tend to ask you to work on Skill in using those abilities.”

Around the man in the darktrooper armor, the air in the room began to circulate as a bluish grey form of shield began to wrap itself around the man. “Can Skill overcome sheer power? Of course. Can power overcome Skill? Yes. But it all depends on the situation. In the second aspect of Darktrooper training, individuals work towards the second milestone of being able to use shields of the force, the most generally used being to make a force barrier, a skill capable of blocking blaster bolts or other force attacks, and the efficiency a force barrier directly relates to power of the one it protects.”

From behind the man, where previously he could not see anyone, Jericho saw a figure of a black clad royal guard seem to dissolve into shape from the shadows, before the shadow guard took a flying leap at the Darktrooper, coming down with a punishing blow that tore through the barriers Winters could see and make the tall two-point-nine meter armored giant come crashing to the floor. Within seconds , Winters saw the darktrooper rise to his feet in time to launch a series of punches and kicks at the royal guard, who started using sheer speed to dodge out of the way before leaping back to bow quietly to the darktrooper who turned back towards the audience. “This was an example of Flow, his being greater than mine allowing him to shred my defenses, and skill in simply dodging my attacks. Now I want to demonstrate an example of sheer Flow, or Power. Our other teacher won’t be using the force this time to enhance his assault.”

The darktrooper motioned to the royal guard who then walked over and tried to grapple with the towering armored figure, who grabbed the royal guards arms and began to shake him like a wookiee holding a rag doll before slamming the man into the ground hard enough to make the deck vibrate. He was quite stunned when the royal guard rose to his feet a moment after. “Now, he did use a force barrier to help limit damage to himself after he was about to hit the ground, I don’t begrudge him that. He could have also used the force to enhance his own strength to counter my own, though the bulk of our suits would help us keep leverage’s advantage going our way, but it’s not guaranteed. But I’m sure you can see this example for what it is. If two people use the same force power, it’s much the same, if they try to telekinetically push you while you try to telekinetically push them it will come down to power, versus skill.

It’s kind of unfair, but unless you really work on your Endurance, and deepen your reserves, your connection to the force won’t normally be enough to assist you if you come up against another force user if you don’t have the reserves to stall them. But over time, everyone here has the potential to go toe to toe against such a threat for a while if you work at it hard enough. We also teach you the basics and ask you work on skill as we concentrate on helping expand your reserves and potential. We do this by teaching you to Enhance your abilities, which we will start tomorrow, some of you may even use the force to jump higher, sprint faster, and go longer distances.

This is why we motivate, and train a major number of candidates for the Victory Darktroopers, many who may be so called ‘weaker’ in their connection to the force. Flow, Reserves, and Endurance just work their way into it. To reiterate , we also teach you to Enhance your memory, but for today’s tests, we are going to help you use your flow! Then we are going to test your endurance, using a variety of methods that normally are unique dependant on your testing of your aspects. But one thing we always try to test is the manipulation aspect, on the third day by making a simple object, a pinwheel spin.

However, where the scientists are we have many pinwheels of various weights… and each room you are dismissed to test to may have other ways to test your flow as well, including making you reach your maximum output. Furthermore, a trainer will be in the room with you today to coach you through the process as just about one day every five day we force our trainees to go maximum flow, for the maximum amount of time they can. I can ensure you, this will be rather tiring for all of you, and you will all be put in hibernation trances to recover afterwards as tomorrow, you start delving into the fun stuff before you meet specifically with a trainer to discuss your future studies here.

Thank you and have a good day. “

Without further ado , Winters was brought back into a single room where he was given a strange vision of how to touch the flow of the force again, from the center of his being, and how to manipulate it towards a small aluminum pinwheel in the room. To the sides, a scientist was there , with certain tools to help increase the difficulty, and the more amount of force turning the device would be. It was his first demonstration of telekinetic ability but though the force flowed through him with the same molasses like quality, traversing up his spine, down to his hands, and out. He began to see the pinwheel spin. After he got it for a minute, another pinwheel was put in its place, and then another. Until eventually he was struggling to turn a ten centimeter diameter iron one about its axis until he was told to steop before he collapsed.

He was given a meal, and then the tests started over again… each time adding a little more weight until Winters was drenched in sweat. It took a long time for his efforts to manifest, with greater and greater strain accompanied by longer amounts of time between his tapping into his flow and releasing it. But he was told that was due in part to the biogenic enhanced tissues of his cybernetics. There were measures being discussed to ensure his efforts would become enhanced, but he’d learn about that tomorrow in talks with those who were deciding his training regimen.

The scientists finally said they had enough data to work on for now.

As his efforts began to wane, he soon had to take longer and longer breaks between moving the weights and by the time he was ushered back to the barracks he was shaking like a newborn baby. He wasn’t the only one as orderlies had to help feed others who were too weak. He spied Mr. Gast being ushered to sit at his table and he gave the man a friendly nod, too weak to really talk much.

After dinner, they were ushered back to the barracks and were given an announcement that tomorrow they would begin their exercises to learn to enhance themselves with the force physically. The lessons would focus on their senses, to their strength, though they would first be taught to see the force to help understand their own manipulations of it.

He was glad, though he could feel the flow came slow enough, he was kind of intrigued about the goings on here, and could already feel that his time within the Nexus might serve to strengthen himself. Though he wondered what his squad was doing during these two months. Two days though, he’d find out the answer, for now, only the blissful rest of a hibernation trance preceded by a palm raised above his head that would usher him to sleep.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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DAY III, 1900 hours...

"Enhance the memory again. You were shown various things that you should try and remember the impressions of." the Doctor ordered."You're tired, but you have enough for this to help you. Let yourself float in the force a little to refresh yourself if you need to, but come back as swiftly as you can.

Moira closed her eyes, reaching for her core to let that peculiar twist occur as she immersed herself in what the Doctor was telling her was the 'white current' the flows and eddies in the force that she was quickly equating to to be AC voltage as compared to DC. Though the Doctor had shown her how to immerse herself in the force as a whole, it seemed that the woman wanted her to be able to switch back and forth as needed and she could not help but feel drawn to the wildness of it all. The currents seemed to wash over her, soothing her as well as electrifying her mind in ways she couldn't even explain but soon enough she pulled on the strings she could see to catapult herself back into her body. The experience left her feeling a little refreshed, but also a little frazzled, as if every hair on her body was standing on end.

But when she opened her eyes she saw the Doctor peering at her worried, "Did you know every time you do that it feels like you've left your body? It's quite disconcerting as a Doctor to have a patient do that. Though I'd suggest not dwelling in there for a half hour."

Moira blinked, the experience had seemed as if it had only taken five minutes from her perspective, "I'm sorry."

The echani girl realized she was apologizing a lot lately.

She saw the Doctor sigh, "Don't worry about it, I'm told when you get the hang of it the perception of time will be close to normal, neither too fast or to slow unless you decide to alter your perceptions there. Besides, I was monitoring your vitals, though I did mentally shout once or twice at you to no avail. It was necessary to assist what I need to do later with you, to teach you how to transfer the force during healing. Most complex manipulations can have the one using the force , the artificer in charge, guide and direct the energies of another. I thing this will be most useful to get more healing done tonight in the next few hours before I put you in the tank."

Her brow furrowed, she was really starting to hate the tank. She opened her mouth but was caught off guard by the Doctor reaching over to close it with a finger to her chin. "Nuh uh ah, none of the Sass! Now, enhance the memory, please."

Chastened once more , Moira did as she was asked and touched the well of the force that nestled inside her soul, or perhaps somewhere near her stomach, though she amusingly thought that might be indigestion for what passed as food around her.

"Focus, damnit!"

'Damn, was the Doctor up to reading her mind too?' Moira thought she didn't know how to take that but then brushed it off quickly though she couldn't quite hold a grimace from appearing on her features. Though the mask covered that up, nicely the rest of her brow's furrowing drew attention. ""I'm sensing your fumbles in the force, now try to focus and bring only what you need to do to your mind. Think of a trigger as well. Start with this morning's lessons and review what has happened yesterday and the day before."

'So the Doctor wasn't reading her thoughts, Moira had only presumed she was. Taking a deep breath she did as she was asked as this morning's events came back to her. She had sensed how the aura of the two trainers had strengthened during their demonstration, could feel the whirlpool like effect as the force was brought to twist around them to form a barrier, almost like a cyclone of tree sap that seemed energized in the darktrooper, and the swift hard winds flowing about the royal guard. It was clear to her which one seemed the most proficient with the skill, though her eyes ventured back to the initial leap of the royal guard, how she could see the force enshrouding him lifting away, transferring down from his center of being, to his legs while simultaneously reinforcing his spine and neck, wrapping them in a cushioning form of colored light that shifted under her gaze before he seemed to leap upwards, using a bit of telekinetic eruptions from the soles of his boots to make him leap higher, and faster... not just assisting the musculature of his legs.

Then she witnessed her own struggles with the scientists, they had made her lift heavy rods with her mind, starting with just a five kilogram weight, and then increasing it gradually a kilogram at a time before they stopped her at lunchtime at a weight of thirty kilos. They had said that was quite acceptable, though she didn't think so as she was shaking like a leaf until she was ushered to a chair sitting in a tank of water that held a dividing line. She was told to concentrate, and that her flow would be tested by the displacement and temperature change of the water, and only to concentrate on the feel of making ice.

In this regard, the next few moments, as she pushed the flow from her body through her hands she would be quite surprised when her minder put a hand on her shoulders to tell her to stop within a few minutes of time before she almost collapsed. She could actually sense the royal guard transferring the force to her, working it like a mist into her aura where her senses in the force seemed to mix it with the straggling wisps of her own before hungrily being reabsorbed back into her body. With a bit of retrospect involved in this she felt she might be able to learn the Doctor's technique of transferring the force, though she wondered why it seemed her aura had almost devoured the force of the other royal guard. That was surprising.

But what truly surprised her was when she opened her eyes in the water to see all but where she was was chilled, covered over in ice that stretched out not only over the tub of water, that was almost all displaced to the floor, but also that it carried along the walls aways, almost to the point where it stopped just barely shy of the scientist's equipment.

The Royal Guard instructed her to get out of the tank, which she realized was also the time that she noticed the chattering of her teeth and the guard showed her how to activate the thermal warmers of the suit. In a few seconds after she was quite toasty as the scientists switched to a different test, this time one with pinwheels.

Like the metal rods of various weights this was difficult for her to push, but she reasoned it through if it was like an actual pinwheel she could affect the small currents of air... one of the Doctor's noticed her approach, and she was stopped an hour later for dinner with the rest of the trainee's. The day was tiring, but feeling a little better she had been bolstered by the Doctor's presence when she arrived back at what she was coming to realize as her new home away from home, which she counted as anywhere with Mikka or Crystala. Odd that.

Opening her eyes she related her observations in crisp detail and noticed the Doctor smiling. "Very good. It seems there are some benefits of having you immerse yourself in the White current before this exercise is done. We might even see if you can enhance your memory and focus while still within it at a later time, but this is very good. As for your concerns, remember you will be taught to Feed on the Force eventually... taking in the force that someone transfers to you is just the first step. If you can remember to add that memory of experience through meditation to a collection, or series of abilities you are learning about and control how you enhance them by bringing them to the forefront of your mind in specific orders that help you make sense of them it should allow you to fine tune your control faster. But for now, we will consider other ways of assisting you in regaining a measure of the force, such as normal force immersion, dipping into the white current, or being the recipient of a force transfer instead of feeding upon it. You'll learn later, if you go to far the dangers inherent with that particular skill including Draining the life or the force itself from someone. As a healer, I myself do not feed on the dark side often unless it is necessary during my duties to protect the Emperor. I fear too much the lure of the dark side in such times would make me lose focus. I hope you take this warning to heart as using neutral energies, or even lightside ones as the White Current is supposed to be based off carries less risk of long term degradation."

The doctor looked pointedly at her, "I don't have to tell you that your body is already at risk of degrading if you can't master your abilities due to the peculiarities of your awakening to your potential. In a state of injury such as it is, it would be easy to fall into the trap of draining the life, and force of others as your body equates it's will to heal swiftly. But such would only be a temporary thing, until it becomes an addiction that would harm you further in the long run. In this regard, safety is better in the long term solution."

Chastised once more, Moira gulped loudly and nodded to show she understood that, she would remind herself of that often. Draining the life from someone made her think of that once species of being, the anzati that went about trying to drain the 'soup' out of others. She had been told that story by her parents who had ran into one before they took its head, but the echani girl never wanted to become such a monster herself. "Yes Ma'am. May I try to assist this time in the healing process?"

The Doctor shook her head in negation. "No, not yet. I will be doing much the same as I did yesterday, sending you an image using Dreamscape to show you what I did afterwards. I'll be working on the muscle tissue again, and relieving the fatigue poisons. Showing you how I'm manipulating the force internally and externally while you work on your ability to Sense the Force, See the Force, and that Force Sight you go into sputteringly. After that, I'll have you transfer any of the force you have left, and receive some back to help start you on learning that skill though you will have to force yourself to do it consciously and not unconsciously like you remember from your observations today. We don't want the process becoming subconscious enough that you endanger another person without meaning too."

Moira nodded once, a bit put back and wondering how to alter her manipulations of the Force to prevent that if it was already happening on a subconscious level. "Don't fret , things will come in time, now concentrate and bring the force back to your eyes. Allow yourself to see what I do. I will start on the left leg again, reducing the toxins of the fatigue poisons the constant healing sessions have incurred. I'll probably have to do this throughout your training cycle for the full two months. We'll have to begin now in order to get you into a trance later. Are you ready?"

Moira closed her eyes and brought the force from her stomach, up her spine and to the lenses of her cornea as the world turned into a rush of unseen colors, theels of light around herself and the Doctor, and vague bubbles of static around each medical droid and monitor. Giving an assent she was ready, she watched as the Doctor began her work. Seeing as the unwanted wastes were vacuumed away from the cells by the natural processes as the Doctor gathered them together, and brought them out through the pores of the skin to be sent to a collection tray of the floor where the sterilizing field dispersed them. Her sight still faded in and out from the colors of full blown force sight to the hazy, then sharp green, edifices of seeing the force clearly about the doctors hands as she externally manipulated the tiny lances of needles to the places that would do the most good.

Eventually, she began to note the doctor was tiring. Reaching out she fumbled a little to form a whisp of aura, gathering it into her hands like a pool of untapped green before the doctor reached a hand out in her direction. Like pouring water through the sieve of her fingers, she tried to direct the pooled force like a misty film towards the doctor's left hand, only to see bits of the doctor's own energies gather to 'strain' it , changing the color of her white laced force energies into the dullish green of the Doctor's own. It was a little while which passed as the Doctor finished her work, before she then did much the same as what Moira had done, only this time, directing her force energies like a blanket stretching towards Moira's arm. Reaching out with her senses she could feel the difference as she tried to net the force energy in with her own aura, trying to transform it into a net, that diffused it into smaller amounts instead of greedily vacuuming it to her core.

This seemed to be the right approach, she knew that much as she saw the Doctor smile. It took her a few tries, stumbled attempts more like it, but eventually the pool of the doctor's energies took on her own white laced coloring of green and began to naturally flow throughout her body, reinforcing different filaments of power she could see inside her arms, instead of being brought in like a splurge of energy directly to her core.

She glanced at the Doctor in silent perplexity for a while before the Doctor spoke, "Excellent job. Now for the Dreamscape, and a final touch of Enhancing your memory of these events."

Like a rush the dreamscape washed over her, showing the doctor's perceptions and the crisper precise manipulations then what her fumbling attempts to sense could feel. These images were coupled with the sensations that she could assess what the doctor was doing a little better then the struggles of the healing sessions which had occurred the night before. Finally, when it was over Moira pressed her lips together to moisten them, keeping her eyes closed for the moment to concentrate on what she saw... before she enhanced the memory without speaking, linking in the past healing sessions and a gauntlet of sensations since she first had been brought to this place since the time she saw the trooper being tested in the room below, to Cremsey's remarks. It was hard to think of better triggers as her mind was becoming exhausted, but eventually everything played out. "I think I understand how you're working those abilities more."

She opened her eyes to see the Doctor smiling with one hand raised in front of her face, "Good, Time for Bed child! Then you're in the tank."

Moira's eyes widened, "Wait a second, can't I even get out of this damn suit myself!?"

It was no use to protest as darkness took her senses.
It wasn't long before the medical droids came to do their work to place her naked in the tank as the privacy screen came up again as the Doctor placed her observations of her patient in the logs. She was only interrupted by the arrival of one of the O'Shea brothers. This time the Darktrooper one.

"May I help you Major?"

" Horae said to come speak to you about a few concerns in this Trainee's future training, especially her ability to learn and keep up with the physical regimen. He also told me about those synoptic learning devices and I had a few questions about them myself."

The Doctor arched an eyebrow at him, "Are you asking for those you're training or yourself?"

"Both, learning medical stuff more swiftly may mean I have a better means to help the trainees if one is injured."

"Alright, but you have to do me a favor."

"A favor, Doctor?" The Doctor knew as the youngest of the three brothers who were creche within the structure of the Nexus, he was almost never asked to play the game of exchanging favors, or knowledge. But since she knew he was someone in a special position, she didn't have a choice but to ask.

The Doctor smiled a wicked smile."Keep Horae's night time visits to see me or my patient to a minimum for a week if possible. Don't let him visit her outside of normal training hours if I'm not here, or she's not got the privacy screen on her. It's disturbing."

The Major blinked once, then once more, "I could see how that would be a little disturbing but I don't think he's obsessed with the girl for any prurient reasons. I think he's only seeing what we could mold her into. Still, I'll try to reign in his enthusiasm, but no promises."

"That will have to do." The Doctor said with a shrug.

"Now about my questions, the first question I had was on any data regarding memory retenti-"

For the next hour the Doctor spoke to the Major about his concerns, even handing him a datachit with some guidelines for the doctors monitoring those who might use such devices that she had thrown hastily together with the assurance that more guidelines might follow. When she returned to her own quarters after ushering the Major out of the room she set her alarm for only three hours, sure to be up when her patient was brought out of the tank. As a Doctor, she knew this first week would prove the most dangerous time in her patient's recovery, there was no guarantee the girl might not be back in trouble again if her body was placed under too much stress, but the Doctor knew the Nexus within the Nemesis had excellent staff for such things. After all, she was counted among them for a reason.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day IV, 0730 hours…

Another day of waking to the grind, marshalling quickly to the showers and then to a morning run. After that, assembling what Winters was quickly assessing to be the newest ‘class’ of trainees in a room in front of a trainer for another lecture. Only now, there were two other individuals up on the stage, a large darktrooper, and a royal guard who seemed to be just over five feet in height. He’d never seen a rather short royal guard, but that was of no consequence. All royal guard were deadly.

He shoved such thoughts aside as the pair began to speak.

The large darktrooper with Sargeant’s bars went first. “Alright maggots. Listen Up. Now what we’re teaching you today can get you stront enough to rip off a wookiee’s arms when out of your suit! No offense to any wookiees that like the federation, but that when in the suit, I hope what you learn here will help you pound them into the ground!!” The Sarge held up a hand, “Of course I’m going to ask that you remember that we’re also going to teach you how to run faster in case they come in a pack. No darktrooper or royal guard wants to become the centerpiece of a giant tug of war match.”

A couple of laughs ensued as the Trainer cruely chuckled before holding a hand for quiet. ”All kidding aside I recommend if you do face a wookiee take them out at long distance. If you do have to be closing to close quarters I suggest cutting them off at the knees followed by multiple stabs to the spine or shots to the head.” The Sargeant seemed to hold a hand up to ward off any comments, “But I digress, we do teach you how to augment your strength , speed, and most importantly one’s endurance and other assorted ways whether it is comprised of the components one might use the force internally, externally, or intrinsically like what was introduced yesterday. But first I’m going to pass you over to my superior, the good Major for some more specifics of what that entails.”

The royal guard stepped forwards, “Thank you Sergeant. Now, as a matter of teaching process you will find that there is only one word I can convey to you to help you understand how we help speed up the recognition process of how to direct the force in the ways necessary to complete the tasks required for enhancing one’s abilities. This word might even confuse you but I will explain a bit more in detail. The word you need to recognize is: Dreamscape.”
The guard shrugged, “What you have to understand is this word is used as a title of a certain ability in the force. Dreamscape is an ability that creates an illusion to the senses, able to convey the perceptions of how another force user might use an ability with their own manipulations of their flow, with one minor caveat. Any resistance at all on the conscious, or subconscious level breaks the effects upon the recipeient of its sequences. In this regard it is a very weak illusion learned far before a Manipulatior might learn to place someone under a psychic parallel. Another rather nasty ability that traps a person in a mental prison. For instance it can be used to make someone swan dive off a building when they think they’re cliff diving on a tropical world. It’s kind of funny when that happens.” The royal guard coughed, “But that’s a lesson for another time when you get far more advanced then now. For now, it’s just the basics.”

No one seemed to laugh at the guard’s verbal misstep, though a few seemed to shift nervously from one foot to the other before resuming an at rest stance. Winters wondered if he’d ever learn such a technique. It would certainly help him at cards or to fleece someone for information. As the guard resumed speaking Jericho shook his head once to clear his thoughts enough to refocus on the man’s words once more. If the royal guard was a man at all, the short stature and the voice modulator could mean the person under the armor was anything, including a nonhuman.

“Now I’m first going to talk about enhancing an ability such as strength, or speed, and for us to understand how we can do so we need to focus on one specific biological system to start. The Muscle System. That’s right people, we’re talking science so listen up!”

Now we all know muscles contract, they all possess mitochondrian and midichlorians. So intellectually weall can realize there is a physical element to the fact that force users tend to use gestures to help focuse their efforts, but I’m to bring you a step farther and put the musculature system under a sort of mental microscope to help you understand how and why we can enhance our muscles at all. Dependant on muscle type, muscles can be used with oxygen or without oxygen in Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises.

So what does this mean to us during the process to enhancing one’s abilities?

I’ll start with the intrinsic, or long term approach. But first we need to delve a little deeper. Now imagine if you strip the skin of a human being you would see three different types of muscle types. Gross maybe to think about , but it’s true. In humans you can describe these types as different colors and their uses. I’ll be using the general terms as Red, White, and Pink muscles here.
Now Red muscles are slow twitch fibers, they have a lot of capallaries and a lot of mitochondria and midichlorian. Which contributes to a darker color. They are predominantly red due to the myoglobins they possess, a protein that binds iron and oxygen. Due to the presence of a high volume of capallaries, more blood flows through them helping carry in oxygen with hemoglobin, another oxygen and iron binder, and wastes out from the muscles to the other biosystems of the body. Such as carbon dioxide to the the lungs for exhalation, though there is more examples. These red muscles, or slow twitch fibers, are made to contract slowly for a long time without fatigue. These are our Aerobic muscles that predominantly use oxygen to help make their energy while they’re in use.

White Muscles are fast twitch fibers, they have fewer capallaries and few yet smaller mitochondria and midichlorian types. White muscles or fast twitch muxcles, gain most of their energy from sugar burning pathways called Glyolytic pathways. They contract quickly and with lots of force but can only so for a short time without getting fatigued. These are our Anaerobic muscles that we use hen doing anaerobic exercises. Not much oxygen is used at all to create their energy.”

The Royal guard began to move slightly towards the assembled group, weaving between their front ranks as the Instructor paced. “Now pink muscle is somewhere in between, almost a blend of function of fast twitch, and slow twitch fibers. They have midichlorians and capallaries that promote oxygen use with a ration more than white muscle and less then red muscles.

These blended fibrous tissue amalgamations are highly trainable and with gravitate towards the aerobic or anaerobic needs one requires during their exercise regimen.

In short they adapt to what is needed by the person over long periods of time. Unfortunately, most sentients do not have a large percentage of these and those that do are rather fortunate. Normally taking a lengthy and lean body composition that you might find in those that compete in long triathalons.

For most of those same people muscle growth and development peaks during physical maturity and that means you have all the muscle you’re ever going to have. The only way to alter your muscle is to increase the number of sarcomeres inside the fiber but I’ll distribute reading materials to describe that to you in more detail later. Do you all understand so far?”
There was a chorus of affirmatives before the Royal Guard began speaking again. “So before we get into how we can enhance the muscle system as a part of enhancing our speed and strength , we have to take a closer look at a related topic: footspeed.”
The Royal guard turned on a heel to face the group, punctuating their words with a few concise gestures. “Footspeed is the defined as the fastest maximum speed a human, near human, or any other sentient can run. It’s affected by many factors, varies by species and is important to deliver a baseline for all force users in order for them to quantify, conceptualize, and put into practice their ways to surpass their limits. Bear weith me; I know this explanation is a long one but the main determinant factor of footspeed is the predominance of one type of muscle fiber over the other. Specifically the ratio of fast twitch muscles to slow twitch muscles in the sprinter’s makeup.

A normal person has about fifty-fifty, while a sprinter might have as much as eighty percent fast twitch fibers and a long distance runner may have as low as twenty percent. This ratio is affected by genteitcs, though some people who have mixed pink muscle in higher ratios assert that this can be adjusted by muscle training. Now non human sentients have similar physiology in their musculature and can take and tweak these concepts to their own needs , I’ll have reading materials prepared for anyone of a specific species if they need them, so let me continue on.

Overall with studies, over the course of thousands of years of scientific research into genetics , many pioneered by the Arkanians, we’ve found that we can estimate seventeen to nineteen percent of footspeed can be trained. This is where amalgamated tissue fibers like pink muscle comes into play.

A lot of these gains is attributed to running form, though sentient humans and non humans can be shown within their species to move their legs at a similar rate regardless. The difference comes from the total force exerted on the ground or surface the user is running on. This is also the defining factor for speed. Those with a footspeed of forty of forty four kilometers can be said to be in the top most bracket of sprinters and exert as much as four times their own body weight in pressure on the ground when they’re running. This compares to the average footspeed of a human or a nearhuman sentient is about twenty four kilometers per hours. Though with perspiration as a cooling systems we humans and near humans tend to be geared to Endurance as many animals have a faster sprint, or footspeed, then us.

So we must ask ourselves what does this mean to a darktrooper or a royal guard?”
The royal guard seemed to pause a moment to look at the other Instructor who merely smirked.
”Just remember this for later ladies and gentlemen, force users can cheat.” Then the suited trooper just waived a hand back in the royal guard’s direction. As if ushering the guard to continue.

”To define what it means to us, or rather the base standard we try to achieve, we have to look a little deeper into our Victory darktrooper counterparts. Notably the Exogen class darktrooper and their enhancements to find what the target speed we should obtain to consider a minimum. In orer to overcome and enhance the musculature of an Exogen we usually insist upon considering a rarely used or implemented cybernetic outside of the normal repository for the Cybernetic Individual Augmentation Program C. Specifically the use of a cardio muscular package where the recipient’s muscles are vaulted with a Rybcoarse Weave which allows the muscles , and the lungs by extension of the diaphragm to work harder with less effort allowing an Exogen to run faster, withstand more damage, obtain a heightened endurance and harness their strength at three times the human norm.
This means it equates to three time the pressure on the ground during footspeed, which in turn signifies the average footspeed an Exogen to be in spurts of speed at least seventy-two kilometers an hour. Though arguably the Exogen has a much less constant level of speed during scenarios and combat missions where Endurance and long distance factors come into play. Arguably this can also be put forward as a rationale for why force users tend to top out at around one hundred and thirty kilometers. They can achieve through Enhancement the same ratio of gains that a cyborg with rybcoarse can while modifying and enhancing their bodies intrinsically in the long term, therefore quantifying their base potential closer to the upper limits of footspeed that we see in sprinters, yet not losing their distance and Endurance capabilities. Of course, this burst of speed also comes with a few more caveats.

Consider this, like the Matukai did, would be worked towards and completed by a force user knowing their own bio systems thoroughly and enhancing them with the force to a higher level of efficiency, while internally using the force in the short term to deal with the waste products in the cells as well as to assist their muscle systems to exert and assert more pressure on whatever surface they are running on. Er go multiplying their base footspeed while utilizing the force for cushioning themselves from the extra wear and tear on their bodies.

Note, I said whatever surface because with a use of the force called Inertia, one can enhance their center of gravity, or use their aura as a windbreaker to assist them running on walls, or even ceilings. A true master of their aura in the guise of a Manipulator, Transformer, or an Enhancer may even climb on walls and surfaces like a spider. A transformer shifting their aura to either be more magnetic in a ship, or rather use their aura to increase the surface tension between their bodies and a rock surface, while an Enhancer may even shift their own bodies to duplicate such feats found in natural specimens. Like the hairs on a spider having smaller hairs called ‘setules’ an enhancer might shift bone mass and other forms of themselves to compensate allowing them greater grip. Whatever the means, those who obtain a sufficient level of skill and practice in Enhancing their abilities may be shown such techniques in the future. Consider it something to work towards even though there is by definition, more wear and tear one must consider preventing when undergoing such things.

Wear and tear goes into some specifics you as force users must consider when learning to enhance your muscles, such as the use to increase one’s oxygen efficiency in the bloodstream, cushioning the spine against impact, reinforcing bones to give more flexibility and strength. Increasing cellular metabolic exchange rates of wastes and fresh oxygen to the cells, or subverting the process completely with tenants learned during one’s learning of Breath Control. Now I’ve included the basic theories in enhancing one’s abilities and it’s corollary powers to build towards, such as Inertia, and Breath control. In further information packet, I also give a variety of excerpts from those with different primary aspects of the force but for now, I’d like to know if there are any questions before we begin deomonstrating some practical uses.

Winters pondered the words of the Trainer carefully, seeing many of the fellow trainees consider their questions. It wasn’t before long one man in the third rank raised a hand to speak. ”What’s breath Control? I only am familiar with the term in regards to music.”

”There is a similar principle in conserving oxygen to prevent systemic complications when utilizing lung strength such as a musician might, but to a much greater extreme and more inward focus. Even to the occlusion of not having any oxygen at all. For most learners, Breath control just allowed them to hold their breath for a while, slowing down the consumption of the air in their lungs, long enough to maybe go through a room. But in more advanced varying states combine principles of a a deep meditative trance, or hibernation trance, or even possibly to sustain oneself with the force by numbing the body’s instinct to shut down after longer periods without oxygen, using the force itself for mitigating many of the short term damage that goes along with oxygen deprivation in real time. A master of this ability might even use the force as their sole sustenance along with breath control to survive in vacuum or in a room of poison gas for an allotted amount of time. Hours, maybe even days if they are in tune enough with their own biosystems.

For darktroopers, we tend to teach the first instance and later when they learn to control pain, and reduce their injuries we incorporate working with various reading material, specific utilizations of such abilities during their time to learn to enhance not only their musculature, but their bones too.

To link things further, I want you to consider circumstances in which one needs to be protecting against gas, one most certainly should use a barrier, or rather a twist of a psychokinetic shield to prevent inhalation or skin contact of various poisons. This same type of shield may be used over the mouth and nose to prevent air escaping from the lungs either in vacuum. At least for a Manipulator, an Enhancer might literally change their form to be like a Givin’s to seal their vital areas. Though that takes far more study. However, if one is in an open area: an Adiabatic shield is a simple use of telekinetics, or psychokinetic manipulation of air currents around oneself if one is sufficiently in the open to disperse such chemicals. Most of this combination will be introduced after you learn the basics on Day Six, and Seven. In practice, though learning the theory is good, it seems the force itself tends to assist the User to do many of these things to some extent. However, only by taking a full picture, both macroscopic and microscopic in their own bio systems can a force user truly be able to work all the ways to enhance their body’s abilities and incorporate them into their fighting style. Though I will always caution those who are learning to use the force to make these adjustments to ensure they have the ability to do so without relying on the force itself, for when they are tired.

For instance, consider everything you’re trained for and reinforced throughout this program. On every fifth day you still physically train with the intention to not use your force abilities. But you go over much of the concepts we teach you to use the force to Enhance one’s abilities to put forwards to specific tasks. Running, Climbing, fighting, learning to move silently, swimming, zero-gravity fighting and movement. All of this can be enhanced with the force, though every fifth day we force you to learn things the hard way. Using the force for such things would certainly make it easier, but we train you for the worse case scenarios we can think of. So even if you’re tired, exhausted after over seventy two hours of constant fighting, you still have the ability to fight. This is why the Major in his initial words to you brought up the concept of every fifth day being a state of rest, as long as utilizing one’s force abilities go. Any other questions?”

Another man raised a hand,“Can one enhance one’s body against the environment?”

“Yes, I touched briefly on swimming, and some ways to conserve one’s abilities, but let me take that a step further. Said principles of a force user enhancing their bodies in such situations rely on adjusting and conforming changes and adaptiations of the body over the long term and sometimes even through gravitic enhancement.”

“Gravitic Enhancement?” Winters heard one of the other trainees echo.

The trainer seemed to take it in stride and give a brief explanation. “Gravitic Enhancement’ is adapting the body to higher than normal gravity or pressure though it comes with its own risks unless used in moderation. Consider worlds with heavy gravity, or the deep pressure of an ocean. Each type of environment has noted species that live outside their worlds in various forms of pressure suits suitable for their own biological processes. A tear in their suit’s might kill them in explosive decompression. A force user can use archetypes of such species after study to help understand the principles they must implement to survive in such environments. But let’s look at a terrestrial world, specifically altitude. Compare what would happen to an average human who goes swiftly from sea level to almost eighteen thousand feet. The pressure , and most importantly lack of time to adapt, would kill the individual. Though a force user, or cyborg might survive for a time, effectively at a reduced combative level, if they knew their own biosystems well enough to enact, and force such adaptations through their systems almost instantly. Especially in strengthening their muscles and bone density enough so taking a single step wouldn’t break their bones on a high enough gravity world. Any other questions?”

“Are there other ways a force user can strengthen or enhance their abilities Intrinsically over the long term?”

The royal guard shrugged a moment, pulling their arms across their chest before giving a little shrug. Remember what I’ve spoken of about before is rather generalized, I have a lot of reading material about the specifics of implementing these concepts. I suggest you all study and read them until you know them by heart. Now to answer your question; I want you to consider what I said about how growing new muscle tissue was impossible for a normal person? I remember my colleague telling you that force users can cheat, now I’d like to explore that a bit more.”

There was a few surprised expressions on many of the Trainees faces, but Winters seemed to notice the one girl in the front row was hyperfocused on the Trainer’s words. As if the young girl committing them to memory. Winters was also entering an almost state of hyper focus on the Trainer’s words feeling a strange bit of pressure to reinforce his concentration from the surrounding area.”Consider the aspect of Reinforcement. With this aspect a force user can cheat in many regards. Some Reinforcers grow claws, or a tail, to rend their enemies and in the short term with a heavy expenditure of force energy they can enact Extreme changes in their physical forms depending upon any archetypes they’ve learned. This ties into a later ability called full body manipulation. But for now I’ll hold off on that except to say some Reinforcers take a different approach. An approach many would benefit from. Like the Matukai’s Soft to Solid Technique, to give themselves a form of natural body armor as hard as diamond. But in my professional opinion the greateast asset of a Reinforcer would be to modify their bone structure, hardening it, build and grow new muscle fibers utilizing principles in healing techniques, inducing more strathomeres to optimize their musculatures, and at the highest levels; ensuring their bodies immune systems are impervious to disease ,bacterial, or viral infection.

A true Reinforcer should be able to walk into a hot zone and with some modified force barriers prevent any and all ability to become infected by anything. Especially while keeping themselves capable of maintaining these new additions to their biosystems without having the cannibalistic effects of their abilities rebounding on them that more short term internal uses of the force might bring.

It’s one thing to grow gills and breathe underwater. It’s quite another thing to not be able to reverse it. Such transformations of the physical body would be the extremes of the principles involved in a human or a near human force user strengthening their body over time intrinsically. Though eventually a Master, or even a novice reinforce should always be able to return themselves to their individual forms if they can take the pain it will bring. Now I believe that covers the precepts of Internal, or short term ways, to enhance one’s abilities and the long term intrinsic ways such as a the Matukai did.”
the royal guard ended succinctly.

“What about external force user to enhance one’s abilities? We didn’t go much into detail about those.” Came the hulking Sergeant’s reply.

The royal guard nodded once, “Ah my lapse then. There’s a variety of ways for different aspects to assist in enhancing one’s abilities. Such as changing the properties of one’s aura as a Transmuter. But the most common ones are regarded with telekinesis. If one can only jump so high, or run so fast, with reinforcement aspects of intrinsic and internal uses of the force alone it is possible to use telekinetic combinations to assist yourself. For example, levitation, can be used to slow a fall, or even survive terminal velocity. Some telekinetic levitations might have one hover over kilometers of distance after an orbital insertion to a target by aide of a darktrooper suit’s repulsor systems. There’s various other ways as well.

Now we’ve pulled it all together so let’s get started on the most favorite part; basics or rather the internal direction of one’s force energies as anything intrinsic takes a very careful long term thought out approach that can only be done once you know your own biological systems as thoroughly as possible. I’ll now turn things back over to the other trainer to begin disseminating a Dreamscape vision to each of you in order to show you how to give yourselves a quick burst of speed, the lowest form of enhancing one’s speed in general and the best stepping stone to work towards other abilities. I’ll include the most minor form of breath control as well for your review later to enhance your memories on day six. As it is, let’s begin as after this lesson you will be meeting for a training plan with various representatives that will discuss what you will be learning overall during your time here in the next two months.”

The Sergeant took over from there, ushering the trainees to a series of lines that Jericho recognized as set up for wind sprints. The darktrooper raised a hand a moment before Winters began to feel the strange buzzing he felt when the force was being utilized in his presence. ‘So…’ Winters thought as the vision took his awareness to another place, a place which concentrated on the feel of the force energy moving from the pit of one’s stomach down their spine, only to diffuse itself like a fine mist into the muscles of the legs as a coinciding thrust of energies made its way to cushion the spine. This was followed by seeing another person through such a means as of yet unknown method of seeing the force as it gave another perspective of what occurred.

They were given the order to go at their own pace, and only when they believed they had prepared themselves properly. Slow, like molasses his power came from the core behind his navel and ventured towards his legs, sifting like grains of sand through his altered physiognomy, until the power bled out like the inside of liquid gelcaps one took for pain relievers, suffusing his muscles for a moment. He stumbled once or twice to bring a second concurrent stream towards his spine, and his neck, often faltering in his construction of one before the other.

But eventually he began to surge forwards in his attempts. Each attempt going a little smoother then the last, though he did not see much improvement in his speed as his own minder kept tabs with a chrono’s timer. Each time the energy streams inside him faltered, his minder sent him back to the start to begin the process anew.

Then, about halfway through the session the royal guard came around to him after assisting the others, for some reason it was taking longer with some students as others, as the Trainer seemed to look at their datapad. Another vision washed over his senses and he had to struggle not to divert his attention and break it up as he was gifted with the sensations of the first elements of breath control. But such was a struggle.

“Over time, as we get into Day Six, and Seven people will assist you on your focus trainee. Specifically how to refine the ability to see the force, you were subjected to an example of what it was like on the third day as well as today, the hues on the body of the individual who was undergoing how to enhance their speed. That was dovetailed into the subjective view of yourself. To actually attempt to see the force yourself, remember to divert small bits of force energy to your eyes until you can see the theel of energies being used. This exercise also may be later utilized to assist you in learning to magnify your senses which we teach later on in the cycle. For now, try to concentrate that now and read or tell me the picture of what I form with my own force energies above my hand.”

With the ever so slow progression, Winters did what he was told, though it took about half a minute for him to accomplish what was asked of him. Above the hand of the royal guard, he saw a symbol of the imperial codex. The six spoked wheel. He described it as so as he struggled to continue the surge of energies that traversed the conduit to his eyes. Then the image shifted , to a simple phrase, “Duty.” Winters replied back.

Good, now be sure to remember this principle technique. I have others to assist now, but I have taken the liberty of including a few other items you should review in your datapad for studying materials. I feel it will be necessary to vault past the resistance you gain from having a few bio-altered tissues. Please continue as you have been, I see good progress.” The modulated voice said before the trainer withdrew the armored gauntlet back into her robe.

Winters nodded succinctly, “Yes, Sir.”
As she left, Winters continued the process of what he had already begun, though now taking pauses to see the force in the other trainees. Trying to maintain all three streams at once. It was difficult to start, but eventually he began to feel the strain lessening slightly. All in all, by the time the sergeant had called an end to the lessons for today and Winters believed himself satisfied for his efforts. Jericho’s chest heaved with the force of exertion and he slowed his pace of sprinting , walking slightly to relax his muscles and let them cool down.
He was tired, though not hungry as the trainees were handed their ration bars, and then lead out to a small room where he was asked to sit to await the conference regarding his training plan in the Nexus. It seemed to startle him when the Major, Nathan O’Shea and the black clad shadow guard marched in and took their seats.

“Mr. Winters. We have discussed and come to a conclusion that we would like to consider you for the Advanced Training course. A course where we accelerate the learning cycle through a variety of methods that I’m authorized to give you a few data packets on if you decide to participate. Though I can say in short that it comes with enhancing the recovery of a trainee through the use of hibernation trances, synoptic teaching devices etc. As far as force usage goes, we want to ensure you at the very least go through the two cycles we normally put Darktroopers though, culminating in the second milestone of learning different shields of the Force, as well as possibly learning other abilities to ensure you can recharge a power pack of your weaponry, or take such energies for your own use. However, there is a few concerns due to your rather… rare circumstances that we’d have to implement and one additional caveat .”
Winters raised an eyebrow. “Sir?”

”Completion of at least half the requirements of the officer training program in addition to the extra lessons and training implements and lessons used. Normally by including you in a group of four for after the standard lessons that go more in depth then the basic utilizations of each specific thing learned. This entails a higher concentration on theory, as well as every fifth day more utilization of the PIT to develop your tactical and command skills.”

Winters seemed to be puzzled for a second. “You decided for sure you want me to become an officer?”

It was the shadow guard who answered. “Yes.”

“What’s the other caveat?”
The Major was the one who answered. “Potential use of sensory deprivation and gravitic enhancement to overcome any problems you have with utilizing the force efficiently. This entails from day ten forwards you essentially living in the dark unless there’s a specific lesson or testing going on. More details will be provided as you continue to progress. All you need to know is we’ve noted a significant lag in your ability to focus your energies, we believe implementing these tools will circumvent the problem by oversaturation. Basically, you’ll be dependent on your new senses in the force to compensate for basically anything you do. Including even moving as you’ll feel weighted down. If we take this approach, we should see a definitive increase in your skills.”

Winters sharply inhaled, wondering as before this had been a possibility. It still put him off guard. ”I have undergone some sensory deprivation, and pain tolerance before Sirs. However, I’ve never been under such conditions for so long a period of time. I’m willing to give it a shot though. Sign me up.”

The shadow guard nodded once at his words, “If you make it as an officer Mr. Winters, I can assure you there will be opportunities to learn more than just what a darktrooper does in the future. The Accelerated learning in groups of four tends to act as a catalyst as things don’t always go as planned. I suggest you keep yourself open to learning as much as you can. Furthermore, I will be maintaining watch over your progress to see if you may be eligible for further training. Just keep an open mind, but guard it well.”

Somewhat perplexed by the last addition of the shadowguard’s words, Winters merely nodded as he was shown from the room to a communal dining hall where everyone had an actual dinner. Just protein and tubers, but it was a far better thing then those ration bars. Though he had to eat one as a desert. After dinner, there was just enough time for a longer distance run, about two hours worth, under a new set of instructions, coinciding with a twist of utilizing one’s energies to enhance the diaphragm muscles and the lungs for endurance while continuing to supply the force into the lower extremities.

It was grueling, and he could only manage the three streams of internal based force usage in spurts. But he held himself in there with the group. Even if a few fell behind. He nodded once as he passed Mr. Gast, and the young lady as he pushed towards the front of the line. By the time he stumbled back to his bunk, his muscles were aching, but there was a sense of accomplishment as a hand raised itself above his vision to welcome him into the darkness of a hibernation trance.

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