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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day IV, 1900 hours...

"Wait, before we start, I have to ask, was it you today?" Moira asked, her brow furrowed in concentration as she surveyed the Doctor for any signs of the truth. She was physically exhausted but the possibilities had plagued her mind despite her tired state.

"What makes you believe that?"

"Several things. For one, you sound a lot like the Trainer we had today, some of the mannerisms were the same, but most importantly, you felt the same."

The Doctor smiled, "What do you mean I 'felt' the same?"

"When the trainer came over to help check my force sight, it just, I don't know, it just felt the same as you."

The Doctor’s eyes seemed to hold a glint of amusement."Oh? Perhaps you are right that it was me, after all when you are able to discern the familiarity of a person's force signature, or rather their force essence as the official term goes, it usually dovetails straight into the abilities of Life Sense and Life Detection. Though Life detection is more the ability to sense the life around you. While life sense allows one to discern more particulars about an individual force signature. It is also key for a healer to develop as you can use the ability to diagnose the person's average well being, whether they are injured or not. Tracking wise, it works as well."

The echani looked at the Doctor, trying to incorporate her words into her own thoughts. "Would that work, even in combat?"

The royal guard in front of her just shrugged from beneath her lab coat. "That would also be correct, though utilizing precognition, and enhanced senses we tend to develop a certain Combat Sense that helps us recognizethreats rather easily. Of course, when we combine combat sense with other natural abilities on a passive level we begin to discern a truly wonderful ability that all Royal Guard back during the Emperor's time should have known. Can you guess what it is?"

Moira pondered the question, dredging up the dregs of what she had learned before her time in the Federation. Her thoughts drifting back to certain lectures on how to approach taking out a Sith trained individual, or any who had gone rogue. She rememebered it being addressed that it was almost impossible to sneak up on a sith. The actual ability was on the tip of her tongue, so she tried a new tactic. Using the elements of knowledge around it she shunted the force in the same manner she did these past few days when learning to enhance her memory. The hyper recall that talent allowed wasn't a catch all to help discern facts , nor a shortcut to hyper intelligence. But it did allow her the barest grasp upon the dregs of knowledge and brought back to her consciousness the few tattered whisps of recollection. "The Harrowing. Something that prevents a Sith , or a dark jedi, from being snuck up upon. Basically a hyperaware skill that logically I could deduce is a combination of several Sense Abilities."

The Doctor smiled, "Correct. It’s also an imperative for a healer in the field. Though it’s not something they usually teach you until you are a Guard."

"Why's that?"

"The difficulty involved is almost needed to be taught hand in hand with the ability to mask oneself in the force so one's presence may not interfere."

"What about those other abilities you mentioned, that soft to solid technique. Do you know how to do all of them?"

"For the one's I mentioned I at least know the basics and can teach you."

Moira pounded her fist into her palm and pointed at the doctor. "Hah, I got you to admit it was you! I guess that means you’re a Major as well."

The royal guard just gave her a wry smirk, "Perhaps you are a bit too clever for your own good. But that question would have been answered anyways. Since you seem to have some perceptions on the way it 'felt' for the Trainer's manipulation of the force I was going to have you enhance your memory of the experience and the impressions. Perhaps first allowing you to practice your use of 'Emptiness' and your force immersion before immersing yourself in that white current to help recharge your reserves. After all, I don't want my patient becoming too tired before I begin the next treatment of your situation."

"You mean we're finally going to try to fix my lungs?" Moira stuttered a bit nervously, hoping against hope the timetable had been moved up a lot.

"No child, that is months away at the very least. But I do intend to allow you to learn the basic tenants to use the unaffected tissue more efficiently to reduce the stress on the other. In the next week, perhaps, we can begin to show you how to reduce the pain you might be feeling during the times of training. Think of it as beginning to learn strategies to cope and treat the symptoms before we get to the main source of the problem as attempting to heal the aveolas of lung tissue presents its own complications. Sometimes very serious ones that I’ll teach you about as you continue your studies as we prepare to help heal your lungs."

She had to hold off a bit of her disappointment, but cautioned herself that there were no quick fixes. The young girl's eyebrows furrowed as she thought of one possible one the Doctor had mentioned before. "Didn't you say that one cybernetic treatment those Exogen's are asked to consider helps decrease the wear and tear on their lungs. Would that work?"

"No."The Doctor said succinctly before giving her a stern glare, " It is not recommended in your situation regardless as the excess scarring and strain could compound the stress on your body enough to send you into another cardiac arrest. I would only recommend that operation to someone who was in the best of health. Not to mention..." the doctor paused, "There are also complications to having too many cybernetics if one learns other methods to learn more stealth based techniques, some include bringing lower level of radiation, or ionization, into being and suffusing the body with such to duplicate a false sensor reading from medical diagnostics. Not to mention the fact that in the field there are various higher range detection gear sets that can pick up on the traces of cybernetic replacement devices through fifty milimeter thick armor, water, swamp brine, in high iron rich pead swamps with swamp brine, in the midst of deserts, or anything other type of terrain.

Having cybernetics generally, when up against heavy sensor coverage actually destroys one's chances for stealth. Even if one temporarily turns the replacement organelle off and can deal with the side effects of losing one's blood flow. The cybernetic organelle components, even when completely mute can be picked up with a sensitive enough sensor rig. Frankly, they're only recommended for Exogen darktroopers because of the phrikite alloy afforded in the construction of the wardroid frame or in case a standard trooper has obtained injuries. There is a constant drive among the special forces and intelligence communities to make cybernetics that are harder to detect in their agents.

Most Shadowguard who have cybernetic replacement organs or implants, have the same benefits of sensor refracting materials coatings on their black colored armor. Same as the old shadowtroopers."
The Doctor shook her head, "Not to mention it might be limiting enough to prevent a force user from reaching their upper limits of their abilities, no matter the long term. As such, I'm hoping that we don't have to resort to such crude measures and can learn to heal the lung tissue itself. Though most of that will be done automatically if we can prevent degradation, and reinforce your health and longevity with the force's natural benefits to reduce decay. Specifically, with certain lightside elements you will need to master in order to keep your ability to immerse yourself in the white current. Combative wise you might stray a bit towards more destructive techniques, at least that's the theory. But as your doctor, I strongly recommend against utilizing any cybernetics unless it becomes absolutely necessary. The long term reductions in your potential in such a permanent process just do not seem conducive for the varied short term relief.

In general, without altering the cybernetics slightly to prevent sensor detection, having cybernetics tends to push off one’s career in the special forces unless it’s a heavy combat situation where they’re deployed in any possible manner that requires sneaking. As for infiltration missions where one allows themselves to be captured by the enemy as bait.”
The doctor raised one hand to her head and sighed, “The normal course of any standard competent detainment officer is to disable the cybernetic immediately or shortly after detention. Certainly within the first hour or so; there are different devices available at any planetary garrison to do so. If it’s a cybernetic kidney, well the person is put on dialysis, if it’s a heart- they’re usually hooked up to a mechanical heart at first opportunity so they can’t run away.“

“So if someone had a cybernetic leg, any good detention or intelligence officer on any decent non backwoods world would probably be get just as much use out of a peg leg?”

The young echani woman weighed the Doctor's words, trying to find any deception within them. Nothing of the sort was there. "Alright, I trust you for the treatment of my injuries for now. But please understand, I had to ask."

The doctor nodded, "Alright, now take the time to begin your meditations and immerse yourself in the force in both ways, I'll expect your mind's return in about thirty minutes. So if the last time was any indication, come back when it feels like five minutes. I'll then walk you through the abilities of Life Detection and Life Sense to help you learn how to use them in diagnosing a problem on the micro scale in tissues. Then go through the same things I did with you yesterday to help deal with the toxin buildup in the muscle tissue. If we have time, I should be able to putyou into a regular sleep for two hours before placing you into a hibernation trance. That way we can start on the learning modules."

Moira's head jerked up at that, "So you had time to calibrate the device?"
Tapping a stylus to the side of her datapad, the Doctor seemed slightly vexed that her patient would doubt her abilities in such a simple task. "Correct, and the beginning modules are a refresher course on biology and chemistry, I should have it ready just in time so that when you wake up I can talk you through enhancing the memory of that knowledge so you can objectively determine of how effective the process was.

Moira nodded once to show her understanding, then she began to center her breathing. She had spent several minutes at the dinner the entire group had to work on reading several of the materials which had presented different methods of meditation. Hyper - aware of her own past forays into the field of the mind.

At first she concentrated on her feelings, steadying herself, taking in the anxieties she possessed one by one and let those thoughts wash over her before giving them up into the force. It was an odd experience, but the sense of Emptiness allowed her the concentration to vault herself into force, springboarding herself into the force as a whole, allowing it to wrap itself around her consciousness as she took in the wonder and majesty of it. Communing upon it's presence as a whole as if she was floating upon a placid salt sea before kiting her way into the swirls and eddies of force that made up the white current. Like before the experience felt electrifying, and she felt the pull to stay there more than her allotted time.

It was hard to describe but she could feel herself floating in the force like a buoy cast amid heavy waves, the tumultuous crash of energies re-invigorating her. Feeling a bit more secure she looked back towards the two glowing strands of her link back to her body. Taking a firm grip upon them both she pulled her mind back to her body and opened her eyes to see the Doctor's pensively maintaining a vigil over the monitors displaying her vital signs.

"I still say that's disconcerting every time you do that. Normal Force Immersion may be tweaked to help camoflauge the force user, but to actually seem as if dead and absent from the force takes it to a whole nother level. Eventually I'd hope you'd be able to use that ability while awake."

"Speaking of abilities," Moira smiled, "May I ask for a bit of details on that soft to solid technique, from what I was told today by the Inquisitor during that 'meeting' I may need to learn it's tenants for that Convection ability they said I once used at the conference if I'm to ensure there's no damage to my skin. Not to mention it would be useful in hand to hand combat."

“Oh, so how was your conference?”

Moira thought back to the meeting with the Inquisitor and one of the other royal guards, “Useful, they want me on an accelerated teaching regime, and want to push me as fast as they can to try and ensure I can deal with the degradation. They want me to concentrate on healing with you, go through the normal darktrooper abilities towards both milestones, and we’re talking about bringing another royal guard or two in to help hone some special areas they want me to develop, including my materialization aspects, piloting skills, and as much of the royal guard lessons I can start.”
“That’s probably because when you finish your studies you may be put in the Eleventh Regiment like I am.” The Doctor said with a sigh, “As your trainer, I’m authorized to tell you It’s one of the regiment of specialists off of Yinchoori that normally get a waiver from the traditional squall entrance test. But normally that waiver means a harder function or mission though they’re kept a lot from the normal rotation due to their specialities. For instance, medical or intelligence gathering positions don’t tend to be rotated out to the front lines as much due to the risk of losing their skill sets.”

Moira arched an eyebrow at the information. Most of the time no one would ever hear anything about the inner workings of the guard from anyone. The mere fact that the Doctor did meant the woman was privy to some of the plans that were in store for her. In some part this consoled her a little, if there were plans to keep her useful it meant there were likely plans to ensure she stayed alive instead of being executed at random down the line. Thinking to change the subject quickly she interjected a statement of her own. “That’s interesting, I certainly wouldn’t mind working along side you Doctor later. Now back to that technique?”

"It’s useful but not everything. The matukai's soft to solid technique is just a very poor precursor to actually learning the Reinforcement ability, that allows one to prevent massive amount of damage to oneself, or the or the Force Body technique which allows one to surpass the natural limitations of the body to save oneself at the cost of one's health as the body is forced to cannibalize parts of its systems to get out of extreme danger. I'll eventually be teaching you all while reviewing your memories on how you used Convection before to see if I can duplicate the technique on my own."

Moira nodded once, "That's fair enough, you're helping me already so it's alright to try and help yourself get stronger while you’re at it. I don’t begrudge that if it’s a two way street."

The Doctor looked at her with an arched eyebrow, "Indeed, but watch the naivete. it could get you in trouble here during times you're not being closely monitored by those with your interests in mind."

Of course, Moira thought, It went without saying that she got the impression everyone here looked out for themselves first and foremost. But the fact that anyone had her interests anywhere upon their lists at all was a boon she'd not forget. Of course she'd gear herself towards learning as much as possible. "I'm aware of the fact there's no free lunch here so to speak, but I'm grateful enough that you as a Doctor are willing to put the time and effort of your abilities towards my care at least while I'm here. I can only imagine how much worse this could be without that. I'd probably have been some twisted husk with a large amount of scarring over the entire course of my skin, confined to a life support suit forever, instead of having the possibility of not needing one in the future."

"Let's just take this a day at a time, young lady. You're my patient first, and my student second. Eventually I'll teach you what you wish to know, as I'm learning just as much from your case as it will be essential to have your own assistance for the final measures of healing. However, I will need you to curb that thirst for knowledge unless you can guarantee you won't practice any abilities you learn from me until it is believed you’re ready for them."

Moira nodded seriously, "Of course, in my culture one does not disrespect a teacher they learn from and utilizing or attempting to practice without some agreement from a trainer or group of trainers would do that. I understand that principle, I just feel a broader scope of knowledge might be best first in order for me to know where not to veer into. Forewarned, and given examples of proper usage of the force abilities may just be the key to preventing further..." Moira sighed, "Problems I might have. Not to mention the more I can branch out my understanding between subjects and connect them the better chance I have learning the principles, theory, and small scale manipulations faster. Even if it takes me years of practice to enhance my understanding to the point where I might use such abilities efficiently in the future. In short, I plan to learn as much as I can and not fall into the rut of hyper-focusing myself to a specific set of abilities even though I may develop those linked to my primary aspects faster.”

"I see. Aside from the reasonable goal of not having tunnel vision; you're afraid of damaging yourself again." The Doctor declared.
"Somewhat, I'd be lying if I said there’s not some small apprehension there of screwing up more, I’m just more cautious than anything else. I hope I can learn enough from those training me that I can build a mental lexicon of proper force techniques, and incorporate the lessons. That way, I can literally build a mental directory of what to learn, or what I've sensed. In this manner, I believe I can improve my chances of learning things the right way the first time, then not straying into areas I'm unready to begin to explore. But knowing the theory, and an examples of how a more advanced force ability I’d develop later on feels to use, I can be better prepared to shunt any difficult spikes of energy I have towards something productive."
"You mean burning off some of the excess energy that you might gain at times."
"Correct." Moira replied, parroting the Doctor’s former words with a sigh as she brought a hand to massage her temples. She was already getting a headache from the possibilities of where she had strayed before that had gotten her where she was.
"Alright, I can see the usefulness of that. I'll be teaching you at a pace I think you're ready for though. If I do give you a few extra references to build that mental lexicon of yours then I expect you *NOT* to attempt to experiment with such abilities until I'm sure you've reached a level of capability your Trainers feel comfortable with before you start."
"I agree and understand. Trust me, that's all I ask." Moira said, "Now, about learning that life sense and life detection ability?"

The Doctor sat back in her seat and began twirling the stylus around in her fingers, “In order to learn life detection one must be able to distinguish between the life source of various beings and their surroundings. Life Sense is a step beyond that, able to distinguish from the flow around others, whether they are sapient as well as to determine their physical condition. It helps to study the sort of signature they possess in the force as well though the actual term to describe what one’s sensing then is their force essence and the permutations in the strata of the force around them. Almost all of these examples are commonly referred to as Sense powers by the jedi. To start that I need you to hold out your hand." Moira did as she was asked, without really questioning why only to see the Doctor duplicate her movement, only with her arm ending with the palm about three inches below Moira's. “Let me go a bit more in depth then I did before. The principles of detecting another's presence as they manipulate the force carries, their force essence combined with their force use either passively or actively, may follow the same principles of similarity in one species as another. The force is in everyone no matter if they cannot use it. However, when applied to a macro scale can be utilized with the elements of life sense to ensure one can sense a Life Web, though that doesn't work unless the target population of species is less than one hundred thousand on a world. Though it's quite useful to determine where the easiest means of feeding on the dark side might take place if a dark jedi was rather... in need of finding an enclave of alien or near - human species among a large population a target might flee too, or to hone in on a war displaced populations. A true master of sensory perceptions might use such to spot said populations from a range of space or orbit. This gives you the idea of how much harder it is to discern a target when they are individually being hunted. At least, unless someone is very familiar with the person's life force they are tracking. Or can sift through a large amount of life force's to look for a specific injury one has left on the mark. For instance. You might one day be able to sift over a crowd of fifty to find one that has been shot. Now, utilize your ability to see the force, and I'll begin to guide you through the process of sensing life. Though with the larger version of life web I'd have to caution one would have to be familiar with the alien race in order to detect members of that species, and acknowledge the limitation of one's ability to sense only that one species at a time. “

As Moira flooded her eyes with the force a faint bluish green hue could be seen surrounding the Doctor’s hand. “You can make contact with another person’s force energies if you need to. I’ve not directed mine for any harm and it helps to detect another force essence by studying the relation between them and their manipulations in the force. Granted a force user has a stronger force essence then a normal individual but the underlying tenant can be focused on a force user first before learning to sense life and the general force essences in others.”

Moira moved her hand into the glowing theel of energies, taking a moment to sense an impression, “It’s kind of warm, and the aura is rather soft.”

“That’s because this is how I begin to manipulate healing processes , child. The feelings you get when you touch someone else’s force energy can tell you a lot about them. How they tend to use the force, either like a brute in a china shop, or softly like a whisper blending their manipulations into the background noise that permeates the universe or rather the Nemesis.” The Doctor explained. “This is one of the ideas behind force stealth, to manipulate the force in ways to not make ripples or waves. In the world of lesser force users we tend to let those we work with closely to allow this point of contact in order to share the force for larger interactions. Such as creating a force barrier over an entire regiment, but for stronger users it’s a little different. For them it is rather intimate in nature as the force may create bonds within itself if too much familiarity is gained. Though if one delves deeply enough to sense the force essence of another they can tie themselves, supposedly, in a permanent manner such as a Life Bond. I’ve not sensed such a bond in my time in the Guard, but it seems pointless to one in my position. Now delve deeper to detect the force essence, I personally think of it as a well of their experience combined with the feeling of life within them.”

Moira tried to narrow her scope of view, but seemed to be grasping for air, “I can’t feel anything at all.”

“Try less focused, and used all your senses, not just what you See in the Force.” The Doctor reassured her current charge. “It takes different people different times to learn this, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them. One of my best friends in the guard couldn’t learn this until he sensed the death of several of his closest comrades as a sole survivor on a mission.”

“Really?” Moira said, shifting her focus and reaching out with her mind to the base of the Doctors force energies where it met and flowed through the doctors skin. Like a faint echo something came to her senses. She tried to narrow it down a bit.

“Really.”The Doctor responded to her question. ” Are you sensing anything more?”

“I can feel something tingly in my arm as it reaches out to delve deeper into the nexus of energies, both the active and dormant one’s around the nexus of your own force use.”

“That’s your own force energies and aura,” The Doctor stated, “It’s trying to react with mine. You should know that all force healers chakra reacts with their patients when the begin healing them. The trick is to trick the patient’s aura and force energies to not resist as much and convince them to assist you in whatever process you are trying. Think of it as achieving a specific frequency with a patient. That feeling can also be used to help someone learn to make a force barrier for the first time, drawing out a bit of their force energies into an aura that might wrap around them, protectively, like able to keep a hand from being burned by steam.”

“Can we try that?”

“Only a little bit to help you learn to mold your aura around your body, in this point specifically your hand for healing purposes. Visualize the force as a string wrapped around a cord of your energies then pull on it to draw it out.”

“Like this?” Moira said as her hand began to glow a greenish haze in the visible spectrum.

“Exactly, but for now that is more virulently strong then the subtle manipulations healing needs, I would state with some certainty that what you have done is the beginning of the techniques used to create a force barrier, though with a bit of refinement it can be extended over one’s entire body and then ‘tasked’ to protect one from harm. Most notably, an Emission user may task it to withstand heat, or cold, Imagine using it to take a bath in a hot spring as an extreme. A Manipulator to withstand things on a micromolecular level, or perchance to be stronger maintained with a psychokinetic shield to turn aside physical attacks. A Transmuter using it as a base to disperse an electromagnetic pulse, or a Materializer to use it to expel a blaster dispersing gas or particles such as in a Dampener Aerosol Grenade. But mainly a chance to learn the skill of making a force barrier goes hand in hand with the technique of keeping your aura flared at maximum to help develop one’s stamina. It just goes to show you how connected different abilities are if they share some tenants of methodology. Or at least in their preparation to use.” Moira blinked once ensuring that she’d commit that little bit of knowledge to heart as she wondered if she could expand the aura. The Doctor seemed to sense her curiousity and spread the fingers of her hand wide. “I don’t have time to oversee you exploring such types of use now. I just need you to soften the aura. Scale it back enough so it does not congeal together in one lump some and can be separated enough to mold just about your fingers. This is one of the easiest to create an external ‘reserve’ of force between your skin and the barriers edge that you can utilize for quick actions necessary in healing instead of merely drawing it from your core if you can learn to hold it there with your mind against the pressures it would defuse itself with.

Just know that by not tasking that energy it can create a healer’s reserve for the minute adjustments one needs to do to trick the frequency of their own force energies to work at healing matters inside a force sensitive or full blown force user to lessen resistance. Over time, you as a healer learn to pack the energies dense enough. As a side note, it’s also how I learned to combine with a force barrier technique to eventually be able to deflect a blaster bolt with my hand. Essentially I thickened the protective layers while transforming the outer most layer to transform into a more reflective utilization. Healing may come easier now because of learning that transformative process to the point where I try to mimic a coordinate frequency of my force energies to trick a patient’s energies to not resist me.“

“Neat.” Moira’s eyes widened, she could see several uses for that. All of it. It was a struggle to hold her own investigations into trying to figure out the Doctor’s force essence but for now she was holding steady. “This lesson is definitely going into my lexicon.”

“If you show enough progress I may even let you help with detoxifying the built up poisons in you muscle tissue that your meditations did not help relieve. Keep the energies about your hand, as a second stream of energy from your core. For now though, I want you to revert your priority back to sensing underneath my own manipulations. Sense the Life within.”
Moira nodded and closed her eyes, Delving deeper describing the sensations as they came. “Doctor.” She paused struggling to put it into words, “I can feel your heart beat, and something else similar to it. “

“That is the effect all life has on its surroundings even if they don’t realize it. To be honest, being able to hear my heart beat is probing a little deeper then I would prefer. I haven’t done this for a while, not since I was assigned to my last fire team where we worked together for years. Yes.” The Doctor nodded to herself, “Perhaps I can have you more than help with the detoxia. Yes, I suppose I must make it serious enough because it’s necessary for the next step.” With that the doctor took out a needle from her pocket, shifted her hand slightly from where it was under Moira’s. Then the Doctor stabbed her palm, driving the needle straight through as small specks of blood began to pool on her palm at the base of implanted object. A single small drop began to thread its way down the six inch needle to drip to the floor.

At the same time Moira winced, as she could feel a change in what she sensed from the Doctor, a sense of pain. Followed by a distinctive sense of wrongness in her life force that noted the vague area of where the injury had occurred. Reaching out Moira instinctively began to note her senses start assessing the area, echoing her efforts to view the Doctor’s healing sessions from the nights before and splayed her fingers out over the wound as the Doctor jerked the needle from her hand. “As you heal sense how I am numbing the pain, this is necessary and a two step process to learning the full ability of Controlling pain, both in yourself and another as well as the ability to Reduce an Injury. These are essential for a Force Healer to note. There’s no need to rush as I won’t bleed out from this, I made sure to hit nothing vital. Just remember like head wounds, hand wounds tend to be messy.”

This was followed by a dreamscape vision to her senses, showing three permutations of this ability, not only for pain in oneself, but also in others. The example being in real time as the doctor utilized her own internal reserves of energy to wrap the injury from the air, with a barrier to prevent the blood from leaving her system as it began to pool. Moira also noted the doctor keeping the flesh as steady as possible as her adrenal glands were wrapped in the force and the benefits of adrenaline were made to dull the pain. For the external use she noted in the vision a healer keeping the manipulations localized to the injury in question, utilizing telekinetic energies and barriers to prevent the exacerbation of the the injuries themselves, thus limiting the pain. It went without saying that Moira believed the same principles could be utilized to make the pain worse. When the was over, the Doctor looked at her pensively before giving her a clipped reply, “You needed to learn this anyway to withstand the difficulties in training you will have. In fact you need to learn this sooner rather than later. Begin by dulling the pain and securing the wound with the force, layer it as thickly as you need to, subtely isn’t necessary in this case as I can just rip open the wound to heal it the right way if you fail. Consider this being thrown into the deep end. At least there’s no manipulations you’ll need for the bone though we might go into that later. Though we’d be taking a round of the hospitals for that.”

Under the doctor’s words and continuing guidance she focused her efforts on the injury, arresting the wound’s edges and taking over the force supplying the doctor’s manipulations of the adrenal glands. Being sure to keep only the lightest of touches there in that stream as she saw the Doctor’s wince of pain become just a mere grit of teeth as Moira began providing the impetus for the process. Then she concentrated on the wound, directing the flows in her hand down into the flesh, slowly healing the muscle tissue beneath by supplying the energies for mitosis. It wasn’t perfect, but it was acceptable, as the tissues began to close before the skin began to wrap itself closed until just a small line was all that was left of the top puncture wound.

Her vision narrowed, coming into focus on the molecules as she willed them together, sparking mitosis in the tissues as a byproduct of her force energies sinking into the skin. Like tiny little sutures the flesh reunited and conformed to all but the barest flap of skin which she then recaptured to the muscle underneath. Then while she was still in that state of hyper focus she turned her attention to the backside of the palm and the puncture wounds exit there, duplicating her efforts.

“Now delve deeper. See the veins, and small capallaries, and surround them with the force. Allow yourself to check that they allowed themselves to be drawn back together. Then filter the blood from the injury through the skin to ensure the task is complete.” Came the doctor’s words from afar, before Moira’s presence was narrowed further, diving deep underneath the skin as her focus became absolutely small in the force. With greater understanding, on an almost subconscious level she did as she had been asked drawing the blood cells and water that pooled beneath and above the healed tissues together as if each one was moved as if she was playing with a giant balloon. She could almost see the strange pinkish hues of light through the skin, and the holes between them. The liquid of the blood evolved only to her vision as a reddish haze in the light of where she was floating before she bent her will to the surroundings forcing the drops up through the large sized holes between the cells. At the end, she felt like the molecules shifted in her vision to their component atoms. It was almost narrowed to the point where she could see the blobs and whirs of protons neutrons and electrons.

Like deep down in the bottom well, the Doctor’s forceful presence could be felt as sharp words came to her mind, “I almost can’t even sense you now, Moira. Most healers can’t go so deep. It’s almost like when you delved into the white current, but different. Though I sense the barest tracest of your energies now in the damaged areas. Return.” She barely noticed the strands as they were connecting her back to her body, she was that focused on her task. But at the Doctor’s words she took the strands and pulled. It was a bit harder now, as she felt herself surrounding by her own presence , her own heart beat, but she imagined herself taller and opening her eyes. Slowly, her energies and focus bent to her will and her mind eased the process as she expanded her consciousness to the point she felt a liquid lurch as things came into focus.

Her senses could now feel the aura of the Doctor’s life force, like the beating of a second heart, and a perception of something else that was carried along with it. A deep longing for something missing in the Doctor’s life, almost like… her mind pinned it as sadness.

Opening her eyes she bit back naseau as her vision centered on the Doctor again, who was staring at her with a bit of bewilderment. “I do believe you focused yourself too far Moira, Almost to the point where you were small enough to barely be sensed if I didn’t follow the presence of energies emanating from your efforts. I’m unsure what exactly that was, but I believe it was akin to narrowing your focus to infinitesimal levels. I’ll have to consult the others to be sure exercises to control how deep you go. But for now, you have done something exceptional. Consciously, you have helped to control another’s pain, to reduce an injury, and then to actually heal it. This is excellent progress. Now, it’s time to lay back as I begin dealing with the fatigue poisons and the general maintenance you need right now to heal faster before I help you fit the synoptic teacher and put you into a deep sleep.”

“Yes Doctor. Though I do sense you now. “ Moira said with a bit of a grimace. “Like a second heart beat but not your own. Just with a sense of life where the force essence is connected to your physical form.”

“I imagine so.” The Doctor said with a bit of a wan smile. “Now can you reach out and tell me if anyone’s in the hall as I begin?”

Closing her mind Moira did not pay attention to the Doctor’s initial efforts to begin assisting the fatigue poisons in her muscles and stretched raw senses out. Truth be told she was beginning to have a headache from all the force manipulations, but she dismissed such out of hand. She had enough for this, and maybe something more. The Doctor wouldn’t allow her to overextend herself after all.
She began to sense the theels surrounding bits of motion in the halls, only one like the doctors. “There’s three presences, two muted. One seems like you, alive, but the other two just seem to be different, faded, moving.”

“Interesting. I sensed only one Guard making the rounds. Perhaps you might be sensing something else in the other two presences I’ll review the tapes and report that fact later. Enhance the memory and I’ll try to read it to see if I can ascertain the anomaly.” Sighing at another invasive presence, Moira did so, only to feel the Doctor’s slightest gentle touch upon her mind before it went away like whisps. “It is life detection, but you were also sensing something else. Something almost with an acrid taste. Like Iron at least from my perspective. I’ll review the logs and get an answer. I only hope in the future after you learn telepathy you can send me the memory yourself or learn Dreamscape. Think of it like shaking hands so long as you keep the possible harm out of the way from going to deep in a meld.”

“I’ve experienced some of those negative effects before Doctor. It’s why I tried to fight hard enough to be included here. Though now I don’t have a choice to leave even if I wanted to.”

“Such happens in life, now focus on what I’m doing as before.” Retuning her efforts , Moira brushed the anomalies aside and began to watch what the doctor was doing as the Doctor repeated the processes she noticed from the previous nights. Finally, just about when the Doctor was finished Moira felt a sharp tug of her presence being enwrapped in the Doctors aura as she was given a simple mental nudge. Directing her own waning force energies from her personal reserve from her navel, she felt like she had another person’s hands on her own as she was guided to leech half the toxins from a single colony of cells in a muscle and dissipate them safely into her bloodstream before her focus followed them along to her lungs and then out through the respiration exchange to dissipate harmlessly within the room’s atmosphere. The other half had her energies bent upon them, dissipating them into nothing from an array of force washing over them , eroding them to nothing.

Then another mental nudge was given as she opened her eyes to focus on the doctor.
“How did you guide my energies as if they were your own?”

“Technically, that is an example of a fourth domain of usage. A type which lies unclaimed is what I call the Exterior use of the force, not to be confused with external types of manipulations when one directs energies not their own... the energies could be the energies of another, an artifact, or even a dangerous force nexus of dark side energy.”

“I see, thank you for telling me that.”

“Just remember, for more virulent poisons, you can leech them through the skin. Natural one’s are best taken through the body’s biosystems to assist in the process, though one can internally metabolize them in the liver or with the force destroy them into their constituent molecules to better break them and their effects up. One could also remove dangerous nanoviruses one by one if you train your telekinetic abilities enough. Now lean back, I’m going to start putting on the apparatus.”

Moira sighed, wondering why she always had to act like a proper patient. Though reminded herself that disrespect towards the Doctor and her directions was like disrespecting a Teaching. Dutifully following directions , she maneuvered her head into the helmet as the strap was buckled under her chin. A small sensor nodule was placed in one nostril. “The helmet engages all the senses, in addition to the mechanism for implantation and in the morning I’ll walk you through the process of enhancing the memories step by step to help you assess the level of knowledge you’ve learned overnight. The tests in the PIT will also help with that. I’ll give you enough time to enhance your memory of the lessons you’ve learned so far before I put you under.”

“I understand Doctor.” Moira said as she thought back to what she learned today. Oddly her thoughts turned towards what she sensed in the Doctor. ”Doctor, are you sad?”

“No , I’m not.” The Doctor said with a shake of her head, “Why do you ask?”

”I sensed a bit more then I should I guess if the question upsets you.” Moira said with a shake of her own head, “I could feel it.” She patted her own chest meaningfully. “You hurt right in here. “

Abruptly the Doctor withdrew a few steps away from the bed and folded her hands, her eyes staring at Moira’s who stared back a little worriedly. ”There’s just some people I left behind to get to where I am, and… I miss them. Comrades that have departed and my own brother.”
Moira nodded once and sighed, “I understand. May I ask what happened to your brother? Is he still alive?”

“That’s a bit of a personal question, but no.” The Doctor paused, “He’s not alive. He was lost in the Squall.” Moira looked at the Doctor quizzically. It was a long time before the doctor answered, “As siblings in the Old Empire we were matched against each other on Yinchorri. I killed him just as like when any royal guard member who starts their training as a child. All to prove one’s loyalty to the Emperor, all royal guards are faced with a life or death battleat the end of their training, long before they begin to touch the force. You may be faced with one too, though I hope that doesn’t happen. It seems the Federation’s is much better than the old empires in allowing a few exceptions in their methods of people proving themselves. Now, enhance your memories before I put you to sleep. The droids then will put you in the tank in a healing trance after the two hours of allotted time are over though each module only takes thirty minutes.”

Moira’s blood ran cold at the words, it sounded far too like the initiations of those at into that man’s organizations that she had faced in that life. Something she never wanted to go back to. Though she promised herself there if she was ever forced to face her adopted sister in such a place, the blood that would be spilled would not be their own. ”I see, thank you for the warning Doctor. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

There was no further conversation between them as Moira began the process of enhancing her memories in an order to help forge her own sort of mental library, going all the way back to the first day she was here, no, before that to her time in the ice. When she was finished and nodded to the Doctor a hand was raised to usher her into a normal sleep this time, as the machine began to teach her in a sort of fluid state of dreams.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

Post by Jericho Winters » 2015-02-20 00:56

Day V, 0700 hours…
The day started off like the previous ones, this time with a run which had some interesting scenery. At least interesting for meandering through a training area on a starship like the Nemesis. But that wasn't really important to him, nor was the weight lifting after as he felt his body respond smoother then it had before. Following that was some time on the shooting range, something he took for granted as they were allowed within their armored suits to keep up their efficiency with them before they were told to disembark at the end of the exercises. He saw many of the royal guard or intelligence trainees hefting a rifle here and there, or a sniper rifle. He even nodded to Gast as he saw working on his accuracy.
But even that seemed mundane. He wasn't sure why but the real thing he was sure to remember that day was the first time they were interested to an obstacle course.

Personally, he loved obstacle courses, having designed a few himself in the training rooms on various other parts of the Federation's majestic vessel. So he was more than interested to see what the people within the Nexus would come up with.
Suffice to say, he wouldn't be disappointed. What the trainees were presented with was a two level funhouse consisting of dodging beams of light, flashes of steam, as well as an intricate network of gravity plates that would simulate moving in a zero gravity environment within a mock up of a space station , all complete with sudden shifts in gravity. He could tell that much from his first run through past the floating globules of recaf that seemed to not let any poured liquid stay in one place or direction for long.

All in all, it was glorious in his mind. Something he could really let loose on.

So he did, just simply enjoying the feeling of being free as his boots pounded on the durasteel planking as he began to launch himself through the obstacle course, utilizing beams and counters in the habitable mock up to help propel himself forwards into different gravity zones by watching the detritus' shifting about. He even thought he saw an Instructor and scientist in a lab coat just sitting in a pair of desk chairs in a corner as he passed with a stopchrono and a datapad. But he was having too much fun to care before he reached the finish line, and promptly started whistling a moment as he casually walked to get into the back of the line while the scientist merely stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

He took three more turns, even going back as all but the last had finished, some suited figure in stormtrooper whites who shifted nervously about from leg to leg. He tried to sidle in behind the trooper before an Instructor held his hand, shook his head, and jerked a thumb towards where the rest of those who had went through the course twice were being lined up for lunch.

With a bit of dismay he shrugged his shoulders and went to line up dutifully with the rest of them as the last guy started through. He didn't pay much attention to the man's run as he saw a few figures ahead bent over and gasping for air. One of those was the girl with the rebreather who seemed to have it working overtime. The other being Mr. Gast. He gave both a friendly wave as he put his proverbial hands together a few times, just moving the gloved fingers to make a clicking sound in the beat of an old song from an old holodrama that probably no one got the reference for called the "Lone Antillian Ranger."

Well, he was wrong on that point, as he saw a smile from Mr. Gast's direction and a rueful shake of the girl's head. But the moment of serenity seemed to pass as an alarm began to blare. The trainees quickly jumped to the left as a medical team shouted to "Make Way."

That was one call on a ship that no one ignored.

As the minutes passed, bit by bit details became to be known as they saw the dehelmeted trooper who had gone last cradling his arm, as he was moved out on a stretcher. Winters noticed the man was barely a kid, blonde haired, and blue eyed and currently grimacing stoicly in pain as his arm was held in a splint. The trooper wanly waved to the rest of the trainees and cursed that it was nothing that a little bacta wouldn't fix and that he'd like permission to continue the exercises. One of the royal guard trainers just snorted at that and told the man if he wasn't ready for the mental exercises after lunch time he was going to learn some dodging practice on the range.That seemed to get a smile out of the man as he looked a little sheepish.

All in all, it was a better than average training accident, Winters thought. No one liked sending word home that someone had decided to up and die on their families inside a training simulator. Lunch consisted of a bunch of leafy vegetables, tubers, tomatoes, and a few exotic fruits coinciding with a side order consisting of more ration bars that tasted like bark off a tree for a bit of variety. He wolfed it all down anyways, seeing as he was being given a slightly larger ration due to the
cybernetics he possessed. Still, it was an effort to wash it down with a glass of water, but he managed. After lunch was the real tricky thing as the Trainees were told every fifth day they could arrange to have a Visitor.or have a recorded holomessage or live holocall with their families so long as they remembered the rules on what to not discuss. He was surprised when his name was called up, and went with his minder to a mobile chute that took him and several others were ushered to a lounge room just outside and around the corner from the Atrium.

Sitting at a waiting table was none other then his dear wookiee friend and squadmate, Sass'lohara Worrel who stood up and gave him a growling hello followed by a big embrace and pat on the back that made his teeth hurt from the vibration.

"Alright, alright Sass. Take it easy, I'm only human."

Behind them they heard the chatter of an imperial protocol droid rambling off communication protocols to another who wanted to place a call to a world just shy of the New Republic space. The droid was insistent that the man simply record a message as parts of that Sector were presently experiencing trouble with communications, and some remote black outs.

Surprisingly enough, Sass huffed excitedly at the droids presence, turned and ruffled his hair with a meaty paw before bounding off to wait behind the stormtrooper. Shifting from leg to leg as Winters simply sat in bemused puzzlement before it seemed Sass had had enough of her own impatience to reach over the protesting stormtrooper to grab the droid by both arms and physically haul it back towards their table.

It protested the treatment of course, "Now see here, unhand me. I am very valuable property." Sass growled a bit of a reply that received a scathing retort. "What do you mean I'm the second protocol droid you've seen since you joined the Federation months ago? Or that they didn't get you a translation droid as they promised. If that's the case then please submit a Number 3A122 Form to Requisition. I'm not assigned to go traipsing around after you!"

Sass Loharra huffed a few more grunts as she put the droid down to the right of the table. "Alright, I'll translate a conversation for you just this once if you don't impede my functions to assist others again."

The droid turned to him, "Now are you the one this vile cretin manhandled me to talk to?"

Winters let out a bark of laughter, "I'm sorry, I apologize for my squad member. She's rather pushy to get her own way sometimes. I'll ask them to give you an extra oil bath as compensation."

"Well." The droid huffed,"At least one of the sentients sitting at this table have good manners. Now what is it you were wanting to talk about."

"I don't know," Winters said, smiling underneath his helmet. "The topic was something she wanted to bring up. She probably just wanted to check up and see how I was doing or something."

The wookiee shook her head in negation and started making a few words in shyrwook that Winters didn’t catch. But the droid did. “Actually Sir, it appears that is only partly what she wants to talk to you about. Apparently she is trying to invite you to go see her family.”

Winters seemed taken aback a moment as he raised an eyebrow, “Why’s that Sass? Are they visiting you on Firro soon or something?”

The wookiee waved another word in negation, and spoke to the droid. “Apparently not Sir, she says she wants to have you visit Kashykk some time as it is a matter of some importance to her family.”

Winters tried to wave it off, “I know we’re members of the same squad Sass, but that’s not really necess-“

He was cut off by a furry mit slamming on the table, and a crooning cry before a garbled mess of shyrwook and her other dialect seemed to mixed in. “Apparently Sir, she says it’s a matter of some importance but she was cautioned not to tell you do to an injury you had on a mission. She also says she only joined your squad for a specific reason and really doesn’t like being in a position not to look out for your well being.”

Winters was puzzled, wondering why he wouldn’t be told a reason why she was part of his squad. In fact it kind of irked him that something was kept from him, nor about an injury. “Look, Sass. I’m confused here. Speak plainly, what injury?”

The wookiee growled a few more grunts and ended with a plaintive whuffing sound of dismay. “Oh dear,” The droid looked between the two of them a moment, “that does sound serious and I take it Mr. Winters here has forgotten?”

A grunt of affirmative came with a sad note. He was getting more confused by the moment. The droid turned back towards him to address him, “Apparently sir, the injury discussed was on a mission where you incurred a Wookiee Life Debt to you by saving the Wookiee’s life, Sir. It was the reason she was allowed to join the Federation in the first place due to it’s existence. Especially as it seemed she was once a captured detainee. You apparently dragged her from an explosion where she was burned on vast parts of her body. Frankly, she says the debt’s been reinforced enough that she considers it to be for life.”

Winters eyebrows shot up into the top of his head at those remarks. Blinking a few times as Sass’ behavior fell into place as he started stuttering before his lessons as a nobleman of Kuat restarted his brain, “Uhm, I’m honored Sass. But really, I don’t think you’d owe me for something like that right? I mean I’d pretty much call it case in point to show some mercy to an honorable foe or something. Besides, I know some view such things as borderline slave-”

The giant wookiee growled something to cut him off, and then a few choice words to the droid which made the droid look back at Winters, “She says over time she and those she consulted with her family have done all the considerations that seem to engender the life debt being a permanent one. She wants to introduce you to her family so they might actually discuss it and asks if you’d be willing to be taught her native language.”

Thinking back to the offer of synoptic teaching, Winters nodded succinctly before holding up a hand, “Uhm, that’s okay I guess. I wouldn’t mind visiting your family so long as there’s a break in one’s duties I could apply for. However, there’s also a fact that I will have to contact my own family on this as well. The last time a member of a noble family of Kuat received such a life debt from another species we seem to have well…” Winters racked his brain to put things into better perspective. “The individual was inducted in the noble family as an adopted member and was considered a sister or brother to the person they had the life debt too… so , uh, I guess since I’m honored to have the recognition of, uh, hopefully your friendship Sass. For honor’s sake, though I tend not to follow the way I was raised, I’d like to extend the courtesy of asking whether or not you’d like me to begin such proceedings for a formalized adoption of sorts. In short, do you want to become a member of the one of the Ten Families, specifically a member of mine? It may even gain you some diplomatic immunity if it was recognized, as well as honorary kuati citizenship?”

The wookiee seemed to let out a keening sound, similar to that of a crooning, and crying as it seemed the big lug was about to cry. Winters hated it when he saw a friend cry, and a crying wookiee was like watching a giant child cry, or a giant furry puppy. He was honestly surprised as hell when Sass Lohara stood up, reached over the table and drew him into a giant almost bone crushing hug as she began to keen. Awkwardly, Jericho reached around to pat her on the back. “I’ll take that as a yes then and probably ask the communications officer to grant me a cross border comlink to Kuat. I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of this from my Mother. As strict as the woman is she’s going to outlive even me.”

The wookiee seemed to blubber out a few phrases in shyriwook that he didn’t catch again as the protocol droid answered for her, “It seems that she’s honored to have been offered a choice to be adopted into your family, and rather extends the same courtesy. It was stressing her out that you didn’t know too well.”

Feeling a little constricted Winters raised an arm to give the droid a thumbs up. “Good, can you help me by reminding her in her own language that she’s kind of crushing me right now and I’d like to get some feelings in my arms back, preferably soon?”

The droid spouted off a few grunts and howls, prompting Sass’Lohara to release him rather quickly enough to look abashed enough for a wookiee before she scratched her head and mussed a meaty paw through Jericho’s hair.

“Yeah, I’m glad your happy Sass. Least I could do. But why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

A few grunts and a point to the droid was the answer before it was followed by a couple of bleary sentences. “Apparently, strangely enough since the delay in her personal translator I really am the second protocol droid she’s seen in the Federation since she entered service. She expresses that at least they got her Dark Trooper armor sent right, even if it’s about a meter larger then the others you humans wear. She’s also says she and the lumac twins are stationed on the Nemesis to learn what the Exogens due but won’t really be needing any cybernetics. Though she might like the benefit of having three times her own strength at one point if she gets injured, she was told she could visit to catch up with you every benduday.”

Winters smiled and let out a bark of laughter at the turn of events. Sass did seem to have such an easy going time compared to the rest of his fireteam, though he hadn’t realized how long it had been since the whole squad had been back together. That was something he’d have to look into. “Sure, we’ll meet every benduday to compare notes, unless I'm on call by the program or something. Try to bring the rest back next time. Would you?”

A grunt of affirmative came , along with the telltale growl of the wookiee’s stomach. “I think you better go eat something first before we catch up and chat.”

All in all for the rest of their allotted time the Droid started to excuse itself, only to stop when the wookiee growled something or other. As the conversation went on, Winters began to learn things about Sass he hadn't known before, like the age of her grandfather was close to two hundred years of age, and other family facts.

But soon enough, Jericho’s minder ushered him into the PIT where he began to go over different command protocols of being an officer under the guidance of an automated program. After that it was followed by an extended time at one of the desks in the barracks reading over the materials which had been granted to him as he tried to remember everything which had been taught to him over the first five days. Only to have his Minder remind him that tomorrow he was going to learn the all important skill of enhancing one’s memory. With a bit of anticipation he gave a nod to Mr. Gast as he saw him at a similar desk writing another letter. To be kind he asked who the man was writing letters to and got a short reply that reminded him of Luxa, his deceased wife for whom he had spent the last three years trying to track down her killers. It seemed Mr. Gast was writing to his fiancé. With a bit of a wan smile, Winters patted him on the shoulder and went to turn in. All to the welcoming embrace of a hibernation trance as he was ushered into darkness by a Royal Guard making a patrol around the area.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day V, 0700 hours…
The first day of ‘rest’ wasn’t much of an easy picnic either.

The morning “walk” she and the other trainees were taken on was a five kilometer run around the Nexus’ bottom levels, doing laps like the day before. Only this time there was a detour or two into a holographic training field to satisfy the lead Trainer’s ‘anesthetic sense’ for ‘variety’s sake.’ Not one to usually disagree with the good Trainer’s opinion, Moira shrugged off the quesy feeling of vertigo that germinated in the pit of her stomach when the holographic locale had them running along a support girder of an orbital ring… in space… looking ‘up’ at the atmosphere of a world where one could see the tell tale streaks of multiple vessels entering the stratosphere. Some other ships were flying close to the station strut they ran across with the eerie absence of sound around them.
The view was interesting, that she would admit, but Moira could bet the simulation was designed on purpose to get to people. To her it was just another stress heaped on top of the others present in the program in order to attempt to shake up the trainees. The echani girl stoically ignored the scenery and kept what pace she could as she tried to suppress the uneasiness she felt at the sounds of her life support suit’s breath mask working overtime to give her a higher degree of oxygen to compensate for the poor state of her lungs.

She hated the functions of the life support suit, but at least enough of it was similar to a combat skin for her to run in it. The thermal regulators kept her cool enough to compensate for her other troubles, so that was at least one bonus. It did nothing for the perspiration that slicked back her hair in a cold sweat, plastering strands of white upon her forehead. She counted that much in her favor though she hated the approaching day where she would be placed in sensory deprivation. She swore she’d probably make a fool of herself by running into several other people. The social embarrassment she was sure would occur later was enough to make her feel some trepidation. Even if she understood why it was necessary to develop her ‘seventh’ sense, the sixth being the echani form of precognition, or rather the long hard fought for ability to predict their foe’s actions after sustained battle on an instinctual level. Yes, thus she defined her burgeoning abilities in the force as her ‘seventh sense.’ It was minor thing to insist upon when discussing things with others, but the token victory of having the scientist’s and trainers accept such a nomenclature when they discussed the force as a sixth sense made her lips twitch with a wry smirk like grin.

She had to keep a hole of her identity here somehow, even if that was just a portion of it involved in her pride to be what she was. Especially after the talk with the Doctor that morning.

That morning the Doctor had ushered her through various exercises and meditations, waking her up early to practice the skills the synoptic teacher had taught her, taking about three hours to ensure the knowledge had properly settled in and had become hardwired. Starting with dissecting an amphibious gizka that the doctor had somehow procured, the smell of formaldehyde had choked her, almost making her wretch until the Doctor had placed a hand at her throat and used the force in a manner she wasn’t quite familiar with that seemed to deaden her sense of smell.
“Don’t be alarmed child, the same method of dulling one’s pain can be extrapolated to dulling one’s senses. It’s quite useful if you have to block out the snoring of someone next to you in the barracks. I’ll show you how later. But for now, finish the exercise. “

The ‘exercise’ went on with several objectives. She spent time cataloguing the organs of the creature, taking a look at its muscle structure under a microscope and then doing a quick analysis with a sensor of its stomach contents and chemical makeup of its bile. All while answering several of the doctor’s questions in order to test the retention of the module’s information. The final hour before the run was held with her enhancing her memories of the knowledge, and the lucid like dreams she possessed, gaining a perspective of a student in a classroom that had absorbed a full university level course on the subjects she had been placed to learn. Namely, refresher courses of biology and chemistry.

But the worst thing about it was the inevitable question she had to pose to the Doctor, if anyone could slip in something into her brain she wouldn’t like. The Doctor didn’t dismiss such concerns and simply told her straight up that the synoptic teacher was a favored instrument of the old imperial intelligence back in the time of Palpatine’s Empire. But it was almost impossible to slip some somnambulistic command into the stream with a force user. Almost impossible due to the force users ability to enhance their recall on all senses, including those that weren’t augmented at the time due to the brain only accessing forty percent of it’s sensory data at most at any given time, otherwise there would be too much strain.

The doctor also gave her the tidbit of such possibly contributing to the reasons using the force to enhance one’s reflexes , seemed to slow time down. Indeed she knew some pilots in the Royal Guard that honed it to it’s own skill of Force Reflex allowing them to seem to slow down time in their senses to perform various things that would normally be impossible to a pilot flying an Interceptor, or other starfighter. But that wasn’t the point, the Doctor insisted, the point was that the Doctor introducing her to the methods necessary to review such data on modules she had checked, and rechecked, and then recertified were safe from giving any form of mental tampering or persuasion. The Doctor wanted Moira to be able to discern when such had happened, so if she learned of it she could take steps to remove such impediments to her learning through meditation and other force skills.

The Doctor insisted she’d be able to advance both her healing abilities, and might utilize such to a point where, though manipulation wasn’t her strong suit, to the point where she could affect the mind’s of others, by learning to repair her own under guidance. In Moira’s case, the Doctor strongly cautioned such subconscious molding to foster loyalty to the federation would be counterproductive, however told Moira she had one exercise planned in the future, which she would walk the echani girl through to identify if the information was altered, but not until she felt Moira was ready and strong enough in her mental shields.

That, and the explanation of Force Reflexes, piqued Moira’s interest, and she didn’t feel like the woman was lying to her. Frankly she was glad there was at least a safety net of sorts if someone else was looking to keep her mind free from extraneous measures of control.

But that was superfluous as her mind snapped back to the present at her trainer’s next order. After the mandatory run,without tapping into the Force, Moira and the rest spent an hour in the gym under the watchful eyes of their ‘escorts’, ie Trainers who pushed them to their limits with various weights and exercises, instead of minmaxing in strength, the exercises were geared towards repetitions. In truth she never did more dead lifts in her life, followed by squats that trainers insisted was to generate muscle strength and tone in the leg muscles that would help later on when they learned how to enhance their ability to jump. After that, was the obstacle course.

She hated such things with a passion, not for their difficulty, but because they reminded her of all the times she’d been in a bad situation in zero gravity, with enemies around her. The official count, was at least twenty six, and the enemies… well they hadn’t all been sentients. People like her were used to hunt down lost experiments. Just another hazard of her former life, she wondered if the royal guard were ever dispatched to hunt down such things. She never had heard of the Federation using sithspawn in an engagement. That was one thing that could be said about them. After running through the course twice , it was time for lunch. With the others her attentionwas grabbed by the medics carting away a young stormtrooper who took a bad fall.

Then came lunch.

She sat alone for awhile. For the most of her time at lunch, it was a welcome reprieve as she started to read the mass of data files the Doctor, had given her and nibble at times on her food. Taking off the breath mask just enough to grab a bite and chew , or get a drink of cool water before she went back to reading. Only she was to be interrupted by the sound of someone loudly drawing the seat on the opposite side of the table. She looked up to see the young man who was injured, now sitting with a splint on his arm, and the helmet off. Staring at her, she pretended to ignore him until he spoke.

“Hey there beautiful. How’s things going?”

‘Oh gawds, it was one of those types of stormtroopers.’ Moira thought glaring cooly at him, not daring to speak and hoping he would go away. Alas, it was not to be as the man seemed to take her silence for some form of encouragement.

“So what do you think about things here with all this training, I mean it’s not like the sithy sort of thing where we would be asked to explore our passions to get stronger. Let me tell you girl, if it was, and you being with a figure like that I’d love to explore my passions with you any day of the week.”

“Oh?” Moira asked with an arched eyebrow at the cretinous pervert who seemed to give her a leering grin and disturbed her time to read during lunch time with the others.

“Oh yeah, I’m practically burning up with the passions of my youth!” Moira gave him a stern look at that with a shake of her head as she observed his features. It seemed the man, was rather a boy. At least he seemed to be, looking to be about seventeen years of age.
“How old are you?” Moira asked.

“Seventeen, my world allows signing up for the military at sixteen. Took a few missions to have someone out here notice my mad skills and send me here. I’m enjoying my time in the stormies, practically burning with enthusiasm, plus there’s always a girl in every port, if you know what I mean. I can’t help but feel enflamed with passion for the honeys, of which I’d like to say you are fine. ” So eitherby that little tidbit of information the guy was either an idiot, or an interloper with strange habits that had annoyed people enough to send him into hazardous enough situations that he was sent here as an achievement to his survival.

She crooked a smile behind her mask. “Oh don’t worry there stud, I think I know a way to cool you off.” Moira said with her eyes twinkling amusement.

“Oh?” The man arched an eyebrow , looking at her quizzically with a smile. Moira did a ‘come hither’ gesture with her index figure, and the boy seemed to lean in towards her across the table. Only to get a large cup of water poured over his head.

Moira let out a laugh, “There, that should help cool you off. Next time, at least work on those lines of yours or most females will do worse.” The echani girl said as she noticed the flabbergasted expression on the young man’s face before she stood up, took her tray, and sauntered over towards where a few of the other female trainees sat. Behind her she heard the sounds of laughter from some of the males as they cajoled the young man for striking out with a lady. Honestly… she shook her head… all males were pigs sometimes.

The females quickly made her a spot, seeing as they were outnumbered by the males around here, so Moira gave them a gracious nod as she began to read again in between bites of food. This continued for awhile before the trainees were given a warning that lunchtime would soon be over. This made Moira hurry up the pace of her own eating. After wolfing down the rest of her meal, she was taken with the group to a holoterminal and told to await an incoming communication.

Like clockwork, the holomonitor came up with the face of Miss Crysta. “I don’t have long here Moira, so let me be brief. I expect you to continue your studies as best you can. I’m not privy to the details, nor do I wish to be unless something is the matter. I’ll be assessing your own abilities after the training cycle and testing your defenses as well, since I was told there were some… complications. However, I caution you to never mention such teachings under any open channel, or encrypted one.“ Moira winced, as she could almost hear the disappointment in the other woman’s voice, “As it stands, I may be passing some prerecorded messages to you every fifth day, but the main point I’m calling for is to remind you, you are not to discuss any training details with anyone outside of the program. Nor with Mikka, who will be on with you shortly. Now, is there anything you wish to say to me?”

“I apologize for the difficulties ma’am. It won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t, child. I’m a rather busy woman. However, if there is something dire, shoot me a message through the normal channels. Luciana and I already may have a job or two for you in the future after the training cycle’s over. I also understand you are interested in launching your own company of sorts, I have no objections as long as it doesn’t interfere with any duties the Federation might have for you, so I’ll let Luciana be overseeing that part at least. You know you need boundaries to work at your best.”

Moira nodded succinctly, trying to hide her dismay. “Understood, Mum.”

Crystala just seemed to shake her head before reminding her once again to keep the details others were privy to at a minimum and she expected better reports on her behavior, and development. The holocommunication cut out, and then turned over to the welcome face of a blonde female friend of hers that she was starting to know all too well. Her sister of sorts, one Mikka Thellis. The two chatted for an hour or so about nothing before Moira excused herself to go work on testing her knowledge retension in the PIT for the next seven hours. This time, coming out mentally exhausted, but tired, when it was time to return to the Doctor, who merely connected up the synoptic teacher, did the normal routine to assist Moira’s recovery, one she had to shy away from *not* noticing with the force. Honestly, not using the force might be harder then actually using it. Then it was time for a nap. Two hours of learning new things with the synoptic teacher, this time with three modules on xenobiology, and brain chemistry among different species, and a basic intro to physics before the medical droids maneuvered her into the tank of bacta to be ushered into a healing trance for the last four hours before she was to truly awaken the next day.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day VI, 0700 hours

"Today is the day we introduce you to an integral ability of any force user. One that has eluded many of them in all but the basics, but whose principles can be applied to almost any encounter, hostile or otherwise.” The man in the dark robes spoke, his voice conveying a sense of power as he tasked his words to his audience. The undertone of his words oddly captivated Jericho’s attention.”What I’m speaking about is the use of telepathy.”

”Now, Telepathy is a rather broad term for giant slew of abilities, but in general terms at its most basic levels can be described as the basic ability to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals.
It can further be divided into Receptive Telepathy, and Projective Telepathy. Now both of those are pretty self explanatory, but I’ll go into some detail that clears both aspects of telepathy up. Receptive telepathy is the ability to receive something, however, that oddly enough it branches to be inclusive of the ability to read other people’s thoughts, or emotions. Especially when combined with an empathetic sense, which is the easiest for a force user to develop and/or discern a person’s falsehoods. I caution you that doesn’t mean one can’t be tricked if the person they’re talking to actually believes the lie. Even if they say they’re the Emperor of the Universe Uncharted, or some other extreme boast. If they believe it, they believe it. Receptive telepathy’s range is usually over short distances, normally strongest within the range of one’s eyesight.

Projective telepathy is the ability to communicate with others at long distances. The recipient should be able to hear the sender, and feel their emotions. The process is easier if the recipient and the sender are emotionally close. Think of it as distances of over a thousand kilometers, say akin to the range of the same planetary body or even greater.

All together, the telepathy of most Force-sensitive individuals is not truly potent enough to truly read the thoughts of other beings, and as I said earlier is usually more developed to sense the emotions or general mindset of those around them. This form of basic telepathy is more commonly known as Force Empathy. “
Winters was pretty much rooted to the spot as the figure in black robes spoke, his voice carrying over the assembled trainees, drawing their attention like nothing else had in his experience. He wondered if the rest of the trainees were feeling the same way and if there was some subtle act at work here. The man seemed to be wreathed in shadows, and he couldn’t make out any distinguishing features beneath the cowl of the man’s hood. It seemed it was just a disembodied voice speaking. ‘Maybe that was the trick.’
Whatever the case, Winters continued to look on.
“To begin learning telepathy I must first direct you to an old test the jedi used which was called the eyes of the force, where, using receptive telepathy a potential trainee might have to actually forge a connection through the force to read the thoughts of a tester holding a display screen that showed various pictures that the trainee couldn’t see.” At this point the man made a general gesture waving around the room. ”Here, at the Nexus, we tend to think this shouldn’t be the first step, no for the first step we teach others how to receive a telepathic message. To start, it will be your trainers assisting you. Be it in the form of a visual, sensory, or other functional communication such as mindspeech. Only then do we believe that a trainee should learn to forge a connection in the force to send a message to another. Think of it as a principle to control the lesser creatures, perhaps, making an animal hungry enough to hunt or so. But that will come later in the exercise. For now, rember the sentient brain, human or otherwise, is more challenging but follows the same principles. Principles I will soon go deeper into.

Consider when the trainers begin to communicate with you they would be merely brushing your mind lightly. Like a holo-transceiver, or perhaps a radio, operating only in one direction. Not particularly invasive, but potentially quite unsettling. I honestly couldn’t tell you in this instance if a force user is thinking the thoughts for the individual inside their brain, or if the individual is thinking the thoughts of the person sending them. I know it works, and I know some general summations about it. Practice just tells us it is viable.

To elaborate this primary example, is just the first means of telepathic communication, utilizing the force to create a sympathetic response directly within the mind of an individual. Once connected a user of the force can attempt to have a two way conversation, exchanging visual, auditory, emotional, memorial, such as in memories, or even outright thought via thought speech.”
The man paused a moment to breathe but surely, like any good orator, he continued on. “Though do remember what I told you before about many force users have projective telepathy can only give close to five word messages. If one finds out they could do more: that’s good. However,” the robed man stressed the word, “Don’t be so expansive on a battlefield unless it is the last resort.

Now I did allude to there being other ways of using telepathy aside from Projective and Receptive telepathy, but a lot of how that works is a modification to the principle of forming a connection. Namely instead of one individual creating a sympathetic response in another individual, they create a sympathetic response in the others force energies. The difference is subtle, but it’s there. Suffice to say this is harder a little harder as at such a time a force users mental blocks are still raised and the connection is formed from both their energies. The best known example of this type of connection is best brought forward in the force power known as battle meld, or force meld. Though most often it centers on a single focus to draw it together, more individuals can become part of the link. Unlike battle meditation, or Enhanced Coordination this unfortunately almost always requires one to suppress their ego long enough to undertake the strain of the factors needed to maintain the link through multiple sources. Normally this means it was restricted only to light side practiticioners, though in the past some of this has been recorderd in sith rituals of great enough magnitude where thousands of force users were joined in their minds as one to a circle of adepts who funneled that power to a SIth Emperor. But that’s something one can study later if you reach that level of ability and purpose here in the Nexus.

Another example of telepathic communication, is a targeted burst of thought like we’ve found in a wookie’s thought wave or an old sith thought bomb. Each has different distinctions though one was weaponized version of telepathy that was so destructive it mainly killed off its users. But these are only a few forms of how the basic components can be involved in other areas that come under the umbrella team of telepathy.”

That was interesting, Winters thought as he wondered if Sass’ was able to communicate in such a fashion even if she was now undergoing Exogen training, if not getting the cybernetics as she was a wookiee. Perhaps one day, they could work to facilitate communication in such a fashion, so long as it was approved. Winters thought he didn’t want to get the wookiee who had stated she had a life debt to him to be in a situation where she couldn’t at least call for help. It would be a disgrace to his friend if he didn’t at least try to ensure she was as best prepared as possible if she was going to be following him into the battlefield. He shook his head of such thoughts and re-centered his focus back on the lecture.

“Usually,” Winters could almost swear the robed figure was looking at Mr. Gast , before letting his gaze wander over to what he assumed were the ISIS trainees. “ in investigations a Force User employs Telepathy only to read the states of minds or engage in silent communication. Eye contact, in part, allows a user to have less difficulty in focusing on a target's thoughts. A very skilled user can isolate their own brain waves, intercept stray thoughts, screen multiple minds simultaneously, whisper across space, yell without noise, keep secrets, and uncover the truths under layers of deceits and hidden memories.

It even partly factors into learning Instinctive Astrogation Control, as adept pilots can seek information from other stars so as to navigate a starship through hyperspace without use of a nav computer. Though there’s more that goes into that skill then that. Mainly more Sensory abilities.
In combat, telepathy also gives its user an advantage in combat, as it could be used to predict the next movement of an opponent, when combined with a bit of precognition and battle precognition this greatly enhanced one’s ability to stay alive, especially if one’s Combat Sense is currently employed. Telepathy, when considering mental based illusions instead of physical light constructions can be utilized to taunt and confuse opponents by echoing one’s voice in their head in every direction, masking the users position.

Now, those races with natural telepathy, such as the Kiffar, Umbarans, or even the Zeltrons where this manifests in the common people, get an immense boost to their natural talents, even when Manipulation is not their primary aspect or secondary aspects. Sometimes magnifying these abilities by a thousand times or more, this is why we , here at the Nexus in further training cycles down the line, or if one has qualified for advanced training tend to rigorously test Trainees to identify potential areas of talent that may not be initially easy to determine. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to develop these traits and tend to leave their development up to the Individual as we focus on what abilities can be brought up to battlefield efficient levels. However, some specialties in the royal guard are always trained to develop as the Royal Guard units have their own intelligence branch that deals with threats to the Emperor. Telepathy , and it’s coordinate latter manifestations and connected powers is no more and no less important than the basic rigorous routes of training we tend to give. If one is found to be more adept or inclined to Manipulation as an aspect as a whole, we tend to push you as far as we can due to it being the most common aspect. Many of you may have these opportunities.”
Yes, at this point Winters could definitely tell he was looking at more than just Mr. Gast, but the man’s cloaked features certainly came back to him. The impression of not having a face beneath the cowl made it a little bit creepy to be sure.

”Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be going into the format of this initial lesson. We will be dividing into groups of four. The trainers will be assisting in the first part of the lesson. Sending various images to others, then for the second part of the lesson we will be seeing if one can read the mind, and then effect it in the most basic format, the minds of an animal. In this case,” The man gestured to the side of the room where there was an curtain draped over an enclosed enclosure. “to affect the mind of a lab rat that is commonly used in various labs. Perhaps by making it feel hungry, or content, or fearful enough to run home to its alcove. This is the basic building block of telepathy’s aspects of reading emotion and the mental state of another. It is a far cry from actually controlling the animal, which would coalesce into the penultimate standard of animal friendship which includes Beast Trick, and Beast Control. We’ve found from the witches of dathomir, after we took that world, this is how they learn to communicate with their bull rancor’s calming them down enough to give their mind’s commands.” The man shrugged, [color]“If this sounds to you like the basic formula of a recipe for a jedi mind trick. Well, consider this: It is. Just working on sentient life is a bit more complex. Some may even use certain principles to affect droids, though that is a rarer talent that takes a bit of preparation. Many proclaim working telepathically with different species, sentient or otherwise is like operating on a different frequency. One can communicate is one language to a beast, but have the most horrible time trying to communicate with a human being as compared to a Bothan mind, or even more alien minds like the Hutts, where unfamiliarity of the target’s structure affords either an outright immunity or resistance. Though in the records some show that longer periods of time spent around a specific species may assist in eroding that resistance as the force user learns to deal with the different mental ‘taste’ of his targets. That is a good tidbit for those of you who might be dispatched and altered in a face mask to spy on near human species. Try to remember that.

It all is a matter of time, familiarity, and connection.

I’d like to point out how that connection is formed varies in experience or description depending on the user trying to direct the force to solidify that connection. Some seem to sense the nervous system of the individual and follow it like circuits back to the brain, others may describe it as swimming upstream, each sense of forging that connection is different to the minds of the individual. This is why during the dreamscape various examples will be given by the trainer, the trainee will have to judge how best to adapt their senses in order to attempt to make a connection to the target. Many may struggle; perseverance is the key element to consider.

I suggest a gentle approach, do not harm the creature, as startling it will not grant you the subtle influence you need if the body of the creature is flooded with adrenaline if you kick start the fight or flight instinct. Or rather, I’d suggest not doing that so soon. When you feel ready to mind control a subject, as some of you will learn later, it may be best to flatten an opponent’s defenses with pure power. Bashing one’s way in, though if one is not gentle one may cause trauma or destroy the mind. Suffice to say; at least when practicing with these beasts it is not really a concern if you make a mistake.”[/color]

The robed man seemed to pace a few steps forwards, “Ladies and gentleman, after practice forging a connection with a lesser mind, we will undergo the third phase of this training cycle as the groups of four will be asked to send a picture back to their trainer. If there is sufficient progress at that point, we will ask the Trainees to attempt to send a pictorial message to other trainees, learning a small mental handshake as it were. the final phase of today’s training will be to discuss how to use the senses you have with telepathy and the force to try and bring forwards a recent memory to the forefront of one’s mind, to enhance it, or rather, to almost relive it like a flashback. Telepathy in this use, is rather on oneself, creating a trigger to spark the recall formation. But we’ll go into that more later.

As we’re here for the next ten hours, I assure you I believe a few might progress to such a stage before we begin to split off. Those who require accelerated training for upcoming missions and time constraints for various other reasons will be sent to specific instructors to continue the lessons on this subject, branching onto testing one’s limitations further. Now, my Instructions are for trainers to spread out with your trainee and begin the basic functions. Trainees should start with building upon the forms of meditations taught last lesson to calm oneself first and be ready to attempt to feel the manner of contact when the connection is formed. I will have two others going around to give an example of how this is done to the trainees through dreamscape before we move onto the second phase. Begin.”

Winters weighed the man’s words, nodding to himself as he understood them. Then he turned towards the Trainer next to him and assumed a stance of being at rest, arms crossed behind his back. Closing his eyes he recalled the methods of breathing to help still his body, and with his body stilled his thoughts followed after before he brought the force once again to his eyes. The process was still slow, though he could tell this was perhaps a hairsbreadth faster. An errant thought entered his mind about his progress, but he quickly shoved it away. Letting his gaze rest upon his trainer, Winters could see the force and waited for the exercise to begin.
It seemed the individual took out a datapad, and for the first time since entering the Nexus, Winters heard his escort speak. “Say aloud the picture that comes into your mind. Try to sense the force’s utilization as I attempt to make a connection.”
Winters nodded as he saw the machinations of the royal guard begin as the guard outstretched a hand in his direction. His sight wavering, out of focus, as he noticed a tendril of power began to extend from the man’s arm and try to meld itself with Jericho’s own aura, it felt like the briefest touch inside his head and carried with it the sensation of oily skin. It certainly was unsettling, as he had been warned. For a moment he lost concentration with his force sight, and struggled to regain his equilibrium. Only when he succeeded did he gain a first glimpse of something in his mind.
It was rather hazy.

“An ‘S’. I can’t make out the full image.” Winters said. His eyes sensed a pulse along the line of force the guard stretched towards him, and the image came into focus. He winced a little at the impressions it gave until the sense of the other one’s presence seemed to fade.“A Snake.”

From there it continued, “A Blaster. A Kaminoan.”

Each time he said something the royal guard made a note on his datapad, and soon enough the hours had passed before another Trainer walked up to him to deliver a strange vision. One which utilized the force like the royal guard did, meshing with another’s aura, following that aura into the body, and then up to the brain. Curling the force behind the image one visualized before a peculiar twisting sensation seemed to rearrange the senses as it was pushed out in a small wave to diffuse itself into the mind of the target. At least this was what was relayed in the vision, as mentally Winters got the sense that in order for this power to be prolonged, one had to prolong the flow to the ability. Something basic that had been reinforced during the first five days, and one Winters was sure was to be a recurring theme throughout the training.
Through it all he tried to convey what he saw, as he compared what he witnessed with his force sight.”A squad, two royal guards, three darktroopers, fighting somewhere.”

Then, after a few hours of this tedious, yet monotonous task, Winters began to realize the images were becoming easier. He adapted to keep his mind clearer, and in meditation, and as the Royal Guard began to become familiar with him, a case of adaptation on both sides of the task at hand. He could listen, but not reply. It was rather unsettling, though like hearing a noise burring in one’s ears one could learn to endure it.
Then it came time for the second phase of things as the group was ushered to the enclosure, which soon had its drapery removed to allow the Trainees to see what was within. In the cage there were several lab rats, and separated by a thin wall of transparisteel what looked like a vicious variation of a piranha one found on many worlds. It’s sharp pointed teeth belied it’s main type of meal. There was a small branch that stretched from the lab rat enclosure towards the divide of the water. As the trainee’s gathered round there was a small screech coming from the entrance of the room.

Winters turned to see the hooded figure standing there with an odd bird on his shoulder. He walked towards the front of the room where a Red Guard held a small box, with a rat inside, one separated from the rest. ”Ladies and Gentlemen, what I have set up is a series of predatory relations. But first, I would like to introduce you to one of our sandtroopers.”

With that word being said, the faceless man seemed to turn to the avian on his shoulder and held out one arm that the bird began to walk down seeming to be careful with its claws as they wrapped around the man’s arm. “Now, this sandtrooper comes from the species known as a Drayberian Hawk, you can see he has a small identifier clip around his neck and foot. Both contain miniature holocameras and a miniature transceiver to send the image back to Federation forces. This trooper is presently named Phillis the Flighty, and for good measure. She has flown in a total of sixty three combat missions, through enemy fire, delivered messages behind enemy lines, been dispatched with the royal guard on thirteen missions and is even one of our best training officers here amongst her fine feathered friends. “

There was a smattering bit of laughter all around. Many of the royal guards remained silent, stoic as ever, though a few nodded at the bird respectfully in their ceremonial helmets as the hooded man continued, “Don’t let her appearance fool you, this fellow is quite dangerous. I’ve personally seen her tear out the throat of an enemy with his implanted titanium talons. Of course, that’s because these birds do tend to protect those that treat them well. But the best part is when one can see through their eyes, I once talked about the force power of animal friendship before, but this is more along the lines of beast control. You simply haven’t lived till you’ve felt the sensation of soaring through the air amidst turbolaser blasts from ground batteries, all as a scout for bombing runs. Let me tell you that experience is simply one of the best I can remember. Phillis the Flighty here has four other friends that are used in such fashion, and are attached to the special operations areas our shadow guards are dispatched to.”

Winters nodded, having an idea now where this was going. If his guess was right, then the robed man would control the bird to do something as a demonstration, before they did something on their own. He was soon proved right, as the man looked at the bird a moment, the dark facelessness under the cowl staring into the avians eyes before the bird leapt off the man’s arm to the floor. Running forwards in a short of a hop skip the avian soon weaved its way through the trainees. Some trying to avoid it, others merely standing still to let the creature pass as it made its way to the front of the room to sit next to the transparisteel box where the lab rat was contained. The creature let out a burring sound, a half way cross between a trill and cooing noise as it ruffled its feather to sit upon the box as if it was nesting.

Inside the box, the rat squeaked a moment before the royal guard held out a hand to it. The group could see it actually calming down. It wasn’t long before the robed man spoke again, ”Now, as you can see here, Phillis is rather nesting in what she thinks is her roostery. The lab rat, currently , though it can smell a predator nearby is keeping calm. As I stated before I set up a series of predatory relations here, for if a lab rat was outside it’s enclosure it would be preyed upon by the hawk. The hawk could also prey upon a fish if they strayed too close to the surface of their tank. Likewise, that fish could be preyed upon by the rats if it leapt out of water, and flopped on land. Or any rat that fell into the water, would be eaten by the fish. Same with the hawk if it stayed too long in the water after it’s dive.

Now, these fish in the tank are predatory, they tend to eat things in packs, gnawing verociously upon anything they can sink their teeth into, as well as being drawn by the scent of blood in the water. However, they are also quite a delicacy themselves and the chefs are going to be using them at a diplomatic function soon, so I’m told not to let them all get eaten. For that reason, I have the hawk currently nesting on a rat. The royal guard pressed a button to open the catch, one hand outstretched as he guided the lab rat out upon the floor, where, while shivering in fear stayed in one place. “Consider this, thought is the precise, yet weaker tool when using force empathy or the ability of mind tricking something. Both are elements of receptive telepathy, each one connected to the baser products. Now, in a moment you’re going to see my fellow trainer invoke a state of fear in the rat to show an emotions power. Like anything subtlety is key. We are not the Sith. We are members of the Federation, eventually some of us may even make it to the level of a full royal guard if those above us consider our efforts enough. The most important aspect of our use of abilities, is that we do not waste resources. We don’t cut off others heads due to being angry, we don’t kill prisoners unless there’s a chance that the mission requires it, and we maintain our strict military discipline. I would never waste our sandtrooper’s life by telling it to go get eaten by the fish. That would be unseemly. I can say to you that those who do waste resources here will be dealt with accordingly. You should be aware of what that means.” Jericho felt a shiver run down his back as the man continued, “However, if a few rats don’t make it to the labs, and a few fish don’t make it to the dinner plates, then I would be fine with that. For now my part will make our good sandtrooper think the rat is trying to attack her eggs.”

One or two of the trainees let out an anxious laugh, unsure if it was a joke or not as the rat began to thrash its tail wildly. Like a flip was switched Winters saw the hawks head shoot up, as a keen was uttered, followed by narrowed eyes at the rat. The rat darted off, and Winters was afraid to blink as the hawk followed after, running it down with a burst of flight from a flap of its wings, diving down with sharpened talons and beak to sever the rat’s spinal cord before it straightened up again. Jericho could almost feel it gaining a sense of calm again before it promptly ate its new found lunch before it silently winged its way up to rest on the hooded figure’s shoulder once more as the man began to speak again. ”Now as you can see, I’ve given you a good glimpse into a tactic of mind controlling something, whether it be beast, man, or rarer even a droid one can use a target to dispatch another target, to enflame the target’s passions enough to goad it quietly into a state of frenzy. To control it’s state of fear. Telepathy, in the course of illusions, does help a force user in this task very well. But the sensations you learn forging a small connection in the force to a baser animal are far more convoluted with forming a connection to the sentients mind. Or rather that a sentient’s mind needs more power, and understanding. Consider Emotion, as a broad brush, powerful and able to ink through the entire paper, compared to thought which has precise simple strokes, normally in a straight line to confer a specific function. Both are tools of Receptive Telepathy one must learn before one can even think about Projective Telepathy. No pun intended. Each one of you should begin to meditated, clear your mind and try to tell what is happening when your fellow trainees are talked through the next steps one by one. We will take our time, so have patience, merely watch until it is your turn.”

Winters smiled at the horrible pun, it appealed to his sense of humor at least, and then was told to sit by his trainer close to the glass, then told to close his eyes and reach out with his senses. He could feel the power of the force sluggishly flowing in his body, but could denote it’s quickening in the artificial waterfall in the water tanks filter, the fish reacting to the bubbles of air , tickling them as they ascended to the surface. The shifting of the lab rats in the sawdust they were kept in. Each one sniffing the air, noticing their brethren and the smell of the water nearby, the heat from the lamps above as they were contented.

He gathered the force from the pit of his stomach and outstretched one hand, seeking to project his energies in a stumbling fashion. Seeking to grasp one of the fetters of life close by that wasn’t as bright as the trainees or the Trainers around him. It was hard, and he failed the first half dozen times, only coming to any progress as the connection with an animal near the edge of the cage stuttered. In truth, he was feeling rather frustrated until he pulled back to remind himself to remain calm. Centering his breathing, he tried again as something shifted inside him, it wasn’t a bad sensation- but it didn’t feel entirely natural either as his senses extended towards the cage, to the fish swimming in the tanks… or rather, like his hold upon what was happening wasn’t entirely natural. An oddness that was fleeting, in the fishes body he found tiny streams like electrical currents and he followed them where to they joined in a nexus of bundled knots. It’s small brain. As gently as he could, he tried to give it a nudge. Once again the connection failed.

”Concentrate on a single sensation, remember one of your own. It could be hunger, playfulness, curiousity, though I would shy away from anger.”
Trying again, Winters closed his eyes and thought back to his better days, the times of his childhood, and a akk of his that seemed to always want to chase its tail as he took in the animal’s senses. The pitter patter of its paws, the ache of its teething jaws as it was still growing and gnawing on a piece of chipped wood at the bottom of the enclosure. Soon enough, he simply remembered the feeling of joy he felt as he watched his old pet chase its tail and tried to translate that over to the lab rat.
Good, keep the connection and the flow. Then open your eyes once more.”
Breathing steadily he followed directions to see the rat in the cage spinning around, and a smile cry of joy came to his ears as he felt his stomach rumble. It was almost lunch time, and Winters absently minded wondered what the fish in the tank would taste like. He hadn’t had seafood in about a year, and his mouth began to water. Without realizing it, this had an impact upon the rat, and he could almost sense it’s thoughts, it’s new found hunger for fish as it stopped it’s spinning in circles to start anxiously sniffing in the air. It could sense it’s brethren, and the divide to the water. It’s tiny instincts knew fish lived in the water and fish meant food. Like a bolt of lightning it leaped towards the branch that ventured close to the edge and with a mousy squeak leaped over the dividing wall to land in the water with a splash as it dove under the water to bite the nearest fleshy fish it’s beady eyes and sharp teeth could sink into.

Like a flash, the other piranha in the tank reacted to the scent of blood in the water, striking at the beleaguered fish, and the rat sinking it’s teeth into its’ prey. Tearing them to pieces as Winters stumbled backwards as the connection broke in his mind’s own defense to the death of the animals. The robed man seemed to notice and make a comment. “This is why one must always be careful when using telepathy to enhance a connection, to potentially give the target an impetus otherwise known as a mind trick. It’s far easier to control a small beast’s mind then a predator, then a sentient’s , but the inclination to command is the same. One must always be aware of this. If that lesson is learned, then I still think this attempt would be considered a success. I think it’s time the next person began their attempt.”

Winters sighed, and rested back on his palms as he thought about what happened. In truth, the idea of making something, even a rat , leap to it’s death in a foolhardy attempt to acquire a food that could eat it was more than a little unsettling. So he bided his time, and his thoughts until it was indicated to move to the third phase of training. For this training, he was paired up with Mr. Gast, the strangely garbed girl, and a rather posturing man who introduced himself as ‘Clancy.’

Something about the man didn’t seem to bode well. So he was glad when the trainers instructed him to begin sending a few images to Mr. Gast, utilizing the same method of identifying, and then projecting past his fellow trainee’s natural barriers. The waif of a girl was paired up with Mr. Clancy, though Winters heard her mutter the man’s name as ‘Cremsey.’

For a time, it was a kosher event, passing images of animals, and then items back and forth with Mr. Gast, after many stumbles and stutters like with the rat, but in the end he seemed to be making good headway with the man in developing the skill until his concentration was broken by an argument to his right between the man and the girl.
”You know you’re a weakling at this. I barely even received the last one. Maybe you should go home and raise a bunch of little brats instead of playing around here?”
”Shove it Cremsey. The mental arts here are part of manipulation’s aspect, they’re still not even sure what my proficiency is in that aspect as so far things have been too wild. I’m really trying to go for the minimum amount of force here to push an image through in order to determine the most efficient way possible here. You could help by being a little nicer.”

Winters heard the man let out a harsh bark of laughter, ”Such are the words of a weakling. Right now it’s almost a pity to be paired with you. But hey, don’t let me tell you when you’re utterly failing at something. Come on, give me your best shot.”

Fine, how about I echo the shriek of a shriek hawk I heard on Mandalore?”
“Do it Sugah. If you can.”

Winters could feel the surge of anger in the girl as she was goaded, and was a side seat witness as the woman let out an unheard shriek in the man’s mind, one hand outstretched enough to touch ‘Clancy’s skin. For the first time the man reacted a bit, shaking his head and laughing as he winced at the obvious pain in his skull. “Well at least you got some fight, for a woman, how about I try to make it a little bit less pain and more pleasurable huh? It’s only fair if I get a chance to do something as well.”

Fine, you might be an asshole but that helped a bit to at least get a success. I apologize if that actually hurt you, I used a memory of when the shriek hawk was diving down on a group I was in when I visited Mandalore on a bounty. Why don’t you try for an animal or something; just don’t go overboard.”

Winters saw a twisted grin on the man’s face, followed by a slightly insane gleam in one’s eye before he thrust out an arm towards the young woman.“Oh no, I got something way better than that. I just want to show you that you’re beneath me.”
“Like that’ll happe-“ Winters heard the woman stop for a moment, as her body stiffened as her body began to rock back and forth.
”Just working to put you in your place, bitch.” Clancy said with a sickening twist, reaching over to place both hands on the side of the girl’s head as she let out a shriek. Her hands came up as if to ward off an attack. Winters could see one of the trainer’s stiffen as around the girls hand a bit of ice began to form before it launched itself at Clancy, Knocking him away from her and out of contact as she began to convulse on the floor.

Clancy’s trainer yanked him to his feet and pressed an armored glove against his head. Winters watched as the man seemed to try to resist; but it was a failing effort. The girl’s trainer seemed to have some silent communication with the other minder as the robed man came forwards and placed a hand on the young girl’s head, seeming to calm her down into a state of catatonia before straightening up and looking at Clancy’s minder for a moment. Then he turned towards the man kneeling on the floor.
Winters could feel a wave of killing intent eclipse the room of trainees as the robed figure spoke next. ”I am not amused at your behavior Mr. Cremsey. In fact I feel quite like eviscerating you where you stand as an example. But that would be a waste of resources by the individuals that want to see if you are reclaimable. May I ask, what do you think you were doing?”

There was a shout for others to clear the way as Cremsey stood up with a smile and a shrug. “Just a woman out of control. Not that I expected anything more from a girl who seems to have never known a man’s touch. I just showed her the last memory of the woman who didn’t want my company learning her lesson.”
”You almost destroyed the child’s mind if I hadn’t been at hand to break the psychic loop. Her mind, imbued with the force as it was during this exercise triggered a memory of your attack, over and over before I placed her asleep. Very shortly she should awaken, and probably try to kill you… with good reason, Mr. Cremsey. Did you not heed my warning that we do not waste resources, or destroy them without care?”

The man smiled and shrugged, “There’s no real proof here of me doing anything but an exercise that went too far. I don’t seem to understand what the problem is.”

Winters could hear the young woman moan as she was coming too, he, like the rest of the training group was rooted to their spots as the robed man’s eyes flashed beneath the shadows of his cowl. “Mentally forcing someone to relive a scene of rape that you committed in the past as a pirate on the side of the victim is certainly a problem Mr. Cremsey. While generating Fear and Insanity in an enemy’s mind might be permitted, it certainly is not amongst your fellow trainees.“
The man shrugged, “It was an effective attack, against a useless creature, who if the Major’s words the first day were true really has no other use then to make babies. She’s weak… and I detest weakness.”

The robed man let the sleeves of his robe fall enough to show his hands arcing with lightning that soon lashed out at Cremsey, bowing him under their electrical surge as others of the Training Group backed away from the scene as the man was held under the force lightning for several seconds at a time. Only to be released long enough to fall gasping to the floor. “Effective, or not. Weak, or not. These are not your decisions to employ. I assume to you any woman here in the Nexus is weak, and I feel that you may rightfully earn their ire. Protecting oneself from mental attacks like the one you attempted to foist onto another is something we prepare our soldiers, and agents for. There is no telling what could happen if they are caught behind enemy lines, especially in the lawless sections of the galaxy like Hutt space. But once again, this is simply a matter of you overstepping your boundaries… and worse…” Winters heard the robed man say, “In truth, it is your mounting jealousy that must be dealt with here, as well as your wish to dominate others. That was what this attack was about… Power over another. Mr. Cremsey, you must learn that there is no power you command here, or anywhere in the Federation without the Emperor’s permission. No power, aside from an ego that made you attack a sixteen year old girl…”

Winters could see several of the woman glare at Cremsey and curse the man as they realized what had occurred, Jericho himself felt the urge to punch the guy’s lights out and held out a hand to the young woman as she started to push herself up to her feet. ”Oh please, nice speech about permission. But you know the truth. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

“You no longer have a get out of jail free card, Mr. Cremsey. None of your old compatriots do.” the robed man said with gritted teeth. “I guess you must be reminded of these facts, as well as punished for your attack upon a valuable resource of the Federation.”
Winters saw the man open his mouth to speak, but no words came to Cremsey as he was lifted by an unseen force that held a grip on his throat before the robed man unleashed another wave of force lightning, this time not stopping till the man was unconscious. Winters saw the towering figure of the Major grab the piece of trash as he fell and dragged him out of the room as the robed man continued after, only to pause at the door. “Trainees are to begin meditating to clear their minds before continuing with the fourth phase of the training cycle today.

The young woman coughed and sputtered before hissing out a few words as Jericho pulled her to her feet to try to gauge her condition. Her minder, a royal guard seemed to speak lowly to her, but loud enough for those in her group to hear. ”The Inquisitor has informed me if you need to take a break, we can take you back to your quarters young lady.”

”No. I don’t need to go get a break, something I learn here today might mean the difference of life and death for me; I’ll work through it but I swear to god I’ll kill the fracking bastard. I don’t know how, or when, but I swear I’ll kill him.”

The royal guard nodded once, “He passed along a message on that topic as well. You’ll get your chances. Now if you are sure?” Winters looked a bit to Mr. Gast’s direction, wondering if he had any thoughts on the incident, but figured this wasn’t the best chance to voice them as the young girl politely disengaged her hand from his enough to try and compose herself enough to enter a meditative state.

After that disruption the lesson continued, refining the ability to enhance one’s memory. Each time he began a successful , yet sluggish, attempt he had to turn his head to look over at the kid, who he firmly placed in his mind in the ‘Unknown column.’ After all the lesson was said and done the Trainees dispersed, those in the regular program leaving the room to go to the PIT to review several sources of information while those in the Accelerated program were matched up together. He was surprised to find out the original structure of the training quorum was supposed to be the same four as today, but the Major himself came to usher in a fourth individual, one still with an arm in a sling to be their fourth as a royal guard ushered them into another passageway, up a turbolift, and into a hydroponics lab filled with greenery where a small mat was set up with a bit of tea.

The four were told to sit down as the second part of the enhanced education course was about to begin... without Cremsey. Winters couldn't help the thought that he hoped the man was somewhere in one of the local area's room with a torture chamber. There was no excuse in his mind for what had occurred, but he forced such matters from his mind as he considered the instructions to calm himself before the next training cycle began.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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The morning's events were put behind her, after spending some hours in the PIT reinforcing the measures of what she had learned from the synoptic teacher. Then had followed the daily run coupled with the rather interesting lesson on telepathy. Then a certain debacle that had her wanting for blood. Even now adrenaline competed with her attention to calming herself. All of it making her want to find a certain bastard and wrap her hands around his throat.

But for now, she was simply glad he wasn't going to be joining the group for the next exercises as they were ushered to sit down in the hydroponics bay. She waited as the royal guard instructed them on what was to be the course of their next lesson. A foray into projective telepathy using the tenets they learned to try and determine their maximum distance of both their receptive range, and their projective range. She had been called first to sit in a circle and calm her mind. Since it was a sort of working lunch, the guard gave them all a minute or two to eat some hastily provided ration bars with their names on it before he worked for several minutes, guiding Moira's thoughts in a direction where he felt the group was ready to begin, starting with her.

"Open yourself to the impressions around you.The thoughts, and the minds, that are on this ship. What do you hear?"


"So many Voices."

"I believe you are sensing the thoughts of various crew members aboard."

"What should I do?"

"See if you isolate one of the voices. Imagine you are listening to a symphony and focusing on a single instrument."

It's working.

"Try to maintain your emotional equilibrity, you should not be concerned with success or failure. Simply grasp the details and let them wash over your consciousness. What are they thinking or feeling at this moment?"Narrowing her focus the impressions twisted to show a hazy image in her mind, a man working next to a droid. The first thing she noticed was a sense of bright particles seeming to orbit them both, though the one's around the droid were clearer in some fashion to her. She stretched out her awareness, trying to gently brush against the man's mind.
'This close to the outer hull is freezing!'

"I can hear this one's thoughts. He's cold, dark working in one of the many maintenance tunnels. Cursing as he's fixing something."

'Dumb Droid, how the frack did you wind up stuck in here that I of all people had to get you out.'

She furrowed her brow. "I'm not sure what, though I think it's a stuck droid, I hear the whine of servomotors. The individual is upset.

"Describe what you feel about him. How do you perceive things around the area?
"First he was bright, with a haze about him, sorta over the body. The droid has a bit of one too, sparkling like a distortion about the chassis. I also am seeing through his eyes, his pereptions are my own but it's flickering like in flashes."

"An excellent start, now do nothing child and begin to extricate yourself from that individual's mind."

There was a flash of pain, almost a sharp spike of red which invaded her senses as she winced.
Frell! Oh god damn that burns! The torch fell! Frek, Frack my leg! Damn, what a time to forget my comunit, damnit!'

Another brief image flashed to her senses, a hand grasping at burned flesh as the individual began to drag himself away from the droid. Her eyes widened as they snapped open, looking towards the royal guard. "He's hurt, the worker's hurt, something to do with the torch."

"Control your emotions, Trainee. Keep the link. I will track him down through you."

The Royal Guard placed his hand upon the top of Moira's head. She shuddered as a cool oily sensation seemed to wash over her senses for a moment before the Royal Guard removed his hand, reached for a comlink and spoke a few words.

In her mind she heard screaming, followed by sensation, like a far off echo as a buzzing sound of a remote floating in front of far off eyes which then let out a tone of beeps. Then a message of medical personel on their way.

'Frack, that hurts. How'd this remote get here so fas-'

It was difficult for Moira to compose herself, the man's pain seemed to want to draw her in, giving her a sensation not unlike one was drowning. The hand on her head came back to rest as the royal guard's voice came to her over the distance.

"Withdraw now Trainee. You have done what was needed. Think only of yourself, Return. That is what you need to do. Nothing more." It was hard to do so, but her sheer stubborness would prevail as she reminded herself of her sense of self. Pulling herself out of the mire of the muck formed by the minds around the ship, she opened her eyes to see the royal guard sitting in front of her and the others. "I believe it is now time for other individual(s) to begin the exercise before we move to the next step."

"The next step?"

"Yes, there are several things we must do until this lesson is complete. Opening your mind to the thoughts of others around you is just the first. Then one must be able to learn to project, and receive their thoughts, all for communication. And finally, one must be able to guard their thoughts,and supress their 'noisiness' especially in the presence of more advanced force users., It is said telekinesis, also termed psychokinesis, and telepathy are the main elements of the Manipulation aspect. Only the strongest would specialize in controlling the minds of others. For example, if you were to become a royal guard, one does not want to distract the Emperor during a critical phase of ensuring the Federation's victory. Said, 'noisiness' might get you demoted to a far off ball of ice , never to be seen again. That's only if he didn't cut your head off for the loss. All of these reasons culminate in learning how to setup a thoughtshield."

The royal guard held up a hand to stave off further questions, "A thoughtshield is a basic principle of defending yourself with the force, and one easiest used to help keep your thoughts and emotions from leaking at inopportune moments. This goes hand in hand with many 'static' methods of creating resistance to another force user reading your mind. But all based on filling their minds with chaos, visual memories, and sounds while abstractly waxing poetic, and concentrating on pings that aren't there or things that are important to them but not what a person looking into your mind might want to know. There are however, better methods, such as creating a thoughtshield, which follows similar principles to creating a telekinetic shield, which are lessons brought into play later though I will briefly touch upon them now.

Think of it as an enveloping field around your head, one you channel your flow into. It is not a physical thing, but rather a mental one, One can change the shield just as you modulate the shields of the ship, creating gaps for outgoing pulses of attacks, or closing and thickening it for defense. One can make the shield almost flimsy, like a gauze net that one can work through the interconnecting strands to garner a glimpse of another's thoughts passively, or more importantly, to glimpse into their emotions as emotions are much easier to discern. A royal guard is always scanning those who attempt to get close to the Emperor, gauging their emotional emanations for a threat. The shield is almost akin to wearing a helmet, whose material and shape you control.

To make the thoughtshield active, you concentrate the force energy in your head, like a waxy layer over your skull rather than the sharp pooling warmth inside your brain , which is the method for improving mental processes like Enhancing one's memories, or for problem solving.

Eventually if you practice, the thoughtshield will become a passive ability. Something as easy as breathing the air. Conversely, if one wants to create a telekinetic shield the process is somewhat reversed, creating the theel of power and force energies over ones skin, angled like a deflector shield to protect an individual. In fact this is the starting facet of an [url=http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Adiabatic_shield]Adiabatic Shield[/i] which helps manipulate the air currents around a force user to assist in dispersing poisonous gas, or other harmful chemicals. Though it can't stop anything like a blaster bolt. Do you understand?"

A moment of silence passed, as the small group nodded.

"Good, now it is time for the next to seek out the minds of others on this ship, which is also the first step to being able to feed upon the nascient energies of the masses, but that will be discussed at a later venture. A few of you, are actually asked to hold off on learning such a technique as it tends to skew the fine control over developing one's abilities until one is sufficiently prepared to resist the compulsions that come along with that skill. If you have already been in the circle, your next task is to pair off with another trainee and begin to try to send thoughts to each other. Empower the words of your mind with the force and direct the slightest of touches with their aura in order to form the smallest of connections. After that, try to sense the emotions of others around you, note how easier it is. The final step would begin to form your thoughtshields to complete this lesson. If there is time, I will do a small exercise with a pebble to introduce the concepts of telekinesis before the next instructor arrives to teach the bulk of that lesson tomorrow."

Moira saw the young man who had hit on her raise his hand, "Sir, may I ask if there are other measures beyond thoughtshield one might learn to guard their minds? No offense but the idea of facing illusions inside my brain terrifies me just as much as the thought of someone else controlling me. Afer what happened before , I think all of us here would be a little better prepared if we knew there was some other coordinate ability to develop."

The royal guard paused a moment and then sighed loudly enough to show that he relented. "Of course, there is one other skill I know. Particularly useful around strong force users, though it is more to shield one's thoughts, or mission from their gaze, and their empathic abilities. It's a greater, more enhanced version of a thoughtshield combined with Electronic manipulation within the brain to help form a Mind Barrier. Mind Barrier is actually what the technique is called. I can begin to say that as long as we meet, I will help you all venture towards it. But there will be a price."

It was the sargeant in black armor who spoke up at this, "A price, Sir?"

"Of course, no tutelage is free. My particular price is one of many to students who ask me to teach such to them. In truth, I excel more at the mental aspects of Manipulation, and am only a very weak telekinetic. Mind Barrier was a must for me to develop after I learned differing shields of the force. I can teach one to disperse heat, move air, at least to a basic level but it has taken me several years to learn to the poits I have. I only tell you this, because if you learn mind barrier, it is undoubtedly necessary that you help perform a task of sorts for me."

"What type of task?" Moira heard the boy, no she had to stop thinking in such terms, by now the man had to have at least killed in combat to have been sent here.
"Normally one that I am sent out on, or one I arrange with the higher ups to have you assist in. Normally a capture mission, or an intelligence retrieval sort of thing. But the details wouldn't be known for later. Is such acceptable to you all?"

Moira turned to gaze cooly at the other three individuals, "What's your names by the way?"

"Pierce Pertram." the flirt replied.
"Winters, Jericho. There's more, but I put nobility behind me." came from the black armored man. Moira noticed a slight pause from the other two trainers as the Royal Guard merely stoicly looked on from behind his helmeted visage.
The third the officer just sighed a moment before nodding as if in a decision. "Mr. Gast has sufficed for now."

He spoke like an officer at least. Moira nodded, "Moira Drakengard, technically del Yusanis, I suppose I might one day add a name of Endivain if my current guardian likes me enough to accept being adopted sorta."

"Well now that that is settled I do possess a question for the young lady. Then I'll at least cover some theory on the applications of creating a Mind Barrier and add such reading materials into your datachits."

Moira glanced in the royal guards direction before giving the man a respectful nod, "Yes, Sir?"

"During the last exercise did you sense the droid or the man first?"

Moira seemed puzzled but replied thoughtfully, "The Droid."

"Intersing, Describe it."

"Like a theel of energy about it."

"This was a possibility, I do remember them saying. May I elaborate on the potential of what this might mean?"
"Sure." Moira said a little confused, and puzzled."It's not like there's a problem with just thinking. Though I normally wouldn't want anything of my abilities given away with that bastard around."

The royal guard held up a hand, "Of course, of course. Well your trainers have theorized with your ability to focus so deeply into almost the molecular level that you may learn the ability to focus your presence in the force to an almost miniscule level beyond that. With the droid, it seems you might also develop a bit of the ability of Field Detection, which helps one to ascertain electrical fields about them. In their research into Imperial Documents, they found that the White current might allow great feats of the mind in the Sense and Understanding of things. If we are to consider Sense abilities, we'd have to consider the whole spectrum of light, and radiation, as well as more esoteric force abilities. Maybe, just maybe I might have a way to confirm such. If we could gain an example, I'm sure your present group might learn a bit of it."

The man detached a datachit from his datapad and held it, keeping it connected to the power source by an umbilical cable. "Focuson this object with your senses, then delve inside the field that you saw. If need be, physical contact might be able to strengthen such perceptions, but do not do so to start."

With those words Moira closed her eyes and extended herself with that now familiar peculiar twist, as she focused her mind to dive into the field itself, letting it wash over her senses. It was an alien feeling , far more peculiar then with the fish she had formed a connection with earlier, even if it had been fun to make it jump in the tank and land back into the water after the feeding frenzy which had occurred. But that was before that... bastard... had taken advantage of her weakness. She hated that time, the feeling of the taste of sweat in her mouth that wasn't hers, and wasn't by choice. She could almost feel herself begin to lose her calm, but with a force of will wrenched it back, dismissing those thoughts and remembered sensations into the force, letting it suffuse her with calm as she gazed around her. Slowly, the electronic forces began to pulsate with threads, and she could feel and sense the passive and active electrical forces, imagining them combining in a list that lead to a single file of ions that opened and with a mental perturbation settled from random isotopes flying about her to a visualization in her head. An open file, with a string of words one might find in a text file's setup with basic computer structuring and format codes, but within one word seemed to stand out. "Technometry."

She opened her eyes after she said it."Good. Goood. So at least one prediction was proven correct."

"What does that mean?" she heard Winters ask.

"Technometry is the ability that allows a user to tap into and read technological devices, and in some cases control them. It is slightly different then the ability of Electronic Manipulation, which allows, a darksider to channel his anger and hatred into the circuits of a computer, droid, or any other machine and reprogram it by manipulating its physical and electrical components. The Darksider must be very angry to use this power, which is why the Lightsider cannot normally use it. There's also the related skills of Mechu Deru, and Mechu Deru Vitae.

While there are known limitations however, there were records of two workarounds, the first is Technometry, which is more subtle and long term manipulation of mechanical beings, or other items of machines and the very rare piece of technology known as a subelectronic converter which is an implant I have sought for many years, allowing one's ability to Affect the Minds of other beings be utilized against droids along with another implant. One known as a Psychic Augmenter, which was a rarer device, the psychic augmenter enabled the user to enhance their latent mental powers, to the point where cunning con artists and criminals could use the device to mind control other beings." Moira heard the red guard pause, "It has well been on the priority list for the royal guard to acquire working tenants of these in order to shift them both over to a common biomechanical implant to allow both enhancements to one force users Manipulation aspects. Much as we find in hybrids of species that have mixed genes, or possess natural gifts of telepathy. Such as the Zeltrons, who are Empathic, Umbarans that can mind control others and read their psyches, we find in a force user that such abilities are magnified a thousand fold or more. In order to ensure that we don't miss so called precious areas we tend to also analyze the DNA of assorted Trainees as well as having a few Arkanians on staff at hand to assit in developing ways to strengthen that latent genetic gifts."

Moira blinked, feeling a connection from what she had learned. "So basically you use Bioengineering to strengthen the necessary genes, like the Arkanians due to themselves to essentially create either a forced mutation. Or a controlled enhancement of one's genetic gifts."

"Indeed. I bring that up because right now because the results of those tests are being tallied as we speak by the various scientists in the Nexus to determine who, if any, have such natural gifts as we tend to find they are the reason behind various spikes in abilities that don't make sense. Such as a person with very limited potential in a Manipulation aspect being skilled at certain things. Though we find that telekinesis, is almost never a natural gift save in some swamp monsters. To wrap things up, if an individual with several natural gifts like I've discussed was enhanced with a custom type of Sub-Electronic Converter, or a Psychic Amplifier, then those natural gifts could be enhanced further by a ratio of almost 1.8 to 1, or even 2 to 1. Consider a person who only had ten percent potential in the Manipulation aspect. After such an implant, or a genetic talent, that ten percent of whatever talent it was would be like acting at the percentage of a force user with the Manipulation Aspect's potential operating at One Hundred Percent, if one just took the thousandfold comment at face value. At least theoretically. In practice the archives warn that while the significant boosts are expected, and even rationalized the technology was too new for us to gain precise workings on the technology without rediscovering some of it. I bring this up, as by the demonstration of your abilities with immersing yourself in the datachits electric field to discover what I had written inside it demonstrates these possibilities may be open in the future to you. Really to you all, and all the Royal Guards and Darktroopers, maybe even the Dark Jedi. Of course this is provided the Federation is willing to invest the resources. At present I think the archives stated to adjust an implant to a particular individual was almost three million credits back then. That was after the first tests which were performed by various individuals with questionable morals on different populaces. They even say that a few prototypes might have been tested by Tarkin when he tested the Omwati who went on to work as scientists to the Old Empire. The rediscovery of such things, or latent genetic traits opens up a myriad number of possibilities to test aspects of all the Trainees present before me."

Moira shuddered at the thought of such gains over such innocent lives, and even more at the idea of creating a monster with forced mutations. Specifically she considered several of the monsters she had killed over the years, she had always purported them, the sithspawn, to be from somewhere. She was never really told where, only that it was not her place to know under her time with that organization, the hand of an old school Inquisitor. By comparison the Inquisitor she had met in the Federation seemed far more fair and just, and rather a bit less insane. But she kept such thoughts to herself, burying it as deep as her flimsy shields could make.

She did however have the jurisprudence to return to the topic of the royal guard's previous words and ask, "What other possibilities are there?"

"In regards to indications of potential abilities?"


"Technometry and maybe it's higher forms, like mechu deru and electronic manipulation as was previously touched upon, or at least aspects of such that involve intuitive understanding of complex structures, including machinery. Rare aspects of the Meld, ones that can be applied to technology, will have to be tested to see if you may develop any strengths in them. Since you described that shimmering light awas silhoetted around others faintly maybe something akin to Revelation may be attainable. The disciples of Twilight were known for that as well as Shadow Vision, a peculiar deviation from the skill of Magnifying one's Senses to almost shift a Sense.

Such things would certainly fit into a Conjurer's abilities when taken in a certain aspect of Understanding which is the Aspect of the Mind in the White Current's Three. At least that's the theory anyways. I have no idea if it will transfer over to the Transmutative aspects of making matter you will be learning the basics of this week. However, if that theory holds trute, it should vault forward your ability to quickly understand states and function of matter, and properties as you create templtates and masteries over specific creations that you later make with your skill. If we can guess your potentials with such skills at an earlier stage in your training, and work to develop them it will prove a boon, and not just to you but to others in your little group. The other three may benefit as well if they can learn to apply and operate such skills on a more basic level. Take Mr. Winters for example... Technometry may be hard for him to learn, as many a thing, but with perserverence he might develop finer control over the technical formations in the peculiarities of his cybernetics, allowing him to access some of his implants to determine how his modified genetic tissues interact with the enhanced nature of his biosystems. Overall, giving him greater understanding and thus later, greater control to overcome the limitations upon his abilities. For Mr. Gast, it may prove essential in his control of a space battle on a bridge to circumvent damaged ship's systems, and may even one day save his life. I'm sure the other one might just think it rather 'cool' to learn. But only if we can quantify, classify, and then extrude your experiences to teach another."

Moira nodded to show her understanding. "I see, I wouldn't begrudge him to get stronger. But in my own part this sounds to me more like Mikka's area then mine. Her first time angry..." The young woman held a hand up to her brow , "well... back then she was mad enough to force a droid to destroy itself. Then she lashed out and seemed to damage it's systems in a rather strange manner, that didn't look like force lightning. Purely on a subconscious level before she collapsed."

The royal guard shrugged, "Perhaps such overlaps of potential helped to culture your decisions after your liberations from that past then. Perhaps, if you take that a step farther, prompted your realizations and empathy on a deeper level to keep her alive at some instinctual level in the force. A true sister's bond, as it was child, but that's best to theorize later on your own time. After all, your friend has a long hard road to recovery before we would think of testing her suitability for training."

Moira sighed, with the earlier morning's events she knew just what the guard was referring too. She had been subjected to what seemed like only a few minutes of such abuse, while her friend and sister of sorts was dealing with years of it. At least the experience seemed to broaden her understanding of the other girl's situation. That sense of yielding helplessness... man she wanted to kill something right then, but she forced down such emotions. "I'd have to ask first before testing her myself, wouldn't I?"

"Yes, no doubt. Now close your eyes. If I can access the memory I can show the others what you experien-"
"No, Thank You!" Moira declared, "Can't you just teach me to use that dreamscape thingy myself? It does no good damaging what meager defenses I have built."

The royal guard waved a hand patiently, "I promise no harm will come to your mind and defenses child. Eventually those defenses witll have to be probed for weaknesses and by the end of today, I should have you preparing a minor thought shield along with reading materials on a mental barrier. Normally, we don't teach such things until one has a familiarity with telepathy due to the fact that once an individual learns to close their minds, there's a chance it will seal itself like a clamshell behind natural barriers that no one can pierce. Including the individual as a reaction to the sensations of such usage in the force. However, due to today's events we may be going out of order here with this particular group as two of you are Manipulation users, and of the other two one will have to work on their barriers, and the other is somewhat attuned to psychometry. Which is related by reading the fields of the force around an object to gain impressions upon it's past."

"Of course I realize that." Moira waved a hand in acquiescence."I certainly don't want my mind to close up and deny an aspect of skills I could learn. However, I feel that despite such risks, it should matter after I have time to make my defenses tougher on my own. Too much damage and I'll never get them back."

"Trust in your trainers child." The man let out an exasperated sigh, "I promie only to review the recent memory only, Trainee. I will teach you and the others we might think could become Trainers one day the basics of Dreamscape, especially as it's tenants are built off of how to create illusions in the minds of another. IT's also an essential way of showing another a memory without risking damage from a direct transfer to their minds. If you progress enough fater day ten, the ability to teach you dreamscape becomes much more likely in order to be thorough about testing your potentials in manipulatio... all of your potentials." the guard said, letting his helmeted gaze settle over the other three.

"Last time I hope." Moira muttered before she lowered the barest scraps of her thoughts, stopping the counts of ticks in the air vents, and playing pazzak with herself in her own mind. Slowly she tried to recall a trigger of the memory , and soon enough she could feel the presence of the royal guard, oily on her senses extracting the vision and projecting it to the others as she was given instructions to step out of the circle and venture back into training her receptive telepathy as the next person took her place in the circle by the draped cloth. She saw the flirt, raised a hand in a hello and sighed as she wondered how much a tedious task the exercises would be.

Surprisingly, the seventeen year old seemed to be more laid back and sent her mental pictures like fluffy bunnies, cute cats from the holonet, and some ridiculous pictures of himself being tossed in a lake by his friends. Funny things, that surprisingly got her to laugh out loud.

‘Maybe she had judged the guy too harshly. Soon enough the focus shifted towards developing her own thoughtshield utilizing the prior explanation and a file she found on her datapad which went into a little more detail of how it was both a force usage and a mental construction upon which the many types and states of meditation would help one build over the long term. For once, she felt a welcome reprieve came to her as her senses were not subjected to the harsh characters of sensing the force for the first time in six days. She wondered simply in the peaceful serenity of the moment, just how many headaches she’d have in the coming days yet brushed such aside as the lessons began winding down.
The royal guard turned towards her, she could almost sense his assessing gaze as she felt a small bit of pressure on the edges of her mind. “An interesting start, as a matter of fact so far today has been quite an interesting start to your groups lessons with me. Lessons I am sure to continue in the future. For now, your projective telepathy range was almost five kilometers down the hull of the ship when you sensed that man and droid. Mr. Winters, and Mr. Gast have achieved suitable progressions, in the future I will be asking you all to stretch out your senses even further to try and engender the scope of your abilities. For now though, it is time for dinner. Then utilizing the PIT for a bit of Review, or some seclusion at the barracks for your own personal studies, either way it has been a productive use of time.”

Moira heard the black armored trooper snort in amusement and give the other two males in the group a look, “So, meat and tubers. Any bets?”
Moira cracked a smile, wondering how it was to simply joke about the simple things. Though there was one thing that was bothering her. “Sir, if I may broach the subject, you seemed to know a lot about genetic traits in telepathic abilities, may I ask why?”

“Ah, that’s rather simple really. I’m an Arkanian pureblood.” The man drew a hand from beneath his red robes waggling the four digits there. “Essentially, I’m a specialist in the guard. Normally working in the labs that we use both for the purposes of assessing Trainees, or threats to the Emperor. Though that doesn’t mean I squander my own training in different areas.”

Moira arched an eyebrow, “Well, that’s interesting. So what do we call you? Do we go by your rank?”
The echani girl could feel the man’s gaze weighing upon her. “Many within the Nexus refer to me as The Geneticist. I tend to be called into things in case we have the potential possible of a mutant on our hands that is strong in the force. Or in regards to certain near human species that are naturally gifted and the permutations such gifts take in the force, like a Zeltron. As it is, I can assure you, I will be taking extreme interest in both your case and the case of Mr. Winters. His cybernetics at least contain altered biogenics and it’s why I insisted upon the make up of this group.”

Moira blinked twice, “Okay, so I can understand that, but what about me?”

“You’ve stated in the past that other near humans married into your family, young lady. So I took the liberty of checking back home on Arkania for any records of dealings with Echani. We found quite a few, including your Mother’s Mother, and a checkup for when she was to have you.”

“Huh?” Moira said, her mind going quietly numb.

“Are you sure you want me to continue?”

She nodded, almost incoherently. “Essentially on both sides you’ve had generations of Echani Hybrids, but yourself and your mother are interesting. Considering that the genetic assistance in your mother’s family was necessary to mitigate certain characteristics from both Umbaran, and Kiffar, and from your father they were concerned about various elements of Sephi blood that was mixed in both their ancestry. A stable prototype dna strand was formed in the womb, but the child in all three previous generations had to be inoculated in vitro, or rather in the womb, with a specially tailored nanovirus to prevent certain… imperfections from the melded dna. Yours is no different. Such was given to you in the beginning of the first trimester. A common medical procedure the Arkanians offer to other species.”

Moira swallowed hard, “So you’re saying I’m some type of freak?”

“No, child. I’m saying that you are a near human species, approximately seventy five percent echani by design, and the remaining twenty five percent containing kiffar, umbaran, and sephi genomic structures. In short, you’re quite like the old Arkanian offshoots save one could consider it as your echani forebears merely loving those they loved, and not by design. Though, there is a certain nanovirus that Adascorp has on file to potentially use for you later in life to … enhance certain things and cut out other various harmful possibilities. The Federation was sure to acquire it as soon as we found out. I’ve reviewed it myself, and feel such would be viable to assist you in any future problems.”

Moira blinked, “Wouldn’t messing with my genetics throw my abilities out of whack?”

“Not at all, as we’re presently seeing those changes happening already with your awakening to the force. It could be possible that the blips we’re seeing in your Manipulation aspects are from the Kiffar ability with psychometry, or the Umbaran proficiency for Mental abilities. As it stands, as Manipulation looks to not be your primary or secondary aspect we feel it may develop you into what is known as a Touch Telepath, or a Touch Empath, save for any measures you make towards Mind Trick, or Sensory abilities. Basically it means that in the future, you might have to start wearing gloves to prevent psychic bleed through until you can control such abilities. I noticed today after reviewing the footage, your attempt at a psychic echo of that shriek bird was only after you touched the hand of that male. All of this will be decided by day ten, as the scans of your bio systems show dormant physical traits as well, such as the Umbaran structures in the eyes that allow them to see in ultraviolet in addition to the normal ones echani have. If we enhanced such, only in the eyes, you may start learning to see in such spectrums, there’s even a bit of the arkanian rods and cones in your eyes as well that allow one to see in infrared if they were activated and enhanced. All such abilities could prove a boon. The nanovirus itself would do its’ work over the course of four days. Long before we start to teach one to magnify their senses.”
Moira blinked, “Would that mean I’d have to wear goggles like some arkanians do?”

“Probably not to that degree, as the majority of structures are the same ‘normal range’ of things. In fact these are currently the only ones active in your eyes unless under extreme circumstances. Activating such dormant structures would certainly allow you to shift your senses easier. But more will be discussed later after I collaborate with The Doctor tonight. For now, it’s dinner time.”
Moira’s stupor continued until she was ushered out, and sent onto the next thing. It wasn’t tubers and meat today, but rather some type of noodles with sauce that she inhaled before starting to distract herself with her growing volume of reading materials. That night, with the doctor, after she went through adding to her mental lexicon, and learning how the skill of accelerating healing could be used to affect the growth of blood cells in the bone marrow she asked the doctor a blunt question on how long she had to decide. The doctor said the best decision was probably in the next twenty four hours. With that in mind, Moira asked the Doctor if she could gain enough knowledge through the modules to make a better informed decision. The reply helped calm her nerves as the Doctor noted they were already cued up to build on the previous day’s work, including a basis in bioengineering, Biomedical sciences and then dna recombination, and a module on genetic engineering.

She didn’t even mind as she was ushered into sleep, nor the fact that later she knew she would spend some time in the bacta tank. She went into the darkness with a smile, filled with anticipation for the next day.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day VII, 0700 hours…

After being woken early for some time in the PIT with the subject of officer tactics in platton level formations being the topic, Winters joined the rest for the morning run. It was then he realized their time with the self – proclaimed name of the ‘The Geneticist last night ended before they could have an introduction to today’s topic. Such was a pity, as he and the rest of the Trainees were ushered into a lecture, and a lesson.
The Instructor today was the Sergeant who had assisted the royal guard from yesterday. “Hello there Trainees, today’s lesson is one of my particular favorites to see you all struggle with. Now for the past five days we’ve had you learn things in addition to tap the connections you have for the force, and today will be quite similar, for today’s lesson is to teach you all about one of my most favorite things: Telekinesis.”

The barrel chested man started straight into an exposition. “The Aspect school defines telekinesis as a Manipulation Ability, while other methodologies define it as a neutral power. This is probably due to a vast amount of Individuals in recorded history possessing it enough to label it as a common abilitiy. It can be applied in a myriad number of ways, both practical and useful in daily life or on the battlefield. Can anyone here name a few applications of this that come to mind? Be serious now, it’s not what’s just shown on those old holodramas where the jedi saves the princess and must deny themselves of her company at the end like some white knight. What do you really think?”

A member of the group to Winters left raised their hand, “Throwing someone off a cliff?”

The Instructor snorted in amusement. “Yes there is that, anything else?”
Another spoke up, “Clearing debris during a rescue operation or perhaps from a path towards your mission’s objective?”

“Good. Feel free to shout out a few more.”
“Snapping a sentry’s neck?”
“Always fun.”
“Impaling someone on something?”
“Salvage in space or jury rigging some repairs?”

The sergeant peered out into the crowd, “Who said that?”

One of the trainees raised their hands, “I did Sir.”
“That’s actually a good idea if one’s stranded and know a thing about Engineering or repairing equipment. Do you know anything about Engineering?
“Yes, Sir. I was a Damage Control Officer for a year before transferring Sir.”
“Brilliant.” The training officer of the day stated. “Telekinetics working together could mean the difference of reapiring your MAAT or other type of transport, behind enemy lines quickly enough or worse out in space effecting repairs on something the Space Force messed up. I like it!” the man crowed enthusiastically.
”If you take that a step farther, wouldn’t that help in shipbuilding?” came another question. This time from the girl Winters recognized as the one from his group yesterday. He looked around for the bastard that had given her trouble and spotted him on the far side of the training area. He was covered in bacta patches, gauze bandages, with his head wrapped and sporting two bruised eyes.
‘That was a pity.’
Winters would have hoped the cretin was court martialed for the mental assault but he presumed it might have been too difficult to make the charges stick without compromising the confidential nature of the Nexus. Perhaps they would rather just make such an individual disappear? Or the more likely reason was they kept him present as an example for those in the group which might have crossed the line later.
Winters well understood and respected the benefit of a visual aid.
“Of course though at the time, its easier to use space based construction equipment if you have it. At least most of the time, it certainly could come in handy fixing a mistake or keeping a damaged or weak fuel conduit carrying hot plasma from killing you and others. Even in construction accidents happen. Though I’d shake the hand of any force user that could put together a spacecraft from scratch.”
”Interesting. Thank you Sir.”
“No worries, the point is at it's core, Telekinesis is for a numerous amount of uses. In the particular nuts and bolts of the matter it normally becomes specialized in two ways. The first way is focusing on size, both large and small. The other way is focusing on multiple objects. Both are essential to a darktrooper or a royal guard, so some time is spent on each. Now, normally when learning any ability we usually give you an example of several visualizations with Dreamscape first, but for this lesson we flip that around. That means we hold off till the end due to the myriad ways some develop this ability.

The permutations they stumble onto first can be very telling about their other aspects. If one way doesn’t succeed try another until you get the best results here, but be patient. For the first exercise of this lesson we work with three things, A pebble, A group of Three ball bearings made of metal, and a wooden rubix cube puzzle. The rubix cube is six inches on each side; it’s wooden to help keep it sturdier then regular plastic and to work on one’s fine control as people attempt to solve it and then jumble it up again. It’s nothing really special, just a tool for learning and training.”

Winters nodded to himself, filing a few nuances of ideas he might try in the private areas of his mind, tucking them away and sealing them in the depths as the lecture continued.

“Now the pebbles are in one bin, the other items are in the other two. After I tell you to go get them and then I want you to start by placing the pebble about a foot in front of you as you sit down to meditate, since telekinetics is about moving objects, I want to see if you may be able to start by levitating it. This is a simple force skill whereby one must make use of their connection to the force to reach out and sense the object that one is trying to manipulate. When you have found the pebble try to bend it’s movement to your will or learnt to trust that you can move it. Raise it as high as you can off the ground. Get out the required amount of items now.”
Walking over to the bins, Winters made sure to trail behind the girl. Keeping himself between her and that Cremsey fellow, Like the others he gathered all three items from the bins and returned to his seat where he placed the pebble in front of him at the distance he was instructed to. Moving into position with his legs crossed, Jericho took the first step to focus, bringing the flow to his eyes to See the Force enough to take the same peculiar twisting leap outside himself that he had utilized to sense the rat the day earlier. He took another breath, keeping them steady as he outstretched one hand towards the pebble.

He tried to will the pebble to rise and opened his eyes to see the pebble shaking… but not levitate as it stayed upon the deck plating. He attempted to put more of his flow into it but still nothing occurred. After about thirty more seconds of stubborn effort he stopped only to let out a small growl of frustration. Taking a look around he noticed Pierce and Mr. Gast gravitated in his and the girls direction to sit close by, and he was astounded to see Pertram holding the pebble aloft seemingly without effort as beside him he saw the girl and Mr. Gast making progress on their own. Though it seemed the girl was having more difficulty then he was with her silver eyes staring at the pebble like it was an enemy before making a physical effort to compose herself.

He tried to do the same, organizing his thoughts out loud thinking back to the pinwheels of the third day. “Levitation is lift. So what in nature provides lift?”

The others nearby could hear his whisper and the girl spoke up, “Lift is provided by air flow, either blowing some construction like a spiders web in the wind, which is similar to a plastic bag or a parachute being dragged by a boat. Or like a bird’s flapping of it’s wings.”
Pierce chimed in at that, “Or like air over the an airfoil or wing. The physics principle, it’s not exactly what I did but it might work.”

Wintesr sighed and gave a silent nod of thatnks at the help before bending his will to the task. He extruded the force from his fingers to the pebble, surrounding it with. With the one hand shaping it like a wing before using his other hand to shape the force enough to propel a gust of air over the edges of his construct. Trying to will it into being. It didn’t work the first time, but he could see others in the group mimicking each other’s examples. Perhaps there was a lesson here, it’s not cheating in the force if it works. It’s just called being clever.

Winters along with the rest in his small area, began practicing immediately to apply the concept again. He knew that wings were rarely flat but more three dimensional so he altered the force in the construct around the pebble as the Minder’s behind them began to make more notes on their datapads but didn’t offer one whit of advice. The principle of lift could also be applied as in a rotary aircraft, but the basic principle was to generate significantly more lift then drag. She he applied his own grasp of physics to the task at hand. Over the next two hours he applied various permutations. It was difficult at first, but slowly, with minute clues about what he was doing in his subconscious, his early efforts crawled out of the range of futility and began to make steady progress. Eventually the pebble reached eye high as a sense of accomplishment engulfed him, only to be taken away a moment later as the Sergeant spoke again.
“If anyone is ready for the second items, the metal ball bearings, the next objective of this exercise would be to try and lift all three objects at once along with the pebble. Try to just lift them, or if you feel bold, make them orbit each other as well. This is the most basic element of moving an object. Focus, Will, Visualization, and Practice. For the best result try to merge these ideas together, stretching out to apply your will through the force. Eventually we strive to have Trainees move more and more, as it’s useful to carry along your squadmate if they’re defunct. It’s also useful for a royal guard to learn these tenants for the Maelstrom ability during their time and training towards being a shadow guard. Those who prove themselves may continue to be invited back to learn the particulars of that skill later. For now, it’s the basics.”

Winters nodded and took another look about, noticing the others progress. The young buck seemed to be ahead of him for the meantime, working his way towards manipulating the third ball bearing with the pebble for having four items floating in the air. He couldn’t see Mr. Gast’s progress but he saw the girl struggling with keeping the pebble half as high as his own. He faced forwards as the Instructor began to speak again. “For now let me just clue you in. Moving an object with or without others after it’s in the air is based on one of the conglomerate abilities we know as force pull. It can be used to exert one’s will on an object, pull a weapon from an enemy’s hands, or if one’s strong enough pull an enemy closer. You can also pull a foe downwards to crush them into the ground. Continue to try and figure things out, working your way up to the rubix cube.”

“Winters figured it wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounded as instead of focusing on a single object one would be diverting their attention across multiple items. Multi-tasking, yet actually making progress on all fronts with the chosen items; it was probably a trained skill to divert one’s focus easily enough acroos whatever items one was attempting to exert their will upon. Only here it would be slightly worse due to the different sizes and weights of the pebble, ball bearing, and rubix cube. Thinking logically, Winters figured he’d have to create a bigger wedge of force, no pun intended, over all the objects he wanted to lift. Changing the direction and shape of the ‘wing’ in his force construction might allow him to shift directions or even spin it.

To this end he arranged the pebble in the center of the three ball bearings and began to form the wedge over all four of the objects with his right as his left tried to pull the air in varying directions . Over the next half hour he raised the wedge about four inches from the ground before he heard a curse from the other side of young Mister Pierce.
”I Can’t believe I just made that a ruddy block of ice.” Winters looked at the girl’s progress and realized that somehow , a literal block of ice shaped like an airfoil had solidified somehow across her pebble and two of the ball bearings, lumping them together at an uneven angle. ”I need a new approach.” he heard her mutter. With that he merely arched an eyebrow as the girl rose to her feet in order to get some replacements before she sat back down. She wasn’t the only one having difficulties as another trainee let out a shriek of frustration before crushing her rubix cube. Help came from the oddest of angles; young Mr. Pierce.
“Try lifting them all at once like you do in the gym.” Was the words of wisdom passed on, was the not so helpful advice from pierce.”

The girl just seemed to shrug it off. ”Don’t worry I’m not one to give up trying.”

Winters cracked a smile at that sentiment and chimed in his own two creds, “Same here, but don’t worry I think most of the Trainees here have patience in droves.”

“-Or just stubbornness.” Pierce quipped, as Winters blinked at the boy trying to crack a joke. In his lapse of focus his items dropped to the ground. So he began things anew, taking a moment every ten minutes to look around with his ability to see the force active. Trying to glean hints from other’s constructions to see what was effective or not. To his surprise he saw the girl had created almost a platform of the force beneath all five objects, letting them rest like entrees on a serving platter, with strands of the force reaching out to connect to it’s sides like two tentacles.
‘It was a novel idea,’ Winters thoughts, but he could see it lacked some finesse as the ‘plate’ teetered slightly as she tried to make it spin. For some reason it reminded him of a balancing act in a circus and his impression proved right when the five objects slid away from the centrifugal inertia and came crashing down. Not seeing anything better he imitated her attempt for a few minutes before switching back to his own method.

“I see many of you experimenting with using minute measures of the sub-ability of force push to direct an object almost away from you as to try to make them orbit each other. This is a good development, but not the whole skill as the ability is formed by creating an impulse to launch a concussive blast. A blast using pressurized air to enhance the effect. We’ll be working on utilizing this in a straight line, or one direction after people can lift and get the orbitals down. More skilled applications one might develop is a wave in all directions. A strong enough blast might even disintegrate something or someone too close. Though that’s something to work towards; I’ll give you another hour before we move on to the next step: A small exercise to develop a force push using all the objects. Try to figure out how to twist the pieces of the rubix cube around to solve its puzzle while holding the other four objects in an orbit around it.”
As the training continued, Winters noticed it took Pierce about ten minutes before he was starting to twist the layers of the Rubix about, seemingly at random. The pebble and the bearings seemed to form a star system with the puzzle as the sun in it’s center. “How do you solve this bloody thing?” the kid whined.

Winters cracked another rare smile from behind his mask as he took stock of his own situation. He could feel the sweat dripping down his back. “I don’t know, how do you make that look easy?”
“I told you already, think like you’re in the gym.”
“Oh?” was the reply.
“Yeah, a gym has barbells basically a metal rod with two lumps on the side right?”
Winters suppressed a snicker at what his squad leader would say to that comment. “Can you try and clean that up a little?!”

The boy huffed, but was gracious enough to purse his brow and think for a few seconds before expounding upon his idea. “Instead of platforming it, consider imagining the items you want to orbit connected by cables, or like a barbell’s metal rods, where In each barbells ‘end’ rests an object. Then manipulate those objects like your lifting one strange looking weight through one hand, while you try to solve the cube with the other. At least those gestures seem to be working for me.”

Winters blinked, ‘By the force, was the kid some sort of telekinetic idotion savant?’

It wouldn’t do to ponder that now, as he bent his focus back to the task at hand. Slowly he connected the objects with strands of force energy, stringing them to each other before attaching a cord to them, which he ‘pulled’ from above like a rope and began to try and spin the construction like using a lasso trick to make the objects outside of the Rubix cube to spin.
Pierce seemed to stumble onto another observation. “You know I guess this could make a good way to accelerate something for an attack, if one was to whip things at a target. Just start small and add more and more , it would get more difficult but easier in practice as you continue to grow your ability.”
‘Yes.’ Winters thought, ‘he was definitely considering the idiot savant angle for Mr. Pierce.’
He watched the girl take notice at the other kid’s words, making up some progress as she copied his own structure. He didn’t mind as he saw the manipulations the girl made with a cube, flicking a forefinger out in time to push each layer the way she wanted it to go. Such a concept assisted him as well as the Instructor spoke up again.

“Remember, if you feel frustrated you may always return to your meditations to ponder the possibilities. The first lesson here on telekinesis is always the hardest to conceptualize. Sometimes we all need to struggle to learn. Sometimes we must realize the gifts of the Force are different in all of us, and it takes different methods to achieve something. Even if what we achieve is different then what we predicted or wanted to do.”

In the remaining time, Winters saw the girl solve the rubix cube three times, each time painstakingly mixing it up again, one single flick at a time.
“How do you do that?” Winters heard Pierce whine.
“I’m just flicking it after gripping and turning the layers to overcome its resistance to move.”
“No, I meant how do you keep solving it?”
“Oh, that’s easy two movies. Just start in any position and move the left side counterclockwise once. Then move the top row front clockwise once. Repeat ad nauseam and the cube solves itself.”
“Really?” came the astonished cry.
“Yep, now stop whining and let me concentrate here fella, I’m already getting exhausted.”
“Isn’t that a little dangerous?”
Winters heard the girl sigh, and listened carefully to her response. “An enemy won’t call a time out when you’re tired. Nor a bounty hunter or a mark you’re hunting will just up and leave you alone for another day. There are times where one has to push themselves past barriers, be they mental, or physical, or painful, in order to achieve a goal. You have to give one hundred and ten percent even when exhausted to no end. It’s just a matter of survival.”

He felt the need to chime in, “Learning conservation is also key.”
”Of course, Sir. It’s easy to know that if one overextends themselves it’s natural to be drained. But right now it won’t get that far.”
“Why’s that?” came another question from the Savant.
“Because our Minders are acting like a safety net, and may even transfer some of their energy if we need to learn at the best place we can. I imagine it is why we each get a Trainer that stays with us most of the time so they themselves can work on increasing their utility with transferring the force and increase their reserves at the same time. I also think later they might be practicing their own more subtle skills around us, such as trying to camouflage their presences. Haven’t you noticed they seem to be dulling themselves in your Senses so as not to jar our concentration, it’s like they’re practicing how to be in plain sight, yet hidden. Of course, their sharing of energy probably won’t happen all the time but I imagine at least the first few days for those in the accelerated training.” Winters heard the girl say.
“Correct. At least in moderation.” The kuati almost jumped at the voice of the red guard standing over his shoulder taking notes. “Back to your exercises, please.”

“Yes, Sir.” Winters said before attempting to alter the angle of the orbiting objects only to have them fall down again causing some noise on the training ground’s plating. That seemed to be a signal of some sort as a lunch of ration bars were handed out before the training group was ushered to a series of small plasticrete stands ordered into lines. The group was told to stand in front of them, then instructed to place their training objects on the first five of the stands, pebbles first, then bearings, then cubes. They couldn’t place anything on the sixth because on the last stand was a transparisteel box with what they were told was a pressure sensor inside.
“As you should understand, telekinesis isn’t just supposed to work in an envireonment containing air, but also in the void of space. For this reason the sixth pedestal’s box contains a sensor plate in a vacuum. If you successfully trigger a force push against it, it will chime and flash a red light.” The Instructor cleared his throat before continuing his exposition. “ What this means is that you will have to be careful how you mold your telekinetic push. If you notice the stands are only six inches apart at this time, and only four inches wide at the top. For some simple math the force wave you have to generate would have to go a total distance of sixty inches, or five feet. Once it touches the first object, and hopefully blows past it to strike the other objects we hope the telekinetic push will penetrate , either through gravitics or some other part of your formations of the force, the box and trigger the sensor of the pressure plate. A simple shake or vibration won’t just do. Any questions?”

“Didn’t you just tell us that a force push utilized air pressure?” came a confused query.

“Yes but I’ll give you a hint: All pressure must be contained somehow, no matter if the walls of it’s container are as thin as a ribbon or as thick as deck plating. It also helps to work on attempting to forge a straight line to your last thing you want to topple.”

One of the female trainees he hadn’t heard speak yet piped up a comment, “That’s kind of cryptic Sir. May we get a demonstration?”

“Alright, I’ll provide one. As for my words being cryptic: Deal with it!” The Instructor gave a bark of laughter, “But since I see you all chomping at the bit I’ll let you in on a bit of the secret. There’s reasons why we don’t give much guidance in this first lesson.”
Winters and the rest could tell the Instructor was amused. One of the trainees laughed a bit at that, “Any chance to enlighten us, Sir?”
“Oh I suppose I could.” The Instructor said with a snort. “You have ask nicely though, Trainee.”
“Please may we know the reason for the limited guidance we are receiving, Sir?”
The Instructor coughed then let out a sigh, “All right, well first I need to say is: Well done all of you for not just accepting what you’ve been told ad rather asking questions. At times it’s appropriate as long as it’s in a proper manner. Now the reasons we do things like this has to do with a Trainee’s focus, control and how they’re applied to one’s Affinities. The main goal of today’s exercise, beyond the introduction of one’s abilities to learn a force power is to allow you trainees to learn a few of the how’s and why’s your force energies act as they lean towards the affinities you are being assessed to have.”

“By affinities I take it you mean Aspects?”

“Correct” The man grunted and stretched a little, in the short pause another asked a question.
“It may have been already covered but can one person have more than one primary aspect?”
“Theoretically, No.” The Instructor held up a hand to forestall further comments. “Think of learning a force power in your primary aspect as studying a complex problem written in a language you know. Learning a force power in a different aspect is like studying a complex problem in a different language. You can learn that second language but typically will think in your native tongue. Difficulties learning things in a tertiary affinity or aspect increases on an exponential level.”

Winters saw some of the Trainees gawking at the Instructor as the man continued, “Learning a force power in your second aspect might be tweice as hard, and for some a third aspect’s force ability may be a hundred times as hard or more all depending on one’s potential. In order to help figure out the potential of our trainees we allow them some time to experiment during this first class of telekinesis due to a simple fact: Telekinetics, or Control of movement, could quite possibly be the most common power others might combine other Aspects with.”
The Instructor shrugged, and held one hand up towards the crowd, punctuating his words. “Let’s narrow that down a little bit for your understanding. Let’s say we take a good look at the subset of abilities that are developed through the use of force push. For starters, a force push can be developed into stronger iterations, it just takes a lot of practice. One could strengthen air currents to lift someone up with a force whirlwind or throw them back with a force wave or Repulse. In the basics of the technique, one must concentrate and manipulate their energies while controlling the pressures around an object. This directly equates to force grip and force throw where one tosses objects, and force push itself could be ‘overcharged’ to create a Force Blast. But the main thing in many of the techniques you develop is that the pressure must be contained in some sort to generate the principle vector, otherwise known as the direction , the force push is to travel in. I want you all to try and bring the force to your eyes and see what I do as I give you a single demonstration.”
The Instructor turned towards his own line of pedestals. “To begin, stand and reach out with your arm. Palm towards the target. For myself, “ Winters could see the basic manipulations of the force the Instructor was underataking as a staff of energies lanced out like a polearm through all six objects. “I tend to create a guide rail of sorts from the center of my palm in the direction I want my force push to follow. Now I recall a few of you making a few barriers or platforms in the force to lift things , and this is kinda the same idea. For me, I envision crafting two such plates, one in front of the other, and then connecting the edges to form a bubble around the air within, almost like a donut.”

“Or a tire?” one of the trainees mused aloud.
“Yes, exactly, only to increase the pressure I pull one side back like the inside of a tire pump. Then I pulse a s big of an amount of force energy through the ‘axle’ which drags the pressure in the tire to an point of explosive decompression in the general direction I want it to go.” A loud crack resonated in the air as to Winters Sight, he saw the force energy in action. It pierced towards, and through the targets like a lance. The pressurized air followed in the wake of the telekinetic surge, almost as if the pulse was dragging the pressure along for the ride. A chime sounded from the transparisteel box as the sensor was effected enough to blink red.

The other items, including the cube, went flying.
“Now the idea of working with pressurized bands of air following a guideline in any direction may prove rather useful in your conceptualization. You notice that the wave of air didn’t impact the sensor’s box enough to move it but the normal TK energies I exerted penetrated through the material enough that it did. First thing to realize, The force is an energy field and sometimes you can move or affect objects which are inside other objects. A lock comes to mind, it’s just all a matter of sensing what you’re working with.”
Winter would remember this , seeing as it was useful.
“Now, as I begin to have you make your attempts, you might find that this exercise could be quite draining so take breaks if you need to. The other Instructors might help you out if you falter, or your reserves get low, but try your best. After this exercise we’ll share a few models with Dreamscape of how different individuals approach telekinesis. I also included a few expositions of examples in the datafiles we’re adding to your resource list. So at this moment I want you to spread out and begin, but remember if something just feels right with another visualization technique, just go with it. Those nagging feelings may just be the force trying to provoke an insight in you. Finally, if one item falls, without triggering the pressure plate, I want you to levitate it back up to the stand. If you finish once, keep trying to practice until your force reserves are low.”

With those words the exercise began to shift its focus onto the next phase as the hours began to pass.

Winters failures outweighed his small successes, and he had to stop every twenty minutes or so to reground his meditations before making another sluggish attempt. Levitating his mistakes back to the pedestal was a repetitive, onerous task. But he could see where the building on prior skills was necessary if it would take over ten thousand repetitions to begin to see some progress in his facilities to implement the technique. In this regard he continually tried to change things up by going back to his earlier constructs of levitation to aide him, some were harder than others of course, and he saw the others nearby doing the same.

Pierce, the idiot savant got in the first half hour and countined like it was a game. Jericho attempted to analyze his efforts and made some slow, but steady progress of his own. In the last minutes of time he reached a success by overpowering the technique enough to cause the light to flash red and the chime to sound. It was enough to make him see spots in his eyes, so he collapsed back onto his hands before his trainer bridged the distance between them to place a hand on Winter’s shoulder. A rush of energy seemed to come back into his system. He gave the guard a nod as thanks , panting too hard to form words. All he did from there was rest as the gauged the others of the group’s successes. He noticed in the final moments the girl’s exhaustive attempts caused the pressure plate’s light to blink red, but no chime to sound before she collapsed to one knee. He watched as her own minder came to assist her , and he studied for about ten seconds as he watched how the technique to transfer the force was done before he let his flickering ability to See the Force falter back into normal vision.
While the experience had been useful, he was in no way ready to learn such a technique as a wave of exhaustion toppled him to the ground. He lay on his back, facing upwards as he just concentrated on recovering. His hair was slicked back by perspiration as the exercise ended in time for the Trainers to hand out drinking bulbs and another high calorie ration bar which he wolfed down. For once the five meal’s the Federation provided a day was a boon as the surgars helped his energy levels replenish his aching body.

He was satisfied with his progress on this lesson and he also thought Mr. Gast was too by the smile on his face.

A slew of five visions were presented to them via dreamscape before the Trainees were told to gather up their items and to keep the cubes and the ball bearing for private practice. The accelerated learning groups got sent off to their next lesson while the general training group was encouraged to have some time reviewing the models and visualization in their notes as well as to enhance their memories for the day. Winters noticed he was placed in the same group as last time, and ushered to the same room, the only difference was the new trainer wearing black armor and carrying a lightstaff as a pot of tea was brewing.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Day VII, 1700 hours…
“I saw some of you had difficulties with today’s lesson. May I ask one of you to sit in the circle as we have some tea?”
Today’s teacher was a Shadow Guard, and she hoped it would be a welcome change from the frustrations of the morning’s lesson. After she had awoken she’d been given a grueling four hours of study on genomic construction that had left her mind hurting before it had been flushed out with the grueling work of that damned run which made her lungs hurt. Apparently, it was all the best to help retain the vast amount of knowledge which had been imparted into her brain. Such wasn’t a detractor, or rather it wasn’t something to complain about even if it left her with a headache that hadn’t gone away till after breaking fast. She was still hungry after the lunch, and the extra ration bar.
Ravenous even.
“Fine.” Moira said sitting in the circle, unsure of where this was going; but if she actually got to drink her tea then it would at least be productive in her eyes.
“Sometimes a problem with visualization, can be fixed by rethinking, and redoing the basics, so here I have an exercise for all of you. But we’re going to be doing this one at a time. So Mr. Gast, Mr. Winters, and Mr. Pertram, I ask a bit of your patience as we play a game, a game I like to call. ‘Would you like some tea? Miss Drakengard, or is it Miss. Yusanis?”
“Either is suitable, Sir.” Moira replied.
“Good, Miss Yusanis. I want you to center yourself. Meditate, and begin to relax.” Moira did as she was asked, closing her eyes and breathing regularly as she had been taught as she let the Instructor’s words begin to guide her actions.”Imagine in your mind you visualize a hand, A hand like your own. With fingers and digits. Now reach out with that hand and grab the pot of tea. Reach out with the fingers of your mind and grasp it.” The echani did as she was told, and was soon amazed at feeling the sensations of holding a cup. “Do you have it, child?”

“Yes, I can feel the handle, and the texture of the metal.” She tried to lift it up, “But I can’t move it.”

“Don’t try to move it, just try to pour it into the mug I have next to you with your left and try to drink from it with your right.” Moira concentrated her efforts on what she remembered that felt like, and behind closed eyes she began to sense the force acting to her will,, or was it in response to her wish? In either case the pot began to wobble, then slowly rose and began to tilt. Some of the tea splashed around the mug but after it was filled the pot placed itself back onto the table before the mug was moved into Moira’s right hand.

Her eyes flashed open as her brow furrowed, “I don’t understand, I didn’t try to move it.”

“No you just tried to drink from it.” The shadow guard said, “What would you have done if you wanted to take a drink?”

Moira blinked, “I’d reach out and pick it up.”

“That’s right, but you wouldn’t be thinking about picking it up. You’d simply do it and that’s what you just learned. In the beginning focus on the goal and not the task. When you wanted the tea, it came to you. It is only after you first succeed that you should concentrate and delve into the process.”
Feeling a little unsure of herself, Moira thought about it a moment before replying. “So you are saying like an ingrained reflex I have to overcome my mind telling me it’s impossible, then after I convince myself it is possible, I should return to the why and the how to consciously direct the Force?”
The royal Guard waved a hand in her direction. “Correct. Some darksiders forget this step, or go directly to enforcing one’s will on the force. Ultimately this leads to one’s failure in a situation far beyond what they can hope to deal with unless they give up their will to the force. In your case, it’s the opposite. You’ve learned that instinctual level of giving up everything to the force, and now must learn to apply your will. It’s a fascinating experience for you , I’m sure.” Moira arched an eyebrow wondering if many of the Trainers and Instructors would view her as some experiment. Or like something in a zoo. But now was not the time to ruminate over such things. “Now we’re not done yet. I know that you are tired but I must ask that you press on. The next exercise is called ‘Wouldn’t it taste better if it were hot?”
The Royal guard motioned for her to put the mug down in front of her, so she did leaving her hands slightly above it. “See past the liquid not with your eyes but with your mind. Whate the eyes see is but the surface of reality. This reflection of light upon objects. Look beneath the liquid and then look deeper.” With a bit of perseverance her gaze narrowed as it had when she helped heal the doctor’s wounds and soon she saw a microcosm beneath her fingers as the Guard’s words continued to guide her focus. “There is no liquid, there is no cup, there is only a collection of molecules and atoms vibrating.”
Tiny pinpricks of light showed in her senses as she began to see swirling sparks like fire dancing around each other in patterns that belied words. Or rather words were only the poorest means to communicate what she now noticed. “I see them, they’re barely moving.”

“That’s because they’re cold. How would you heat them up?”
“With a fire?”
“That’s right child. With the fire of your mind.”
Moira drew in a single breath, “How do I do that?”
“Focus on the goal child, not the task. Don’t think about creating the fire. Just use it.” To Moira’s senses she could begin to see the clusters of atoms vibrate faster and then begin to bounce around like ping pong balls as they became enshrouded in a thin theel of energy. In the far out of forcus distance to her perceptions the sound of bubbling tea came to her ears as the welcome aroma came to her sense of smell, prompting a far off rumble of her stomach.“Now back away your focus , remember yourself and pull your presence back to the world of the macro, and out of the micro.”
Moira’s eyes opened again in wonder before she spoke, “I see it now, it’s so simple.”

“That’s right, the world fo the micro is the true tapestry for a person gifted with the primary aspect of materialization. To limit one’s focus as you did is call by some as Art of the Small. I myself only discovered how to do so after years of practice, learning my own limits. But Conjuration is not my specialty, For now, you should know a true Conjurer will hone these skills the farther they progress, almost as if they were borne to do it, save the initial steps are much harder to learn the creation, and dissolution of matter itself.
“I see.” Moira replied, and she truly did.

“But caution is a must, there are many dangers to these skills. Now stimulating the molecules of this tea is a good first step, as it’s mainly water. Do you remember what water is made of?” Moira’s brow furrowed at this in consternation, that was basic chemistry.

“Hydrogen and Oxygen.”

“Yes and those elements are easily flammable when they are alone, are they not?”
“Yes.” She replied wondering where the man was going with this.

“Just like what you did with the liquid one can apply this process to the use of telekinetics, which is manipulation and Emission. Your abilities so far have manifested both extremes of temperature, hot and cold. When the principles of Emission, Telekinesis, and stimulation of atoms in the air combine to produce friction, heat and eventually flame is formed. Flame which can be manipulated enters into what can be called Pyromancy. A fireball is a prime example. Conversely, the sapping of heat in the old sith aspects of looking at the force was called Cryomancy. An example of this would be freezing one’s opponent but those truly gifted can do much more.
Moira’s nerves seemed to steady as she soon understood the gist of what was being talked about and the others seemed to be on the right track as well. Each one seemed to be taking interest in the conversation at the idea of flinging fireballs around. “So what would working with just the liquid of water be called?” she asked.
“Like that Force Orb we were shown?” came the question from Pierce.
“In part, there is more force powers that can apply to hydratics. Force Orb is just the start.”
“Air? Like in applying principles of physics like bernouli’s law to make things float?”
“-or the pressurized air in the force push ability we tried to learn today?” Moira heard Mr. Winters interject.
“All under the title of Aeromancy. Though it truly becomes broader, some Nightsisters can use it, and other aspects of study to summon storms.”
“Why would one learn Hydratics?” came from Pierce’s direction.
Like anything else the trainer answered it patiently. “Because a third of the inhabitable worlds are water worlds. “

But what if one is not in the atmosphere of a planet?”

“They had Gravitics, then magnetic, to reach those skills, though we forgot to mention Electrics like force lightning, but now we normally don’t go into these matters with many recruits but a Conjurer needs to understand and push their abilities in the macro in order to begin to be ready to link together numerous newly created atoms, and their parts, in the micro. The transformation aspect figures heavily into things, and all can be crossed with telekinetic principles to manipulate such forces.”
A hand went to class the medallion at her neck, the one with the crystal fused into her mother’s necklace as she pondered the man’s words about transformation and conjuration. She was told, and given the memories later that during her awakening she had forged it with her mind, and she wondered how her skills would continue to grow.
The royal guard sighed, “In the end it’s all about focus. I have something to show you all before we go any further. Something the Federation has recovered and rebuilt from the Inquisitorial archives. A child’s toy known as a Mental Maze. I have one here for each of you to practice with. For your information ; a mental maze is series of concentric spheres where a person will project part of themselves. Inside the sphere is a maze and the smaller the sphere’s get the harder it is to discern a way out until one gets the trick of how they operate. I believe that all of you can benefit with these if you can learn to sharpen your focus down to more finite levels at times to inspect your constructions in the force. “ The guard waved a hand and three small spheres landed in front of each of the four members of their group. “But first is there any other questions?”

What should we call you?” Moira heard the officer ask. Mr. Gast seemed to be a thoughtful fellow, only chiming in when he felt appropriate.
“My main focus here in the Nexus is to teach the tactical use of abilities under the direction of the main training officers and I constantly am assessing our programs to make more efficient. Often times, among my colleagues here I am simply referred to by the title of , ‘The Tactician.’ If that does not suffice one may call me by rank, of Lt. Colonel. Any other questions?”
“If things like Pyromancy, Cryomancy, Hydratics, Electrics, Magnetics, and Gravitics are all subsets of applying telekinetic principles to control something, why doesn’t one hear of jedi or sith capturing each other with giant hands of dirt or drowning people in giant spheres of water?” Moira had to ask.
“Some do but it’s not as energy efficient.” A silent eyebrow was arched to convey her curiosity as the guard noticed and continued on. “Think about it, being able to manipulate fire, water, lightning and air with freedom doesn’t stand out as much in natural surroundings. Manipulating earth, or geomancy is a little weirder then manipulating fire. The biggest issue is this: working with solid matter is a pain in the ass. Working with matter at all is a pain in the ass.
It might not seem like it at first, but lighting someone on fire takes a lot less energy than say, shaping stone into prison bars to capture someone. As for water, consider the matter of weight, water weighs a lot more per volume. An enhancer might be able to lift an air speeder, but a single tub of water wighs about as much as an air car. Using it as a weapon would require the same amount of telekinetic energy. It’s the same as with metals or earth, though there are force users who have trained to do so. It’s not impossible, and for some like the shapers of kro ‘var, has been turned into an art form.
But for most- moving and shaping air is a lot easier then moving water or stone. If a force user wants to change the weather on a world then it must be easier to practice with gases. This is due to a volume of a gas, like those found in a normal terrestrial atmosphere, generally weighing less than a given volume of a liquid or solid. Skipping the matter entirely, going straight to energy or plasma, goes into Emission and gets somewhat easier.”
“Why?” she heard the dark armored trooper ask.
“Because force users can cheat with fire and lightning a lot easier. If you stop feeding energy to water or earth, they just stop doing what you wanted. Water splashes and starts flowing down hill while earth stills, though a boulder might still fall.
Fire outside of anyone’s control is still fire and if you light someone on fire, you can generally just shrug and move on as they deal with their own problem at hand.

Lightning or force lightning doesn’t quite do that but you can shift charges in the atmosphere to create a proportionate effect. One can’t always create the energy to empower a storm, really I’ve only heard dathomiri witches utilizing that often, but one can usually make the rest of the universe pay the price. This is an an assortment of skills called Altering the Environment , I’ll get you all some reading materials on that as well as a few physics. A conjurer needs to know the macro effects in order to deal with the microscopic forces of attraction. It’s important as you won’t normally find a person drowning in a floating sphere of water. There are more efficient ways of killing someone. Rarely will one see water or earth used unless it’s for flair, or used to create fear by intimidation. If you do see someone utilizing those elements with telekinetic control, be forewarned you are likely facing someone very powerful and discretion is the best advice I can give you. Sometimes it might be best to flee.”

“Because fear is the mind killer?” asked Pierce.
“Somewhat correct, However one must not forget the use of debris and telekinetically slinging them at someone is effective as there is almost no need to change the underlying landscape if you want to throw a boulder or an enemy tank. However, if one can be able to develop their abilities to fling smaller objects at greater speeds and force it might prove more beneficial to their defense. Developing this as a will certainly help many with different primary aspects as it will help one learn control over multiple objects. As a Conjurer, using the materialization and transmutation aspects, one should think of all those electrons protons and neutrons you’ll have to move while creating a single atom.
For this particular group it would also benefit the others to cross train out of their main aspects so they might learn enough to one day form a small blade if they were ever captured. Either to use on their captors, or on themselves.”

Moira heard pierce utter a grunt of disgust, “Well that’s certainly a macabre way to look at things.”

“Transmutation might be good to study enough to climb walls, or make your Aura magnetic enough to brace oneself on top of ship’s corridor. At least enough to literally get the drop on one’s enemies.”

“Now that would be useful,” Pierce exclaimed with joy, “Though wouldn’t that mess up our Suits?”

After shaking his head a moment, Moira heard Winters chime in at that, “Well think about it. What are we going to do if the suit’s too damaged and we’re ejected from it? Anything to aid our ability to escape and evade an enemy force would be ideal. That doesn give me an idea though, can one use telekinesis and some conjured plasma to make something like a plasma bridge?”

“By that I take it you mean the fortification element that acts like a drawbridge?” the guard asked while looking thoughtful. “Theoretically it’s possible just extremely energy intensive. Not to mention needing a lot of focus, and repetition to perfect in order to use in an emergency. Why do you ask Mr. Winters?”

“Because if you can make it, or perfect it enough to form a platform in midair that duplicates that technology one could use such a platform to double or triple their force jump. Say if a jet pack, or repulsor pack was damaged and on the fritz, it could also help control a crash landing. Working to slow one down. Of course it would be easier to fly up with the repulsors in the first place but one learns not to be dependant on equipment too much, and for me that tenant will probably be extended to and applied to any force abilities I learn here as well. It’s easiest to do something in the most efficient manner, but plan for the unexpected, even if you can’t plan for all the permutations of it.”

The royal guard seemed to become very still at that moment, pausing a bit before his reply. “An excellent idea to follow to not become too dependent on one thing, to be used in this specific theory I must conjecture a little. Such a possible construction in the force could be taught as an alternate means to assist those Emission specialists who are weak in telekinetic abilities to lengthen and assist their own jumps. Probably a permutation of a force web now that I think about it. I will have to pass the idea along to our superiors to discuss the viability of such a thing. A simple chance to rejump when falling into hostile environment hazards would save many a life if one was able to focus at it enough to be efficient in battle or in an emergency. “

Then and there vowed to perfect such a technique if it was all possible, force forbid it if she ever was in the circumstances to avoid a lava bath.
“Perhaps as a group during the learning of other things we may experiment with it. “ the royal guard finished as Moira let out a rueful smile behind her mask, one which she saw Pierce unknowingly echo as he expressed his own enthusiasm. “Now are there any other questions?”
Moira raised her hand, “How many connections in the macro, as you put it, should I attune my abilities to before attempting to delve deeper into the materialization side of things?

“Oh that depends on whether you wish to stay with inorganic matter or to push the envelope, delving deep into the healing arts with organic matter.”
With another breath, the echani heard the metallic tang of the respirator cycling in her breath mask and thought of her own damaged body and the life support suit she presently inhabited. “I would definitely wish to push the envelope on all fronts. Organic and Healing sound like areas I would like to explore. Bacta conjuration and plasma substitutes for blood might help save a life on the battlefield.”

“Good, then I would say a single cell would be as complex as all the parts of a large spaceship put together, but that doesn’t mean one cannot work slowly on such a project. Unlike a living life form, you can take it in shifts. But perhaps it would be best to monitor your abilities to train you to materialize more and more intricate materials starting from something simple, like hydrogen, and oxygen. The others might benefit from developing these two items as well if they want to learn to manipulate and boost their potentials in pyromantic constructions of the force.” Moira nodded her assent. “I believe before we do begin to teach you the basics we should do an exercise called, ‘what is hot tea should be child to make a fine iced drink. Recenter and focus on the cup and answer this, how would you make your tea colder?”

Moira did as she was asked, and stretched her senses out to the tea again, feeling it’s texture , sensing the aroma. It made her a little thirsty but she placed such aside. “If making it hotter was fire, logically it should be ice.”
“Indeed, child. Focus on the liquid again. See beneath once more. See the heat and energy surrounding the molecules, and then…” Under the guidance she once again began to stare into the microcosm that mirrored the galaxy’s moving stars and planets. Rationalizing some part of her mind would see both the same way in such currents as eventually even the universe had it’s own decaying order. To rise, and fall to dust, certainly if such a process was done in nature, even over the course of countless amounts of time, surely she could do the same here with these few molecules. She believed she could at least, as she closed her eyes to concentrate. “Draw it away as if leaching to the air where a ball of cold is present. Move the heat.”

Poking with the fingers of her mind she began to imagine the visualization of a hand transform into grasping feelers that remained hollow as they immersed themselves into the field of atoms. She could ‘feel’ the wetness of the tea’s water as the heat began to sponge itself away. Unknown to her a small sphere of water rose from the tea’s surface.
“Do not grasp the water itself, only the heat, while adding the ice of your mind. Focus on drawing the heat but leave the water behind. Focus only on the sensation of wanting a cold drink.”

The sphere plopped back into the mug and the spongy texture of her mind’s fingers shift form as heat was bled away . Simultaneously the molecules of the tea which she could see began to slow back to their original race as the liquid cooled.

“Good, now return.”
Once more she centered herself and built up her mind’s fragile walls as she concentrated to still her Aura’s flow. She opened her eyes to see the others staring intently where her force construction had just been dispelled. “Study the mug, what can you tell me?” The guard asked.

Her eyes examined the sight in front of her, the outside of the mug was frosted over, though the tea was still in liquid form. With a bit of wonder she had to ask, “Did I do that?”

Like any Instructor the man was blunt. “Yes, even during the application of cryomancy to move the heat to another place in what is part of the first process of Emission to attract some form of energy, though here you did not absorb it into your body.”

“But the icy frost? It’s coating the entire mug. Surely that can’ all be from the liquid or the air, the scrubbers on the ship wouldn’t allow that even in.” Pierce gestured around them at the hydroponic mini garden, “here the systems wouldn’t allow enough for tha-“

The royal guard interjected, “And this is why a Conjurer is so dangerous child. The ice came into being through the processes of her mind. The same as we evidenced before. Without fine tuning your ability to control such subconscious manifestation you may injure yourself and others>’

Moira frowned, “I’m not sure if I like not being in control or being a danger to myself or others” What was left unsaid was the possibility if she continued training her abilities there might be another accident. This one, where it wasn’t just scaring an orderly.

“I’m afraid it isn’t going to get any easier. You are already starting to manifest abilities far beyond whatever you imagined. Soon, if left untrained, your powers will be beyond the other beings you usually associate with, might prove a danger. Your learning will be painful, and without training radically out of control. Should that happen, you would pose a severe risk to yourself and others. That’s why you were sent here.”
Moira swallowed hard, shaking her head as she felt like there was a pachyderm sitting on her chest. “An what happens then if I’m constantly unable to control my abilities?”

The royal guard stared at her through the foreboding helmet as the others took notice of his words, “It’s standard practice that Any force user unable to control themselves representing a severe danger to others is Neutralized.”
“You mean executed.” Moira whispered.
“Perhaps, Other times their connection to the force is removed.”
It took a sheer force of will to compose herself before she could ask another question, “So how would I gain better control of my primary aspect?”

“For materialization , we start slow. But you are lucky in this regards.”
“Your propensity to create ice is implicative of the very basics. Ice is frozen water. Water is two atoms of hydrogen combined with covalent bonds with a single atom of oxygen. Many who may only have a basic potential in manipulation can learn to use their abilities to synthesize both types of atoms. All principles of controlling the process and warding protons, neutrons, and electrons together in a formation that attains physical form can be strengthened by strengthening telekinetics as well. Both can help one start a fire, if one needs too, or make water in a desert.”
“That sounds useful,” one of the others chimed in. “But conjuration as a whole seems a bit dangerous if one gets one thing wrong.”
“Of course, one doesn’t want to spark off the annihilation of matter into antimatter, or create nuclear fission in one thing. That certainly is a risk, though some have weaponized such abilities. But for now, I have a demonstration to aid one in their progress. This lesson is getting more on the side of the theoretical but in time such will help you. For now it’s time for something practical.” The royal guard turned towards an open satchel nearby and withdrew a small potted plant, and two vials.”These will be helpful to you all, and will be another aide I give you to practice with for after the mental mazes have allowed you to hone your focus. But we will make an attempt here at something similar.
The vials are sealed and contain hydrogen and oxygen. The plant is useful to hon one senses and begin to familiarize the ‘taste’ so to speak of organic life in the force. Take the tea and drink it, it may refresh you.” Moira nodded and did so when she was finished she took the offered vials as the Instructor merely set aside the mug and coaster aside , back next to the pot. She wondered if she could ask to have another cup, but would save that question for later as the guard began to speak again.”I myself am not a Conjurer, at least it’s not my abilities primary orientation, though I am strong in a secondary aspect of transformation. I was brought into assisting your group’s learning on areas I am about to show you. I want everyone to focus your senses in the force on the plant and observe.”
Moira watched as the guard hovered his hands over the plant before a green light began to emanate from his fingers. Closing her eyes her senses drifted towards the plant, seeing beneath the cellular wall of it’s molecules and she watched as her senses relayed a rush of energy into the plants. Energizing each cell, yet then twisting them, changing them as they began to split apart, undergoing mitosis. She would never be able to tell how much time passed, only that it did as the interlinked shades of green from the guard’s energies bent the cherry red streaks of the electrons of the matter to their will.”
“Come back now, everyone. Soon I will have you all go through the exercise with the tea, but for now, I wish you to see what I’ve demonstrated.”

Moira crawled from the quagmire of energies once again and opened her eyes. What awaited her was a surprise: the plant had grown now, reaching to eye level. She opened her mouth to ask what happened but then closed it a moment until she could sum up her request into a single thought. Pierce however beat her to it.
The royal guard shrugged, “Plant Surge. It is a means of stimulating a plant’s growth, quickening and supplying the energy for it’s natural cycle to be hastened. In a way learning how to use the force in such a manner is very dangerous. It is something no normal person would consider. This is because they would be confined to their physical senses, seeing only what they personally could observe. Though such thoughts have been expanded through technology a primal sense of what is expected is hard to break, or may cause some unease. Using the force in a plant would be quite easier by perception then in another complex organism, like an animal. Or a-“
“or a person. “ Winters stated loud enough for her to hear. “I assume you mean that using the force inside of a living thing is difficult. Like growing a clone.”
“That has permutations all it’s own above for me to want to consider in this session, but there is one other aspect of force abilities I’d like you to think of.”
“Healing.” Moira stated it as a fact, and it was. One she had heard the Doctor lecture her on. It seemed the royal guard had his own take on things and she was apt to learn it.

“Correct, though in essence at it’s tiniest place in practice, it might prove as simple a manipulation as the tea, though healing is first usually learned in aiding oneself before one can aid others as an organism usually has a presence in the force that yearns to operate at it’s peak conditions. Sickness, Illness, and deformity are, through that idea, all simply skewed realizations of the body improperly forming or healing itself.

Consider Cancer. The body does not thing it malevolent or malignant if tis natural defenses cannot identify it as wrong, or dangerous to the whole of the organism. But you will learn more of that later. I call the next exercise, ‘change is both good and bad.”

The Guard gestured to the plant. “Touch it.” Moira placed a finger on the petal, a strange sensation suffusing the back of her mind as the guard continued. “This is how we normally know it. The feel and texture of the petals. The carrying of the sensations up the nerve impulses to the brain can detect the moisture of the plant, the sharpness of its thorns and we usually think we know what it feels like.”
Moira nodded once as she tried to center on the peculiar sensation she was feeling, getting the faint echo of something singing in the background before she moved her finger off the plant a moment as the sensations faded only to return a finger back to the petal. “But we don’t really know it. Reach with your mind, child, grasp it with your senses. Feel it for the first time not as its molecules but as a living thing. Think of nothing but the flower, and it’s life. It’s the only object in the universe, know it. Know it an a way only one awakened to the force can.”

Her mind stretched with a peculiar twist and she could sense the life force of the plant, and then a flash of insight as if it was in a bed of similar flowers before its roots were partially torn to be planted into a bed of it’s own pot. “Can you see it?”

“Yes. It’s more then seeing, it’s more then touching… I know this plant.” Moira whispered in awe.

“You can do more, Reach out. Feel all the life in this room, then push your senses even further.” For a moment, her senses expanded stretching almost unimaginably as she began to feel the pinpricks of life from all those about the Nemesis before here attention was called to answer the guard. “This is but one the basics of farsight in the present, detecting lives and energies from afar, yet close by. Soon one will be taught to open one to visions of the force, carried by the long off ripples of consequence, sometimes even to sense the future. But that is all a matter of when *after* one develops their precognitive abilities, but can you sense the life now?”

“Yes. It’s a strange feeling, I can sense them, feel them, pulsing in the force as they go about their lives.”

“Concentrate back on the flower child, while letting the other sensations take a step back. The flower can be more beautiful. Bring that change, as you know change can just be an excitement of molecules. Bring the fire!” The words were commanding, and almost without a thought Moira did so, for a single blessed moment before the royal guard’s voice brought her back to her senses. “Keep your eyes closed child, Tell me, how did it feel? Can you tell what happened? Then only after you can tell me, open your eyes.”

For a brief moment, Moira smiled as her mind pieced things to assess what she had just done. “I made a change.”

“Yes. Now look at the plant.”

Her eyes snapped open to give her the first sight of what she had done:
THE PLANT WAS DEAD> BURNED FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Her breath choked in her throat as she bleakly stated what was now obvious, “It’s dead.”

The guard shrugged, “You felt life, sensed life, you embraced it’s essence in your mind and then you transformed it. There’s nothing else like it in the Universe. However, you applied the wrong type of energy and made it undergo a very weaponizable process. Combustion.”
Moira blinked as a rush of frustration and anger seemed to course through her, “But this is just like what you said of not being in control! I don’t want to hurt anybody!”

The guard held up a hand as a wave of calm swept over her, “Of course not. But that’s not the point. Hurt people, help them, give life, kill- it’s all the same: A change. Once you see beyond the physical you begin to see the Universe as it truly is. Now you know why you must devote yourself to your training!

Why you can’t let the fear of other being harmed by your abilities hold you back as you learn to use the Force. The Force connects everything in a way that cannot be put into words. If you develop your abilities far enough you must let this fear of yours go! It serves no purpose.”
Taking a deep breath, she meditated on the guard’s words, pondering their various implications as the group looked on. “I understand, fear is the mind killer.”

A bark of laughter came from the guard, “The jedi may have at least have gotten that much right child. Ihave another plant for you to work with, I believe in time it will help you to learn how to transfer as much of the force as you need to make it grow and hone your abilities. Now back to the vials.”
“Transfer the force?” Pierce said, gaining back the use of his tongue from his own shock at the display.
“A key proponent in healing others, to temporarily assist another force user, or to make a manipulation in a plant of animal’s growth. I will give you all learning materials to study along with my notes on plant surge to help familiarize your senses to understanding the feel of living matter as opposed to non-living matter. I believe one demonstration has been enough to show you the risks. Small steps are best while we work on the coordinate skills.”

Moira looked at the dead plant and nodded, “So for nonliving matter, I will learn to materialize hydrogen and oxygen first, but what are the next steps after that?”

“Aside from asking your entire group to strengthen their telekinetics, you as well must get as strong as you can, I will have you materialize water then salt crystals, then ice crystals, then space ice or amorphic ice and finally we will move into forming metals and other elements as we work towards something very important as it will be paying for your studies so to speak. Think of it as an A to Z approach.”
“What is that that I must learn?”
The guard reached into the satchel that held something on a lanyard and passed it to her. “One of the last few natural stygium crystals. One you will study as much as you can as a means of honing the skil of Art of the small that you have begun to identify and learn today. It was also postulated one can use this ability to not only manipulate and focus on the micro, but that they could learn to blend in as form of camouflage or Force Concealment. I will be expecting you to master this, and for the others to at least attempt its learning as it’s a higher grade then normal force stealth.”

Moira a drew a breath and held it a moment. “When do we begin?”

“For hydrogen, and oxygen- after you learn to make neutrons, protons, and electrons which will be directly after I have Misters, Pertram, Gast, and Winters run through my little exercises. Bear in mind that fire may be summoned by telekinetically vibrating the molecules together. For many abilities and aspects its all how you use them to accomplish the same ends. Until then, observe their efforts and we will begin after they are done. Take another cup of tea with you. Today, I may ask all of you to break your fast and have dinner with just us here for us to have time to continue.”

Moira nodded and so did the others as the guard commed the arrangements in. Then she left the circle as the black suited man took her place. Watching as he made some progress, to heat, and then still the tea, but she could see and sense the difference in his manipulations- the frequency of telekinetics at its smallest, he also eventually burned the plant, but it was not an easy thing she could see. It sort of wilted and tapered off like a cigar from the top to the roots.

Eventually she was brought back into the next phase of the lesson, shown to draw a force construction in the micro with the benefit of a holoprojector inside a vacuum box like one that held the pressure sensors from before to form a neutron, a proton, and an electron as the others attempted to do the same, with varying, unstable results that dissipated as quickly as they came. But to her, after what seemed like three hours of practice, munching on a luke warm meal and a ration bar she achieved success, almost passing out as she poured and bombarded the construct with energy to materialize the constituent parts and to mold them together to form a single atom of hydrogen in the vacuum that the sensors could pick up.
It was all a matter of change, and energy, as the royal guard had said. Only she wanted to scream about how much energy it would take. Minutes before her first successful attempt on her own, she knew that Winters had only a partial success to link a proton and a neutron together, she could sense it as if she was standing right beside his construction, assessing a small twist in the force that she somehow knew was wrong… so she corrected it to attract the tiniest formation of an electron too it before asking the royal guard to transfer the memory, albeit reluctantly. But the man’s efforts had been a stepping stone to show her what to do.

But her final attempt had her blinking the stars from her eyes as one of her Minders transferred some of the force back into her, welcoming the brief repose as she was taken from the others back to the Doctor after a stern warning was given not to try anything else till the next session. In her room, as the Doctor fussed over her, and did the usual healing Moira struggled to add the days memories to her mental codes, enhancing her lessons from the start of her training before being ushered to sleep. With the benefits of understanding more of the tenants of the supposed gene treatment she had been offered she said she offered the Doctor her consent.

Only to have her told that as her Doctor the first shot had been given her last night as the Doctor didn’t want her to grow a third arm out of her stomach’s navel.

All in all she was a little consternated at the idea, but finally acquiesced to being made to sleep. Her dreams within the grasp of Morpheus’ embrace only enhanced under the tutelage of the Synoptic Teacher and the small shelf in her ‘room’ where the growing amount of items were being collected. For now the shelf was holding a small pebble, three ball bearings, a rubix cube, and small spherical mental maze next to a potted plant, she was sure more trinkets were to follow as the lessons progressed. But for now, even in her sleep, she was content. At least till the morning until she woke up to an another encounter with the Inquisitor.

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Re: DT Training; The mettle of men(open see note)

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Jericho groaned as he pealed himself off the ground for the unknown number of time. The eighth day had started like the rest, with a casual run, followed by the staple of boot camp known colloquially as the 'daily dozens.' Dozens of situps, pushups, pullups, followed by an hour in the weight room for various repetitions, only this time the Trainers guided them to help ward off the exhaustion, and push themselves to greater weights with reinforcement of their muscles. Much like when they had started to learn to sprint faster, though more isotonic.

Before all that in the morning, he had been woken up early for more reading, this time on tactical doctrines of the clone war era, and had been forced to apply himself in simulations against a computerized opponent.

Eventually, like the other days this routine brought him and the other trainees to the lesson of the day, or in most cases, the lecture of the day.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to listen up. So far we've introduced a few elements, talked about them, and helped you take the first shakey steps while learning how to catalogue your experiences mentally for review to help you refine them a bit better. But for now I want to speak a little about some connected ones before we get onto an exercise designed to help develop a few more skills.

For starters, the ability to sense the force, see the force, and it's upgraded ability of force sight all tie in together with something we call combat sense, which entails a bit of precognition, and what we term as battle precognition.

Each ability is connective to the others, and only over time can one develop one's capacity to use them at will. I have taken the liberty to include in the notes that will be given to you three variable exercises that will assist you in developing each skill seperately, using the force to raise your awareness about your environment, and then taking the data you gain from that awareness to react faster before linking in a bit of precognition to allow you to help dodge attacks on the battlefield."

Winters had nodded along with the rest as the trainer had gone in length about each of the individual elements, making a mental note to check, recheck, read, and then memorize the extra resources he'd recieve later to assist his development.

However, the man's closing words were what startled him the most. "Now most trainers would have the idea it would be best to sit around thinking and studying as you try to learn all these things seperately first, but in that case, most trainers are wrong." The man held up a hand to forestall any comments, "The simple fact is, if you have been on a battlefield, or in a crisis situation before arriving at the Nexus, it is highly likely that some form of this has occurred naturally before hand. This is because a lot of the key elements of the abilities I've described are at some point already ingrained in a common force sensitive to keep them alive long enough for them to have gotten recognized to be capable of being trained.

In no way, does this not mean, that I expect all of you to develop these skills singularly later, in such a tedious, yet necessary fashion. Repetition is key to learn any skill after all, however, that doesn't mean we can't give an example to you that's closer to the present time which you can review later to pick apart where and when you triggered such a skill subconsciously. So we have an exercise for that, something that's referred to as Push Hands, and push feather."
The trainer shrugged, taking a look around at the group."I'll go into detail about these two exercises and how they're combined later. Right now, you're probably asking yourself why we do this, so shut your yaps and you might learn something.
You see, it all depends if you value your lives or not."

Winters raised an eyebrow at this statement, but held his peace as those around him shifted a bit before settling down as the Trainer continued, "All those just starting on the path of learning, even when you reach the standard of say the average royal guard, or the average darktrooper are at a disadvantage. As far as force abilities are concerned, you're like children in a world of teens and adults, and like anything new you can be sure more skilled opponents might take advantage of your limitations. You don't have the reach and stamina of a more practiced user , or the endurance of one. If you remember how we stressed Endurance before, I think you'll find it a recurring theme. Now mentally, you're all in the top tier of the soldiery, or at least some kind of savant, you'd have to be to start taking this training to help aid you in the future. It's to make you stronger, but what isn't stressed enough is as you develop more skills , physically, mentally, and in the force, the necessity of rushing things here , while molding you all to be a little more hardy, so to speak, is undoubtedly going to leave you with weaknesses if you come up against a stronger force user too soon."

The guard waved a hand towards them, "This is why we push you as much as we can to the peak of performance, mentally, physically, and also in your capacities with force usage. But sometimes, there's just limits in what pertains, somtimes it's a matter of age, or learning, some progress in their potentials at different rates, and that students, is why we give you equalizers. Such as weapons training, riflemanship, unarmed combat, and even a darktrooper suit or royal guard armor. SOme even get lightstaffs to play with. Why? "

The trainer held up his hand again, "Don't answer that. It's because it's not to level the playing field but rather make the slope less steep. Almost all Darktroopers, and royal guard invest in a cortosis wrapped knife besides relying on the standard issue. I suggest you get yourselves one after this training cycle. No matter how expensive.

Another equalizer is how we train the members of the Federation's forces that do receive some force training in skills that equate to battlefield efficiency. At least enough to survive long enough to receive assistance. To these ends we also train them to not completely rely on the new techniques they learn. To link it back to the prior abilities I mentioned, they are all sensory techniques we teach for a reason, each one linked together to how they can be applied on the battlefield, yet we teach you not just to rely upon too much. It's all too likely some backwoods shaman might sneak up on you and slit your throat if you get out of your armor for a piss break."

The guard sighed again loudly, before turning to sweep his gaze across the assembled trainees, "So in order for that not to happen, we as Trainers have to take measures to train you in a situation as close to combat as we can, and that is heavy sparring sometimes, or in this case, to develop these techniques, Push Feather, and Push Hands.

Each of these exercises needs to be able to get one thing into your minds before we start. For push feather, it's not king of the hill, it's not who can push the other one into a wall, but who can regulate their own abilities enough to divert the wave from them, and develop their endurance and skill.

For push hands, it's enough to control the other person's body, and get in close. This doesn't mean if you don't see an opening you don't attack.

No, saying that one shouldn't attack , or be attacked in push hands is the cheap, pansy way some civilians learn.

The rule is this, if your push or pull, the attacker will just keep coming back and eventually get you. You must also learn how to fight, how to punch with great power when your hand is only a couple of inches away from the target, how to react to the attack rather than to what you have learnt, to be able to strike from any position with devastating close quarter strikes, how to evade his attack using only a few centimeters of movement, how always to move forward and never backward, how to finish the fight in only a few methods.

Of course one is to control the other's body if one can, to divert their energies to one's advantage, that goes almost without saying.

For push feather it's the same, only it doesn't, in the beginning stages allow physical contact. Instead forces people to learn how to create a telekinetic shield, learn how to sense an opponents attack as it's happening, trigger one's precognative abilities and apply them to a sparring situation, and then use that combat sense to outmaneuver, counter, and attack one's enemy.

The second to last stage we teach to darktroopers and royal guard candidates is to combine push hands and push feather to allow a trainee to develop their agility and response, to start learning to shift between the physical contact, and then force usage to develop their efficiency.

Can anyone guess the last stage?"[/color] The trainer asked looking around the room. Winters saw one male trainee in the front, one which looked like an agent due to the armor raise a hand.

When called upon the man shrugged, "Evasion?"

"Close, that's part of it but not all, I guess I'll simply say it- full on combat, practice or not. It's the only way to truly develop in the visceral elements of utilizing one's ability fully and shifting between them fluidly. This time including weaponry from ranged blasters set to stun, or sharp point objects that can bleed or cause pain. After all, you're all here to learn not be coddled."

After that explanation, Winters and the rest were treated to a dizzying spectacle between several royal guards, that made his head spin due to the sheer speed that was displayed. For the moment, he raised as much of his senses as he could, thinking to take as much in to be analyzed later.

He wasn't the only one, he noticed as he saw a slight nod from Gast, and the others of his group doing the same. Then they had called for volunteers and he had raised a hand, hence how he ended up face down on the floor, seeming squashed like a bug from various force pushes, blows across the face that made his ears ring and then various throws that were followed by a telekinetic slam into the ground... all while erstwhilely trying to keep the fragile telekinetic shield he had raised.

It was rather obvious he was outclassed, and he knew the royal guard was humoring only with the lightest of throws. Before too long the he others began to break off into ones and twos to practice and he was put through his paces. This time, luckily, with one he assumed was of his skill level. This was a good thing in his eyes, as it meant the trainers were rather being fair at this time, though he was sure that it wouldn’t always be the case as no one said any form of training was always the fairest.

He would have liked to say he had given as good as he had got, but that would be untrue. Some of the matches he was up against knocked him back, or threw him into the wall within the first ten seconds, other matches he lasted upwards a minute, but the shortest one of all was when he faced a woman with strange tattoos and purplish bruises by her eyes and temples with a feather in her hair. A woman who seemed to say a few strange incantations under her breath, it wasn’t later until he found out the woman was actually a dathomiri witch, who had enlisted just after the Federation had secured her homeworld. One who was not content with the status quo.

He simply watched out of hand, noting her victories over her opponents until she was paired with the young girl in his group. In the exercises of push feather, it seemed funny to watch how easily the girl was beaten, but in the instances where the exercise of push hands was applied he watched the dathomiri get thrown around like a rag doll by the shorter woman or struck hard in the face before she was telekinetically shoved away by the witch’s rage fueled shoves only to be countered by the young girl’s response to get within her guard again, using , as Jericho sensed them, smaller shoves of her own telekinetic tries to deflect her more powerful opponent.

The technique was enough to have someo f the Trainees grasp it quickly, though the witch wasn’t the only one to give into the moment to fuel their attacks with rage. The Instructors just made more notes on their datapads before switching those who were more aggressive to pair with others who showed that same facet of choice. Those match ups soon devolved into short bursts of hatred that was almost palpable in the air.
Others made a few choice comments that they looked rather like a bar room brawl, just a lot more fluid.
But that did not concern him. The exercises continued in hour-long increments, getting successfully more challenging until dulled vibroknives, and weaponry came into play. Each successive iteration getting harder and more convoluted till the time reached thirteen-hundred-hours, at which the class came to a close and made its way to the gym, this time individual trainers talked the weary trainees through the basics of enhancing their muscles for quick bursts of enhanced strength instead of speed.

Winters found he could bench twice his prior weight for eight seconds before having it crash back to the guiderails of the bench. Sweat soaked his armor, and soon enough, he was sent back into the same group as the Trainers disseminated reading material. The four were brought into the same room, only this time they saw the red guard of the day before, sitting with a pot of tea.

”Hello ladies and gentlemen, there will be no new things introduced today, only a recap of what you’ve learned so far before I dismiss you back to the PIT for three hours in order to continue reviewing some of the topics we’ve been asking you to keep up on. While it’s only the eighth day you will find a few courses and simulations for you to work through. “

Winters saw Pierce raise his hand, “Uhm, sir. May you have any exercises that might help us manipulate small things? That little bit of materialization we did yesterday was rather tough for me to grasp on things so small.”

The royal guard nodded once, paused a moment before he answered, “The only thing I may ask you to do at this time to help such an issue, beyond the task of narrowing one’s focus like we practiced would be to take a handful of sand, and try to move the individual particles. Then try to stack the individual granules one on top of each other, and see how long of a chain you can get to stick together. Even when you have them hanging to help learn to hold them against the forces of gravity; I’d say after you get at least ten centimeters of a chain of sand granules, it should prove well in assisting one’s transformation of individual molecules, as well as preparing one’s mind to split it’s focus in so many ways that are necessary during the first formative steps to creating matter. I’ll have a small bit of training materials sent to your bunks for you to practice with. Now… let’s review. As it stands, I might have one new exercise to summon a glowing ball of light to help one work with dividing their attention to multiple constructions in the force as well.”

With that said, the rest of the day began to fly by, leaving Winters exhausted as he worked on telekinetically using friction in the air molecules to ignite a small ball of fire, before being brought back to heel on the smallest difficulty of conjuring a proton, a neutron, and an electron together. He asked the royal guard if he would ever be good with such a thing, and the man simply shrugged and told him, even if it wasn’t his forte, the ability to combine small amounts of materialization and transmutation to patch one’s suit in the midst of space to stop decompression was a talent he’d want to have as well. So the royal guard would be training as much as he could utilizing the bits of insight their group gleaned. The man set a goal if he could make a patched plate of about five centimeters in length and width at the pinnacle of his abilities with those aspects then he would judge Winters’ efforts suitable, and perhaps perfect for future missions.

Jericho merely nodded and continued his practices until the time came for them to summon a glowing ball of light, which seemed much easier for him, but was a struggle for the girl, at least until she was told to use ‘the other energy type you draw upon’, which interestingly enough worked to some degree as a what he later would come to be told was factual illusion of light weaving came into play… where the girl bent light around, after utilizing her reserves of force energies to make it spring into being. After that , he was asked to share the memory of how he had succeeded first with the rest of them, and the experience felt like icy fingers scrabbling at the doorway of his mind before the memory was shared.

He definitely would want to learn dreamscape later, it would be helpful if it meant he didn't have to face that sensation again. After that, the girl and Pierce seemed to be able to call a ball of light into existence the normal way, though with much greater effort, at least on the girl's part. Pierce found he didn't quite get a ball as much as a giant sphere easily three times what Winters had created.

Truth be told, Winters wondered what that meant for Pierce, as the Instructor pointed out he had used five times the energy necessary, and that his control would have to be worked on.

After their review, and catologuing their experiences and lessons of the day into their 'mental codex' via enhancing their memories, Winters knew it was time for the next grueling exercise, these one's far more mental then anything else.

It was onto the PIT, and Winters found himself immersed in tactical studies, this time going about armor types, and their usefulness in fortification building and setups on terrain. Suffice to say, it was rather dry stuff, but at the end of the day, he was exhausted enough to simply wave goodnight to Mr. Gast. He barely noticed the royal guard was as good as his word and the shelf on the bottom of his bunk, before the footlocke had a new box of sand before he went for a shower, and a few ration bars. After an hour's worth of reading where he saw a few of the trainees writing correspondences, he was instructed to lie down for the night before being ushered into the welcome embrace of a restful sleep and trance all while knowing tomorrow would be another day.

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