Case Zero Investigation: Moira Drakengard

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Case Zero Investigation: Moira Drakengard

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2014-11-11 06:05

The Inquisitor looked at the form in its hand and compared it to the file on the holoscreen one more time. The subject was seemingly loyal, had been cleared by several members of the Inquisition and higher members of the Omega Order. However, many were still suspicious, there was one last test that the Inquisition felt was needed. An in depth analysis of the individual before it could sign off on it's approval for the subject to enter into the studies of the force inside the Nexus. Finally, a week after a successful venture on Devaron, the order was given... only to have it fall apart seventy hours later when the subject arrived for their review of her capabilities.

Report # <Redacted>
Subject: Moira Drakengard
Race: Echani
Re: Final Assessment of ability for entrance into beginner's level VDQAE Program

Report as follows: Inquisitor in charge of final assessment with subject faced a growing inability to read subject's intentions and motives during mental scans. Suggested taking subject to a dark site for more intensive questioning upon the advice of superiors of Head Inquisitor,<CLASSIFIED, EYES ONLY>. Transport lost enroute.

It is believed at this time, intial responding Inquisitor may have urged strongly for termination of subject without input from Director Endivain at this time.

Why was this happening? The girl didn't want to kill anymore, there was too much blood on her hands already. She pulled the ski's loose from the dead corpses pack as she swung the backpack up to settle on her frail shoulders... Almost slipping . No one had noticed her actions. Not yet. She clambered up upon a low stone edge on the right hand side of the clearing the shuttle had crashed into, and began to tighten the thongs of her skis. First the left then the right... Her legs almost slid upon the slippery stone beneath.

She had to get away from here, and fast. Soon others would be sent... and if they found her she would be kille243d. She knew this... as surely as she knew she still drew breath that she would fight.
Behind her the stirring of survivors in the shuttle could be heard..
"Where is she?"
"I don't know. Where the blasted hell has that blasted wench gone!"
"Find her."
"Can't see crap in this wind!"
"Somebody check with the pilots, see if we can find her with the sensors."
"Holy Frakk, ... killed the pilots and the Captain!"
"She's got to be outside the shuttle then. Spread Out!"
"... the hell are you girlie. Get back here and I swear I'll gut you right here and now!"

With the skis as tight as she could make them she knew it was past time to go. She had eased her way off the stone and onto the skis, as the young woman pushed herself away sharply so she did not sink immediately into the deep powder...
"Sarge, she's got Rimton's skis and pack! He's already dead!"
"Damn it we have to go after her!"
"How in hell did she escape in the first place? She was tied up and stunned after Grimard let slip about the disposal orders!"

She smiled viciously to herself. She had always been good with knots... After working herself free she had tricked the captain to come close enough to take action, the captain had been simple to figure out, he simply wanted what all men of officer levels desired to some extent. Power, over their circumstances and the complete obedience of a prisoner. Basically the man had simply told her to shut up, or that he would make her shut up. When that hadn't worked the man had ordered his troopers to beat and kick her. Which they all did, to much of their enjoyment, never realizing that she slowly worked her way free. The captain had dragged her into the hold... alone. She didn't even want to think what was next on his mind. But that was where she promptly made him realize the error of his mistake. It had been too easy. Just a twist and a popping sound as her legs encircled his neck. After that she had grabbed the vibroblade from his belt and had secured herself in the cockpit after a short but brief scuffle with the pilots. She merely had to look out at the strange expanse of planet , a place that had hung there like a pristine yet wild jewel mixed with dark hues of green blue and white that held the entire expanse across the viewport. It had been too late to change course. The shuttle was already dialed in for reentry. So the young woman had sealed herself in before sitting into another seat and buckled herself in... waiting for the inevitable. When it came she had begun to practice her meditation, keeping her eyes closed and her body completely limp. Even so the impact as the emergency thrusters kicked in under the navigation computers control in an attempt to break the ships speed was barely enough to allow the shuttle to slow enough not to atomize itself during the impact. For a time, blessed darkness had been her only companion.

But now..

Now the woman's legs wobbled as she threshed down the slope, the powder piling to her knees before her desperate shifting of her weight and downward momentum combined to bring the ski tips upward. She was moving, the wind tearing at her face, her eyes, her body, arcing through her light armor and heavy cloak like they weren't even there. She tottered briefly at a scraping on the right ski, but leaned left and back, slowly - as she forced her track at an angle to the slope. Heading straight down would be a death sentence, even for her. Scccccttttttttchhh. . . Once more she corrected, and leaned into the hill, her hope to maintain her balance long enough until she was out of easy range of the snow troopers. With luck, with just a few of them left, she had a chance- more of a chance now, in the kind of terrain she knew... -at least better then the intrigues of fleet side living.

A mass of rocks appeared in her vision, out of the lighter curtains of snow ahead, as she began a wide sweeping, turn. The only kid she dared. The woman could feel the fiberglass polymers of the skis vibrate under her boots; the thongs biting through the heavy boot leather, but miraculously she stayed on the skis through the turn and into the narrower snow filled bowl downhill.. Behind her stretched the twin tracks of her skis, arching over the rock and ice beneath as they created a trail that would hopefully be covered soon by the growing storm. She couldn't
afford to look back. Instead she concentrated on the powdered surface ahead: untouched, virgin like her, but with hidden depths she would rather not find at the moment..
Also like her, she reflected, nearly frozen in place by the wind, for she flew downhill to fast to cinch up her cloak enough to protect herself from the air that slashed as her waterproofed layers of clothing, the leathers of her suit and unprotected face.

A crash.

The woman went flying, and tried to tuck her short skis as close to her body as possible, as she rolled into a ball with her arms flailing. When she came to a rest, her buttocks were smarting and her ankle twisted sharply. Snow had been wedged into improbable parts of her body and her torso was lower than her legs. Slowly, she twisted around, levering the skis over herself and back towards the downhill slope, even though she couldn't see. Cold snow packed itself against her bare back where her light armor had ridden up along with her undershirt. With her footing semi secure, the woman wiped the snow from her face, studying the area around him. She had rolled nearly a kilometer downhill, stopped at last by a raised snow hummock through which poked through thin branches of bushes.

She paused, wiping both the instantaneous ice sweat and snow from her face as she began to study the area around her. Less than half a kilometer in front of her down into the valley, thick evergreen forests began. She took a deep breath and checked her borrowed pack.. relieved that it still clung to her. She struggled upright, brushing off the powder and clinging snow, that was distinctly less powdery and dry than on the slopes, where she had begun her wild descent.

In front of her in the valley lay a forest, the branches of the trees coated in ice, creating a maze of frozen tangles, amongst the darkened skies. It was like the forest itself was trying to express tension, and enclosure, while still revealing exposure. She shouldn't be here! Not Now. She had done nothing! Absolutely nothing! How had she wound up in this mess? Damn it! She never should have trusted those Federation bastards! What had she done to do to deserve 'disposal' like this? Nothing! She didn't have time to muse about her circumstances. She had to go forward... there was nothing else she could do but move on through the woods, towards the rise of the next large mountain as she prayed that her pursuers might have lost her.


The day before...

She had stared into a simple cup of water that contained a leaf that floated upon the water.

She didn't want to be here and it showed in her demeanor... She wasn't some animal for them to experiment with, to do some inane and boring test! Or was it to make her the butt of one of their jokes? (Why had that man ordered her here to do this?) So it was for this reason , this stubbornness alone that she would give them nothing. Absolutely one hundred percent nothing...

For the last eight hours as she merely concentrated with her palms next to the glass she had stopped almost everything about herself... Making her heartbeat slow as in the glass, nothing happened. That is what she desired now, a means to spite anyone who foolishly thought this test meant anything or was worth a damn...


The arbiter looked upon the room with his subject, feeling that something wasn't right here. The woman had once been part of the group that tried to kill the Emperor. She had been and was still very much considered a threat. Perhaps she still was intending harm to those who headed the Omega Order. Such things were beyond him. His purpose here today was merely to judge to ascertain her potential, to see if something stronger lay within. The young woman in his view had shown many times reports of potential. The readings of her life signs were almost completely out of sorts for what was occurring. Her heartbeat had slowed. Her lungs had increased in their Oxygen counts. But nothing was happening now.

Absolutely Nothing. Completely, out of sorts for someone that others had already seen to have some potential.

All in all her pardon had be secured so long as she was truthful in her cooperation. Was she here now, hiding her true abilities? Still a threat to the Order? With a heavy minded balancing of equations he pondered the facts. If the woman was too far adept at hiding within herself then she did not deserve a chance to continue in her present guise. The stay of execution would be removed and the girl would be sent for disposal. And the best way to do that without complications would be to trick her into believing that some sort of job for her had come up...


"Miss. There's a situation and your sponsor for the NIF is requesting your presence there."

Moira laughed, so it had been a test, maybe of her patience? Well she was sure she was going to make that man regret messing with her like this today! "Well finally, I was wondering when he'd tell me why I was really here." The woman took the glass and bolted the water down in her thirst before she spit out the leaf and slammed it down angrily in the spot it originally had been... This entire thing had been pointless in her eyes. A complete waste of time. She then got up and brushed her hand back through her short hair, as she lithely stretched, winking to the trooper. "I can't tell you how bored I am with all this tomfoolery. Who ever heard of sitting in front of a damned glass of water for hours at a time? It's a complete waste of my youth!"


Back in the present:

The young woman ran through the forests of the high valley, coming up to a series of gorges that had been rent by the mountain streams. In front of her , misted by snow and ice fog, lay a icy an icy snow-swept expanse of a deep ravine. It was here that the high valley's elevation plummeted into a deep gorge. The frozen stream in front of her to get here now tumbled down through the precipitous landscape in giant sized steps of towering waterfalls, their course frozen to pure ice, locked in time. There was no way down in this direction. Only a small path to the side lay ahead, a notch in the rock that angled away towards the next peak . The inches of her exposed skin felt wind-burned and abraded. Her breath puffed white into the frigid air. The snow here was a bout a foot's depth now and it would be hard going on without snowshoes. She knew she would never make it across the next traverse of land, not with her hands cold and almost frostbitten. She had to find shelter of some sort, get out of the cold and warm up. That was her first priority now.

She made her way to the edge of the steep precipice that loomed before the sharp dropoff leaning dangerously over the side as she grabbed the closest tree branch that clung from the sides of the ravine. She searched for a sign from the closest frozen waterfall, as her father had taught her. Its leeward side was somewhat sheltered. She might be able to use that. Sliding her but down an incline that she possessed a particularly steep patch of snow. As she had been instructed as a child she had searched where the black rock joined with the bluish tinged white ice. On many planets summer snowmelts of higher mountain chains turned waterfalls into powerful torrents, with almost as much power as turbolaser, as they carved out deep pockets in the rocks. When it finally came time for winter, the water tended to recede and freeze, often leaving an empty space behind it.

With a sense of relief, the woman saw this waterfall was no exception. With a prayer to her ancestors for their wisdom, she shattered a little of the grimy ice between the waterfall and the rock with her elbow. She could see a small cave open beyond. Turning on her side, she squeezed through, grabbing a small one time use glowlamp from her pack, grateful for its greenish light as the bacteria inside interacted with the chemicals to light her way. It looked safe She should be able to weather out the storm here. Out of the wind and snow, she could feel the warmth returning to her cheeks. She shielded the glowlamp and turned to the waterfall as her breath caught in her throat. Even now, scared as she was she couldn't help but be moved at the colors of light displayed in front of her. The ice wall seemed to collect rampant flashes of light outside the storm let through as it became amplified. The frozen waterfall scintillated and glowed.

The woman shook herself physically, now wasn't the time to admire the view. She paused a moment to consider her options. She hadn't seen any signs of pursuit in the storm's fury. Hopefully she'd be too far away for them to discover her location. No, they couldn't find her here., all she heard outside was the wind whispering through the enameled fir trees that stood fifteen feet high upon the ridge above. Preserved in the snow for the Force knew how many thousands of years . She remained quiet as she plotted her next steps...

She ripped open the rest of the pack, findng an insulating cold weather blanket that appeared like one side possessed a metallic sheen. Despite its thinness such things were well worth their weight in gold amongst the mountains. The fabric helped a hiker of someone lost retain almost ninety percent of radiated body heat. She spread it over the cold rock and searched the rest of the pack finding a small flameless survival heater with a butane cylinder for an emergency source of heat. She thumbed the electric switch to start it up as she slowly removed her freezing, sopping wet boots, making sure to warm her raw appendages, fingers, toes, ears and nose. Anything that could potentially be frozen and suffer frostbite. She then piled as much clothing between herself and the in an attempt to limit loss of heat from conduction.

The upturned packs contents showed some ration bars and she was more than sure she had enough snow to melt for water, if the canteen lacked any form of thirst quencher. Taking out one of the bars she ate, and drank something that seemed to send her stomach a wash of electrolytes from the canteen. She would need the calories for later...Snow fell outside the hidden rocky dugout like chrysalides' in autumn, so beautiful and achromatic, even as her arms were cold. In the frozen stream of the waterfall she could see her reflection take on an ashen and rosy look. Like she had seen on the faces of children who played out with their sibling amongst the snow, making her seem younger than she knew she truly was. In the midst of warmth, tired . She fell asleep , sure that her body would wake in an hour or so. Her dreams began to be filled with all sorts of colors. Things around her seemed more acute to all her senses now, the surrounding more detailed as the colors showed greater vibrancy. Her breath came soothing in her ears as the storm above rolled in above, heavier than before...

The Arbiter of the Commisarriat sat and read the message on the screen, The prisoner being sent for disposal had escaped. He sent back a message saying that soon he would come to the world the shuttle had crashed upon to aid in the search...


She was awoken by a scuffing sound coming from the entrance of her shelter. They survivors had found her hiding place. Of course, the infrared. Damn it. How could she have missed that? Dumb, just plainly and simply dumb! Grabbing her knife she threw on her boots and prepared herself. She'd have to take the first one quickly.


Blood, it had littered and stained the snow all around her, she had been forced to fight, to kill, the motions of death coming easy to her in her attempts to flee. That had been hours ago.. Now the
air was painfully cold. It stung her fingertips; making them cracked, peeling, and sore. It hit her lungs with every deep breath and obscured her vision with every exhale. She felt her nose warm with each passing gasp of air. She was sure it was red by now though she couldn't see it.
Not through the snow that had begun to fall. Overhead dark black storm clouds drifted ominously over the cliff's edge, and lightning flashes illuminated the figure standing dangerously close to the precipice. Long silver hair flowed, dampened, down trembling shoulders. Vibrant silver eyes sent tears trailing down flushed cheekbones to join the droplets of rain. It was the worst kind of storm on this planet, maybe the worst place in the galaxy to be. Her hands were clasped in a silent prayer of self reflection. Her lips murmured reverently in the face of the storm. Her white battledress and black cloak whipped in the wind, creating a flag that swirled around her. A silver pendant from her mother hung from her neck. The blue stone in the center of the silver sphere that was gripped in an owl's talon twinkled faintly as lightning flashes of the storms fury washed over her as sheets of half frozen sleet and snow began to swell into an intermittent downpour of tiny scalpels that sought to carve and mold her into something new.

This place was a caldera of the natural elements. Dangerous. Yes -dangerous in the extreme, But for some reason it felt truly wonderful to her senses. As if the fury of the tempest around her mirrored her own life's actions. After a slight moment's pause to thank the galaxy for allowing her to witness this sight, she began to run along the cliff's edge seeking to climb up to the distant precipice, racing the storm to reach the pinnacle of granite and rock that challenged her. But she was smiling.

It was unbelievably dark already. She could barely see the ground in front of her; but she felt it as her feet pounded heavy against the jagged surfaces of the cliff. She felt the detail of the land as her muscles distributed the impact each time the shock of her boot touched down against the earth. The storm was all around her now, The bright flashes of light from the sky were her only illumination of the path ahead. I quickly and cautiously move to the side. Her steps felt different now; softer and slippery. One landed in a puddle of slush and ice causing her to trip and fall in an uncontrolled tumble to the ground. The stinging cuts of her scraped knees and slightly gashed were a poignant reminder to her of the need for caution. Her brain knew what this was telling her; that she shouldn't be here to take the risk of this journey. But she dismissed such things unequivocally. She had to, as she knew one could never experience something if they did not try. The pain hurt, but she was still smiling as she continued on, the essence of her being filling her with joy as her soul reflected the unfettered power of the storm.

Her laughter came out now. A laughter garnered by her own sense of amusement as it was directed at herself, her past, her present life, and her future. Her strides began to lengthen as she continued on her off road journey as she closed her eyes. She didn't know how or why but she knew the path beneath by the fall of her feet now. She knew every pebble by its feel beneath the soles of her shoes. The patter of her running strides seemed to combine with the sound of her beating heart as it echoed in her eardrums. All of it created a song that was truly hers. A song in the midst of so many changes, yet still familiar to her. Her pace quickened; her stride lengthened; She push herself harder than she had ever done before. She breathed in twice now for every breath out, running uphill literally and figuratively through her memories and the wilderness.

Soon she reached the end of her climb. Opening her eyes and stopping swiftly, she leaned over. She was panting for breath; her dark shadows stood in flashes of stark contrast to the yellowish arcs of lightning which now illuminated her. She couldn't help but notice her mouth, agape with smile. She raised her arms to the sky as she steadied herself against the forces which assailed her. Uncaring about the rain slickened blood scabbing on her soil marked legs and palms. She was alone in the semi darkness. She was a creature now, one who was obscured in shadow that was rent by random patterns of light. A creature that laughed in the face of a universe which had tried its damnedest to make her fall, make her break herself as her life had been dashed to pieces, a force of the universe which seemed uncaring in its regard to her . A universe that now had sent a storm to flay her skin and rattle her bones, but still she stood, knowing that whatever didn't kill her only served to make her stronger.

She wondered about the tempest around her. How it had formed from the simplest eddies of air currents... How a single gust of wind may have churned something deeper. Something that had stood in a state of potential. Just waiting for a chance... to become something else. She pondered on the metamorphosis around her as she 'felt' droplets of water in her mind as she visualized what must have frozen each molecule. How each strand of chains formed clusters of icy snowflakes. Each one different and unique. A shining example of beauty amidst an ugly world, even if such beauty was fleeting.

Her people had always tried to develop their ability to visualize images and control their thinking. What their scientists had found was that over millennia was that the trained mind, or sentient's brain, is physically different from the untrained one. It acted differently than normal, having a much higher degree of gamma waves and that the longtime practitioners showed brain activation on a scale they had never seen before. In previous studies, mental activities such as focus, memory, learning and consciousness were associated with the kind of enhanced neural coordination found in those studied. The intense gamma waves found in the subjects had been associated with knitting together disparate brain circuits, and so were connected to higher mental activity and heightened awareness. The ones who practiced such meditation were recorded to possess higher brain activity during times when not deeply in meditation. The woman on the ridge had been practicing such measures now for almost her entire life. And now amidst the storm that woman felt an utter clarity and focus of simply being where she was. Like she was beginning to feel everything around her as her mind was involved in its own version of sensory overload.

She felt like she was now deeply in meditation but still she was alive and awake. It perplexed her. What had begun to change since this morning? She began to take stock of her surroundings more closely amidst the darkness. In front of her lay a wide body of water far below her current elevation. She could see the swells, troughs, and eddies of its waves crashing to the rocky shores as lightning pierced the watery depths from the up high. Behind her, lay her only witness to her personal struggle to stand in the face of this tempest. A lone sentinel that shared this rocky outcropping and would be left behind when she departed. It was a single tree that struggled each day to survive in the face of such adverse conditions. An ancient conifer of some kind. It root system split the rock below it they burrowed deep into the rocky fissures creating shallow hollows that seemed to shelter the smaller scrub grass that took root beneath it. She knew the purpose of its roots, they were there to seek the waters that gave it life as its twisted and gnarled branches reached up towards the sky to gain sustenance from the light of the too brief days. A dichotomy of needs twisted by their environment, much like herself and that man who had made her awaken her to her senses enough to realize the universe wasn't the way it seemed. She turned her attention back to the waves, still consumed by the storms rampant fury , she shouted her name to the skies until her voice became scratchy and discordant as she declared that she would go beyond them to reach even greater heights, to grasp the stars themselves. All under her own power if need be...

With her resolve shouted to the natural world she went back to rest beneath the tree. Her mind was scattered as she had been caught up in the storm's fury and she wished to test herself to see if she could return her senses to what they had been and then to their current state. She knew it was foolhardy to chase such a storm, and more so to stay and bear the brunt of its but here, sitting in the darkness. Thinking about everything she had been through, she never thought she would get hurt so many times. She never thought she would feel anything but pain that seemed so real. But , even now she couldn't resist the temptation; the temptation to pit herself against anything that would drive her forward in her own growth. The clothes she wore were soaked and it seemed she was getting colder now. She was too far from proper shelter, and if she wasn't careful she could soon slip uncontrollably into shivers and hypothermia.

She went back to the ancient withered bark , a remnant of snow covered forests that stood upon the mountain here long ago. Frozen by embrace of the winters wind. Buried by times wake. The tree to her at that moment seemed alive. Speaking in the howling wind that ripped its way through its roots. The voices echoing the shadows of the dead, ghosts, forgotten spirits. The voices seemed hidden in slumber but now to be brought awake from the winter’s cold embrace. As she did so she could feel the tenseness and unease gradually seeping from her as she relaxed and serenity took the place of her emotions. Right now such things would make her falter, make her die. At least in this small half hollow the winds were not as stringent to her senses. Not as cold. She began to feel a false sense of warmth. A bad sign. In haste, with bleeding fingernails she pulled as much snow away from the breadth of the tree trunk, seeking to uncover the fallen evergreen needles below. Even with its ancient pockmarked visage and twisted branches it seemed important and precious to her in its own right, beautiful even in its ugliness. Ever green and growing. And more importantly, it was a source of hope. Hope, that she would survive.

She set herself down keeping the needles between her and the cold ground, in order to prevent induction. Her thoughts traveled back as she remembered learning this technique at her mother's side, "First you must make yourself comfortable. Sit on a chair or on the floor if you can. Arrange your legs in the most comfortable position and make your backbone as straight as an arrow. Place your hands in the meditative equipoise just below your navel. Place the left hand on the bottom and the right on top with your thumbs touching to form a triangle. Your hands are now in the gesture of meditation. The nerve channel associated with the mind of and its functions seems passes through the thumbs. Thus, joining of the two thumbs in this gesture is of auspicious significance for the future development of the mind of enlightenment. Furthermore this placement of the hands has connection with the place inside the body where inner heat is generated."

That was the point of this mantra, to learn control over the physical self. When asking her mother how she did it. She had to been told to Relax, to focus on the Tung Mo Meditation. To picture air coming into out of one's body as energy. To visualize as a flame a fire coursing through the chest and to simply be fully conscious of her body. There were legends amongst her people that told of one person who had been so old they had actually heated themselves up so much during this exercise that they had mummified themselves.

"Now bend the neck down slightly. Let the top of the tongue touch the roof of the mouth near the top of the teeth. In some meditative practices the eyes are focused on the tip of the nose but for this exercise let the eyes gaze gently downwards. Gaze without straining toward the floor in front of you. Do not open the eyes wide rather let the lids relax. Occasionally they may close of their own accord. Do not worry about this, once your mental equilibrium is steady the eyes will fix naturally into the gaze. Become aware of how your mind is becoming quiet and how your breathing is slowing down."

She could feel her body respond to herself as she came to grips with herself. Remembering how this was taught to her. Her mother had set her father's ship's life support to chill the cargo bay to approximately four degrees Celsius, before she had wrapped a shivering and naked girl in an all encompassing blanket of wet sheets. It was a necessary way of teaching this method, usually reserved for children who were approaching their time of Adulthood. But her parents thought she could attempt this at an earlier age. This meditation could increase their temperature enough to get the sheets steaming, and dry the sheets. Or control ones breathing enough to begin decreasing the amounts of oxygen they needed, in older followers of Tung Mo Meditation might actually decrease their metabolism by sixty four percent... but she had only been able to reach the lower forties required in this meditation for the requirements of a grand master back before a rather bad group of people had gotten their claws into her. Hopefully, she could bring back what she had been taught from practice to reality.

"Now you will shift the attention away from the mind and meditate on an object of observation. In meditative techniques these can be external or internal. Something with spiritual significance or symbolism can be used in this technique. You can choose any item you which such as a flower, a cross or perhaps the face of someone you hold dear to your heart. For this exercise think of what you pictured is about four feet in front of you at the same height as the eyebrows. It is about two inches high and is radiating light. As well as using your visual imagination also conceives of it as being heavy this will help you to fix the attention further. The heaviness is said to prevent over excitement and the brilliance of the light will prevent laxity. You have two objectives: the first make the object of observation clear and the last to make it steady."

She chose to focus on her father's pendant, a twin to her mother's that she wore around her neck save for the image of the wolf it held as her mother's held an owl. The two pieces had made up a family heirloom and had been part of the same necklace originally that had been split upon the day they were married. It was lost now, gone forever. The last night she remembered seeing it up close was the night as a child of only six years. It was one she couldn't forget. She sat with her parents at around the campfire. It had been the rudest wake-up call she had ever received. They'd given her the answers to the questions that lied in the deepest graves inside her mind, which struggled to reach fresh air... and still those answers only spawned more questions. NO! She had to focus now! Not ruminate upon the past. If she fell into herself here she would lose this battle. And her life was what depended on it.

The image of the other half of the pendant came back to her mind, as she saw the lines of the animal's pelt in great detail. She had always liked the way the flame hued hairs of the piece seemed curve along with the body like fur that was on fire. The place where the silver eye would be would reflectively partake the blue hue of the jewel. It's ears detailed in finest silver. But the outer edgework of her native people's language were blurred in her mind. The rim of engraved calligraphy almost completely behind her ability to see. Lost in a red image of vagueness as bits of cold spiked into her consciousness as she struggled to maintain her focus.

The stock hard voice of her mother comforted her back then as it did now, " Don't give up! Observe your thoughts and impressions. Are the things you see with your eyes bothering you? If they are then close the eyes and observe what you see. If you see a reddish appearance when the eyes are closed then you are too involved in eye consciousness. Try to withdraw the attention from the eye to the mental consciousness. Your attention should be entirely concentrated on the image that you are visualizing. The steadiness of your observation of your item will fluctuate depending upon the excitability of your thoughts. To stop this scattering withdraw the mind even more within so that the intensity of your thinking begins to lower. To help this process it is advised that should briefly think about something somber. These weighty thoughts will slow down the heightened mode of appreciation of the token image you are visualizing. This will increase the stability of your mental inner observation."

It was now that she barely recognized the worldly thoughts of her predicament as the concentration of her mind became a shell, a shell protecting her from every source of stimuli coming from without. Her mind was sheltering her like the roots of this tree she huddled under in the real world. Knowing that with it keeping out the chill air and howling winds that she might be able to survive this as her mind continued its processes. The young woman concentrated like never before, her crossed legs forgotten. The bite of the cold winds that seeped through the roots to the side her. Without conscious thought her hands placed slightly in front of her legs now, with just barely touching thumbs and fingertips settled upon the edge of a puddle of ice, encapsulated by the snow and freezing temperatures that kept the landscape draped in white.

The image began to get clearer now within her , as her focus item became more outlined in detail with flames of fire set in the background. It's appearance made her visualize the wolf pendent as a shadowy form bathed and outlined by the fire's growing light. The tendrils of the flames seemed to warp and reach out in her direction.. Letting her bask its warm embrace... like a fur coat that draped around her consciousness.. Her mother's voice returned seeming warmer now, Soothing and inviting. But now it was accompanied by her father's as well..

" Good, my child, Good. You'll make it, I have faith in you. But keep going! To get the balance right you must also develop clarity. The biggest enemy of this is laxity which can lead to lethargy and the complete loss of the mental image. This is caused by an over-withdrawal of the mind. To stop this you must raise the mode of appreciation. It is the opposite of what you did in order to get stability of the observation. This time you should think of something that makes you feel joyous or exhilarated such as looking at a beautiful scene from the mountain tops. This will lift the mind and heighten its mode of appreciation. You must judge the appropriate times when you need to increase your clarity or stability of your mental picture. Notice how by controlling your somber and joyous thoughts you affect the mental picture that you are creating. Now inspect the mental image that you have created in your mind's eye. Observe it from all angles; from above, from the corners. Is it both clear and stable? Observing the mental image in this way is called 'introspection' . By learning to do this you can control the steadiness and clarity of the mental picture you are at the same time controlling the mind which will then control the body. When you develop mindfulness, you can catch laxity and excitement of thoughts before they arise and even control the arising of these thoughts."

In a similar way the meditating person can look at the mind itself and she had to do so now. If she did not remain in the trance she would falter and die. The consciousness of the woman become empty like clear water. Water that was warm below and a covering layer of ice that seemed to germinate itself in her mind just beyond the flames of the wolf which helped to give her warmth. Over the next few hours that seemed like minutes she sat as the tree behind her did. Unmoving as the Storm washed over her, through her and past her as she envisioned that ice shell taking the form of something else, an avian with sheltering wings that were spread around its young.

Amidst the weather and the wind her mind began to see other things, things that gripped her just as her earlier terrible memories, except these things were of her that she knew that never happened. Things which seemed so real, combining with the smells of what she knew and what she might have dreamed of and never remembered, yet distorted by images that couldn't be. That were impossible to behold... sights filled with colors that seemed to shape themselves around other beings that seemed to whisper to her their moods, dreams, and aspirations. Red for love or lust, Orange for mirth, Yellow for happiness, Green for disease, Purple for sadness black for depression, white for the thoughts of animals and plants with shades of brown... But the worst color of them all was Blue. Light Blue for wariness. Dark Blue for killing intent.. All these colors swarmed together as her mind maintained her concentration to keep her alive as her parents cries faded in her ears like they were getting farther away. She was losing herself now by bits and pieces as her mind forced her to survive what would kill many others, and for a moment it lost its grip as it plunged deeply into what something in the future might be if it occurred.
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Re: Case Zero Investigation: Moira Drakengard

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"Soldiers born within destruction take hatred as their weapon." That was something her father had said to her long ago... What would he say if he saw her today? She'd been running now, forever and a day. Yet still her troubles were always behind her waiting. Waiting like the adversaries ahead of her. Any way she went there would be conflict. Her trials were here now as her Enemy remained. Watching. Waiting. Seeking. If she ever did stop, they would rip her apart with their tools of war and thus , for now she had to keep running. Running was something she did well. In fact it was one of her best abilities in her opinion...

How was she to explain, for one who didn't know about her life? One who hadn't experienced the way she had been taught and molded. The life of an assassin, the path of silence. She moved where she others dare not go. Across rooftops and through dark alleys, being fluid as water, always preserving the flow of her movements like they were set out as a battery's electrical charge that never seemed to deplete. Her world now was a measure of tools used to craft the masterpiece of an artful kill. Leaping, Climbing, Vaulting. That one mission, where everything fits each landing precise, every gap cleared, every target destroyed in a single silent strike.

She didn't know how else to describe it ; her journey here to where she was. It wasn't a journey of simply running and jumping but a combination of the two that created something so much more. Even then it still couldn't be described to one who hasn't lived it. Experience is the only way to understand. The only path that leads to clarity of mind. The shock running through her body as she landed eighteen foot drops. Feeling the warm metal between her hands as she vaulted across the city skyline. The abrasive stone and cinder blocks against her forearms as she wall climbed. It was something she lived. Something she breathed.

These were some of the tools necessary to reach the end goal of a mission that required an assassins or in this case a formerly retired , now part - time assassin only when the interests of the NIF were at stake as she thought of the abilities that would be needed here. To move swiftly and with purpose No tricks, no flash, that is not the way Glory was not to be found. Money not to be made. However, one like her could find peace of mind, as every obstacle in front of her became conquerable. Every corpse, another step of the stairway to let her reach an even greater height....Nothing would stand in her way. She wouldn't let it. She would not run towards her enemies without at least even terms, but she would fight if cornered. She would turn around and face the directions they would come seeking to kill her from so she might live on until the next day. She sought to live because it was always greener on the other side, always warmer in the next room. Always quicker with another person. Always, always, all ways. That was her pattern in life graphed out in a series of meandering course interspersed by jagged lines as she carved out her own self - forged destiny.

Sitting now upon the rooftops she watched the festival scene below... the New Republic Senators were there amongst the crowd. They had come here in secret, bringing security solely from their own worlds, switching shuttles several times in between as an attempt to stave off any pursuers from following them . She could see their security forces surrounding them , camouflaged in civilian wear amidst the crowd as they sat around their VIP's outlined in a sky blue haze, but they were not her targets now. No her targets were different. Those Senators had come to this world for talks between the main government here and their respective worlds that were considering breaking the shackles that bound them to the other Galactic power. Her targets now were the ones who had come to kill them.

She now saw with the eyes of the hunter, and no one could escape the truth shown in her gaze.
They were in the plaza spread out upon the span of her vision as the festivities below reached a rampant chorus. The enemy had gotten several of their agents into the plaza. A pole stood in the courtyard of the building below, several feet away. Two snipers in separate windows behind the second floor curtains One obscured below her present position. She saw two other men wondering through the crowd waiting by an ornamental bridge cast in the same metal shape as the others she viewed amongst the plaza. Then there was that haze of dark blue coming from top of the Festival's Float. Or, rather, from inside it. About halfway up the neck of the snake like creature with wings made of plastic and paper Mache , from its mouth squirted streamers of liquid foam. Inside she could make out the hazy form of a man, moving the gears, washing the crowd from north to south with the vile contents of the concoction threatened all on this world. Her sight could see inside the holding container of the spray. It was colored sickly and deep black , like a diseased concoction of bile lay within the dragon's belly.

A biological contaminant or chemical weapon? Would that other power stoop so low? To send their agents of death to deal with the threat of this matter at the expense of the local populace.
Bet your kreffing Sassafrass they would! She felt the cool metal of her pistol in one hand, and the breeze all around her. She readjusted her weight so that she could stay focused on the task at hand. With a leap, she launched herself from the rooftops she had crouched upon but scant moments before. She hit the roof of the story below with an knee pounding effect, as the air around her seemed to move itself away from her body. Taking a running leap at her target, she rejoiced as her left hand encircled the central pole of the plaza. Her sights already placed upon the first wave of blue amongst the crowd. The one's closest to the world's representatives who had come her e for 'talks'.

Her blaster fired once as her body swung in a revolution. The man in the crowd advancing towards the VIP's died as the shot from the Deathhammer pistol burned through his neck. Another turn, another shot. The sniper peeking down at the scene below from the window died as his chest became a fiery blossom of blood and bone. Beautiful. On her last revolution around the pole as she slid towards the ground she fired once again. The second sniper died this time. Throughout the crowd two more of the NRI goons began reacting to the unexpected guest who crashed their party. Their combined fire was peppering the area around her position as she temporarily dived for cover behind a stone statuary that decorated the lower rooftops. She fired on the run, her shots accurate as the crowd below continued their merriment, oblivious to the chaos that began around them amongst all the fireworks and flashing holograms... As glass shards from the windows above rent gashes in several of those partying below. The 'dragon' began to exhale its noxious tainted breath over the crowd, as streamers of foam began to fall upon the men, women and children below.

It was time to take down the dragon... She holstered her sidearm as she gathered her strength and leaped to its neck. In midair she drew her lightsabre intending to plant it's activated blade deep into the person hiding within. There wasn't even a sound, just a scream of mechanical parts and the smell of burned flesh as the Republic agent within died. She leapt off, landing heavily amongst the crowd. Behind her the dragon, crashed down as electricity sparked from its writhing mechanics... it's body toppled into one of the lower buildings, causing rubble to fall. The damage being done was real. The crowd loved it, probably thinking it was all part of the festival. No, the truth was right in front of their eyes, they were just purposely ignoring the death and chaos around them. Fools. What was wrong with them? More blaster shots began to fly in her direction as she rushed the last of the Republic agents, her blade working to deflect as many harmlessly from her and the bystanders as she could.

That was when things became bad for her, as one of them pulled a dead man's trigger device on a fragmentation grenade. Her world upended upon her as her body was thrown towards the VIP's... Her abilities failed her by her own decision. Her proficiencies in telekinetics weren't high developed enough. Her mind was only barely able to shunt the pieces away from others within the crowd but failing herself as she couldn't protect her own flesh at the same time... She felt the stabbing pain as the concussion sent metallic slivers deep within her. But that was not the most obvious injury; her arm was barely hanging on by a thread of flesh at the elbow when she hit the wall. The visiting dignitaries were being shoved down by their protective detail as the last Republican was gunned down by the rest. She hit the wall... and then slumped to the ground as her hand finally detached completely.

The VIP's were now being rushed into an airspeeder as an ISS agent came up to her, covering her from the crowd. Too late. She had been too late. Most of those within the square, touched by the toxic virulent spew of ichors from the dragon's breath would die.

All she could think of was the pain and her sense of failure. Her master would be disappointed in her. Then came the feelings of detachment, and that all she wanted was to be whole again. The fingers of the disembodied and severed hand, twitched once in response to her silent desires as she could swear she felt a stabbing icy cold. Her spreading blood from both sides of her severed arm seemed to crystallize before her eyes. Incomprehensibly to her, she saw the two portions of ice reach towards each other ; melding, freezing together as the severed arm slowly began to be pulled frostily back towards where it had been originally connected. As the two portions of chilled flesh touched one another the y seemed to bind and heal, the pieces twisting as the flesh intertwined and fused back into the original whole! She burned in flames as cold as ice, all her cries of pain at the abnormal flames seemed to scar her soul 'No! What was happening to her body? NOO!!' Her last sensation she could feel was the presence of warmth that coursed through her reconnected arm as the blood began to flow hot once more as she felt the life within her return.

In her ears as she saw her body being reunited before her eyes, her mother's voice seemed a ghostly whisper as it echoed the same words to her several times, "Come back, little one. Please, my child, come back."


Her sense of touch returned in her fingertips, the unworldly sensation of detachment vanquished by the mysterious events. She dismissed them immediately. Resuming to struggle to find her center. She knew she must fight for as long as she could hold out, and then must continue even longer....

It was impossible for her to open her eyes for some reason right now. She could only still breathe as her hands and body seemed weighted down. She knew what it was, it was snow and ice. She had been buried and was now too weak to dig herself out, she couldn't even free her arms from the storm's icy grasp. But she could feel her fingers, wiggling down near a source of wet warmth of still melted snow. With careful breathing she called back up the image that she had seen, crying frozen tears as the pendant returned this time bathed in golden light and dark shadows. She envisioned the fires of air, coming inside her and began her struggles anew. Outside, the shell of her body the storm howled and continued its brutality... She heard the deafening roar of its assault and a harrowing crack as something made her closed eyelids light up her world briefly illuminated through a haze of thick ice. The strike had hit her position just overhead. The ancient tree had been its conduit. It seemed now as if it sheltered her beneath its branches just like the wings she envisioned before. Not fully able to keep her safe, but enough to give her the chance of survival.

From her parched throat she whispered an almost silent prayer "Ancestor's help me." Her vision closed once again as she centered herself, ignoring the storms fury outside as more lightning strikes hit close to her position. They would have certainly almost deafened her if not for the ice around her as she continued the Tung Mo Meditation. She was here, now, fighting the most important battle for her own life that she had ever faced. And yet, she was given the most restriction anyone could ever know. Unable to move, only able to breathe. It was her, the ice, the winds, and the fires of blood which coursed through her veins. A war of natures and will. Her lips were etched in promises to herself that she would never allow her soul to forgive itself if she died here. Even so ,when her pursuers found her... as they eventually would if she remained immobilized by this storm. She wondered if the snowflakes would never melt on dead skin. Her mind became her bastion, her stronghold as the time continued to pass away... She was stuck in bad place, with the situation just getting worse and worse. If she faltered, now, there wouldn't be a second chance.


It was nighttime once again on this planet, and that abominable storm had finally abated after forty hours of punishing winds. Now , it was just barely possible for the Arbiter's shuttle to touch down amongst the veils of snow which covered the landscape. The sensors on his ship had actively been scanning the location where the young woman had been lost and had finally located where he believed the body lay... He gathered it was strange that the shattered form seemed to be at the peak of one of the largest mountains this planet possessed.

When he arrived there at the site flanked by snow troopers he used his abilities to begin to clear away the snow from where his target lay. The girl's death had to be confirmed one way or another. As the winds of his mind began to flay the roots of the tree it left jagged gashes as telekinetic whirlwinds carried the snow far away from the area. That was when he encountered- unexpected... resistance. Within the snow bank lay a strange sight. A full oval shape of ice that seemed to surround where the body should be. He sensed the coolness of one without a heartbeat inside. He slowly etched the ice backwards until the outline of a figure could be seen... taking the shape of a woman

He wondered if he grabbed that iced in arm and pulled if it would simply break... At least it would serve as an amusement for the necessity of his coming all this way out here. As he knelt down towards the girl he came to a surprise. The ice cracked by her right hand as it shot up to his throat, squeezing tightly in an ice cold grip of death before it weakened....

The Arbiter pulled himself back from this newest turn of events as more of the ice before him broke as the young woman's face emerged, the small trails of her breath beginning to be seen. The girl was still alive! How? It should have been impossible!. Her heartbeat wasn't there. Wait. He heard the beating of what sounded like a drum's tempo within his ears as his senses reached out towards the woman who should be now dead. He heard her heart once, then once more, increasing slowly. Then the sounds became in rapid pace as her ice closed eyes seemed to melt the strands that kept them together as she came to be fully awake, Her silver eyes stared at him... possessed with a hatred and passion different than what he had seen from the display she had put on yesterday. Yesterday she had been nothing but a woman that simply seemed to withdraw into herself. As if she was hiding something. Today she was a killer, born from the wilds of this world.

He dislodged her weakened grasp from his throat grasping his arm about his wrist.. Halfway still in ice the girl scratchily whispered, "Go on, Kill me. That's what your here for? Isn't It!" He might. This girl was trouble! But still, There was no way she should have survived! The icy shell around the girl cracked as he increased his strength pulling the young woman towards him. With his own strength and an apparent look of disdain upon his face, he pulled her by the wrist forcefully as he threw her towards the ledge, holding her down where she landed with the force of his mind alone while he surveyed where she had been, inside the ... egg shaped globe(for lack of a better term) of ice...

The earthen bowl of water in front of where the girl had been entombed in the harshest of elements reflected strangely , it still contained heat that slowly dissipated from its surface. Not only that but he could see the froth of the warm pool swirling in several directions as his vision picked up the tiniest stars of ice, moving and spinning in multiple directions within it. Below that the bowl seemed like a strange fresco of colors, Like a shape of a wolf eclipsing the wings of an owl... all backlit by light, bits of gold, granite and other metals. Where the woman had sat was an icy carapace, that seemed to echo her posture, the inside walls of slickened melted water and refrozen ice. The ground below her had become almost bar, yet the bedrock was different from the areas around it. The limestone's impurities had been leached out, as if its nutrients had been leached bare of nutrients within the soil to sustain the rapid growth of something. Interesting
"Should I terminate the subject, Sir?"
"Sir , she killed half of my unit, Sir!"
"You yourself said the girl needed to be disposed of-"

The troopers words became nothing but a scream as a wall of force sent him over the edge of cliff, as he fell to his doom far below. "Anyone else wish to question my orders here?" He looked around at those who had been detailed for the task of bringing the woman here. None of the remaining troopers replied " No? Not one of you with any chreltzpah to try and make my decision for me whether or not this girl is to be terminated? Hmmm... No one? Good."
He motioned for some of the troopers to help the girl remove the last remnants of icy cocoon that lay about this 'Drakengard's' silver hair, now grown much longer than yesterday when he had seen her last."What were you thinking during the test yesterday, child?"

"That you're all a bunch of bastards doing something stupid to try and see if I do anything silly so that later you could crack jokes at me at my expense. Like all the others who realized my past before I came here. I decided to give you all a little payback."
"And what payback did you give to them Moira?"
He saw her breathe out once more as he saw the woman grit her teeth before replying. "I gave them nothing I was unwilling or did not want to give."

The figure of the Arbiter merely smiled, "Good, Very Good. So what next do you think is going to happen." The girl just stared at him, her silver eyes like the ice she had emerged from.
"I think your still going to try and kill me, and I can't do anything about it! Not unless I can at least figure out how I can get free long enough from whatever it is you have holding me down here, I might at least deny you the satisfaction of killing me by jumping over the cliff-side, like that poor bastard you just launched off earlier. You really should work a little on that temper of yours."

The arbiter, laughed a moment. His voice sounding deep yet off like the throaty roar of a rancor beast as the walls of icy rock surrounding him echoed his laughter. He couldn't help himself. So this is the mind of the girl. This willful stubborn nature combined with the impetuous nature and vulnerability of youth. So very refreshing in its anger. Perhaps she still had some potential, Potential that still made her life worth something... "Today may not be the day you die. Now come child, back to the shuttle . I believe it's time for those greater in the studies of the Force then myself to judge you in your worth... Troopers, hold her arms well as we escort her back to the shuttle. I wouldn't want her flinging herself to her death just yet."
He chuckled to himself again... as he turned down towards the waiting shuttle... The arbiter rested a hand briefly upon the girls head. He figured now that the girl's flow had overloaded, but due to some strange happenings of her surroundings she did not die. Her mind's channels were raw to his touch. It was not the same sensation he normally felt with another sensitive's mind, like if the person's force channels had allowed themselves to open naturally into the raw founts of contained power within the individual. Instead it was as if hers had been burned open. A direct shunt as it were, Powerful, yet slowly it would tear itself apart if left unfettered and uncontrolled. Altogether, it was... an interesting set of circumstances.

'Very Interesting Indeed.'


Half being dragged away the girl named Moira Drakengard finally succumbed to unconsciousness from the strain of her ordeal. Unbeknownst to her , sheltered under the trees roots the pool of water stilled. Small needles of pine floated to its surface. In its depression lay the image of her focus, it's form the same as what she had seen in her mind, save for a pair of two sets of hands below the iconographic image surrounding the face of herself as she was now, eclipsed in wings of ice at the bottom of the picture that she knew well from her memories. The hands of her mother, and her father's presence during her childhood, reaching out to their daughter during the time of her greatest need. For now the great tree would stand as it always did, a sentinel of the past. Underneath its weathered bows it would remain as it was till the day it toppled; sheltering the strange recently forged seal, like one who would protect a child that had just been born into the world anew as an almost mythical creature that would have much to learn if it was to survive and grow. A fledgling hatched from the shadows of what could be the most violent storm in the galaxy, still molting and unable to fly. A phoenix composed of both fire... and ice.

Addendum to Report: Subject conditionally approved for the VD-QAE, with the stressed importance of Inquisitorial oversight due to necessity of thorough training due to vast spike in force laden aura amount, Development of abilities not withstanding any grounded measures at this time. Subject is dangerous if left untaught, potential determined to be in the Conjurer aspects of teaching for Primary Aspect, Secondary Aspect confirmed Manipulation, and high tertiary potential for Emission based on pre-existing observances of Incident <Classified:above top secret>. However variation of final alignmnets may occur due to her abilities current state of flux.

Recommend fostering of Loyalty towards Emperor Kane I, HIM.
Recommend consideration as a future potential agent of the Federation, skills suited for ISIS, or Royal Guardsmen at this time.
Recommended Final Assessment after subject finishes the Alternate Route Cadet Training to determine final position within the federation.

Final Recommendation: subject should to be watched in case Neutralization becomes necessary due to inability to control her abilities.
CC of report sent from Inquisition to HIM: Kane, S.C.O Wesiri, Director Endivain, and current training officers of VDQAE Program.

ETA of subject's arrival to the Nemesis estimated in two hours and twenty minutes.

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