Shadows at the wake

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Shadows at the wake

Post by jacenwesiri » 2015-03-10 01:29

The images presented were terrifying to behold. At least a dozen pirates. Dead. It wasn't just that they were dead, but the whole macabre scene. The interior looked as though it were an abattoir, with blood splattering just about everything.

"The Red Lion pirates appear to have been killed to the last. There were no survivors to report, and most of the remaining equipment is battered and broken, and much of that well beyond repair." the pale intelligence officer reported.

"What caused this?" the moff asked impertinently. The intelligence officer was hard to read, even as he dodged the question in a rather boring monotone, professing ignorance. Here, that tended to lend itself two ways. The first was that he knew, but wasn't authorized to say. It was better to not speculate too much on that, given the limits of postulating on ignorance. The other was that he simply didn't know, and probably didn't care to speculate for much the same reason it would be a waste to speculate on the first option. Regardless of why, the answers were far from satisfactory. Unfortunately, the methods available for dealing with that weren't exactly satisfactory either.

After a few minutes of going back and forth over the evasions. "What equipment have we recovered?" the moff asked, wondering for a moment at how he could profit from that unfortunate occurrence. He might not know exactly what happened, but who really complains about mana from heaven?

"We are still doing assessments. The pirate vessels may be constructive losses, and most of the rest isn't much better. The first vessel, seemingly a modified bulk freighter, has a collection of weaponry, some of which dates back to the Clone Wars. There is an estimated cost of two million credits for refurbishing her to naval standards as a warship, with an estimated cost efficiency about half that of manufacturing a new ship that could fill a comparable role. Given the finance department’s expected objections towards that ends, we are examining other options.”

“What sort of options?” the moff asked brusquely.

“We haven’t finished examining it yet, so results are preliminary. We believe we can sell the ship to some commercial interests. It is believed to be cost effective to refurbish the vessel and return it to its original purpose of hauling cargo. We are estimating we could get about 1,000,000 credits for a short sale, perhaps double if we are patient.” Left unsaid, but mutually understood was the assumption that it would be sold for more, with the difference skimmed off to pay for certain unmentionable projects. Also left unsaid was that they could provide a no bid contract to sell it to some local interests, with the added benefits beyond kickbacks of also growing local tax base, further increasing the local budget, and by extension, the Moff's power.

“I assume that’s what you consider the best option?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“Very well, I approve.” the moff said. “What other vessels did you recover?”

“There were two other vessels that seem salvageable. The first is an old patrol frigate from before the clone wars. The interior was ruined, and most systems would need to be replaced. Going by the internal damage, there appears to be no cost effective options for bringing it up to spec, and its design isn't well suited for most commercial interests. As such, we recommend that it be scrapped.”
“I guess there’s no getting around that, is there? That sounds reasonable enough.” the moff stated with a rather matter of fact tone.. Another patrol frigate might have been useful, for perhaps deterring some crime from his rather desolate sector of space, but one that old offered few options for that sort of thing.

“The third vessel is a Super Transport XI. Altogether, it seems to have taken the least amount of damage, but the pirates had not been maintaining it properly after they captured her. After she was captured, the shipping company that owned her claimed their insurance package, which transferred the title to them. We expect that they will want her back. We can make a salvage claim on her, but it would probably be less than what she is worth.”

“I see. That can’t be helped.” the moff said. While he was open to corruption, so long as he’d get a suitable kickback, some things were just too obvious. Of course, there were ways to milk that.

In the background of all that, there was perhaps another thought that should have come to mind. Perhaps none of that really mattered. At least officially, no one seemed to know what happened or why, but the consequences of why it happened might be have more ramifications than either individual realized.
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Re: Shadows at the wake

Post by juni » 2015-03-15 20:16

A cold chill seemed to descend upon all those present. It was one of those rather nondescript conference rooms scattered about, that looked like pretty much all of the others. It was...a pity.

“Am I to understand that there are no answers to be had?” a senior looking officer in an ISIS uniform asked? If the rank plaque wasn’t sufficient, the blood red uniform gave him away as someone perilously close to the top.

“Yes, we have no good answers. The damage profile seems to match various wild animals, and none of them very well. You saw the pictures, it ripped through solid durasteel. We don’t have a solid match for what could have done that?”

“A chrysalide perhaps?” some suggested. The person seemed more of a lowly agent. Her uniform seemed to blend into the shadows of the rather dark room. Cliche as it was, this was how certain ISIS agents liked it.

There was more than a few moments of silence as those present pondered the suggestion. Palpatine and his monster makers were out of business, for years now, and it was doubtful that some might show up again. There were speculations to be heard, dark rumors coming from various places, mainly concerning the experiments of the Emperor or his Supreme Commander.

“You don’t mean to suggest that….” someone intoned.

“Oh, but I do. I can’t think up another solution to what happened. Can any of you?” Juni answered the interrogatory. She wasn't as demure as she had been in the past, perhaps a sign that she was starting to mature, or perhaps that she was finally showing signs of experience.

“Perhaps you’re getting ahead of yourself.” the man in the crimson uniform suggested. “The moff seems inclined to sell off the ships and cargo. If we press too hard and have to go through formal channels, we could increase attention to it if the moff resists our entreaties. That said, perhaps we could get a few days to more thoroughly investigate before they get moved to auction? Since you seem to have the only idea, at least that anyone is willing to admit, would you lead the investigation? It shouldn't be an issue to send along a few agents to assist in the investigation.”

“It doesn't sound like I have much of a choice.” Juni said, rather tartly.

“It’s good to see that you haven’t lost your edge.”
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Re: Shadows at the wake

Post by Loki Mortist » 2015-03-21 22:47

Loran Mortist looked at his boss with a bit of consternation as the man held out a folder with a series of dossiers of what was looking like would be a scratch-built investigation.

"This isn't a matter of the IntOrg Office 1523, Loki, this comes from the vice director, and is considered an 'L' Matter." his supervisor, a Davitrius Kurtren said. It was kind of odd that when Loki had been tasked for Adjustments he learned a bit of the truth. Davitrius Kurtren's rank was far above a mere supervisor, and his office was the smokescreen for IntOrg's Section L project. Section L was organized for a very specific role as a labor pool of investigations under Saereel Tiberius, the current Vice Director of ISIS, it's job was rather hard to describe but it meant looking for traitors was only one such goal, another was identifying where failures in the system and structure were. It's secondary objective was to maintain agents that , under the agreement to undergo memory erasure, and memory modification which could be placed themselves at IMEXCO's disposal for the use of higher end investigations, specifically called upon to deliver results to the S.C.O. or the Emperor's offices for when they needed experienced investigators to do the legwork on various Case Zero Investigations, in conjunction with certain resources of the Inquisition that were placed at an IMEXCO operator's provision for when they were investigating other IMEXCO personnel.

A case zero investigations was the catch phrase for a suspicion of treason and could be called upon in certain circumstances, either a known traitor's appearance or one of their associates, or in the Inquisition's case, when a non allied force user of the Federation might be captured for

In that regards, Section L investigators would be placed under a higher ranked agent , whom Loki suspected would be an inquisitor, whom would then be expected to assist in the the "legwork" as it were before subjecting themselves to the memory's removal of all pertinent and classified data.

But that was Section L's cross to bare.

For the most part, Loran understood this and had only been called up twice under his secondary attribution into ISIS' Adjustments. Once in the returning of a former Department 0451 personnel, and once in investigating and routing out a communications technician that had been spying upon an IMEXCO general's planning meetings. Both times, he had spent a week getting the memory of the specifics removed. A rather harrowing process stuck in a lab on the Nemesis, with an Inquisitor, routing through his brain, but such was the price of service.

That was the price of being a member of Section L.

At least when the Ubiquitorate called him up for Adjustments he wasn't left with a headache for two weeks. "I understand, any details for me sir?"

Kurtren just shrugged, "This time there is the possibility of trafficking created, and modified creatures. Some things preferentially referred to as monsters and sithspawn as well as a few corpses on a few wrecks. We're concerned someone in the local theater could be compromising either federation resources or old empire knowledge repositories. At this moment, you're being called in, alongside a corrollary investigation. One of the agents, one you might be familiar with from a prior mission will be taking lead. You however, will be going in under an assumed identity. Your investigational skills might prove the best avenue here to work with the investigations lead."

Mortist nodded, "I understand Sir. What identity am I assuming?"

Kurtren looked at him and handed him a datachit, which he promptly placed into his datapad to note a file under the title of 'Agent. Jack King. He skimmed the details. It was an identity he had used before. "Any questions, Loki?"

His eyebrows furrowed as he thought of the possibility of sithspawn, his mind flashing back to a certain memory. A memory of a talk with a certain girl and the talk of monsters. "Only one. Is it potentially possible to call in someone that may have had experience with Sithspawn before?"

His boss raised an eyebrow in question. "On a mission to Devaron, an asset reminded me of talking about monsters and brought up sithspawn before, as well as speaking in terms that she had killed a few. Might we check if that asset could be tasked for this as well?"

"I'll look into it. In the meantime, go pack as you'll be on a shuttle off the Observer in less then six hours. Go pack."

Loran nodded once and stood to walk out of the office, already heading to his desk where his 'go-ready' bag was held in a drawer. Within six hours he noted him along with a team of individuals being herded into a conveyance, a group of several agents, one shadowguard, and one individual who seemed kitted up into what appeared to be a modified infiltration suit of some kind with a face mask. The white hair, and the voice eventually gave away the identity as he and the rest lined up to check in with the commanding officer for the investigation.

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Re: Shadows at the wake

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2015-03-21 23:37

Five hours earlier...

Moira had been awoken rather abruptly from a chime sounding in the guest quarters aboard the Observer where she and Thellis were quietly going over the paperwork necessary for their next phase of training in the Federation's alternate program for cadets. For her this meant signing a bunch of non-disclosure agreements as well as formally signing transfer orders to certain "packages" to the Federation's organs that dealt with ship building. No surprise, really as they were all mislabeled, and actually contained the reason's behind Moira's current headache: Various bits of this month's quota in stygium crystals that she was required to materialize with her efforts in order to continue to 'pay' for her education and training towards entry into the Guard. She'd only received permission to return to the Observer for three days to visit her 'sister' and be placed in a position to 'be tested' by her guardian.

The Director, and her liking for swordplay.

Despite Moira's own experience as a blademaster, she was hard pressed against the other woman, who was simply faster do to a variety of reasons, but in the end, Moira had succeeded in keeping up with her 'mother' enough to survive the training session. Though her bones ached for every time she was thrown into the wall or beaten back with insanely strong power attacks. It just went to show how much she still had to learn. Then she was ushered by her minder from the Inquistion and royal guard, a black clad shadowguard named Shields, back to her quarters for the next hair raising exercise before being allowed to spend a meal with her current 'family.' Though Miss Crysta seemed to eat a salad and run to the next hotspot of some sort.

It was only then that the relative peace of her three days of grace had been broken at the arrival of an Inquisitor who held a box under her arm handed her a datapad. She almost hated the look she got from Mikka as she gestured for her to go into another room before the shadowguard handed over the datapad. It contained several gruesome holos, blueprints, etc. "Trainee, an incident has occurred that has been decided to be useful as a test of your abilities and past experiences. The suspicion of sithspawn being involved in these deaths has been raised. I am instructed to place you under the command of the lead investigator for the duration of this under an assumed role, a simple specialist."

Moira arched an eyebrow, "Mikka's had a few experiences as well, Do you mind if I ask-"

"At this time, during her recovery the other one will not be tasked with this information or this mission." the shadowguard cut her off curtly.

Her eyes narrowed in displeasure as the breath mask cycled some air into her lungs. "Will I have any time to say goodbye to Miss Cryst-"

"No, the shuttle leaves shortly and the Director should not be bothered with such trivialities."

"Do I have time to retrieve my weapons from the onboard armory?"

"Yes, within reason. I also have brought the items of your request to the Nexus trainers along with me."

Moira arched an eyebrow, "So they got me the crushgaunt, the lightning and shock gloves, phantom laser components, and one of the thorn's of ryloth?"

The shadowgaurd paused, "Yes, though I see no reason why they would waste such resources on a mere trainee. I expect you however to be able to perform."

The echani sighed, "Those resources are the only way I'll ever have a means to start molding electrical energies. While you may not be a training officer for me, I feel you should know it's easier for me to control ice and fire then electrics. However, with these components I should be able to make a gauntlet and attached glove capable of assisting me with the first spark I need to generate the electrics I need for that dark ball skill with any efficiency. Without that initial spark already present, it was found the generation of such a technique takes way too long for me. Besides, it more is a test of my materialization and transmutation abilities to see if I can merge, and rewire them together before I create a copy or two."

"While creating such technological aides, is admirable to a Trainee. The inability to hone such a technique without a crutch is a weakness, I will expect improvement. Also, I will expect almost no showcasing of your abilities as well, unless some other excuse can be made. You have been requested to assist due to someone requesting your presence. My presence was requested in case there is actual sithspawn." Shields said, almost as if her status as a Trainee was showing some ineptitude.

She would normally laugh, but she had gathered so far that her 'Minder' was unaware on just how far she had been pressed.

The girl swallowed hard to control the irritation she was feeling. Then she shook such thoughts away quickly and held her arms out for the box, which the shadowguard handed over with a bit of disdain."I understand, Shall we be leaving?"

With a flick of his hand, the shadowguard flicked the toggle of the control device on her mask, leaving her in complete silence and darkness as she had to stretch her senses with the force to make her way out of the room. She considered for a moment overriding the device to allow her to see, but squashed such an act of minute rebellion against the man's reminder of her position. She was the Inquisition's pawn right now and that was the way it was for her foreseeable future. However, the echani made a point to make the shadowguard wait while she went, entered the other area of her quarters, and gave Mikka a large hug before she left with the guard.

After a brief trip to the armory to sign out her equipment, included a box full of four heavy rods of beskar she suited up in her life support suit and took notice that her weapons and such were sent to the waiting shuttle that was to take them to the area where the incident had occurred. The shadow guard turned to her at that time and clicked the control toggle again, allowing her world to be seen in color, and heard in the tones of conversation.

It surprised her to see the shadowguard had also changed from his normal attire, clad in the suit of an intelligence commando, though she could still sense the presence of a folded up lightstaff, on his person. It was odd that she had one sequestered away as well, given to her during her time in the Nexus as a training tool, though she vastly preferred her ancestor's sword. It irked her when the man made a point to talk loud enough for others to overhear as they were close in line to where the mission's leader was.

"Before we continue, Specialist. What do you feel would be the most prudent action if any of the noncoms meet a sithspawn like a chrysallide?"

Silver eyes flashed blue, as she gave him a chilly answer. "Dependent upon whether they were being controlled at the time or not by some other intelligence, whether it's external like a dathomiri witch, or internal as an alpha creature with a rancor that the creatures are supposed to be modeled after. It's almost impossible to tell if there would be a mutation of sithspawn to grant them a level of complete sentience but it's not unheard of. If one was encountered alone I personally would caution them to run and hope they do not want to eat them to get to better ground or back to the group. Other than that, I suggest superior firepower. Otherwise, it is not likely a battle against such creatures would leave anyone unscathed."

"That firepower is why I'm here." Shields replied, patting a rotary cannon with a bit of affection.

"I'm not even sure that would be effective, Sir. It depends on whether the creatures are exhibiting swarm or pack mentality at that point." Moira said contritely as they were introduced to Juni and ushered aboard the shuttle. She wondered if she'd have enough space aboard to be secluded enough to work on her idea. But that would come later.

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