OMEGA Team (Not Order)

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OMEGA Team (Not Order)

Post by Blake Phoenix » 2009-11-12 04:05

Submission Form: 10-213 NIF Legion, Request for Team development to Imperial Forces, Imperial Legions:

Notice: This application is subject to approval and will be open for inspection.

Team Name: OMEGA team

Team Type: Special Forces/Commando

Team Commander: Major Blake Phoenix

Size of unit: Squad

Unit assests:

Squad Makeup: (11 positions open)

Omega fireteam one:

OMEGA-1-1: Major Blake Phoenix

OMEGA-1-2: Agent Yvan Glopio (Blank)

OMEGA-1-3: Army Lieutenant Ghon Cenvax (Blank)

OMEGA-1-4: Sergeant Farguess Vrei (Blank)

OMEGA fireteam 2:

OMEGA-2-1: Army Captain Keith Feskin (blank)

OMEGA-2-2: Agent Kyle Marth (blank)

OMEGA-2-3: Staff Corporal Vin sa Clydno (blank)

OMEGA-2-4: Agent Unid Crane (blank)

OMEGA fireteam 3:

OMEGA-3-1: Special Agent Dekar Flembek (blank)

OMEGA-3-2: Army Lieutenant Ahm Quest (blank)

OMEGA-3-3: Agent Thaiman Drefive (blank)

OMEGA-3-4: Corporal Lieutenant Elix Rigel (blank)

Support Staff:

Sentinal-class Landing Craft:

Pilot: Army Lieutenant

Copilot: Second Lieutenant




Team Description: This team is to be considered black, and therefore Eyes-only information...if that.

A black SpecOps team that answers directly to IMEXCO, or some version of SOCOM.

It is essentially a military team version of Shadow Hand, and is made up of the crème de la crème of Intel and Army commandos. It provides the bonuses of having a team, while still being able to operate independently in the field. It would be comprised of three or four squads of six men. Only if DIRE circumstances would more than one squad be deployed on the same objective. Stealth is the key. This team would essentially be the eyes, ears, and blaster arm of the military.
Possible mission profiles include Recee, Search and Destroy, Hostage Rescue, and a variety of other profiles. Conceivably, this team would be deployed before a main attack force to soften enemy defenses, by blowing up planetary defenses. Also, they could be deployed on their own, and have no contact with Command. They could assassinate leaders; destroy enemy depots and bases with explosives; or any host of other options.

Open to: Army and Intelligence commandos over the rank of E-4 or O-2. Also, snipers, following the above rank requirements. The above must be willing to receive cross-training in various areas, if not specialized (i.e. Demolitions, medic), though they will not always operate under these roles. Must undergo one training thread with the team before being accepted on probationary status. Support staff must meet the rank requirements for their respective job.

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