Arianus-Cain OKB

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Arianus-Cain OKB

Post by Nelen Cain » 2010-04-26 00:34


The company is named after Nelen Cain and Thomas Jacob Arianus, they are founders and heads designers.

Arianus-Cain OKB is relatively small state-run organisation was not intended for mass production of aircraft, rockets, or other vehicles or equipment it designed. However they have the facilities and resources to construct prototypes.
Designs accepted by the state were then assigned to factories for mass production.

Products and activities
Fields of commercial activity of Arianus-Cain OKB include:
* Weaponary construction and manufacture
* Spaceship maintenance and upgrading
* Aerospace related engineering support


ARCA-1 Inégalement-class Frigate

ARCA-2 NTSV (Navy Tactic Support Vehicle)
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